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Stuart Krasnoff
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Stuart B. Krasnoff





Ph.D. , Entomology Cornell University

Research Objectives
We study the chemistry and biology of secondary metabolites of fungi, bacteria, and plants with special emphasis on the biological role of toxins of entomopathogenic fungi.

Recent Publications

Donzelli, B. G. G.; Krasnoff, S. B.; Churchill, A. C. L.; Vandenberg, J. D.; Gibson, D. M., Identification of a hybrid PKS-NRPS required for the biosynthesis of NG-391 in Metarhizium robertsiiCurrent Genetics 2010, 56, 156-162.

Johnson, E.; Krasnoff, S.; Bignell, D.; Chung, W.; Tao, T.; Parry, R.; Loria, R.; Gibson, D., 4-Nitrotryptophan is a substrate for the non-ribosomal peptide synthetase TxtB in the thaxtomin A biosynthetic pathway. Molecular Microbiology 2009, 73, (3), 409-418.

Moon, Y.; Donzelli, B.; Krasnoff, S.; McLane, H.; Griggs, M.; Cooke, P.; Vandenberg, J.; Gibson, D.; Churchill, A., Agrobacterium-mediated disruption of a nonribosomal peptide synthetase gene in the invertebrate pathogen Metarhizium anisopliae reveals a peptide spore factor. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2008, 74, (14), 4366.

Krasnoff, S. B.; Keresztes, I.; Gillilan, R. E.; Szebenyi, D. M. E.; Donzelli, B. G. G.; Churchill, A. C. L.; Gibson, D. M., Serinocyclins A and B, cyclic heptapeptides from Metarhizium anisopliae Journal of Natural Products 2007, 70, (12), 1919-1924.

Oide, S.; Krasnoff, S.; Gibson, D.; Turgeon, B. G., Intracellular siderophores are essential for ascomycete sexual development in heterothallic Cochliobolus heterostrophus and homothallic Gibberella zeae. Eukaryotic Cell 2007, 6, (8), 1339–1353.

Schroeder, F. C.; Gibson, D. M.; Churchill, A. C. L.; Wursthorn, E. J.; Krasnoff, S. B.; Clardy, J., Differential analysis of 2D NMR spectra: New natural products from a pilot-scale fungal extract library. Angew. Chem, Int. Ed. 2007, 46, 901-904.

Oide, S.; Moeder, W.; Krasnoff, S.; Gibson, D.; Haas, H.; Yoshioka, K.; Turgeon, B. G., NPS6, encoding a non-ribosomal peptide synthetase involved in siderophore-mediated iron metabolism, is a conserved virulence determinant of plant pathogenic ascomycetes. Plant Cell 2006, 18, 2836-2853.

Krasnoff, S. B.; Sommers, C. H.; Moon, Y.-S.; Donzelli, B. G. G.; Vandenberg, J. D.; Churchill, A. C. L.; Gibson, D. M., Production of mutagenic metabolites by Metarhizium anisopliaeJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2006, 54, (19), 7083-7088.

Krasnoff, S. B.; Lobkovsky, E. B.; Wach, M. J.; Loria, R.; Gibson, D. M., Chemistry and Phytotoxicity of Thaxtomin A Alkyl Ethers. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2005, 53, (24), 9446-9451.

Kers, J. A.; Wach, M. J.; Krasnoff, S. B.; Widom, J.; Cameron, K. D.; Bukhalid, R. A.; Gibson, D. M.; Crane, B. R.; Loria, R., Nitration of a peptide phytotoxin by bacterial nitric oxide synthase. Nature 2004, 2504, 1-5.

Krasnoff, S. B.; Gibson, D. M.; Reátegui, R. F.; Wagenaar, M. M.; Gloer, J. B., Cicadapeptins I and II: New Aib-containing peptides from the entomopathogenic fungus Cordyceps heteropoda. Journal of Natural Products 2005, 68, (1), 50-55

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