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Allen, Lindsay
Center Director
(530) 752-5268
Davis CA 95616

We improve the health of all Americans by: Creating and testing nutrition interventions to improve health, Assessing how an individual's environment and genetics affects those interventions, and providing reliable and reproducible research results for developing national nutrition policies. We accomplish our work through: Research teams of individuals with diverse skills and exceptional knowledge, unique partnerships with academia and industry, and innovative approaches that address the whole spectrum ranging from the individual cell to the population at large. We provide insightful nutrition knowledge and effective strategies to: Health care professionals, nutrition educators, policy makers,consumers, and other leading thinkers in the U.S. and abroad. We strive to create a workplace where we foster innovative ideas and personal growth, trust and respect individuals, conduct our work with honesty, integrity, and fairness, perform at a high level of achievement and competence.

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