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NCGRP celebrates its 50th Anniversary

On August 19, 2008, NCGRP celebrated fifty years of preserving plant and animal germplasm for posterity during a ceremony at our Center in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Lobby of NCGRP 

NCGRP employees, August 2008.


 Proclamations in honor of the NCGRP 50th anniversary.


 Colorado congressional delegation: Bob Bacon, Randy Fisher, John Kefalas.  Imad Saab, Christina Walters, Pat Byrne, Cecil Stushnoff, attendees.
 Imad Saab, Michael McGuire, Don Bixby,Ed Knipling, Brad Fraleigh, and Will Blackburn having lunch.  Harvey Blackburn and Brad Fraleigh.

 Tour of NCGRP: Dave Ellis, Ed Knipling, Hisato Okuizumi.Tour of NCGRP vaults.

 Tour open for public.

 Cake at 50th anniversary celebration.

Ceremonial color guard from the Associate Veterans of Loveland.

Meg Corwin representing Senator Ken Salazar. Nancy Hunter representing Representative Marilyn Musgrave.

Lee Summers, representing Colorado State University.

 Administrator Knipling, Area Director Will Blackburn and Acting Research Leader Harvey Blackburn.  Michael McGuire and Dennis Funk attending ceremony.

 Annette Miller demonstrates tetrazolium staining.  Jennifer Crane and Kaitlyn Fentimen demonstrate making liquid nitrogen ice cream.
 Remi Bonnart demonstrates grafting.  Scott Spiller demonstrtes methods to collect semen and measure sperm motility.

 Fun with liquid nitrogen booth.  Adam Henk demonstrates the measurement of relative humidity.
 Ann Caspersen demonstrates imaging.  Chris Richards and Dale Lockwood.

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