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Alfalfa-potentialfornewfeedfuel.pdf Alfalfa: Potential for new feed and biofuel - USDFRC Research Update
2009-Sullivan-PlantPhysiol.pdf A Novel Red Clover Hydroxycinnamoyl Transferase Has Enzymatic Activities Consistent with a Role in Phaselic Acid Biosynthesis
2009-Sullivan-BioPlantarum-301-306.pdf Phenylalanine ammonia lyase genes in red clover: expression in whole plants and in response to yeast fungal elicitor
2008-Ralph-RecAdvInPolyphenolRes-36-66.pdf Lignification: are Lignins Biosynthesized via simple Combinatorial Chemistry or via Proteinacious Control and Template Replication?
2008-Hatfield-Planta-10-1007.pdf A potential role for sinapyl p-coumarate as a radical transfer mechanism in grass lignin formation
2008-Vadas-BR-10-1007.pdf Economics and Energy of Ethanol Production from Alfalfa, Corn, and Switchgrass in the Upper Midwest, USA
2008-Vadas-AEE-10-1016.pdf An Empirical Model for Dissolved Phosphorus in Runoff from Surface-Applied Fertilizers
2008-Sullivan-JSFA-88-1406.pdf Cloning of an Alfalfa Polyphenol Oxidase Gene and Evaluation of its Potential in Preventing Postharvest Protein Degradation
2008-Powell-NCA-10-1007.pdf Rapid Assessment of Feed and Manure Nutrient Management on Confinement Dairy Farms
2008-Coblentz et al-CS-48-778.pdf Harvest Timing Effects on Estimates of Rumen Degradable Protein from Alfalfa Forages
2008-Brink-FG-10-1094.pdf Grass Yield and Quality Affect Potential Stocking Rate and Milk Production
2008-Vanholme-COIPB-11-___.pdf Lignin engineering
2008-Kim-BioEnergyRes-10-1007.pdf Solution-state 2D NMR of Ball-milled Plant Cell Wall Gels in DMSO-d6
2008-Yelle-EnvMicro-10-1844.pdf Evidence for cleavage of lignin by a brown rot basidiomycete
2008-Yelle-MagResChem-46-508.pdf Characterization of nonderivatized plant cell walls using high-resolution solution-state NMR spectroscopy
2008-Powell-JEQ-7.pdf Season and Bedding Impacts on Ammonia Emissions from Tie-stall Dairy Barns
2008-Powell-JDS-7588.pdf Seasonal Diet Affects Ammonia Emissions from Tie-Stall Dairy Barns
2008-Digman-ASABE.pdf On-farm Pretreatment Technologies for Improving Enzymatic Degradability of Cellulose and Hemicellulose Present in Perennial Grass
2008-Schmitz-jafc.pdf Three Polyphenol Oxidases from Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) Differ in Enzymatic Activities and Activation Properties
2008-Ralph-PlantJ-53-368.pdf Identification of the structure and origin of a thioacidolysis marker compound for ferulic acid incorporation into angiosperm lignins (and an indicator for cinnamoyl CoA reductase deficiency)
2008-Ralph-PlantJ-53-368 Suppl.pdf Supplementary Information: Identification of the structure and origin of a thioacidolysis marker compound for ferulic acid incorporation into angiosperm lignins (and an indicator for cinnamoyl CoA reductase deficiency)
2008-Bunzel-JCerealSci-47-29.pdf Cross-linking of arabinoxylans via 8-8-coupled diferulates as demonstrated by isolation and identification of diarabinosyl 8-8(cyclic)-dehydrodiferulate from maize bran
2007-Vadas-NCA-77-83.pdf Transformations of Soil and Manure Phosphorus After Surface Application of Manure to Field Plots
2007-Vadas-JEQ-36-324.pdf A Model for Phosphorus Transformation and Runoff Loss for Surface-Applied Manures
2007-Vadas et al-JSWC-62-178.pdf Hydrology and Groundwater Nutrient Concentrations in a Ditch-Drained Agroecosystem
2007-Powell-SSSAJ-71-1306.pdf Dairy Manure Type, Application Rate, and Frequency Impact Plants and Soils
2007-Powell et al-AJ-99-211.pdf Nutrient Management Behavior on Wisconsin Dairy Farms
2007-Powell-TransASABE-1045.pdf Design and Calibration of Chambers for Measuring Ammonia Emissions from Tie-Stall Dairy Barns
2007-Leplé-PlantCell-19-3669.pdf Downregulation of Cinnamoyl-Coenzyme A Reductase in Poplar: Multiple-Level Phenotyping Reveals Effects on Cell Wall Polymer Metabolism and Structure
  2007-Leplé-PlantCell-19-3669 Suppl.pdf Supplementary Information: Downregulation of Cinnamoyl-Coenzyme A Reductase in Poplar
2007-Filya-JDS-90-5108.pdf Inoculant Effects on Alfalfa Silage: Fermentation Products and Nutritive Value
2007-Fraser-PlantPhys-144-1986.pdf Related Arabidopsis Serine Carboxypeptidase-Like Sinapoylglucose Acyltransferases Display Distinct But Overlapping Substrate Specificities
2007-Krizsan-JDS-90-4793.pdf Effect of Alfalfa Silage Storage Structure and Roasting Corn on Production and Ruminal Metabolism of Lactating Dairy Cows
2007-Muck-JDS-90-5115.pdf Inoculant Effects on Alfalfa Silage: In Vitro Gas and Volatile Fatty Acid Production
2007-Shinners-BiomassBioenergy-31-211.pdf Comparison of wet and dry corn stover harvest and storage
2007-Shinners-TransASABE-50-353.pdf Single-Pass, Split-Stream Harvest of Corn Grain and Stover
2007-Ralph-CompWoodWkshp-85.pdf Perturbing Lignification
2007-Brink-CS-2182.pdf Canopy Structure and Neutral Detergent Fiber Differences among Temperate Perennial Grasses
2007-Bunzel-EurFoodChem-173.pdf Food quality, an issue of molecule based science
2007-Bunzel-EurFoodChem-421.pdf Food quality, an issue of molecule based science
2007-Ralph-ELS-Lignins.pdf Lignins
2007-Dauwe-PlantJ-52-263.pdf Molecular phenotyping of lignin-modified tobacco reveals associated changes in cell-wall metabolism, primary metabolism, stress metabolism and photorespiration

Supplementary Information:
2007-Bunzel-JCerealSci.pdf Cross-linking of arabinoxylans via 8-8-coupled diferulates as demonstrated by isolation and identification of diarabinosyl 8-8(cyclic)-dehydrodiferulate from maize bran
2007-Peabody-AgResMag-55-4.pdf Breaking Down Walls: Basic research on plant cell walls promises to boost not only dairy efficiency, but biofuels production as well.
2007-Wagner-PNAS-104-11856.pdf Exploring lignification in conifers by silencing hydroxycinnamoyl-CoA:shikimate hydroxycinnamoyltransferase in Pinus radiata
  2007-Wagner-PNAS-104-SI.pdf Supplementary Information: Exploring lignification in conifers
2006-Vadas-JEQ-35-1151.pdf Effect of Methodology in Estimating and Interpreting Water-Extractable Phosphorus in Animal Manures
2006-Vadas-JEQ-35-542.pdf Distribution of Phosphorus in Manure Slurry and Its Infiltration after Application to Soils
2006-Vadas et al-SSSAJ-70-736.pdf Modeling Phosphorus Transfer between Labile and Nonlabile Soil Pools: Updating the EPIC Model
2006-Powell et al-SSSAJ-70-786.pdf Dairy Diet Impacts on Fecal Chemical Properties and Nitrogen Cycling in Soils
2006-Powell et al-JDS-89-2268.pdf Validation of Feed and Manure Data Collected on Wisconsin Dairy Farms
2006-Broderick-JDS-89-1635.pdf Effect of Amount and Ruminal Degradability of Soybean Meal Protein on Performance of Lactating Dairy Cows
2006-Stutte-Planta-224-1038.pdf Microgravity effects on leaf morphology, cell structure, carbon metabolism and mRNA expression of dwarf wheat
2006-Ralph-Monolignol-Subst.pdf What makes a good monolignol substitute? In The Science and Lore of the Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis, Structure and Function
2006-Muck-TASABE-49-1277.pdf Bag Silo Densities and Losses
2006-Ralph-Polyphenols-1-27.pdf Lignification: Are lignins biosynthesized via sample combinatorial chemistry or via proteinaceous control and template replication?
2006-Ralph-Polyphenols-1-75.pdf Lignification in transgenics deficient in 4-coumarate 3-hydroxylase (C3H) or the associated hydroxycinnamoyl transferase (HCT)
2006-Bunzel-JAFC-54-8352.pdf NMR Characterization of Lignins Isolated from Fruit and Vegetable Insoluble Dietary Fiber
2006-Bunzel-JAFC-54-6409.pdf Structural Identification of Dehydrotriferulic and Dehydrotetraferulic Acids Isolated from Insoluble Maize Bran Fiber
2006-Holmgren-OBC-4-3456.pdf Non-enzymatic reduction of quinone methides during oxidative coupling of monolignols: implications for the origin of benzyl structures in lignins
2006-Sullivan-Crop Sci.pdf Polyphenol Oxidase and o-Diphenols Inhibit Postharvest Proteolysis in Red Clover and Alfalfa
2006-Schatz-OBC-4-2801.pdf Synthesis and identification of 2,5-bis-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-tetrahydrofuran-3,4-dicarboxylic acid, an unanticipated ferulate 8–8-coupling product acylating cereal plant cell walls
  2006-Schatz-OBC_ESL-4-2801.pdf Supplementary Information: Synthetic Details, X-ray crystal structure of 4C2-Ac
2006-Morreel-PlantJ-47-224.pdf Genetical metabolomics of flavonoid biosynthesis in Populus: a case study
2006-Allerdings-Phyto-67-1276.pdf Isolation and structural identification of complex feruloylated heteroxylen side-chains from maize bran
2006-Muck-Agron-98-781.pdf Spring Yield and Silage Characteristics of Kura Clover, Winter Wheat, and in Mixtures
2006-Sullivan-CJPS-86-465.pdf Cloning,molecular characterization,and expression analysis of several red clover cDNAs
2006-31_Sull_369_384.pdf Red Clover (Trifolium pratense)
2006-Zhang-JWCT-26-65.pdf NMR Studies on the Occurence of Spirodienone Structures in Lignins
2006-Ralph-JBC-281-8843.pdf Effects of Coumarate 3-Hydroxylase Down-regulation on Lignin Structure
2005-Vadas-JEQ-34-1347.pdf Predicting Dissolved Phosphorus in Runoff from Manured Field Plots
2005-Vadas et al-JEQ-34-572.pdf Relating Soil Phosphorus to Dissolved Phosphorous in Runoff: A Single Extraction Coefficient for Water Quality Modeling
2005-Powell-AJ-97-333.pdf Evaluation Of Dairy Manure Nitrogen-15 Enrichment Methods On Short-Term Crop and Soil Nitrogen Budgets
2005-Powell et al-JEQ-34-2036.pdf Manure Collection and Distribution on Wisconsin Dairy Farms
2005-Powell et al-JDS-88-2911.pdf A Survey of Selected Heavy Metal Concentrations in Wisconsin Dairy Feeds
2005-Misselbrook-JDS-88-1765.pdf Dietary Manipulation in Dairy Cattle: Laboratory Experiments to Assess the Influence on Ammonia Emissions
2005-Hatfield-CS-45-832.pdf Can Lignin Be Accurately Measured?
2005-Bunzel-TetL-46-5845.pdf Structural elucidation of new ferulic acid-containing phenolic dimers and trimers isolated from maize bran
2005-Bunzel-MNFR-49-551.pdf Association of non-starch polysaccharides and ferulic acid in grain amaranth (Amaranthus caudatus L.) dietary fiber
2005-Ralph-ISWPC13-2-3.pdf Elucidation of new pathways in normal and perturbed lignification
2005-Lu-ISWPC13-3-233.pdf Novel beta-beta-structures in lignins incorporating acylated monolignols
2005-Grabber-CS-45.pdf How Do Lignin Composition, Structure, and Cross-Linking Affect Degradability? A Review of Cell Wall Model Studies
2005-Kim-JAFC-53-3693.pdf Simplified Preparation of Coniferyl and Sinapyl Alcohols
2005-Funk-Phyto-66-363.pdf Isolation and structural characterisation of 8?O?4/8?O?4- and 8?8/8?O?4-coupled dehydrotriferulic acids from maize bran
2005-Allerd-Phyto-66-113.pdf Isolation and structural identification of diarabinosyl 8-O-4-dehydrodiferulate from maize bran insoluble fibre
2004-Powell et al-AJ-96-469.pdf Crop-Livestock Interactions in the West African Drylands
2004-Powell et al-AJ-96-433.pdf Differential Nitrogen-15 Labeling of Dairy Manure Components for Nitrogen Cycling Studies
2004-Weinberg-ABB-118-1.pdf Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
2004-Jung-NJAS-52-11.pdf Degradation of lucerne stem cell walls by five rumen bacterial species
2004-Morreel-PPhys-136-4023.pdf Phenolic Profiling of Caffeic Acid O-Methyltransferase-Deficient Poplar Reveals Novel Benzodioxane Oligolignols
2004-Morreel-PPhys-136-3537.pdf Profiling of Oligolignols Reveals Monolignol Coupling Conditions in Lignifying Poplar Xylem
2004-Barriere-CRB-327-847.pdf Genetic and molecular basis of grass cell wall biosynthesis and degradability. II. Lessons from brown-midrib mutants
2004-Ralph-PhytRevs-3-29.pdf Lignins: Natural polymers from oxidative coupling of 4-hydroxyphenylpropanoids
2004-Ralph-PhytRevs-3-79.pdf Peroxidase-dependent cross-linking reactions of p-hydroxycinnamates in plant cell walls
2004-Sullivan-PP-136-3234.pdf Cloning and Characterization of Red Clover Polyphenol Oxidase cDNAs and Expression of Active Protein in Escherichia coli and Transgenic Alfalfa
2004-Bunzel-JAFC-52-6496.pdf Lignins and Ferulate-Coniferyl Alcohol Cross-Coupling Products in Cereal Grains
2004-Lu-OBC-2-2888.pdf Preparation and relevance of a cross-coupling product between sinapyl alcohol and sinapyl p-hydroxybenzoate
2004-Bunzel-CzechJFS-22-64.pdf Phenolic Compounds as Cross-Links of Plant Derived Polysaccharides
2004-Ralph-OBC-2-2714.pdf Cryoprobe 3D NMR of acetylated ball-milled pine cell walls
2004-Rohde-PlantCell-16-2749.pdf Molecular Phenotyping of the pal1 and pal2 Mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana Reveals Far-Reaching Consequences on Phenylpropanoid, Amino Acid, and Carbohydrate Metabolism
2004-Broderick-AFST-113-157.pdf Genetic variation in red clover for rumen protein degradability
2004-Broderick-JDS-87-359.pdf Effect of Low Level Monensin Supplementation on the Production of Dairy Cows Fed Alfalfa Silage*
2004-Broderick-JDS-87-1345.pdf Sources of Variation in Rates of in Vitro Ruminal Protein Degradation
2004-Broderick-JDS-87-1360.pdf Effect of Inhibitor Concentration and End-Product Accumulation on Estimates of Ruminal in Vitro Protein Degradation*
2004-Broderick-JDS-87-2997.pdf Effect of Molasses Supplementation on the Production of Lactating Dairy Cows Fed Diets Based on Alfalfa and Corn Silage*
2004-Muck-TASAE-47-1011.pdf Effects of Corn Silage Inaculants on Aerobic Stability
2004-Fischer-CarbRes-339-2009.pdf The gel-forming polysaccharide of psyllium husk
2004-Guerra-AEM-70-4073.pdf Structural Characterization of Lignin during Pinus taeda Wood Treatment with Ceriporiopsis subvermispora
2004-Powell-Agron-96-469.pdf Crop?Livestock Interactions in the West African Drylands
2004-Hatfield-JFAC-52-3713.pdf Comparison of the Acetyl Bromide Spectrophotometric Method with Other Analytical Lignin Methods for Determining Lignin Concentration in Forage Samples
2004-Chen-AEM-70-3167.pdf Albusin B, Bacteriocin from the Ruminal Bacterium Ruminococcus albus 7 That Inhibits Growth of Ruminococcus flavefaciens
2004-Muck-ASAE-20-157.pdf Laboratory Assessment of Bunker Silo Density - Part I: Alfalfa and Grass
2004-Savoie-ASAE-20-165.pdf Laboratory Assessment of Bunker Silo Density - Part II: Whole-Plant Corn
2004-Grabber-CR-327-455.pdf Genetic and molecular basis of grass cell-wall degradability. I. Lignin-cell wall matrix interations
2004-Ralph-CR-327-467.pdf Genetic and molecular basis of grass cell-wall biosynthesis and degradability. III. Towards a forage grass ideotype
2004-Lapierre-Phyto-65-313.pdf Signatures of cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase deficiency of popular lignins
2004-Sullivan-MBFT.pdf Cloning of Red Clover and Alfalfa Polyphenol Oxidase Genes and Expression of Active Enzymes in Transgenic Alfalfa
2003-Weimer-AMB-63-29.pdf Solid residues from Ruminococcus cellulose fermentations as components of wood adhesive formulations
2003-Ferguson-MutRes-542-49.pdf Bacterial antimutagenesis by hydroxycinnamic acids from plant cell walls
2003-Gujon-PMB-51-973.pdf A new Arabidopsis thalianamutant deficient in the expression of O-methyltransferase impacts lignins and sinapoyl esters
2003-Grabber-JAFC-51-4984.pdf Apoplastic pH and Monolignol Addition Rate Effects on Lignin Formation and Cell Wall Degradability in Maize
2003-Lu-TPJ-35-535.pdf Non-degradative dissolution and acetylation of ball-milled plant cell walls: high-resolution solution-state NMR
2003-Bunzel-EFRT-217-128.pdf Isolation and identification of a ferulic acid dehydrotrimer from saponified maize bran insoluble fiber
2003-Boerjan-ARPB-54-519.pdf Lignin Biosynthesis
2003-Weinberg-JAM-94-1066.pdf The survival of silage inoculant lactic acid bacteria in rumen
2003-Muck-Storage_Design.pdf Forage Storage Design and Management Tools
2003-Li-PNAS-100-4939.pdf Combinatorial modification of multiple lignin traits in trees through multigene cotransformation
2003-Marita-JAFC-51-1313.pdf Variations in the Cell Wall Composition of Maize brown midribMutants
2003-Bunzel-JAFC-51-1427.pdf Sinapate Dehydrodimers and Sinapate-Ferulate Heterodimers in Cereal Dietary Fiber
2003-Kim-OBC-1-268.pdf NMR analysis of lignins in CAD-deficient plants. Part 1. Incorporation of hydroxycinnamaldehydes and hydroxybenzaldehydes into lignins
2003-Marita-Phyto-62-53.pdf Structural and compositional modifications in lignin of transgenic alfalfa down-regulated in caffeic acid 3-O-methyltransferase and caffeoyl coenzyme A 3-O-methyltransferase
2003-Broderick-JDS-86-1370.pdf Effects of Varying Dietary Protein and Energy Levels on the Production of Lactating Dairy Cows
2003-Casler-CS-43-532.pdf Selection for Orchardgrass Seed Yield in Target vs. Nontarget Environments
2003-Casler-CS-43-688.pdf RAPD Marker Diversity among Creeping Bentgrass Clones
2003-Casler-CS-43-782.pdf Forage Yield and Economic Losses Associated with the Brown-Midrib Trait in Sudangrass
2003-Cherney-AJ-95-627.pdf Low Intensity Harvest Management of Reed Canarygrass
2003-Munoz-SSSAJ-67-817.pdf Nitrogen Budget and Soil N Dynamics after Multiple Applications of Unlabeled or 15Nitrogen-Enriched Dairy Manure
2003-Reynal-JDS-86-835.pdf Effects of Feeding Dairy Cows Protein Supplements of Varying Ruminal Degradability
2003-Reynal-JDS-86-1292.pdf Effect of Feeding Protein Supplements of Differing Degradability on Omasal Flow of Microbial and Undegraded Protein
2003-Scheef-CS-43-345.pdf Development of Species-Specific SCAR Markers in Bentgrass
2003-Weinberg-GFS-94-1066.pdf The survival of silage inoculant lactic acid bacteria in rumen fluid
2002-Fukushima-Anae-8-29.pdf Photocatalytic Interaction of Resazurin N-Oxide with Cysteine Optimizes Preparation of Anaerobic Culture Media
2002-Stevenson-AMB-59-721.pdf Isolation and characterization of a Trichoderma strain capable of fermenting cellulose to ethanol
2002-Broderick-silageproc.pdf An analysis of the relative value of lucerne and red clover silages for lactating cows
2002-Lynd-MMBR-66-506.pdf Microbial Cellulose Utilization: Fundamentals and Biotechnology
2002-Muck-Corn_Silage.pdf Effects of Corn Silage Inoculants on Aerobic Stability
2002-Bunzel-GMB-56-281.pdf Strukturbildende phenolische Verbindungen in Getreideballaststoffen am Beispiel loslicher und unloslicher Roggenballaststoffe
2002-Bunzel-EFR-214-482.pdf Cell wall hydroxycinnamates in wild rice (Zizania aquaticaL.) insoluble dietary fibre
2002-Kim-JBC-49-47412.pdf Identification of the Structure and Origin of Thioacidolysis Marker Compounds for Cinnamyl Alcohol Dehydrogenase Deficiency in Angiosperms
2002-Grabber-JAFC-50-6008.pdf Model Studies of Ferulate-Coniferyl Alcohol Cross-Product Formation in Primary Maize Walls: Implications for Lignification in Grasses
2002-Grabber-JAFC-50-2595.pdf Chemical Composition and Enzymatic Degradability of Xylem and Nonxylem Walls Isolated from Alfalfa Internodes
2002-Lu-JCSCC-90.pdf Preliminary evidence for sinapyl acetate as a lignin monomer in kenaf
2002-MacAdam-Planta-215-785.pdf Relationship of growth cessation with the formation of diferulate cross-links and p-coumaroylated lignins in tall fescue leaf blades
2002-Broderick-JDS-85-1767.pdf Efficacy of Carbohydrate Sources for Milk Production by Cows Fed Diets Based on Alfalfa Silage
2002-Broderick-JDS-85-1894.pdf Ryegrass or Alfalfa Silage as the Dietary Forage for Lactating Dairy Cows
2002-Casler-CS-42-1421.pdf Natural Selection for Survival Improves Freezing Tolerance, Forage Yield, and Persistence of Festulolium
2002-Casler-CS-42-1427.pdf Divergent Selection for Two Measures of Intake Potential in Smooth Bromegrass
2002-Delgado-CS-42-1824.pdf Reactions of Smooth Bromegrass Clones with Divergent Lignin or Etherified Ferulic Acid Concentration to Three Fungal Pathogens
2002-Dou-JEQ-31-2058.pdf Phosphorus Characteristics of Dairy Feces Affected by Diets
2002-Ebeling-SSSAJ-66-284.pdf Dairy Diet Phosphorus Effects on Phosphorus Losses in Runoff from Land-Applied Manure
2002-Owens-GFS-57-329.pdf Protein degradation and fermentation characteristics of unwilted red clover and alfalfa silage harvested at various times during the day
2002-Satter-JDS-85-3142.pdf Production and Feeding Strategies for Phosphorus Management on Dairy Farm
2001-Hatfield-PlantPhys-126-1351.pdf Lignin Formation in Plants. The Dilemma of Linkage Specificity
2001-Chen-Micro-147-21.pdf Competition among three predominant ruminal cellulolytic bacteria in the absence or presence of non-cellulolytic bacteria
2001-Muck-Silo_Densities-16-613.pdf Factors Affecting Bunker Silo Densities
2001-Muck-Bag_Silo_Losses.pdf Density and Losses in Pressed Bag Silos
2001-Chabannes-TPJ-28-257.pdf Strong decrease in lignin content without significant alteration of plant development is induced by simultaneous down-regulation of cinnamoyl CoA reductase (CCR) and cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase (CAD) in tobacco plants
NRI Cover Stories Hu NB.pdf NRI Cover Stories: Low lignin wood
2001-Marita-JCSPerkin-2939.pdf NMR characterization of lignins from transgenic poplars with suppressed caffeic acid O-methyltransferase activity
2001-Bunzel-JSFA-81-653.pdf Diferulates as structural components in soluble and insoluble cereal dietary fibre
2001-Fukushima-JAFC-49-3133.pdf Extraction and Isolation of Lignin for Utilization as a Standard to Determine Lignin Concentration Using the Acetyl Bromide Spectrophotometric Method
2001-Ralph-JAFC-49-86.pdf NMR Evidence for Benzodioxane Structures Resulting from Incorporation of 5-Hydroxyconiferyl Alcohol into Lignins of O-Methyltransferase-Deficient Poplars
2001-Ralph-Phyto-57-993.pdf Elucidation of new structures in lignins of CAD- and COMT-deficient plants by NMR
2001-Rouhi-C&EN-79_14-52.pdf Only Facts will End the Lignin War
2001-Stange-Phyto-57-1005.pdf Acidolysis and hot water extraction provide new insights into the composition of the induced ??lignin-like?? material from squash fruit
2001-Broderick-JDS-84-1728.pdf Production of Lactating Dairy Cows Fed Alfalfa or Red Clover Silage at Equal Dry Matter or Crude Protein Contents in the Diet
2001-Bundy-JEQ-30-1822.pdf Management Practice Effects on Phosphorus Losses in Runoff in Corn Production Systems
2001-Casler-CS-41-1616.pdf Patterns of Variation in a Collection of Timothy Accessions
2001-Casler-CS-41-1946.pdf Performance of Meadow Fescue Accessions under Management-Intensive Grazing
2001-Mourino-JDS-84-848.pdf Initial pH as a Determinant of Cellulose Digestion Rate by Mixed Ruminal Microorganisms In Vitro
2001-Reis-JDS-84-429.pdf Effects of Corn Particle Size and Source on Performance of Lactating Cows Fed Direct-Cut Grass-Legume Forage
2001-Ummadi-JDS-84-1773.pdf Tryptophan Catabolism in Brevibacterium linens as a Potential Cheese Flavor Adjunct
2001-Wu-JDS-84-1166.pdf Milk Production of Fall-Calving Dairy Cows During Summer Grazing of Grass or Grass-Clover Pasture
2001-Wu-JDS-84-1738.pdf Milk Production, Estimated Phosphorus Excretion, and Bone Characteristics of Dairy Cows Fed Different Amounts of Phosphorus for Two or Three Years
2001-Wu-JDS-84-2227.pdf Cracked Dry or Finely Ground High Moisture Shelled Corn as a Supplement for Grazing Cows
2000-Weimer-JAFC-48-1727.pdf Fermentation of a Bacterial Cellulose/Xylan Composite by Mixed Ruminal Microflora: Implications for the Role of Polysaccharide Matrix Interactions in Plant Cell Wall Biodegradability
2000-Muck-L&GInoc-2-1.pdf Inoculants for Legume-Grass Silage
(From the Team Forage website.)
2000-Muck-CSInoc2-1.pdf Inoculants for Corn Silage
(From the Team Forage website.)
2000-Bunzel-JAFC-48-3166.pdf Identification of 4-O-5-Coupled Diferulic Acid from Insoluble Cereal Fiber
2000-Grabber-JAFC-48-6106.pdf Cross-Linking of Maize Walls by Ferulate Dimerization and Incorporation into Lignin
2000-Kim-OL-2-2197.pdf Cross-Coupling of Hydroxycinnamyl Aldehydes into Lignins
2000-Meyerman-JBC-275-36899.pdf Modifications in Lignin and Accumulation of Phenolic Glucosides in Poplar Xylem upon Down-regulation of Caffeoyl-Coenzyme A O-Methyltransferase, an Enzyme Involved in Lignin Biosynthesis
2000-Rouhi-C&EN-78_46-29.pdf Lignin and Lignan Biosynthesis
2000-Broderick-JDS-83-1543.pdf Performance of Lactating Dairy Cows Fed Alfalfa or Red Clover Silage as the Sole Forage
2000-Broderick-JDS-83-2548.pdf Potential of Fermentation Byproducts as Nitrogen Supplements for Lactating Dairy Cows
2000-Dhiman-JDS-83-2521.pdf Influence of Mechanical Processing on Utilization of Corn Silage by Lactating Dairy Cows
2000-SanEmeterio-JDS-83-2839.pdf Effect of Coarse or Fine Grinding on Utilization of Dry or Ensiled Corn by Lactating Dairy Cows
2000-Seefeldt-JDS-83-2740.pdf Diversity of Sulfur Compound Production in Lactic Acid Bacteria
2000-Valadares-JDS-83-106.pdf Effect of Replacing Alfalfa Silage with High Moisture Corn on Nutrient Utilization and Milk Production
2000-Wu-JDS-83-1028.pdf Milk Production, Reproductive Performance, and Fecal Excretion of Phosphorus by Dairy Cows Fed Three Amounts of Phosphorus
2000-Wu-JDS-83-1042.pdf Milk Production During the Complete Lactation of Dairy Cows Fed Diets Containing Different Amounts of Protein
2000-Wu-JDS-83-1052.pdf Milk Production and Reproductive Performance of Dairy Cows Fed Two Concentrations of Phosphorus for Two Years
1999-Jung-JAFC-47-2005.pdf Accuracy of Klason Lignin and Acid Detergent Lignin Methods As Assessed by Bomb Calorimetry
1999-Hatfield-CS-39-27.pdf Cell Wall Structural Foundations: Molecular Basis for Improving Forage Digestibilities
1999-Ralph-Brazil.pdf Lignin Structure: Recent Developments
1999-Muck-Potato_Vines-42-565.pdf Ensiling of Potato Vines
1999-Muck-Alfalfa_Resp-42-5.pdf Effect of Maceration on Respiration of Alfalfa
1999-Muck-Silage_Preserv-42-573.pdf Influence of Air on the Preservation and Aerobic Spoilage of Silages
1999-Conesa-EJB-266-644.pdf A cinnamoyl esterase from Aspergillus niger can break plant cell wall cross-links without release of free diferulic
1999-Conesa-JSFA-79-379.pdf Antioxidant properties of 4,4?-dihydroxy-3,3?-dimethoxy-b,b?-bicinnamic acid (8-8-diferulic acid, non-cyclic form)
1999-Hatfield-JAFC-47-628.pdf Using the Acetyl Bromide Assay To Determine Lignin Concentrations in Herbaceous Plants: Some Cautionary Notes
1999-Hatfield-JSFA-79-403.pdf Review: Cell wall cross-linking by ferulates and diferulates in grasses
1999-Hatfield-JSFA-79-425.pdf Modelling the feasibility of intramolecular dehydrodiferulate formation in grass walls
1999-Hu-NBT-17-808.pdf Repression of lignin biosynthesis promotes cellulose accumulation and growth in transgenic trees
1999-Jung-JAFC-47-2005.pdf Accuracy of Klason Lignin and Acid Detergent Lignin Methods As Assessed by Bomb Calorimetry
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