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Office of Technology Transfer (OTT)
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1 - Introduction
2 - Administration & Partnerships Section
3 - Patenting Section
4 - Licensing Section
5 - Technology Transfer Annual Reports
6 - Available Technologies
7 - Awards
8 - OTT Training
Patenting Section

The Patent Section provides strategic guidance to scientists regarding patent protection for their research results. The Section is also responsible for receiving invention reports, convening three National Patent Committees (Mechanical and Measurement, Life Sciences, and Chemistry), preparing and prosecuting patent applications, and reviewing patent legal work performed by cooperator and ARS contract law firms.

Patent Resources

Search Engine Links:

 USPTO website:
 World Intellectual Property Office website:
 Google Scholar:
 Google Patents website:

George Washington Carver Center
5601 Sunnyside Avenue
Beltsville, Maryland 20705

Supervisory Patent Advisor

Gail Poulos
Phone: (301) 504-5302
(Supports South Atlantic Area scientists)

Patent Advisors

G. Byron Stover
Phone: (301) 504-4783
(Supports Beltsville Area scientists)

Evelyn Rabin
Phone: (301) 504-4781
(Supports North Atlantic Area and Mid South Area scientists)

Robert Jones
Phone: (301) 504-7270
(Supports South Atlantic Area scientists

David Marks
Phone: (301) 504-4619

Legal Administrative Specialists

Robin McCormick, Senior Legal Administrative Specialist
Phone: (301) 504-6532

Kelli Gantt, Legal Administrative Specialist
Phone: (301) 504-7269

Claudia Hedrick, Legal Administrative Specialist
Phone: (301) 504-4887

National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research
1815 North University Street
Peoria, Illinois 61604

Albert Tsui, Patent Advisor
Phone: (309) 681-6512 
(Supports Midwest Area and Northern Plains Area scientists)

Legal Administrative Specialist
Sheri Whitehurst, Senior Legal Administrative Specialist
Phone: (309) 681 6513

Western Regional Research Center
800 Buchanan Street
Albany, California 94710

Patent Advisors
Elizabeth (Beth) Sampson
(Supports Pacific West Area scientists)
Phone: (510) 559-6067

Howard Owens
(Supports Pacific West Area scientists)
Phone: (510) 559-5731

Legal Administrative Specialist
Sonya Domingo, Senior Legal Administrative Specialist
Phone: (510) 559-6067

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Last Modified: 4/8/2014
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