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April 2014 - Vol. 62, No. 4

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April 2014 issue (PDF publication).

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Table of Contents

Forum—ARS Plays an Integral Role in Combating a Virulent Threat (html) or (pdf)

Looking to Wheat's Wild Ancestors To Solve a Modern Problem (html) or (pdf)

Targeting Pheromones in Fire Ants (html) or (pdf)

New Ornamental Tung Tree a Story of Loss and Restoration (html) or (pdf)

New Food Ingredient from Rice Bran Oil May Help Make Foods' Fat Profile More Healthful (html) or (pdf)
Nuevo ingrediente a base del aceite de salvado de arroz puede ayudar a hacer más saludable el perfil de grasas en alimentos (html)

New—and More Economical—Pyrolysis Techniques for Bio-oil Production (html) or (pdf)

Male Chromosome Hinders Female Cattle Reproduction (html) or (pdf)

Fighting a Pernicious Weed with Fire (html) or (pdf)

Nitrite's Significant Role in Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Soil (html) or (pdf)

Locations Featured in This Magazine Issue (html) or (pdf)



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