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Contents, Agricultural Research Magazine

Agricultural Research Magazine

July 1996 – Vol. 44, No. 7

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Table of Contents

Forum -- Horticultural Research Is No. 1 (html) or (pdf)

New American Elms Restore Stately Trees (html) or (pdf)

Trash or Cash Commodity? (html) or (pdf)

Plant Pigment Puzzle Complete (html) or (pdf)

Genetic Resistance a Key To Controlling Aflatoxin (html) or (pdf)

Microbes Clean Up Wastewater (html) or (pdf)

Geneplay Combats Cucumber Mosaic Virus (html) or (pdf)

Drawing the Chicken Genome Map (html) or (pdf)

Venture Into Agricultural Science -- At Disney World (html) or (pdf)

No Muss, No Fuss Spray Rig for Greenhouses (html) or (pdf)

Science Update (html) or (pdf)
    With Age, Fat Creeps Up As Body "Idles" More Slowly
    Genes of Tobacco Cousin May Be Biotech Pest-Fighters
    Red Mulch for Hotter Yields
    Enzyme Blocker May Help Tame Whipworms
    Cups and Plates Made From Wheat

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