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Contents, Agricultural Research Magazine

Agricultural Research Magazine

July 1998 - Vol. 46, No. 7

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Table of Contents

Forum—New Ways for an Ancient Science (html) or (pdf)

Spotting Top-Notch Toms (html) or (pdf)

Tactics Simplify Wasp-Rearing (html) or (pdf)

Setting the Stage To Screen Biocontrol Fungi (html) or (pdf)

A Prize Pinto, a Better Bean (html) or (pdf)

Cah Marker Gene Aids Plant Transformations (html) or (pdf)

Watch Out, Soft-Bodied Pests! (html) or (pdf)

Better Diets for Dairy Cows (html) or (pdf)

Testing for Natural Aflatoxin Inhibitors (html) or (pdf)

Toppling Tall Whitetop (html) or (pdf)

Heads-Up for Soybean Rust (html) or (pdf)

No Ants Allowed! (html) or (pdf)

Induced Heat Resistance in E. Coli (html) or (pdf)

Model Helps Time Pest Fumigation (html) or (pdf)

Science Update (html) or (pdf)
  Diatomaceous Earth Wrecks Insects' Internal Water Balance
  "Seeing-Eye" Sprayer for Weeds
  Making Foods More Healthful Could Add Taste, Too
  Giving Insects a KISS
  Milk Fever Gel Is Licensed
  Corn-Based Heavy Metal Attractants

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