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Titles and Keywords, Agricultural Research Magazine

Titles & Keywords

(1978 through 1995, most recent year first)

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Last updated September 17, 2008

For Economical, Abundant, and Varied Fruits, forum, editorial, mangoes, papayas, carambolas, kiwi fruit, imported, ethylene dibromide, EDB, methyl bromide, hot-water treatment, Kenneth W. Vick, Beltsville, MD, 95JAN02

Mayag´ez Lab Helps Farmers in the Tropics, Mayag´ez, banana, Heber Irizarry, plantains, sweetpotatoes, yams, cassava, beans, taniers, tanier, or taro root, drip irrigation, ratoons, Ivoire, forage sorghum, Cacao, Jackfruit, mangosteen, mango, avocado, lychee, mamey sapote, and carambola, Antonio Sotomayor-Rios, Heber Irizarry, Edmundo Rivera, Ricardo Goenaga, Francisco Vazquez, and Phillip Miklas Mayag´ez, PR, 95JAN04

Satellite Link to Improved Farm Practices, Data Transmission Network of Omaha, NB, and FarmDayta2 of Des Moines, IA, Colorado, market and weather reports, irrigation, COAGMET, Harold R. Duke, Fort Collins, CO, James R. Welsh, Fort Collins, CO, 95JAN08

Peanut Flavor Traced to Oil Quality Factors, Timothy H. Sanders, Raleigh, NC, 95JAN11

Microprocessor Improves Roller Ginning Efficiency, cotton, Marvis N. Gillum, 95JAN11

Detached Antennae Tell What an Aphid Can Smell, pea aphid, Wilant van Giessen, Charleston, SC, electroantennography, 95JAN12

Forgotten Hybrid Fills Forage Gap, Agritricum, Grazing, perennial wheatgrass, cattle, Jerry D. Volesky, El Reno, OK, 95JAN13

Beyond Methyl Bromide, fumigation, kills weeds, insects, fungi, and bacteria, ozone layer, U.S. Clean Air Act, CATTS, controlled atmosphere/temperature treatment, Patrick V. Vail, Charles E. Curtis, Judy A. Johnson, Edwin L. Soderstrom, Fresno, CA, Lisa G. Neven, Yakima, WA, Scott R. Yates, Riverside, CA, 95JAN14

Soy Ink's Superior Degradability, soybean, Newspaper Association of America (NAA), VOC emissions, Sevim Erhan and Marvin O. Bagby, Peoria, IL, 95JAN19

Fungi-Fragment Pesticides, sclerotia, biological insecticides, corn earworm caterpillars, sap beetles, Shearinine B, Eupenicillium shearii, Donald T. Wicklow and Patrick F. Dowd, Peoria, IL, 95JAN20

Getting Cadmium Out of Sunflower Seeds, Rufus L. Chaney, Beltsville, MD, Jerry F. Miller, Fargo, ND, 95JAN21

Calorie Slashing and Overexertion Can Stress the Immune System, U.S. Army Ranger training, T-cell response, interleukin 6 (IL-6), Tim R. Kramer, Beltsville, MD, 95JAN22

Bees Take a Stroll for Biocontrol, talc and nuclear polyhedrosis virus, John Hamm, GA, 95JAN23

Mysterious Pine Toxin Is Identified, ponderosa, cows, cattle, abort, isocupressic acid, Lynn F. James, Logan, UT, 95JAN23

Computers Help Reap Bigger Soybean Yields, GLYCIM, Basil Acock, Beltsville, MD, 95JAN23

Citrus Acid Could Find Textile Role, dyed cotton fabric, wrinkle-resistant, Bombay Textile Research Association, Robert M. Reinhardt, New Orleans, LA, 95JAN23

Corn Grows Digital Ears, computerized catalog, Corn-Base, breeding, GRIN, Peter K. Bretting, Ames, IA, 95JAN23

New Casaba Fights Off Mildew, mildew-resistant casaba melons, C931, Perry E. Nugent, Charleston, SC, 95JAN23

Animal Health Programs in ARS, welfare, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Helene N. Guttman, Beltsville, MD, 95FEB02

Animal Research and Care Go Hand-in-Hand, cattle, brucellosis, welfare, Cell culture, histocompatibility complex (MHC) antigens, cytokines, prion gene, scrapie, bovine babesiosis, polymerase chain reaction (PCR),Computer modeling, genome maps, Helene N. Guttman, Thomas E. Walton, Joan K. Lunney, Beltsville, MD Richard L. Witter, East Lansing, MI Katherine I. O'Rourke and Willard L. Goff, Pullman, WA Jonathan D. Hanson, Fort Collins, CO, 95FEB04

Trading Wastewater for Crops, trout-farm, greenhouse, Freshwater Institute, hydroponic, plastic strawberry tree, D. Michael Glenn and Fumiomi Takeda, Kearneysville, WV, 95FEB10

Growing Garlic From True Seed, Alium sativum, Philipp W. Simon, Madison, WI, 95FEB09

Often-Requested Germplasm, sidebar, garlic, Western Regional Plant Introduction Station, Richard M. Hannan, Pullman, WA, 95FEB09

DNA—Sequencing Is a New Tool for Insect Detectives, honey bees, genetic markers, fingerprint, Mediterranean fruit flies, medflies, mitochondria, mosquito, corn earworms, bluetongue virus, biting midges, sweetpotato whitefly, Indianmeal moth and lesser grain borer, potato leafhopper, Steve Sheppard, Hachiro Shimanuki, M. Christina Arias, Nathan Schiff, Beltsville, MD, Alan Sylvester and Thomas E. Rinderer, Baton Rouge, LA, Andrew F. Cockburn and Truls Jensen, Gainesville, FL S. Karl Narang, Fargo, ND, Walter J. Tabachnick, Laramie, WY, Alan C. Bartlett, Phoenix, AZ, Bruce C. Campbell, Albany, CA, Alan K. Dowdy, Manhattan, KS, Daniel Z. Skinner, Manhattan, KS, 95FEB12

New Farming System Catches On, dryland, soil erosion, wheat-sorghum-fallow rotation, corn, Randy L. Anderson, Akron, CO, Ardell D. Halvorson, Mandan, ND, 95FEB19

Built-in Rust Resistance Means Better Beans, rust fungus, Uromyces appendiculatus, or by bean common mosaic virus (BCMV), J. Rennie Stavely, Beltsville, MD Matt J. Silbernagel, Prosser, WA, 95FEB20

Crisper Apples Sooner, controlled atmosphere (CA) storage, carbon dioxide (CO2), cold, Stephen R. Drake is at the USDA-ARS Tree Fruit Research Laboratory, 1104 North Western Ave., Wenatchee, WA, 95FEB21

AGNPS Tracks Pollutants to Their Source, watershed, Agricultural Non-Point-Source, runoff, rain or snowmelt or irrigation, pesticides, fertilizers, or sediment, Robert A. Young, Morris, MN, 95FEB22

Faster Harvester May Save Soil, Water, Too, combine, stripper header, standing stubble, erosion, Dale Wilkins and Clyde Douglas, Pendleton, OR, Joseph Pikul, Sidney, MT, 95FEB22

Dye + Sun = Dead Fruit Flies, red and yellow dye, alternative to malathion, pesticide, insecticide, Robert Mangan, Weslaco, TX, Roy Cunningham, Hilo, HI, 95FEB23

Fly to Ant: Off With Your Head!, Pseudacteon flies, Sanford Porter, Gainesville, FL, 95FEB23

Chickens Leaner With Amino Acid in Feed, N-methyl aspartic acid (NMA), John P. McMurtry, Beltsville, MD, Claude R. Barb, Athens, GA, Mark J. Estienne, 95FEB23

Aging Limits Bounceback From Weight Gain or Loss, fat, muscle, bone, Susan B. Roberts, Boston, MA, 95FEB23

Biosystematics: Putting Pests in Their Places, biocontrol, James L. Krysan, Beltsville, MD, 95MAR02

Gotcha! Lady Beetles Gobble Aphids, beneficial organisms, Biocontrol, parasitic wasps, Coccinella septempunctata, sevenspotted, Propylea quatuordecimpunctata, Coccinella undecimpunctata, Hippodamia variegata, Harmonia quadripunctata, and Harmonia axyridis, aggregation pheromone, William H. Day, Paul W. Schaefer, Newark, DE, Louis Tedders, Jr., Byron, GA, Jeffrey R. Aldrich, Beltsville, MD, 95MAR04

Averting Fishkill, catfish, Edwardsiella ictaluri, enteric septicemia, new diagnostic kit, bacterium, Phillip H. Klesius, Auburn, AL, 95MAR09

Resuscitating Rice, germinate, germplasm collection, embryo rescue, Robert H. Dilday, Stuttgart, AR, 95MAR10

Success Secrets of Desert Plants, water, drought, cacti, agaves, sagebrush, creosote bush, Jornada Experimental Range, geotropism, hydrotropism can actually override geotropism, mesquite, fungi, vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal (VAM), Jerry R. Barrow, Robert P. Gibbens, Kris M. Havstad, Las Cruces, NM, 95MAR12

Natural Reseeding of the Desert, sidebar, Jornada Experimental Range, pole-mounted seeders, 95MAR15

Rhizobial Magic, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, clover, alfalfa, soybeans, beans, peanuts, and other legumes, Rhizobium Collection, Peter van Berkum , Beltsville, MD, 95MAR16

Supercritical Fluid Fat Extraction, hamburger, cholesterol, SFE, carbon dioxide (CO2) Jerry W. King, Peoria, IL 95MAR18

A Good Pirate, beneficial bug, biocontrol of stored-product insects,Indianmeal moths, Mediterranean flour moths, almond moths, red flour beetles, sawtooth grain beetles, warehouse beetles, computer model, Thomas W. Phillips, Hilo, HI, 95MAR19

Toward More Tender Beef, marbled, enzyme-inhibiting protein, calpastatin, calpain, calcium chloride, Calcium-Activated Tenderization (CAT), Dan Laster, Mohammad Koohmaraie, Larry V. Cundiff, Steven D. Shackelford, Tommy L. Wheeler, Clay Center, NE, 95MAR20

Speeding Natural Rubber Production, Latex, goldenrod and guayule, Katrina Cornish and Deborah Siler, Albany, CA, 95MAR22

Hey! Carambola, starfruit, Mediterranean, oriental fruit flies, melon flies, John W. Armstrong, Hilo, HI, 95MAR22

Is Cottonseed a Good Choice for Bull Diet?, Beef, cattle, gossypol, infertility, testicular tissue damage, Chad C. Chase, Jr., Brooksville, FL, 95MAR23

Why Melons Go Bland, cantaloupe, sugar, root stress, oxygen, Gene Lester, Weslaco, TX, Steven Huber, Raleigh, NC, 95MAR23

Apple Buds Snooze in Deep Freeze, liquid nitrogen, cryopreservation, germplasm repository, Philip L. Forsline, Geneva, NY, Leigh Towill, Fort Collins, CO, 95MAR23

Lupin: A Cool Alternative to Soybeans, legume, high protein, fiber William Clapham, Orono, ME, 95MAR23

Carbon Dioxide and the Human Community, (CO2), global climate change, Gary R. Evans, Washington, DC, 95APR02

FACE-ing the Future, CO2, Water Conservation, Free Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment, global climate change, cotton, wheat, water, Bruce A. Kimball, Phoenix, AZ, 95APR04

Less Thirst--More Growth! Sidebar, carbon dioxide, CO2, water, rangeland brush, acacia, wheat, Herman S. Mayeux, and H. Wayne Polley, Temple, TX, 95APR06

Chickpea Growers Back in Business, Ascochyta blight, Dwelley, Sanford, kabuli, Myles, desi, Walter J. Kaiser, Frederick J. Muehlbauer, Pullman, WA, 95APR08

Calcium Sprays: Better Fruit, Healthier Trees, apple, pear, chloride, nitrate, bitter pit, scald, internal breakdown, cork spot, Stephen R. Drake, J. Thomas Raese, Wenatchee, WA, 95APR09

Pepper Weevils: New Trap Aids IPM, bell and jalapeno, Anthonomus eugenii, pheromone trap, CRADA, Trece, Inc., Donald A. Nordlund, Weslaco, TX, Catolaccus hunteri, Robert J. Bartelt, Peoria, IL, Peoria, IL, 95APR10

News From the Aquatic Weed Front, Egeria densa, Brazil, Sacramento River, herbicide, Komeen, rhizomes, Sonar, Lars W. J. Anderson, Davis, CA, 95APR12

Growing the Living Daylights Out of Kleingrass, mesocotyl, coleoptile, grass, rangeland reseeding, auxin, Charles R. Tischler, Temple, TX, 95APR14

Salinas Stands Lettuce Industry on Its Head, tipburn disease, mosaic virus disease, Edward J. Ryder, Salinas, CA, 95APR14

Microbes Clean Up Cattle Dip, tick-killing coumaphos, carbon dioxide, cattle fever, Jeffrey S. Karns, Walter W. Mulbry, Daniel R. Shelton, Beltsville, MD, 95APR15

Palouse Revolution in the Making, 3-year crop rotation, IPM, erosion, crop diseases, and weeds, integrated pest management, winter wheat, spring barley, and spring peas, conservation tillage, herbicide, Frank L. Young, Pullman, WA, 95APR16

Anatomy of a Snowflake, scanning electron microscope (SEM),ice crystals, irrigation water, snowmelt models, SRM, William P. Wergin, Eric F. Erbe, and Albert Rango, Beltsville, MD, 95APR18

New Storage for Hazelnuts, liquid nitrogen, cryopreservation, germplasm, embryo tip, axis, Barbara M. Reed, Corvallis, OR, 95APR22

Onions Are Safe Sheep Feed, sulfides, Rick Estell and Ed Fredrickson, Las Cruces, NM, 95APR22

Our Survey Says: What America Eats, food, Alanna Moshfegh, Riverdale, MD, 95APR23

New Link to Artery Narrowing, amino acid, homocysteine, heart disease and stroke, folate (folic acid) and vitamin B6, Framingham Heart Study, Jacob Selhub, Boston, MA, 95APR23

Hormone Snippet to Kernel: Don't Sprout! wheat, abscisic acid, Kay Simmons, Pullman, WA, 95APR23

Tiber Thwarts Tipburn, iceberg lettuce, Edward J. Ryder, Salinas, CA, 95APR23

CRADA Targets New Bean Virus, cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) Silverleaf whiteflies, biotype B sweetpotato whiteflies, golden mosaic virus, Phillip N. Miklas, Mayag´ez, PR, 95APR23

Arboretum Deploys Good Mites Against Bad Ones, Phytoseiulus persimilis and Amblyseius californicus, bonsai, roses, integrated pest management (IPM), pesticide, Scott Aker, Washington, DC, 95APR23

Improving on Linnaeus, forum, editorial, systematics, taxonomy, database, U.S. National Fungus Collection, Mary Palm and David F. Farr, Beltsville, MD, 95MAY02

Reinventing Systematics, attines, parasol mushroom, leaf-cutter ants, mycologists, spores, DNA fingerprinting and expert systems, trichinosis, pigs, pork, hogs, swine, Amy Y. Rossman, Gary J. Samuels, Steve A. Rehner, J. Ralph Lichtenfels, Douglass R. Miller, Beltsville, MD, 95MAY04

On Chalcid Corner, sidebar, parasitic wasps, Colorado potato beetle, Mexican bean beetle, expert system, Michael E. Schauff, Eric E. Grissell, Beltsville, MD, 95MAY08

Vetch Mulch Fetches More Veggies, tomato, plastic films, polyethylene, organic, nitrogen, Aref A. Abdul-Baki, John R. Stommel, John R. Teasdale, Beltsville, MD, 95MAY10

Bulletin Available, sidebar, Farmers' Bulletin 2279, Sustainable Production of Fresh-Market Tomatoes With Organic Mulches, Aref Abdul-Baki, Beltsville, MD, 95MAY11

Nutrient Accountants, food, diet, USDA Agriculture Handbook, Composition of Foods - Raw, Processed, Prepared, nationwide health and nutrition survey, NHANES, Ruth Matthews, Rena Cutrufelli , Riverdale, MD, Wayne R. Wolf, Beltsville, MD, 95MAY12

Data You Can Trust, sidebar, food composition, human nutrition, carotenoid, expert system, INFOODS, Joanne M. Holden, Riverdale, MD, 95MAY15

Whitefly Fungus on Its Way to Growers, sweetpotato whiteflies, melons, cucumbers, cole crops, tomatoes, Beauveria bassiana, GHA, Mycotrol-WP, IPM, Ray Carruthers is at the USDA-ARS Subtropical Agricultural Research Laboratory, Biological Control of Pests Research Unit, 2413 E. Highway 83, Weslaco, TX, 95MAY16

Getting the Lowdown on Worms, formaldehyde, nightcrawlers, earthworms, atrazine, alachlor, herbicides, organic residue, no-till and conservation tillage, soil erosion, middens, Pheretima, grass hedges, Edwin C. Berry, Ames, IA, Bill Edwards, Coshocton, OH, Doral Kemper, Beltsville, MD, 95MAY18

Insectary Workers Can Breathe Easier, moth scales, mass-rearing, ALERT, for Advanced Lepidoptera Environment Rearing Technology, filter, filtration system, Frank M. Davis and Johnnie N. Jenkins, Mississippi State, MS, 95MAY22

Wheat Aphid Is Target of Biotech R&D, (CRADA) J. Troy Weeks, Albany, CA, 95MAY23

ARS Designs Automated System To Aid Poultry Inspection, fiber optic probes, chicken, septicemia disease, Yud-Ren Chen, Beltsville, MD, 95MAY23

When Alcohol Is Drunk, Calories Count, metabolism, William V. Rumpler, Beltsville, MD, 95MAY23

With New Corn, Worms May Bite Off More Than They Can Chew, CRADA, southwestern corn borer, Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria, BT, armyworms, W. Paul Williams, Mississippi State, MS, 95MAY23

California Is Cleared of Fungal Guilt-by-Association, wheat, Tilletia controversa fungus, dwarf bunt, U.S. National Fungus Collection, Amy Rossman, Beltsville, MD, 95MAY23

Letting Go of Certain Myths, forum, editorial, rangeland, livestock, sheep, cattle, grazing, Taylor Grazing Act, R. Dennis Child, Beltsville, MD, 95JUN02

Sheep at Home on the Wild Summer Range, Centennial Mountains, grazing on Idaho fescue, cinquefoil, antelope bitterbrush, 1964 Wilderness Act, John W. Walker and Gary D. Snowder, Dubois, ID, 95JUN04

Signs Along the Continental Divide, sidebar, sheep, John Walker, Dubois, ID, 95JUN07

St. Croix Sheep Produce More Spring Lamb, heat-tolerant, hair instead of wool, Michael A. Brown, Booneville, AR, 95JUN09

Fill Your Tank With Citrus, orange, ethanol, waste,Karel Grohmann, galacturonic acid, arabinose, E. coli KO11, Karel Grohmann, Winter Haven, FL, 95JUN10

Monitoring Methane, greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, emissions from cattle, sniffing corral, belching, rumen, animal waste lagoons, ammonia, Lowry A. Harper and Ronald R. Sharpe, Watkinsville, GA, 95JUN12

Hiking Human Zinc Absorption, amino acid, methionine, lysine, William A. House and Ross M. Welch, Ithaca, NY, 95JUN15

Good Earth, healthy smell, filamentous microbes, odor, soil, geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol, fungi and actinomycetes, Timothy B. Parkin and Peter D. Stahl, Ames, IA, 95JUN16

New Strain Slows Silage Spoilage, inoculant, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center, alfalfa, corn, Lactobacillus buchneri, lactic acid, acetic acid, Cargill, Inc., CRADA, Richard E. Muck, Madison, WI, 95JUN17

Treating the Bees' Wheeze, Varroa mites, Golden Angels, honey bees, tracheal, pollination, fluvalinate, pyrethroid, thymol, eucalyptus oil, Nick Calderone, Beltsville, MD, 95JUN18

Fruit Sorters Need More Light, cherries, fluorescent bulbs, eyestrain, Galen K. Brown, East Lansing, MI, 95JUN19

The Next Bioherbicide?, fungus, hemp sesbania, weeds, Colletotrichum truncatum, liquid fermentation cultures, biocontrol, spores, microsclerotia, Mark A. Jackson and David A. Schisler, Peoria, IL, C. Douglas Boyette, Stoneville, MS, 95JUN20

Haute Cuisine for Lab Rodents, rats and mice, nutrition, diets, Philip G. Reeves, Grand Forks, ND, 95JUN21

Computer Figures Stored-Grain Insect Risk, Stored Grain Advisor (SGA), aeration, fumigation, insecticide, rusty grain beetle, lesser grain borer, red flour beetle, sawtoothed grain beetle, Paul W. Flinn and David W. Hagstrum, Manhattan, KS, 95JUN22

Space Flight Didn't Crack Moth's Adaptive Armor, gypsy moth, Robert A. Bell, Beltsville, MA, 95JUN23

EPA OK's Biofungicides from ARS Research, ASPIRE and BIO-SAVE-11, Candida oliophila yeast, Pseudomonas syringae, apple, pear, and citrus. Charles L. Wilson and Wojciech J. Janisiewicz, Kearneysville, WV, 95JUN23

ARS Research Summaries on the Internet,, 95JUN23

Bacterial Sugars Taste Sweet to Industry, (CRADA) , Leuconostoc bacteria make dextrans, Michael R. Smith, Albany, CA, 95JUN23

Hessian Fly Could Meet Its Match in Resistant Wheat, Roger Ratcliffe, West Lafayette, IN, 95JUN23

Spray-on Bugs for Biocontrol, CRADA, lacewings, aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers, mites, and scales. W. Louis Tedders, Byron, GA, 95JUN23

Food Security: New Tools and New Teamwork, pest control, pesticides, integrated pest management (IPM), codling moth, apples and pears, biocontrol, corn rootworm, cotton-damaging pink bollworm and tobacco budworm, and Colorado potato beetle, Bio-Save-11 and Aspire, Richard M. Parry, Beltsville, MD, 95JUL02

IPM Goes Areawide, codling moth, integrated pest management, apple pear, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) sterile male, biocontrol, pheromones, mating disruption, Carrol O. Calkins, Alan L. Knight, and Tom R. Unruh, Yakima, WA, Robert M. Faust, Beltsville, MD, 95JUL04

Evolution of IPM, sidebar, integrated pest management, 95Jul08

Grappling With E. coli, foodborne disease, PCR polymerase chain reaction, E. coli 0157:H7 bacteria, National Animal Disease Center, NADC, cattle, calves, Brad T. Bosworth, Thomas Casey, William C. Cray, Jr., and Mark A. Rasmussen, Ames, IA, 95JUL09

Decolorizing Textile Wastewater, dyes, cotton fabrics, quaternized cellulose, sugarcane bagasse, Remazol Brilliant Red F3B, Joseph A. Laszlo, Peoria, IL, 95Jul10

Southwest Runner Peanut Resists Blight, Sclerotinia minor fungus, biocontrol, Hassan A. Melouk, Stillwater, OK, 95JUL10

Tissue-Culturing Plants on Cornstarch, gelling mixture, apples, pears, and raspberries, Gelrite, agar, Ingrid M. Fordham, Beltsville, MD, 95JUL11

Subtle Larceny: Too Little Protein in Elders, Recommended Dietary Allowance RDA, adductor pollicis muscle, Marilyn C. Crim and Carmen Castaneda, Boston, MA 95Jul12

Fine-Tuning Elders' Protein Needs, RDA Recommended Dietary Allowance, muscle, Janet R. Hunt, Grand Forks, ND, 95JUL13

Fruits and Veggies, Good for Our Good Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, oxidizers, artery-clogging plaque, vitamin C, ascorbic acid, antioxidants, Paul Jacques, Boston, MA, Robert Jacob, Presidio of San Francisco, CA, 95JUL15

Cleaner Well Water, vegetable oils, groundwater, nitrogen fertilizers, organic filter, pollution, nitrate, irrigation, cattle manure, William J. Hunter, Fort Collins, CO, Ronald F. Follett, Fort Collins, CO, 95JUL16

Where's the Fat?, hogs, magnetic resonance imaging, MRI, body composition, fat-to-lean meat ratio, Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry, DEXA, Al D. Mitchell, Beltsville, MD, 95JUL18

Bioengineered Tomatoes Taste Great, Endless Summer, gene, DNA Plant Technology Corporation (DNAP) of Oakland, California, ethylene, Athanasios Theologis, Albany, CA, 95Jul20

New Anti-Inflammatory Drug From Ag Products, lipid, nonsteroidal drugs, inflammation, aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen, leukotriene biosynthesis and lipoxin biosynthesis, Robert A. Moreau, Philadelphia, PA, 95JUL22

Cotton Ginner's Handbook Revised, rotary-knife roller gin, Stanley Anthony, Stoneville, MS, 95JUL22

Avian Flu: A Weak Strain Takes Deadly Shape, influenza, virus, Mexican poultry, hemagglutinin, respiratory tract or gut cells, Michael L. Perdue and David E. Swayne, Athens, GA, 95July23

New Bean Rots Not, Probst soybean, disease-resistant variety, Phytophthora sojae, fungus, Jim Wilcox, West Lafayette, IN, 95JUL23

U.S. Holsteins Still World Champs in Gene Competition, milk production, bulls, Rex L. Powell, Beltsville, MD, 95JUL23

Y Not?—Virus-Resistant Biotech Potato Has Wild Genes, PVY, Solanum etuberosum, John P. Helgeson, Madison, WI 95JUL23

Getting to the Root of Wheat Take-All, forum, editorial, biocontrol, antibiotic, fungus, R. James Cook, Pullman, WA, 95AUG02

Tackling Wheat Take-All, beneficial bacteria, fungus, biocontrol, fermentation, Pseudomonas fluorescens , PCA, Pythium root rot, Rhizoctonia root rot, R. James Cook, David M. Weller, and Linda S. Thomashow, Pullman, WA Rodney J. Bothast, Patricia J. Slininger, and David A. Schisler, Peoria, IL, 95AUG04

STEEP Solutions to Soil Erosion, Solutions to Environmental and Economic Problems, Palouse, soft white wheat, barley, peas, and lentils, freezes, thaws, Chinooks, strawbreaker foot rot, fungus, Madsen, Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE), RUSLE, downy brome, Russian thistle, herbicides, rhizoctonia, Alex G. Ogg, Jr., Pullman, WA, 95AUG08

New Forage Grasses Stand Up to Grazing, drought-tolerant, wildlife and cattle, Douglas and Vavilov crested wheatgrass, Kay H. Asay, Kevin B. Jensen, W. Howard Horton, Douglas A. Johnson, and Jerry Chatterton, Logan, UT, 95AUG13

Gamagrass Genes Could Protect Corn, rootworm resistance, Tripsacum dactyloides, exotic maize, B. Dean Barry, Bruce E. Hibbard, Larry L. Darrah, and Edward H. Coe, Jr., Columbia, MO, 95AUG13

Weight Loss: A Sex-Linked Trait, burn fat, exercise, American College of Sports Medicine, heart rate, Nancy L. Keim, Teresa F. Barbieri, Presidio of San Francisco, CA, 95AUG14

Quest for Best Cover Crop, winter hardiness, erosion, organic residues, legumes, crimson clover, southern spotted burclover, Medicago, tropical corn, white lupin, Lupinus albus L., Seth M. Dabney, Oxford, MS, D. Wayne Reeves, Auburn, AL, 95AUG16

Biotech Vaccine Protects Peanuts, viruses, genetically engineer, Peanut stripe and tomato spotted wilt, USDA National Research Initiative, Robert Jarret, Griffin, GA, 95AUG18

Seed Imaging—New Tool in Germplasm Preservation, National Seed Storage Laboratory, NSSL, M. Scott Howarth, germination, root length measurements, Phillip C. Stanwood, Fort Collins, CO, 95AUG19

A Volatile Idea for a Better Mexfly Trap, citrus, bacterial perfume volatiles,Staphylococcus aureus, polydimethylsiloxane, gas chromatograph, David C. Robacker, Weslaco, TX, Robert A. Flath, Albany, CA, 95AUG20

Phomopsis Eludes Postive I.D.—Until Now, soybeans, citrus, blueberries, apples, and cucumbers, fungus, Smithsonian-ARS National Fungus Collections, Martin M. Kulik, Beltsville, MD, Steve Rehner, Beltsville, MD, 95AUG21

Citrus Bitterness, Begone! limonin and nomilin, limonoid glucosides, genetically engineered navel orange, Shin Hasegawa and Wan Jean Hsu, Albany, CA, 95AUG22

Virus Makes Moths Too Sick for Sex, corn earworms, gonad-specific virus, Ashok K. Raina, Beltsville, MD, 95AUG23

Computers Put Weevils, Woodpeckers on the Map, boll weevils, computer-generated maps, Mississippi wildlife refuge, Glenn Wiygul and John Reinecke, Mississippi State, MS, 95AUG23

ARS Kit Checks Fruits and Vegetables for Fungicide Residues, thiabendazole, potatoes, apples, bananas, lemons, oranges, monoclonal antibodies, David L. Brandon, Albany, CA, 95AUG23

Threesome Is Berry Good News, strawberry, Mohawk, Northeaster, and Delmarvel, Gene J. Galletta, Beltsville, MD, 95AUG23

Cooperation Crosses Our Southern Border, Mexico, winter fruits and vegetables such as oranges, strawberries, melons, cucumbers, and tomatoes, agricultural imports, North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, plant germplasm, biocontrol, Floyd P. Horn, Washington, DC, 95SEP02

Joint Venture Pays Ag Dividends, biocontrol, Africanized bees, Cotton, boll weevil, wasp, Catolaccus grandis, Helicoverpa zea, corn earworm, cotton bollworm, soybean podworm, or tomato fruitworm, satellite images, soil salinity, irrigated land, Mexflies, citrus, avocados, mangos, guavas, and other tropical fruits, southern cattle tick, Boophilus microplus, coumaphos, cattle-dipping vats, Edgar G. King, Jr., Robert L. Mangan, Juan A. Morales-Ramos, Jimmy R. Raulston, Craig L. Wiegand, Antonio A. Guerra, Anita M. Collins, and William T. Wilson, Weslaco, TX, Leonard J. Lane, Tucson, AZ, John E. George, Kerrville, TX, 95SEP04

A Diet As Good As the Real Thing, sidebar, insect mass-rearing, boll weevils, Catolaccus grandis wasp, 95SEP05

Newest Soil Erosion Formula Goes Commercial, RUSLE—Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, George R. Foster, Oxford, MS, 95SEP11

A Fantesk-tic Starch-Oil Combo, corn and soybeans, Kenneth Eskins and George F. Fanta, Peoria, IL, 95SEP12

Rangeland Can Improve With Grazing, sagebrush steppe of eastern Oregon, bunchgrasses, environmentally compatible, experimental range, wild horses, cattle, and sheep, Sandberg's bluegrass, larkspur, Tony Svejcar, Burns, OR, 95SEP15

More Milk With Less Feed, cattle, cows, indirect calorimetry, digestibility of feedstuffs, methane gas, manure, dairy producer, Energy Metabolism Unit, Barbara Glenn, Randy Baldwin, Kyle McLeod, and Vic Wilkerson, Beltsville, MD, 95SEP16

Boosting Plants' Virus Resistance, genetic engineering, tobacco mosaic virus, or TMV, tomato, hypersensitive response, gene shuttle, Arabidopsis thaliana, bacterium, Pseudomonas syringae, TMV-resistance gene, transposons, CSIRO, Barbara J. Baker and Steven A. Whitham, 95SEP18

Fatal Cherry Disease Is Treed, buckskin disease, X-disease, mycoplasmalike microorganism, leafhoppers, Flor's leafhoppers, Fieberiella florii, mahaleb rootstock, Jerry K. Uyemoto, Davis, CA, 95SEP21

Better Beans From ARS Breeders, dry and snap beans, USDA germplasm, Matt J. Silbernagel, Prosser, WA, 95SEP22

Proteins Protect Insects From Cold, freezing temperatures, common house fly, fruit fly, cryoprotection, Culicoides variipennis sonorensis, no-see-em, bluetongue virus, Richard A. Nunamaker, Laramie, WY, 95SEP22

Ag Waste Takes On Toxic Metal, granular-activated carbons, or GACs, byproducts, hulls of soybeans, cottonseed, and rice, blackstrap molasses, zinc, copper, nickel, wastewater, New Orleans, LA, 95SEP23

ARS and France Agree on Insect Gene Transfer, Medflies and malaria, oysters, mosquitoes, Alfred M. Handler, Max Bergoin, and Ruxton Villet, Beltsville, MD, 95SEP23

Bacteria Dine on Weed Killers, pesticide-gobbling microbe, Klebsiella terragena , chemicals, contaminated rinse water, herbicides, atrazine, cyanazine, and simazine, alachlor, metolachlor, and 2,4-D. Cathleen Hapeman, Beltsville, MD, 95SEP23

New Blueberry Is Pick-Your-Own Bonanza, Chandler, highbush, Bluecrop, Chad Finn, Corvallis, OR, 95SEP23

Forming a Global Plant Genetics Insurance Policy, plant diversity, germplasm, The Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, plant exploration, wheat, China, Phytophthora root rot resistance genes, Henry L. Shands, Beltsville, MD, 95OCT02

Genebanks: Treasure Houses of Uncommon Foods, kiwi, bok choy, germplasm, repositories, Beans, Cherimoya, soursop, and sugar apple, Gooseberries, Pummelo, papaya, Tomatillo, Wampee, Scarlett runner beans, Tepary beans, 95OCT04

The National Plant Germplasm System, Sidebar, repository locations in the U.S., 95OCT08

Bacteria Break Kidney Stone-Oxalate Link, Spinach, rhubarb, Oxalobacter formigenes, halogeton, Milton J. Allison and Albert L. Baetz, Ames, IA, 95OCT09

Nitrogen Needs Assessed More Accurately, phosphorous, potassium, fertilizers, inorganic nitrogen, microbial degradation, MINIMO, Mineralization and Immobilization, CERES-Maize, Merle F. Vigil, Akron, CO, 95OCT09

Dairy Science to the Defense, reconstituted powdered milk, lactose, lactase enzyme, glucose and galactose, LACTAID products, Aspergillus oryzae, spray-dried, free-flowing dehydrated butter powder, Virginia H. Holsinger, Philadelphia, PA, 95OCT10

WISE Awards to ARS Women, SIDEBAR, Women in Science and Engineering, Virginia H. Holsinger, Antoinette A. Betschart, Phyllis E. Johnson, Elizabeth L. Klepper, Janice M. Miller, Frances M. Latterell, 95OCT12

New Rice Survives Extended Flooding, flood-resistance trait, rice breeding, Japonica, David J. Mackill, Davis, CA, 95OCT13

Managing Change in Irrigated Agriculture, water, cotton, Eduardo Bautista, Albert J. Clemmens, Allen R. Dedrick, and Shirley A. Rish, Phoenix, AZ, 95OCT14

High Selenium Leads to Weight Gain, slower metabolism, thyroid hormones, T3, or triiodothyronine, Nancy L. Keim and Wayne Chris Hawkes, Presidio of San Francisco, CA, 95OCT18

Selenium Can Lift the Spirits, moods, antioxidant, good sources are fish, shellfish, meat, poultry, eggs, breads, many cereals, sunflower seeds, cashews, Brazil nuts, James G. Penland and Lori Matthys, Grand Forks, ND, 95OCT19

Soil Secrets Probed, state-of-the-art controlled-environment growth chambers, rhizotrons, root growth, root/soil interactions, soil columns, Jerry L. Hatfield and Thomas C. Kaspar, Ames, IA, 95OCT20

Charleston Hot Sizzles to Market, pepper, Carolina Cayenne, habanero, root knot nematode resistance, Philip D. Dukes and Richard L. Fery, Charleston, SC, 95Oct22

Cotton Bollworm Virus in Final ARS Field Test, Wild geraniums, bollworm nuclear polyhedrosis virus, budworms, Marion R. Bell, Stoneville, MS, 95OCT23

ARS Signs 500TH R&D Agreement, Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, CRADA, Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986, Mycotech, silverleaf whiteflies, Mark A. Jackson, Peoria, IL, 95OCT23

Researchers Explore Rain Forest Chemicals, CRADA, biopesticides, pharmaceuticals, Pharmacognetics, Inc., Hank Cutler, Athens, GA, 95OCT23

Lake Getting Cleaner Water, runoff, pollution, Arkansas' Lake Chicot, cotton, soybeans, and rice, Charlie Cooper, Oxford, MS, Frank Schiebe, Durant, OK, 95OCT23

An Island Fortress for Biosecurity, Plum Island, foreign animal diseases, foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), biotechnology, APHIS, K.D. Murrell and Lonnie J. King, Washington, DC, 95DEC02

Alcatraz for Animal Disease, foot-and-mouth disease, (FMD), biotechnology, Plum Island, APHIS, vesicular stomatitis, swine vesicular disease, and vesicular exanthema, Cecelia A. Whetstone, Fred Brown, Juan Lubroth, John F.E. Newman, vaccine, Barry Baxt, A. Elizabeth Reider, Thomas St. C. McKenna, Peter Mason, Marvin J. Grubman, Maria E. Piccone, Charles A. Mebus, cattle, Jim House, Alfonso Torres, and Harley W. Moon, Orient Point, NY, 95DEC04

Nightmare in Tilling Fields—a Horror for Weed Pests, farming in darkness, light requirements, dormancy, military-issue night goggles, farmer Doug Alert, common lambsquarters, common ragweed, black nightshade, pigweed, smartweed, and wild mustard, herbicide, velvetleaf and cocklebur, barnyard grass and green, yellow, and giant foxtail, corn and soybean, Douglas D. Buhler, Ames, IA, 95DEC10

The Grinch That Spoils Christmas Trees, pine shoot beetles, Tomicus piniperda, predatory beetle, Thanasimus formicarius, biocontrol, Richard Dysart, Montpellier, France Robert Haack, East Lansing, MI, 95DEC12

Boosting Built-In Immunity, apple, polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein (PGIP), Botrytis cinerea, fungus, biocontrol, William S. Conway and Chenglin Yao, Beltsville, MD, 95DEC14

Sex Pheromone To Foil Cranberry Fruitworm, Acrobasis vaccinii Riley, blueberries, integrated pest management, (IPM), insecticide, patent No. 08/432,923, Leslie M. McDonough and Constance L. Smithhisler, Wapato, WA, 95DEC15

Fall-Seeding Alfalfa Can Be Risky Business, Sclerotinia trifoliorum fungus, Mississippi Sclerotinia-Resistant, MSR, germplasm, Robert G. Pratt and Dennis E. Rowe, Mississippi State, MS, 95DEC16

New Electronics Guide Seeds to Water, moisture-sensing planter attachment, patent application 08/352,650, Lyle M. Carter, Shafter, CA, 95DEC17

Resetting Sorghum's Internal Clock, Sorghum Conversion Program, day length, or photoperiod, germplasm, Joseph C. Stephens, Keith F. Schertz, Harry B. Warmke, George F. Sprague and Darrell T. Rosenow, College Station, TX, Jeffery A. Dahlberg, Mayag´ez, PR, 95DEC18

Lean Genes More Weighty Than Fat Genes, Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, inheritance and lifestyle, bone density, DEXA, or dual energy x-ray absorptiometry, body fat and lean tissue, Elizabeth A. Krall and Bess Dawson-Hughes, Boston, MA, 95DEC20

Black Females Absorb Calcium More Efficiently, women, girls, Steven Abrams, Houston, TX, 95DEC21

Jasmine Blocks Sprouting of Stored Potatoes, fragrance, jasmonates, Edward C. Lulai, East Grand Forks, MN, 95DEC21

ARS Method Wins OK to Ship Florida Carambola to Japan, Arkin cultivar, Caribbean fruit flies, cold treatment, Brooks Tropicals, Inc., Walter P. Gould, Miami, FL, 95DEC21

Red Yeast Could Put Salmon in the Pink, Farm-raised, carotenoids, vitamin A-like compounds, ethanol, thin stillage, condensed distiller's solubles, and corn gluten feed, Phaffia rhodozyma, astaxanthin, pigment, shrimp byproduct meal, Timothy D. Leathers, Peoria, IL, 95DEC21

Green Remediation: Letting the Earth Heal Itself, Alpine pennycress, herb, phytoremediation, green remediation, toxic waste sites, zinc, cadmium, hyperaccumulator gene, contaminated soils, heavy metals, Rufus Chaney, Yin Li, Jan van Schilfgaarde, Beltsville, MD, 95NOV02

Metal-Scavenging Plants To Cleanse the Soil, heavy metals, contaminated soils, smelter and mining sites, landfills, nuclear waste dumps, lead, cadmium, zinc, nickel, or radioactive isotopes such as uranium or cobalt, hyperaccumulators, green remediation, ragweed and Thlaspi rotundifolium, Alpine pennycress, Thlaspi caerulescens, uranium, cesium, strontium, Arabidopsis, Rufus L. Chaney, Yin Li, and Donald D. Bills, Beltsville, MD, 95NOV04

Irradiation Helps Keep Meat Safe, Escherichia coli, E. coli 0157:H7, kiloGrays, chicken breasts, pork chops, Donald W. Thayer, Jay B. Fox, Jr., Leon Lakritz, Jeffrey D. Brewster, and Arthur J. Miller, Philadelphia, PA, 95NOV10

New Cukes Boast Higher Beta Carotene, orange pickle, cucumbers, carrots, Carotenoids, Philipp W. Simon, Madison, WI, 95NOV13

Biological Basis for Broodiness, turkey eggs, hormone, prolactin, vasoactive intestinal peptide, or VIP, lactotrophs, somatotrophs, John A. Proudman, Beltsville, MD, 95NOV14

Carrying New Vaccines to Newcastle, CRADA's, virus, Henry D. Stone, Athens, GA, 95NOV16

A Curator Minds His Peas, ARS national pea collection, isolated DNA, germplasm, Marx Genetic Stocks Collection, Charles J. Simon, Pullman, WA, 95NOV18

Resistant Cotton Stymies Pests, boll weevil eradication, bait tubes, pheromone, parasitic wasps, Jack C. McCarty, Paul A. Hedin, and Johnie N. Jenkins, Mississippi State, MS, 95NOV20

Shedding Light on Mystery Pig Disease, diagnosis, virus, PRRS—porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, alveolar macrophages, William L. Mengeling and Kelly M. Lager, Ames, IA, 95NOV22

Preventing Deformed Snouts in Pigs, Atrophic rhinitis, bacterial disease, Pasteurella multocida, Bordetella bronchiseptica, Mark R. Ackermann, Ames, IA, 95NOV22

Toxin Arrests Essential Fat, fumonisin, corn, sphingolipids, sphinganine, Ronald Riley and Kenneth Voss, Athens, GA, 95NOV23

Landscapers, Birds To Get Cold-Hardy Viburnum rhytidophyllum, Cree, Ruth Dix, Washington, DC, 95NOV23

'Net Gains New Resource on Pesticides, Water pollution, agrichemicals, Internet, ARS Pesticide Database, Basil Acock, Beltsville, MD, 95NOV23

Modeling the Effect of Climate Change on Western Hydropower, snowmelt water, Albert Rango, Beltsville, MD, 95NOV23

Solving Problems, Meeting Needs, response to action agencies, Jesse W. Goble, Beltsville, MD, 94JAN02

Fighting the Fire Ant, Brazilian Trip, Envira, Logic, Ciba-Geigy, David Williams, Danel Haile, Gainesville, FL, 94JAN04

Oat Chromosomes on Display! computers, video, Avena sativa, cameras, C-banding, crown rust, Howard W. Rines, St. Paul, MN, 94JAN10

Detecting Poultry Drug Residues, chicken, coccidiosis, Larry H. Stanker, Ross C. Beier, Marcel H. Elissalde, Jr., and Loyd D. Rowe, Jr. College Station, TX, ionophores, monensin, salinomycin, lasalocid, narisin, 94JAN11

Jumping Genes Make Genetic Leaps, chromosomes, transposable elements, glossy-15, wax and leaf hairs in corn, Paul H. Sisco, Raleigh, NC, 94JAN12

An Ancient Crop, Updated, corn, George F. Sprague, open pollination, hybrid, 94JAN15

It's Over for Clover When Gnat Larvae Strike, Tim Springer, Booneville, AR, legumes, dark-winged fungus gnats, 94JAN15

Super Slurper—Two Decades and Still Growing, absorbent, saponified starch-graft polyacrylonitrile copolymers, Sta-Wet, William M. Doane, George F. Fanta, Edward B. Bagley, Peoria, IL, 94JAN16

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, subsoil layers, fragipans, erosion, Fred Rhoton, Dave Lindbo, Oxford, MS, 94JAN18

Pheromone Monitoring Tracks Borers, mint root borer, sugarbeet crown borer, patent, Harry G. Davis, Leslie M. McDonough, Yakima, WA, 94JAN20

Powerful Promoter Speeds Genetic Engineering Tests, corn gene, Ubiquitin-1, marker, Mycogen Corporation, Peter H. Quail, Albany, CA, 94JAN21

New Seed Separator Gets the Goatgrass Out, wheat, Richard A. Caskey, Corvallis, OR, David E. Zimmer, Athens, GA, 94JAN22

Scientists Putting Chickens on the DNA Map, gene segments, markers, Hans H. Cheng, East Lansing, MI, 94JAN23

Soil Bacteria Guard Wheat From Its Worst Weed Enemy, jointed goatgrass, Pseudomonas, Ann C. Kennedy, Pullman, WA, 94JAN23

Electrical Engineering for Genes?, British Technology Group USA, Inc., licensed to use electroporation, genetic engineering, pollen, James A. Saunders, Beltsville, MD, 94JAN23

New Garbanzos Resist Blight, fungus, Frederick J. Muehlbauer, Walter J. Kaiser, Pullman, WA, 94JAN23

Corn Plants Gang Up To Shade Out Weeds, no-till, double plants per acre, atrazine, metolachlor, John R. Teasdale, Beltsville, MD, 94JAN23

Beneficial Wasp May Tolerate Insecticide, sweetpotato whiteflies, Eretmocerus mundus, cypermethrin, thiodicarb, Walker A. Jones, Weslaco, TX, 94JAN23

ARS/Industry R&D Takes Aim With Bio-Based Pest Solutions, Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), biosys of Palo Alto, CA, genetic engineering, biocontrol, sugarbeet root maggot, Steinernema and Heterorhabditis nematodes, Garry A. Smith, Fargo, ND, 94JAN23

CRADA, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., Johnston, IA, corn, genetic engineering, resists beetle and moth damage during storage, Karl J. Kramer, Manhattan, KS, 94JAN23

CRADA, EcoScience Corp., Worcester, MA, beneficial yeasts that protect post harvest apples, pears, and other fruits from molds and rots, fungicides, Cryptococcus laurentii, Mucor rot., Rodney G. Roberts, Wenatchee, WA, 94JAN23

CRADA, Nippon Zeon Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, genetic engineering vaccine against poultry coccidiosis, Mark C. Jenkins, Beltsville, MD, 94JAN23

From Apples to Zucchini—Biotechnology for Agriculture, genetic engineering, DNA, Plant Gene Expression Center, Gerald G. Still, Albany, CA, 94FEB02

Can Better Barley Be Bred? California biotech consortium seeks to increase barley's commercial value, Plant Gene Expression Center, barley yellow dwarf virus, tomato trichomes, CRADA, gene gun, Phil Bregitzer, Aberdeen, ID, Peggy G. Lemaux, Yuechun Wan, Anthony C. Waiss, Jr., and Sheila M. Colby, Albany, CA, 94FEB04

Developing CRADAs, sidebar, Cooperative Research and Development Agreements, Willard J. Phelps, Beltsville, MD, 94FEB06

Corn Genetic Engineering Expanded, sidebar, Yuechun Wan, University of California, Berkeley, CA, 94FEB05

The Busiest of Bees, wild bees, crop pollination, native pollen bees, Blueberry bee,osmia ribifloris, Giant carpenter bee, xylocopa, honey bee, apis mellifera, Hornfaced bee, osmia cornifrons, Native bumblebee, bombus sonorus, Oxaeid bee, ptiloglossa arizonensis, Polyester bees, colletes thoracicus, Shaggy fuzzyfoot, anthophora pilipes villosula, Suzanne Batra, Beltsville, MD, Stephen L. Buchmann, Tucson, AZ, Philip F. Torchio and Vincent J. Tepedino, Logan, UT, 94FEB08

Chemical Messengers Addle Insect Brains, neuropeptides, corn earworm pheromones, Ronald J. Nachman and G. Mark Holman, College Station, TX, 94FEB13

Harmonizing Rangeland Interests, ranchers, environmentalists, and U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Malheur Lakes Basin Working Group, Steens Mountain, cattle, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, and sage grouse, grasses, juniper, Tony Svejcar, Burns, OR, 94FEB14

A Working Vision For Steens Mountain, sidebar, Malheur Lakes Basin Working Group, Burns, OR, 94FEB15

Seven-Foot Soybeans for Sustainable Silage, tall, experimental legumes, Thomas Devine, Beltsville, MD, 94FEB17

Riobravis: Nematode the Magnificent, Steinernema riobravis, corn earworms, fall armyworms, or pink bollworms, biosys, Ecogen, Jimmy R. Raulston and Enrique Cabanillas, Weslaco, TX, Thomas J. Henneberry, Phoenix, AZ, 85040, 94FEB18

Tomatoes/Potatoes: More in Common Than Meets the Eye, Solanum, Lycopersicon, David M. Spooner, Madison, WI, 94FEB20

A Better Amylose Test? Thank the Guy Down the Hall! corn millers, Clarence A. Knutson, Peoria, IL, 94FEB20

Senepols Keep Their Cool, beef cattle that thrive in hot, humid regions, Andrew C. Hammond, Brooksville, FL, 94FEB21

Lysimeters Bridge Lab and Field Tests, groundwater pollution, chemicals, fertilizers, arsenic, molybdenum, boron, soil, Dennis L. Corwin and James D. Rhoades, Riverside, CA, 94FEB22

Fungus May Defang Medusahead, western range weed, Fusarium culmorum, Paul Quimby, Jr., Bozeman, MT, 94FEB23

Cattle Make Rangeland Safer for Sheep, coyotes, lambs, bonding, Dean M. Anderson, Las Cruces, NM, 94FEB23

Flea Debris Can Trigger Allergy Flare-ups, Richard J. Brenner, Gainesville, FL, 94FEB23

Overfishing Can Deplete Immune System, omega-3 fatty acids, Simin N. Meydani, Boston, MA, 94FEB23

Bean Beetles Have Little Use for New Soybean, HC83-193, Richard L. Cooper, Wooster, OH, phone (216) 263-3875, 94FEB23

New Diagnostic Test for Foreign Swine Disease, VESV, vesicular exanthema, pigs, hogs, Roger D. Woods, Ames, IA, Science Update, 94FEB23

Augmenting Natural Pest Controls, parasitic Catolaccus grandis wasp, Edgar G. King, Weslaco, TX, 94MAR02

Evicting the Boll Weevil, cotton, Catolaccus Wasp, Beauveria bassiana, bait tubes, bait sticks, pheromone, Jon Roberson, James W. Smith, Glenn Wiygul, Gerald H. McKibben, Joseph C. Dickens, Mississippi State, MS, James E. Wright, Antonio Guerra, Juan Morales-Ramos, Guadelupe Rojas, K. Rod Summy, and Arthur Richardson, Weslaco, TX, 94MAR04

Rearing Weevils as Fodder for Parasitic Wasps, Catolaccus grandis, flash sterilizer to cook boll weevil diet, Jon L. Roberson, Mississippi State, MS, 94MAR06

Banishing the Boll Weevil, Boll Weevil Eradication Program, cotton, big-eyed bugs, pirate bugs, and parasitic wasps, beneficials, 94MAR08

Building Terraces—Naturally, soil erosion, perennial tall wheatgrass, barriers, J. Kristian Aase, Sidney, MT, 94MAR11

Better Traps Mean Fewer Flies, house fly, stable fly, parasitic wasps, Calves, dairy farmers, Dora K. Hayes, Richard W. Miller, Lawrence G. Pickens, and Edward T. Schmidtmann, Beltsville, MD, 94MAR12

Flies: Nebraska Cattle Have a Big Beef, sidebar, feedlots, sticky traps, Gustave D. Thomas, Lincoln, NE, 94MAR14

Cloud-Making Mix May Boost Beverage Appeal, citrus pectin and purified soy protein, orange or lemon juice, patent application No. 07/965,308, Jerome A. Klavons, Raymond D. Bennett, Pasadena, CA, 94MAR16

A Pest That's a Chinch To Return, chinch bug, corn, Frank M. Davis and W. Paul Williams, Mississippi State, MS, 94MAR16

Storms Increase Cattle Poisoning, larkspur, James A. Pfister, Michael H. Ralphs, and Lynn F. James, Logan, UT, 94MAR17

Portable Water Gauge Patented, irrigation, weirs, flumes, Patent No. 5,156,489, John A. Replogle, Phoenix, AZ, 94MAR18

Older People May Need More B Vitamins, homocysteine, Jacob Selhub, Boston, MA, Science Update, 94MAR19

Kale: Gourmet Fare for the Nutrition-Conscious? beta carotene, carotenoids, Frederick Khachik, Beltsville, MD, Science Update 94Mar19

Veg-Oil Ink Licensed to Oklahoma Firm, soy ink, soy oil, biodegradable, Marvin O. Bagby, Peoria, IL, Science Update, 94MAR19

No Yield Boost From Methanol, wood alcohol, John Radin, Beltsville, MD, Science Update, 94MAR19

Biocontrol-in-a-Bag Delivers the Good Bugs, braconid wasps, Caribbean fruit flies, John N. Sivinski, Gainesville, FL, Science Update, 94MAR19

New Southern Soybean Wards Off Nematodes, Other Pests, Lyon, race 3 soybean cyst nematodes, stem canker, root knot nematodes, leaf-feeding insects, bacterial pustule, phytophthora rot, Edgar E. Hartwig, Stoneville, MS, Science Update, 94MAR19

USDA, Military Continue War on Insects, forum, editorial, mosquitos, ticks, flies, pesticides, repellents, deet, Desert Storm, Somalia, Ralph Bram, Beltsville, MD, 94APR02

TICKED OFF! arthropods, Lyme disease, cattle, deer tick, Lone Star tick, LYMESIM, John E. George, J. Mathews Pound, J. Allen Miller, and Craig A. LeMeilleur, Kerrville, TX, Edward T. Schmidtmann, Beltsville, MD, Gary A. Mount, Danel G. Haile, and Eric Daniels, Gainesville, FL, 94APR04

Cattle Take a Dip at the U.S. Border, organophosphate pesticide, coumaphos, cattle fever ticks, Mexico, John E. George, L. Carmen Soileau, and Felix Guerrero, Kerrville, TX, Ronald Davey and Elmer Ahrens, Mission, TX, Jeffrey S. Karns and Daniel R. Shelton, Beltsville, MD, 94APR07

Small Is Beautiful When It Comes to Apple Trees, dwarf, tissue culture, Golden Delicious, Miklos Faust, Beltsville, MD, 94APR10

Eastern Gamagrass: Corn's Comeback Cousin, dual-purpose forage-grain crop, methionine, embryo rescue, Chester L. Dewald and Bryan K. Kindiger, Woodward, OK, C. Ann Blakey, Columbia, MO, Robert Becker, Albany, CA, 94APR12

High BUN Level a Sign of Protein Waste, beef, cattle, blood urea nitrogen test, Andrew C. Hammond, Brooksville, FL, 94APR16

Toward Retrovirus-Resistant Sheep, Genetically engineered sheep, ovine progressive pneumonia, visna virus, encephalitis, pneumonia, arthritis, Caird E. Rexroad, Beltsville, MD, 94APR17

Cotton Advice You Can Bank On, computer program, GOSSYM/COMAX rbWHIMS, or rule-based (W) Holistic Insect Management, James M. McKinion, Mississippi State, MS, 94APR18

Leafy Spurge Is Reunited With Old Enemy, range weed, copper leafy spurge flea beetle, Aphthona flava, A. nigriscutis, Paul C. Quimby, Jr., Anthony J. Caesar, and Norman E. Rees, Bozeman, MT, Neal A. Spencer, Sidney, MT, Luca Fornisari, Montpellier, France, James H. Everitt and Gerry L. Anderson, Weslaco, TX, 94APR20

Science Update on Whiteflies, (Bemisia tabaci), silverleaf whitefly, Robert Faust or James Coppedge, Beltsville, MD, 94APR23

One Potato, Two Potato, forum, editorial, Phytophthora infestans, 94MAY02

Potato Blight, What Was Around Comes Around, Phytophthora infestans, fungus types A1 and A2, metalaxyl, somatic hybrids, Kenneth Deahl, Robert Goth, and Kathleen Haynes, Beltsville, MD, John P. Helgeson, Madison, WI, Paul W. Tooley, Frederick, MD, 94MAY04

Yeasts and Bacteria Battle Decay, molds, fungicides, apples, peaches, flowers, Sporobolomyces roseus, pyrrolnitrin, Pseudomonas syringae, EcoScience, Wojciech J. Janisiewicz, Charles L. Wilson, and Ahmed El Ghaouth, Kearneysville, WV, 94MAY08

A Cleanup for Poultry Litter, Alum, chickens, fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphorus, Ammonia Philip A. Moore, Jr., Fayetteville, AR, 94MAY10

Rooftop Greenhouse Provides Nutrition Answers, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, food crops, calcium, iron, or nitrogen mutant pea plants, hydroponics, osteoporosis, iron reductase, Michael A. Grusak and Steven A. Abrams, Houston, TX, 94MAY12

It Pays To Irrigate Plantains and Bananas, Puerto Rico, first-ratoon, Heber Irizarry, Ricardo Goenaga, Mayaguez, PR, 94MAY15

Insect I.D.'s Now at Your Fingertips, Mediterranean fruit fly, Tephritidae, BIOTA—Electronic Identification and Classification, F. Christian Thompson and Allen L. Norrbom, Washington, DC, 94MAY16

Deer Scents May Guide Ticks to Hosts, Lyme disease, Ixodes scapularis, John F. Carroll, Edward T. Schmidtmann, and Jerome A. Klum, Beltsville, MD, 94MAY19

After the Flood—Satellites Show Damage to Midwest Farmlands, satellite images, color maps, NOAA-AVHRR, Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer, sensor EROS Earth Resources Observation Service Paul C. Doraiswamy, Beltsville, MD, 94MAY20

Fish Fed Corn Byproducts Taste Good, ethanol, tilapia, corn gluten meal, corn distillers grain and soy flour, Kathleen Warner and David J. Sessa, Peoria, IL, 94MAY22

ARS Develops First Livestock Gene Maps, DNA, chromosomes of cattle and swine, Craig W. Beattie, Clay Center, NE, 94MAY23

Florida Citrus Company Licenses A-Peeling Process from ARS, enzyme, oranges, grapefruit, albedo, pectinase, Robert A. Baker, Winter Haven, FL, 94MAY23

Yugoslavian Plants Adapt to Midwest Landscape, trees and shrubs, European cranberry bush, Austrian pine, Scotch pine, and hedge maple, Mark P. Widrlechner, Ames, IA, 94MAY23

New Southern Soybean Wards Off Nematodes, Other Pests, Lyon, cyst, stem canker, Edgar E. Hartwig, Stoneville, MS, 94MAY23

New Pink Phlox and Red Raspberry, Gerald E. Schuman, Cheyenne, WY, 94MAY23

Two Faces of Wind, solar power, pumping water, energy, R. Nolan Clark, Bushland, TX, 94JUN02

Wind Power Where You Want It, water, cattle, solar, windmill, turbines, electricity, energy, R. Nolan Clark, Bushland, TX, 94JUN04

The Conservation and Production Research Laboratory, wind turbines, sidebar, 94JUN05

Stemming Wind Erosion, dust storms, Dust Bowl, topsoil, sandblast seedlings, Revised Wind Erosion Equation, RWEQ, WEPS, Wind Erosion Prediction System, Lawrence Hagen, Manhattan, KS, Donald Fryrear, Big Spring, TX, 94JUN08

Very Fine Dust Contributes to City Problems, PM-10, sidebar, 94JUN12

Scientists Redesign White Wheat, Klasic, flour, C. James Peterson, Lincoln, NE, Craig F. Morris, Pullman, WA, Thomas (Stan) Cox, Manhattan, KS, 94JUN16

Lipsticks to Lubricants Lesquerella, desert shrub, hydroxy fatty acid, water-soluble gum, Thomas P. Abbott, Peoria, IL, 94JUN17

New Soybeans Open the Planting Window, juvenile trait, Kuell Hinson, Gainesville, FL, 94JUN18

Neem Locks Out Spores, Oil, powdery mildew and rust, margosa, James C. Locke, Beltsville, MD, 94JUN20

Spot-Checking for Successful Aerial Spray, pesticide applications, computer image analysis, Ivan W. Kirk, College Station, TX, 94JUN21

Computer Custom-Designs Flumes, flow-measuring devices, irrigation, water, FLUME 3.0, weirs, Albert J. Clemmens, Phoenix, AZ, 94JUN21

MODWht3 for Modern Wheat Planning, PLANTEMP, MODCROP, Ronald Rickman and Sue Waldman, Pendleton, OR, 94JUN22

Producing Beef Cattle: Two Head Are Better Than One, twins, Keith E. Gregory, Clay Center, NE, Science Update, 94JUN23

New Test Detects Lily Virus, tissue blot immunoassay, Hei-ti Hsu, Washington, DC, Science Update, 94JUN23

Ag Byproducts Could Clean Wastewater, soybean and rice hulls, rice bran, and sugar beet pulp, Joseph A. Laszlo, Peoria, IL, Science Update, 94JUN23

Catch More Rain, Grow More Cotton in the Rye, winter cover crop, Philip J. Bauer, Florence, SC, Science Update, 94JUN23

New Partnership Addresses Chemical Spray Drift, environment, Spray Drift Task Force, Richard M. Parry, Beltsville, MD, Science Update, 94JUN23

New Kenaf Shrugs Off Root Pest, root-knot nematodes, Charles G. Cook, Weslaco, TX, Science Update, 94JUN23

IPM—Integrating the Best of Current Knowledge, biocontrol, sustainable means of managing pests, James R. Coppedge, Beltsville, MD, 94JUL02

Assault on the Senses, pheromones, biocontrol of diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella, Bt insecticide, Bacillus thuringiensis, IPM, cabbage, Cotesia plutellae, parasitic wasp, Everett Mitchell, Gainesville, FL, John McLaughlin, Shafter, CA, 94JUL04

Narrower Rows, Higher Planting Density Cut Corn Herbicide Use, leaf canopy, John R. Teasdale, Beltsville, MD, 94JUL08

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Melons and Cucumbers, computer database, Cucumis, Joseph H. Kirkbride, Jr., Beltsville, MD, 94JUL09

Streambed Erosion, channel, sediment, National Sedimentation Laboratory (NSL), erosion, SedBed Monitor, acoustic technique, Roger Kuhnle, John Cox, and Joe Willis, Oxford, MS, 94JUL10

Russian Wheat Aphids Leave Glowing Tracks, barley, punctures, genetic resistance, David R. Porter, Stillwater, OK, 94JUL12

Insect Drafted To Fight Fungus It Spreads, dusky sap beetles, corn, Aspergillus flavus, fungus, aflatoxin, Aspergillus parasiticus, Patrick F. Dowd and Fernando E. Vega, Peoria, IL, 94JUL13

Putting the Bite on Caribbean Fruit Flies, maggots, chewing sounds, parasitic wasps, Diachasmimorpha longicaudata, citrus, fumigant ethylene dibromide (EDB), John Sivinski, Gainesville, FL, 94JUL14

Developing Plants' Own Self-Defenses Through Biotechnology, chitin, citrus, enzymes, gibberellic acid, methyl bromide, fumigant, chitinase genes, Richard T. Mayer, Jeff Shapiro, Greg McCollum and molecular biologists, Hamed Doostdar, Joseph Nairn, Randall P. Niedz, and Roy McDonald, Orlando, FL, 94JUL16

Twin-Screw Extruder Transforms Cornstarch, resins, adhesives, packing materials, starch-based plastic, biopolymers, Merle E. Carr, Bill Doane, Robert E. Wing, and Edward B. Bagley, Peoria, IL, 94JUL18

Extruder Speeds Bean Flourmaking, sidebar, twin-screw, Richard H. Edwards, Robert Becker, Albert P. Mossman, Gregory M. Gray, and Linda C. Whitehand, Albany, CA, 94JUL20

Improved Vaccine for Cattle Shipping Fever, pneumonic pasteurellosis, sheep, goats, Pasteurella haemolytica, Kim A. Brogden, Ames, IA, 94JUL21

Reduced Tillage Helps Build Soil Carbon, conservation, Patrick G. Hunt and Terry A. Matheny, Florence, SC, Douglas L. Karlen, Ames, IA, 94JUL21

Forestalling Citrus Shrinkage, oranges, coating, grapefruit, wax, Robert D. Hagenmaier, Winter Haven, FL, 94JUL22

Mineral Supplements Could Strengthen Preemies' Bones, calcium phosphorus, infants, mineral-fortified milk, Richard J. Schanler, Houston, TX, 94JUL23

Legume Finds Fall Niche in Florida, Stylosanthes giuanensis, winter pastures, cattle, Mimi J. Williams, Brooksville, FL, 94JUL23

Grazer Ryegrass Grows Winter Forage for the South, cattle, beef, bermudagrasses, Grazer ryegrass, Wayne W. Hanna, Tifton, GA, 94JUL23

Bacteria Could Guard Potato Bins from Fungi, Fusarium sambucinum, David A. Schisler, Peoria, IL, 94JUL23

ARS Releases Breeding Line of Pummelo, Exotic Citrus, Herb C. Barrett or Randall E. Driggers, Orlando, FL, 94JUL23

Improving Animal Disease Diagnosis, cattle, swine, and sheep, malignant catarrhal fever, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, bovine spongiform encephalopathy, scrapie, John Gorham, Pullman, WA, 94AUG02

Diagnosing the Tough Ones, animal disease, ticks, flies, malignant catarrhal fever, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, bovine spongiform encephalopathy, (BSE), scrapie, CI-ELISA, major surface protein 5, MSP-5, monoclonal antibody, gamma-interferon, John Gorham, David Shen, Don Knowles, Will Goff, Katherine O'Rourke, and Mark Robinson, Pullman, WA, David Stiller and Michael Coan, Moscow, ID, 94AUG04

Wingbeat Counter Fingers Invading Bees, Africanized honey, Hayward G. Spangler, Tucson, AZ, 94AUG09

Biotech Probes Identify Food Yeasts, DNA matching, Douglas King, Jr., Albany, CA, 94AUG09

Bringing Idled Land Back Into Production, CRP, Conservation Reserve Program, water and air quality wildlife habitat, runoff, erosion, flooding, sedimentation, W. Doral Kemper, Beltsville, MD, 94AUG10

An End to Dirty Days, sidebar, Conservation Reserve Program, CRP, John Stulp farm, 94AUG10

Nutrient Deficiency Unleashes Jekyll-Hyde Virus, heart muscle, Orville A. Levander, Beltsville, MD, Melinda A. Beck, Chapel Hill, NC, antioxidants, selenium or vitamin E, Coxsackievirus, 94AUG14

Exploring the Secret Life of Seeds, native plants, germination, Indian ricegrass, crested wheatgrass, cheatgrass, Jim Young and Debby Palmquist, Reno, NV, 94AUG16

Friendly Flier—Gypsy Moth Biocontrol Readied, Korea, Germany, Blepharipa schineri fly, Cotesia melanoscelus wasp, Parasetigena silvestris fly, oak trees, Robert W. Pemberton, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Jang-Hoon Lee, Stillwater, OK, Roger W. Fuester, Newark, DE, Franck HÇrard, Montpellier, Cedex 5, France, 94AUG18

Extrafloral Nectaries May Help Plant Defense, sidebar, nectar, poplar, viburnum, black locust, wild cherry, Cotesia melanoscelus wasp, Parasitigena silvestris fly, Blepharipa schineri fly, Robert W. Pemberton, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 94AUG21

MLO's—Invisible Crop Destroyers, mycoplasmalike organisms, new test, Robert E. Davis and Ing-Ming Lee, Beltsville, MD, 94AUG22

More on Envira's Fire Ants, Brazil, Logic, Ciba-Geigy, Danel Haile, Gainesville, FL, 94AUG23

First Artificial Wasp Diet Released, Catolaccus grandis wasp, boll weevil, Edgar G. King, Weslaco, TX, 94AUG23

Crossbred Cattle Less Affected by Fescue Fungus, endophyte, Angus, Brahman. Polled Hereford, Michael A. Brown, Booneville, AR, 94AUG23

Inactive Microorganism Breaks Down Milk Sugar, bacteria, cheese, yogurt, lactose, dairy, Streptococcus thermophilus, enzyme, George A. Somkuti, Philadelphia, PA, 94AUG23

ARS and Biotech Firm Tackle Postharvest Rot in Potatoes, Tomatoes, bacterial soft rot, ring rot, blackleg, gene fragment, William Belknap, Albany, CA, 94AUG23

Who Owns the World's Plant Genes? vegetables, seeds, germplasm, Convention on Biological Diversity, Henry L. Shands, Beltsville, MD, 94SEP02

New Flower Power! floral crops, U.S. National Arboretum, nursery plants, poinsettias, kangaroo paw, Cupressus, Geraldton Wax flower, Eucrosia, Erica, Sinningia, gesneriads, Exacum (Persian Violet), Correa Mannii Australian fuchsia, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum), Eustoma (lisianthus), Roger Lawson, Mark Roh, and Robert Griesbach, Beltsville, MD, 94SEP04

Gene Gun Technique May Broaden Color Range of Orchids and Other Flowers, sidebar, DNA, Robert Griesbach, Beltsville, MD, 94SEP06

Erosion Study Crosses the Border, NAFTA, erosion, Desarrollo de los Recursos Naturales de Sonora (CIDESON), Conservation, sustainability, Walnut Gulch, rainfall simulator, Simulator for Water Resources on Rural Basins-Water Quality, SWRRBWQ, Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, RUSLE, Water Erosion Prediction Project, WEPP, Leonard J. Lane, Mary H. Nichols, John R. Simanton, and Howard D. Larsen, Tucson, AZ, 94SEP10

Cheese Pizza—Hold the Fat, mozzarella, proteolytic process Edyth L. Malin, Michael H. Tunick, Virginia H. Holsinger, and Philip W. Smith, Philadelphia, PA, 94SEP14

Onward, Vernonia! Vernonia galamensis, Africa, petitiana, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, oilseed, drying agent, paints, plastics, interpenetrating polymer networks David A. Dierig, Phoenix, AZ, 94SEP16

Technology Tattles on Mastitis, dairy cow mammary glands, milk, bacteria, cells, proteins alpha and beta casein, alpha-lactalbumin, and lactoferrin, epithelial cells, Albert J. Guidry, Beltsville, MD, 94SEP18

Cleaner Chicken Ahead, Sanitizing Poultry chiller, Water, cross-contamination, chlorine dioxide, Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli (Escherichia coli), Campylobacter, Entobacteriaceae, turkeys, Lee-Shin Tsai, Albany, CA, Huda S. Lillard, Athens, GA, 94SEP20

Monitoring Water Gain During Pregnancy, bioimpedance spectroscopy, BIS, Marta D. Van Loan and Patrick L. Mayclin, Presidio of San Francisco, CA, William W. Wong, Houston, TX, 94SEP22

Beneficial Bacteria Crowd Out the Bad Guys in Poultry, campylobacter, salmonella, food poisoning, chicken intestines, Norman J. Stern, Athens, GA, 94SEP23

Cholesterol Cousin Could Be New Piece of Heart Disease PuAlbany) 94Seple, blood lipid, Lp(a), Ernst J. Schaefer, Boston, MA, 94SEP23

Will Leafminer Pest Cave In to Biocontrols? citrus, Paecilomyces and Metarhizium fungi, Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria, nuclearpolyhedrosis virus, and Steinernema carpocapsae, S. riobravis nematodes, Jeffrey P. Shapiro and William J. Schroeder, Orlando, FL, 94SEP23

Gene Found To Control Tomato Sugar, sucr, John R. Stommel, Beltsville, MD, 94SEP23

Hairy Vetch Mulch Covers the Tomato Patch, legume, sustainable agricultural, erosion, fertilizer, herbicides, Aref Abdul-Baki, Beltsville, MD, 94SEP23

Breeding and Good Taste, apples, pear-breeding, Plant Genome Mapping, Howard J. Brooks, Beltsville, MD, 94OCT02

More Luscious Fruits, plums, Black Emerald and Flame Seedless grapes, Castlebrite and Helena apricots, Friar and Blackamber plums, Fantasia nectarine, Flavorcrest, Redglobe, Coronet, Springcrest, Juneprince, Sunbrite, Sunprince, Goldprince, Sentry and Bounty peaches, embryo culture, Peach Tree Short Life, PTSL, David W. Ramming and Craig A. Ledbetter, Fresno, CA, Ralph Scorza, Kearneysville, WV, Dick Okie and Tom Beckman, Byron, GA, 94OCT04

Black Emerald Seedless Grapes: A New Late Spring Taste Treat, sidebar, David W. Ramming and Ronald Tarailo, Fresno, CA, 94OCT08

Breeding a Better Beer, malting barley, ARS National Small Grains Germplasm Research Facility, Klages, Russell, Crystal, Darrell Wesenberg, Aberdeen, ID, Berne Jones, Madison, WI, 94OCT09

Citrus That's Clearly Superior, Sunburst, Fallglo, and Ortanique tangerines, Ambersweet, Midsweet, Gardner, and Sunstar oranges, Flame grapefruit, C. Jack Hearn, Orlando, FL, 94OCT10

With Soybeans and Wheat—Good Breeding Has Made All the Difference, Vernal, Padre, Lee and Forrest soybeans, soybean cyst nematodes, long-juvenile genotype, Gaines semidwarf wheat, Charles F. Murphy, Beltsville, MD, 94OCT12

USDA Bolsters Science at 1890 Schools, McMinnville, TN, Centers of Excellence, R. Dean Plowman, Korona Prince, Washington, DC, 94OCT14

Small Fruits Make It Big, blueberries, Earliglow, Lester, Allstar, Tribute and Tristar, strawberries, thornless blackberries, Gene J. Galletta, John L. Maas, and Lisa J. Rowland, Beltsville, MD, James Spiers, Barbara J. Smith, and Creighton L. Gupton, Poplarville, MS, 94OCT16

Chipeta! A New Chipping Potato, Dennis L. Corsini and Joseph J. Pavek, Aberdeen, ID, 94OCT19

RICE—Thicker Stems, Fatter Yields, semidwarf rice, Lemont, Gulfmont, Maybelle, Rosemont, Texmont, Dellmont, Magnolia, Sunbonnet, Doro, Lacrosse, Nato, Saturn, Della, Calrose 76, Anna M. McClung, Beaumont, TX, J. Neil Rutger, Stuttgart, AR, 94OCT20

That Gray Melon From Charleston, watermelons, Charleston Hot Cayenne Pepper, Provider and Contender snap beans, Wando pea, Bettersnap, Bettergro, and Bettergreen southern pea, Homestead tomato, Carolina Bunch sweetpotato, Richard L. Fery and Philip D. Dukes, Charleston, SC, 94OCT23

Cataloguing the Seed Catalogs, sidebar, Garden Seed Inventory, published by Seed Saver Publications of Decorah, IA, 94OCT25

Sweetening America's Sugarcane Industry, Jimmy D. Miller, Canal Point, FL, Benjamin L. Legendre, Houma, LA, Paul H. Moore, Aiea, HI, 94OCT26

Science in Your Salad, carrots, onions, cucumbers, and garlic, vegetable seed, Philipp W. Simon, Michael J. Havey, and Jack E. Staub, Madison, WI, 94OCT28

Infrared Bug-Counter Goes to Disney World, Opius dissitus wasps, leafminers, biocontrol, Dennis Shuman, Gainesville, FL, 94OCT31

New Apples, Nectarine for the Southeast, Hardy Cumberland and Early Thompson apples, Sunsplash nectarine, Ann Amis, Byron, GA, 94OCT31

Company To Market New ARS Bacterium for Soybeans, Bradyrhizobia bacteria, nitrogen, David Kuykendall, Beltsville, MD, William J. Hunter, Fort Collins, CO, 94OCT31

Promising Biotech Vaccine To Be Tested, Japanese encephalitis, swine, pigs, poxviruses, vaccinia virus and canarypox, Peter W. Mason, Orient Point, NY, 94OCT31

Rating Rangeland Health, forum editorial, cattle, grasslands, savannas, shrublands, deserts, tundras, marshes, meadows, Dennis Child, Beltsville, MD, Mark Weltz, Tucson, AZ, Walter Heck, Raleigh, NC, Jim Young, Reno, NV, 94NOV02

Science at Home on the Range, buffalo, bison, grass, rangeland, cattle, sheep, prairie, forage, SPUR (Simulation of Production and Utilization of Rangelands), SMART (Simple Model to Assess Range Technology), STEERISK, Jornada Experimental Range, grazing, lysimeters, rain-out shelters, drought, Rodney K. Heitschmidt, Miles City, MT, Kris M. Havstad, Las Cruces, NM, Gerald E. Schuman and Richard H. Hart, Cheyenne, WY, Jonathan D. Hanson, Fort Collins, CO, 94NOV04

Planting With a Feather-Light Touch, seeds, tractor tool bar frame, Patent. No. 5,234,060, Lyle M. Carter, Shafter, CA, 94NOV09

Genome Mapping Points the Way, genetic engineering, databases, cattle, swine, sheep, chromosomes, DNA, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), electrophoresis, alleles, markers, Beattie, Dan Laster, Larry V. Cundiff, Clay Center, NE, 94NOV10

Walking for Exercise, bone loss, calcium, Bess Dawson-Hughes, osteoporosis, Elizabeth Krall, Boston, MA, 94NOV13

Probing the Soils of the Frozen North, underground weather observers, Frost Crew, snow, frost/thaw cycle, erosion, Brenton S. Sharratt, James A. Staricka, Morris, MN, John Daniel, Durant, OK, 94NOV14

What Makes Tortillas and Tacos Taste So Good?, 2-aminoacetophenone, yellow corn flour, Ronald G. Buttery and Louisa C. Ling, Albany, CA, 94NOV17

ROOTS: Returning to the Apple's Birthplace, germplasm, plant exploration, genetic resistance, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, pistachios, Johnny Appleseed, Phillip L. Forsline, Geneva, NY, 94NOV18

Natural Microbes Curb Salmonella, CF-3, beneficial bacterial blend, chickens, ceca, lactose, mannose, Pollo Pic´, Coamo, Puerto Rico, Tony Oyofo, Don Corrier, John DeLoach, David J. Nisbet, Clayton J. Myers, James D. Snodgrass, Albert G. Hollister, Robert E. Drolesky, College Station, TX, 94NOV22

The Search for Alternatives, Sidebar, lactose, milk sugar, Milk Specialties Co., 94NOV26

Lure Sought for Tiger Mosquito, Asian tiger mosquitoes, Aedes albopictus, Daniel L. Kline, Gainesville, FL, 94Nov27

Natural Chemicals Hit Pesky Weeds and Fungi, Bacillus subtilis, Fusarium and Aspergillus fungi, Alternaria alternata, johnsongrass, tentoxin, soybean, corn, Alan Lax, New Orleans, LA, 94NOV27

Pumping Iron at 80 and Up, exercise, weight training, muscle weakness, physical frailty, Maria Fiatarone, Boston, MA, 94NOV27

Test for Saline or Sodic Soils To Be Commercialized, soil conductivity, James D. Rhoades, Riverside, CA, 94NOV27

Mite Makes Right for the Gorse, gorse spider mites, Tetranychus lintearius, Charles E. Turner, Albany, CA, 94NOV27

Forum, Taking an Areawide Offensive, editorial, pest management, IPM, codling moth, corn rootworm, insect migration, James R. Coppedge, College Station, TX, 94DEC02

Migratory Pests: Hit 'Em With All We've Got, radar, weather balloons, and aircraft,Heliocoverpa zea,corn earworm, cotton bollworm, or tomato fruitworm, insect migration, pollen grains, cornfields, Peter D. Lingren, Ted N. Shaver, Kenneth R. Beerwinkle, Juan D. Lopez, Jr., John K. Westbrook, Wayne W. Wolf, Jesus F. Esquivel, and Gretchen D. Jones, College Station, TX, Jimmy R. Raulston, Weslaco, TX, 94DEC04

Sweetpotatoes: Not Just for the Holidays, beta carotene, cellulose texturizing agents, frozen, William M. Walter, Raleigh, NC, 94DEC09

Enlisting the Help of Soil-Searching Wasps, corn earworm and fall armyworm pupae, tobacco budworm, parasitic, kairomones, Diapetimorpha introita, Cryptus albitarsus, Ichneumon promissorius, Jim Carpenter, Tifton, GA, Sam Pair, Lane, OK, Pat Greany, Gainesville, FL, William Schlotzhauer, Athens, GA, 94DEC10

Native Americans Fight Weeds To Keep Their Land, Canada thistle, bindweed, leafy spurge, Indian reservations, BIA, Aphthona flava, A. nigriscutis, and A. cyparissiae, Chrysolina beetles, St. Johnswort, Anthony J. Caesar and Norman E. Rees, Bozeman, MT, 94DEC12

Weeds Imperil Buffalo Herd, sidebar, National Bison Range, 94DEC14

Fungus and Nematode Pesta, pesticides, wheat-flour dough, fungi, hemp sesbania, Colletotrichum truncatum, William R. Nickle, Beltsville, MD, William J. Connick, Jr., and Kelley S. Williams, New Orleans, LA, C. Douglas Boyette, Stoneville, MS, 94DEC16

A Dual Citrus Threat, brown citrus aphid, Toxoptera citricida, tristeza virus (CTV) Stephen M. Garnsey, Tim R. Gottwald, Raymond K. Yokomi, and Herb C. Barrett, Orlando, FL, Vernon D. Damsteegt, Frederick, MD, 94DEC19

Citrus Groves in Maryland, citrus tristeza virus (CTV), brown citrus aphid, 94DEC20

Very Fine Dust Contributes to City Problems, PM-10, sidebar, 94JUN12

Forum, editorial, A Milestone for Agricultural Research, fifth decade, January 1953, 93JAN02

Taking Apart and Rebuilding Plant Genes, Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory, soybeans, tomatoes, peaches, rice, potatoes, sugarbeets, cecropin and lysozyme genes, rubisco, William Belknap, Albany, CA, Reid Palmer, Ames, IA, Thomas Devine, Eliot Herman, Benjamin Matthews, Peter Ueng, Lowell Owens, Ann Smigocki, Autar Mattoo, Mark Tucker, Gideon Schaeffer, Freddi Hammerschlag, Beltsville, MD, 93JAN04

Prescription Farming: Fine-Tuning Agricultural Inputs, managing fertilizer, herbicides, and irrigation water, combine harvester, Global Positioning System (GPS), AGMED, near-infrared reflectance soil sensor, Kenneth A. Sudduth, Columbia, MO, John W. Hummel, Urbana, IL, 93JAN16

Popcorn Heads West, resistance to corn earworm and European corn borer, maysin, Zapalote Chico, Richard L. Wilson, Ames, IA, Billy R. Wiseman and Maurice E. Snook, Tifton, GA, 93JAN19

Salmonella Carriers Worry Scientists, pigs, swine, carriers, Salmonella typhimurium, bacteria, Paula J. Cray and Thomas J. Stable, Ames, IA, 93JAN20

Stopping Jointed Goatgrass in Wheat, weed in winter wheat, Randy L. Anderson, Akron, CO, Alex G. Ogg, Jr., Pullman, WA, 93JAN21

Seasonal Seesaw in Body Composition, fat and lean mass, women, Bess Dawson-Hughes, Boston, MA, 93JAN21

Off-Season Cover Crops Control Erosion, frost, wind, soil, James D. Bilbro, Jr., Big Spring, TX, 93JAN21

Gene Predicts Lamb Leanness, breeding lambs with less fat, sheep, Gary D. Snowder, Dubois, ID, 93JAN21

Vitamin A's Relative Benefits, beta carotene, cancer, retinoic acid, Xiang-Dong Wang, Boston, MA, 93JAN21

Two Nitrogens Better Than One, fertilizer, water pollution, ammonium and nitrate, Sterling R. Olsen, Fort Collins, CO, 93JAN21

Maternal Gene Means Life or Death for Red Flour Beetle, natural population-control gene, MEDEA factor, maternal self-selection, Richard W. Beeman, Manhattan, KS, 93JAN21

Forum editorial, ARS Plans Now for Future Scientists, 1890 Initiative, historically black land-grant colleges and universities, William H. Tallent, Washington, DC, 93FEB02

ARS Helps Science Flourish at 1890 Schools, Morrill Act , Historically Black Land-Grant Institutions, 1866 - Lincoln University, Missouri, 1871 - Alcorn University, Mississippi, 1872 - South Carolina State University, 1873 - University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, 1875 - Alabama A&M University, 1876 - Prairie View A&M University, Texas, 1880 - Southern University, Louisiana, 1881 - Tuskegee University, Alabama, 1882 - Virginia State University, 1886 - Kentucky State University, 1886 - University of Maryland—Eastern Shore, 1887 - Florida A&M University, 1891 - Delaware State College, 1891 - North Carolina A&T State University, 1895 - Fort Valley State College, Georgia, 1897 - Langston University, Oklahoma, 1912 - Tennessee State University, 93FEB04

Farmer-Friendly Herbicide Applicator, ultra low volume (ULV) of water, T-miser, weeds, johnsongrass, barnyardgrass, Chester McWhorter and James Hanks, Stoneville, MS, 93FEB11

Climate Change on the Great Plains, carbon dioxide (CO2), computer models, SPUR (Simulation of Production and Utilization of Rangeland) and CBCPM (Colorado Beef Cattle Production Model), Barry B. Baker and Jon D. Hanson, Fort Collins, CO, 93FEB12

Tougher Peel Repels Fruit Flies, grapefruit, gibberellic acid (GA), natural plant growth-regulating hormone, Patrick D. Greany, Gainesville, FL Philip E. Shaw, Winter Haven, FL, Roy E. McDonald, Orlando, FL, 93FEB14

Rock Phosphate—An Rx for Poor Soils, phosphorus, fertilizer and lime, Robert J. Wright, Beltsville, MD, V.C. Baligar, Beckley, WV, 93FEB19

New Cayenne Pepper Available, high-yielding variety, Charleston Hot, southern root knot nematode, Philip D. Dukes and Richard L. Fery, Charleston, SC, 93FEB19

Beneficials Are Money in the Bank, Boll Weevil Eradication Program, corn earworms, cotton bollworm, tomato fruitworm, parasitic wasps, Cotesia marginiventris and Microplitis croceipes, W. Joe Lewis, Tifton, GA, James Tumlinson and Ted Turlings, Gainesville, FL, 93FEB20

Soviet Botanist Nikolai I. Vavilov, germplasm bank, Henry Shands, Beltsville, MD, 93FEB23

Russian Wheat Aphid Resistant Wheat Line, Cheryl A. Baker, Stillwater, OK, 93FEB23

Hydroponic Lettuce and Strawberries With Waste Water from Rainbow-Trout Ponds, Aquaculture, Fumiomi Takeda, Kearneysville, WV, 93FEB23

Biotechnology Research and Development Corp. of Peoria, Ilinois, cornstarch-encapsulated pesticides, corn borers, CRADA, Michael R. McGuire, Peoria, IL, 93FEB23

Weevil From Australia, melaleuca tree, biocontrol, Ted Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 93FEB23

Steinernemario Bravis Nematode Uses Bacterial Chefs, biocontrol for Helicoverpa zea caterpillars, Jimmy R. Raulston, Weslaco, TX, 93FEB23

Fast Field Test for Cattle Ticks That Resist Organophosphate Pesticides. John E. George, Kerrville, TX, 93FEB23

Northern Fowl Mites Prevented From Feeding by Peppermint, John F. Carroll, Beltsville, MD, 93FEB23

Forum, editorial Aquaculture—Netting Bigger Profits fish farming, trout, catfish, Lewis W. Smith, Beltsville, MD, 93MAR02

Aquaculture Springs Up in West Virginia, fish farming, Morgan's Spring, rainbow trout, purify wastewater, Paul Adler, Kearneysville, WV, Freshwater Institute, Shepherdstown, WV, Peter B. Johnsen, New Orleans, LA, 93MAR04

Fat, Lean, and the Role of Diet, beef cattle, Angus steers, forage or grain, Robert H. Gallavan, Samuel W. Coleman, El Reno, OK, 93MAR09

Meat Tenderness Enhanced With Calcium Process, steak, beef, cattle, Brahman, Mohammad Koohmaraie, Clay Center, NE, 93MAR11

Cutting the Use of Laboratory Solvents, supercritical fluid extraction, SFE, NCAUR, carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrous oxide, Jerry W. King, Peoria, IL, 93MAR12

Fighting for Survival Against Bee Mites, honeybee, varroa, tracheal, Acarapis woodi, Varroa jacobsoni, Menthol, Amitraz, Fluvalinate, Hachiro Shimanuki, Beltsville, MD, William Wilson, Weslaco, TX, 93MAR14

Breeding Bees for Mite Resistance, Yugoslavian, Buckfast, varroa, tracheal, Thomas Rinderer and Robert Danka, Baton Rouge, LA, Ralph Bram, Beltsville, MD, 93MAR16

Ramifications of Sheep Breeding Behavior, sexual behavior, James A. Fitzgerald, Dubois, ID, 93MAR18

Ceramic Microfilters Clean Up Brine, hams, sausages, cured meats, cuts water pollution, Marcus R. Hart, Albany, CA, 93MAR20

Hammocks Reduce Harvest Rough and Tumble, vegetable, carrots, cucumbers, onions, and potatoes, Dale Marshall, East Lansing, MI, 93MAR22

Science Update, flowerhead weevils, musk thistle, Paul E. Boldt, Temple, TX, 93MAR23

Science Update, carbohydrates can boost the endurance of marathoners, Joan M. Conway, Beltsville, MD, 93MAR23

Science Update, confused sap beetles, traps baited with feeding attractant, Robert J. Bartelt, Peoria, IL, 93MAR23

Science Update, new plum varieties, William R. Okie, Byron, GA, 93MAR23

Science Update, burning old grass from Old World bluestem reduces subsequent yields, William A. Berg, Woodward, OK, 93MAR23

Science Update, reniform nematodes, cotton, Gary L. Windham, Mississippi State, MI, 93MAR23

Science Update, Irrigated soybeans, extra nitrogen, managed the water table, Richard L. Cooper, Wooster, OH, 93MAR23

Science Update, grain sorghum's ancestral African roots could lead to new varieties that tolerate acid soils. Ralph Clark, Beckley, WV, 93MAR23

Science Update, nematode resistance in soybean line J87-233, Lawrence D. Young, Jackson, TN, 93MAR23

Forum or editorial, Looking for Watershed Answers, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, 93Apr02

Protecting,—and Taming—Watersheds, streams, creeks, rivers, rain, snow, pollution, SHAW (Simultaneous Heat and Water), USCLIMAT.BAS, weather, Little Washita, Kenneth C. Stone and Patrick G. Hunt, Florence, SC, Keith R. Cooley, Gerald N. Flerchinger, Clayton L. Hanson, and Kirk Cumming, Boise, ID, George W. Langdale, Watkinsville, GA. William M. Edwards and Lloyd B. Owens, OH, Larry A. Kramer, Council Bluffs, IA, Leonard J. Lane and Kenneth G. Renard, Tucson, AZ, Frank R. Schiebe, Durant, OK, 93APR04

Bottom Ash Boosts Poor Soil, calcium, gypsum, fluidized bed bottom ash, sulfur, limestone, Ronald F. Korcak, Beltsville, MD, 93APR12

How Parasites Hamper Livestock Growth, tapeworms, cytokines, Sarcocystis, hormone, somatostatin, Ronald Fayer and Theodore H. Elsasser, Beltsville, MD, 93APR14

Have You Had Your Molybdenum Today? beans, peas, and whole grains, sulfite oxidase, Judith R. Turnlund, Presidio of San Francisco, CA, 93APR16

With Tomatoes Looking Good Isn't Enough, flavor volatiles, hexenals, Elizabeth A. Baldwin, Winter Haven, FL, 93APR17

Apomixis: It Could Revolutionize Plant Breeding, buffelgrass, asexual reproduction, strawberries, mangos, pearl millet, corn, and wheat. Wayne Hanna, Tifton, GA, 93APR18

Weather Network Helps Protect Crops, Cut Irrigation, Colorado onion growers, fungus control, Harold R. Duke, Fort Collins, CO, 93APR22

Testing Fumosin Activity, mycotoxins, molds Fusarium moniliforme and F. proliferatum, turkey blood donors, John L. Richard and Mary Ann Dombrink-Kurtzman, Peoria, IL, 93APR22

Science Update, American students got a bug's eye view of biological pest control, Educational Resource Network, Inc., Richard S. Soper, Beltsville, MD, 93APR23

Science Update, In Washington State last January, two children died and more than 250 other people got sick after eating beef patties tainted with a bacterium, Escherichia coli 0157:H7. Donald W. Thayer, Philadelphia, PA, 93APR23

Science Update, cigarette, breast-feeding, milk calories, Judy M. Hopkinson, Houston, TX, 93APR23

Science Update, Ambersweet, hybrid, processed orange juice, C. Jack Hearn, Winter Haven, FL, 93APR23

Science Update, phone books, mulch, recycle to the soil, James Edwards, Auburn, AL, 93APR23

Science Update, dairy cow, radio, mastitis, Alan M. Lefcourt, Beltsville, MD, 93APR23

Science Update, Oat plants, gene-engineered, Howard W. Rines, St. Paul, MN, 93APR23

Forum, editorial, Everyday Products Based on Ag Research, orange juice, newspaper ink, penicillin or a similar antibiotic, potato flakes, R.D. Plowman, Washington, DC, 93MAY02

Industry Consorts With Science, Biotechnology Research and Development Corp. (BRDC) technology transfer, Michael R. McGuire, Baruch S. Shasha, Gregory L. Cote, Richard V. Greene, and Richard L. Dunkle, Peoria, IL, 93MAY04

Preserving Georgia's Peach Pride, brown rot, biocontrol, ultraviolet (UV) light, radiation hormesis, gummosis, (PTSL), ring nematodes, William R. Okie, P. Lawrence Pusey, Carroll E. Yonce, and Andrew P. Nyczepir, Byron, GA, 93MAY10

Tall Whitetop's Crowding Out the Natives, weed, perennial pepperweed, poisonous to farm animals, James Young and Robert R. Blank, Reno, NV, Lynn James, Logan, UT, 93MAY16

Lab-Grown Pinkies Cotton to New Fast Food, extruders for preparing diet for sterile pink bollworm moths, Richard H. Edwards, Albany, CA, 93MAY17

Rumen Bacteria Rob Cattle of Nutrients, wasting up to 25 percent of protein in cattle diets, ionophores, antibiotics, James B. Russell, Ithaca, NY, 93MAY18

Where Do Chemicals Go When It Rains? atrazine and alachlor, runoff, herbicides, simulated rainfall, fenamiphos, chlorpyrifos, a copper fungicide, nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc fertilizers, potassium bromide, Don Wauchope, Tifton, GA, 93MAY20

Not Too Sweet, and Not Too Tart, currants, germplasm repository, Kim E. Hummer, Corvallis, OR, 93MAY22

Add-on Speedometer Cuts Costs, Helps Environment, for tractors, helps farmers more accurately apply fertilizer and herbicides, Steven E. Hinkle, Akron, CO, 93MAY22

Science Update, Why Not Guayule? latex from guayule (why-YOU-lee), a southwestern desert shrub, could be used to make allergen-free surgical gloves, condoms, elastic for clothing, toys, and other products. Katrina Cornish, Albany, CA, 93MAY23

Science Update, Lupin Makes Good Food, Feed, and Fertilizer, Wayne Reeves, Auburn, AL, 93MAY23

Science Update, Get Your Goat! Roasted or broiled chevon is a lower-fat way to put red meat on the dinner menu. Morse B. Solomon, Beltsville, MD, 93MAY23

Science Update, Cross-Species Immunity in Poultry, coccidiosis, turkeys, Patricia C. Augustine, Beltsville, MD, 93MAY23

Science Update, African Sorghums May Improve U.S. Varieties, World Collection of Sorghum in Griffin, Georgia, Ralph Clark, Beckley, WV, 93MAY23

Science Update, Teen Overweight Can Lead to Adult Health Problems, Aviva Must, Boston, MA, 93MAY23

Science Update, Cretans Tested for U.S. Whitefly Control, biocontrol wasps, beetles, and fungi from six countries. Alan A. Kirk and Lawrence A. Lacey, Montpellier, France, 93MAY23

Atwater's Vision Still Guides Us, human nutrition, vitalimins, Forum, editorial, Jacqueline Dupont, Beltsville, MD, 93JUN02

Wilbur O. Atwater—Father of American Nutrition Studies, human, Centenial story by with contributions from nutrition research center directors Buford Nichols, Forrest Nielsen, Joseph Spence, and Judith Turnland, 93JUN04

The Calorimeter Today: Atwater's Copper Box Revisited, human nutrition,93JUN12

Complex Interactions Frustrate Nutrition Researchers, iron, copper, zinc, heart disease, rats, high-fructose, free radicals Meira Fields, Beltsville, MD, 93JUN14

Discovering Plants' Master Genes, corn, homeobox, mutations, tomatoes, barley, peas, and rice, Sarah C. Hake, Albany, CA 93Junxx16

Flightless Wasp a Step Ahead in Biocontrol, cotton bollworm, Microplitis croceipes, William W. M. Steiner, Columbia, MO, 93JUNxx17

Research Links Zinc, Vitamin A Status, Thailand, James C. Smith and Tim R. Kramer, Beltsville, MD, 93JUNxx18

Wasps, Computers Used Against Cotton Pest, Mexican, boll weevils, Catolaccus grandis, Edgar G. King, K.R. Summy, and J.A. Morales-Ramos, Weslaco, TX, 93JUN19

To Lose Calories, Better To Burn 'Em Than Spurn 'Em, weight, diet, body-fat, Susan B. Roberts, Boston, MA, 93JUN19

Kenaf Has Alfalfa Beat On Protein, William A. Phillips, El Reno, OK, 93JUN19

Licensee Named for Food and Water Bacterial Test, Yersinia enterocolitica, Saumya Bhaduri, Philadelphia, PA, 93JUN19

New Test Monitors Soy Oil Quality, phospholipids, soybean, Timothy L. Mounts, Peoria, IL, 93JUN19

Diversity Is Key to Biocontrol Success, forum, editorial, R. James Cook, Pullman, WA, 93JUL02

Manhattan Lab Seeks Total Quality Wheat, bread, flour, proteins, classification, singulator, mechanized nose, Virgil W. Smail, Okkyung Kim Chung, George L. Lookhart, James L. Steele, Charles R. Martin, Robert Rousser, Daniel L. Brabec, Inna Y. Zayas, Donald B. Bechtel, Larry M. Seitz, David B. Sauer, Manhattan, KS, 93JUL04

Acoustic Sensors Detect Insects Deep Inside Grain Bins, sidebar, beetles, David W. Hagstrum, Manhattan, KS Dennis Shuman, Gainesville, FL, 93JUL06

Pest Arrest in Manhattan, Kansas, stored grain pests, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), red flour beetle, MDEA factor, William H. McGaughey, Karl J. Kramer, Brenda Oppert, Thomas D. Morgan, Richard W. Beeman, Cheng S. Chang, Paul W. Flinn, David W. Hagstrum, Merle G. Eversmeyer, J.H. Hatchett, Thomas (Stan) Cox, Ralph W. Howard, 93JUL07

Weed-Eating Insects Take the Starthistle Challenge, Charles E. Turner, Albany, CA, Bangasternus orientalis, 93JUL10

Watching Out For Honey Bees, diseases, mites, identification lab, chalkbrood, foulbrood, Hachiro Shimanuki, David A. Knox, Mark F. Feldlaufer, William R. Lusby, Beltsville, MD, 93JUL12

COP1 Protein May Spur Sprouting, light, phytochrome, genes, Arabidopsis thaliana, Peter H. Quail, Albany, CA, 93JUL14

Cotton Yields Linked to Heat Tolerance, shortcut to breeding superior Pima, John W. Radin, Phoenix, AZ Richard G. Percy, Maricopa, AZ, 93JUL15

Keeping Tabs on Plant Viruses and Viroids, plum pox virus (PPV), peaches, plums, apricots, reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction, PCR, prunus-latent virus, Potyviruses, Ahmed Hadidi, Laurene Levy, Roger Lawson, Ramon Jordan, John Hammond, Ed Podleckis, Beltsville, MD, 93JUL16

Making Plants Immune to Viruses, Sidebar, antisense genetic engineering, RNA, John Hammond, Beltsville, MD, 93JUL19

Will Salty Water Sabotage Almonds? irrigation, boron, selenium, Robert B. Hutmacher, Fresno, CA, 93JUL20

Cows Can Be Pretty Picky Eaters, cattle, pasture, dead crested wheatgrass, wolf plants, Ganskopp, Burns, OR, 93JUL22

Key Enzyme Linked for First Time to Corn Growth, invertase, Prem S. Chourey, Gainesville, FL, 93JUL22

'Charleston Hot' Ignites Pepper Passions cayenne, seeds, Philip D. Dukes, Charleston, SC, 93JUL23

Women's Energy Use Jumps During Ovulation Juliette Howe, Beltsville, MD, 93JUL23

New Grass for Cattle Means More Seed for Growers, Bison, buffalograss, Texoka, Timothy L. Springer, Booneville, AR, 93JUL23

Bacteria To Make Egg-Stopping Hormone in Mosquitoes? oostatic hormone, David A. Carlson, Gainesville, FL, 93JUL23

Fungi Among the Whitefly, fungus, sweetpotato whiteflies, Paecilomyces farinosus, Raymond I. Carruthers, Weslaco, TX, 93JUL23

ARS Finishes New Erosion Yardstick, Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, RUSLE, Kenneth G. Renard, Tucson, AZ, 93JUL23

ARS, NIH Join To Gather Data on Carotenoids, Anticancer value of beta carotene, Gary R. Beecher and Joanne M. Holden, Beltsville, MD, 93JUL23

The Rhizosphere—A Great Unknown, forum, editorial, soil, rhizotron, minirhizotron, Richard W. Zobel, Ithaca, NY, 93AUG02

Scientists Go Underground To Check Water Quality, caves, groundwater, pollution, USDA Water Quality Initiative, fertilizers, manure, pesticides, Appalachian Karst, Doug Boyer, Beckley, WV, 93AUG04

GRENZWURZELN? basal roots, adventitious, tap, lateral, radicle, primary root, boundary, Leon V. Kochian, Richard W. Zobel, Ithaca, NY, 93AUG10

Subterranean Fixation, soil nitrogen, alfalfa and soybeans, roots, Michael P. Russelle, St. Paul, MN, 93AUG13

Fighting Fruit Decay Nature's Way, grapefruit, fruit flies, yeast, Candida guilliermondii, wax, Penicillium, green mold, Raymond G. McGuire, Miami, FL, 93AUG14

Protective Yeast Is Patented, sidebar, Candida guilliermondii, Charles L. Wilson, Kearneysville, WV, 93AUG15

Sugarbeets: Controlling Pests in the Next Century, sugarbeet root maggot, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), Xanthomonas maltophilia, Steinernema nematodes, Cercospora leaf spot, World Beta Network, Rhizomania, Garry A. Smith, Chris A. Wozniak, John D. Eide, Larry G. Campbell, Fargo, ND, 93AUG16

Defining Mineral Needs of Pregnant Cows, William A. House, dairy calves, cattle, fetus, Ithaca, NY, 93AUG20

Fighting the Insect Enemy in Somalia, malaria, mosquitoes, ticks, flies, permethrin, deet, Carl E. Schreck and Danel G. Haile, Gainesville, FL, 93AUG21

Berry Delightful! strawberry, Redgem and Bountiful, Francis J. Lawrence, retired, Corvallis, OR, 93AUG22

Medflies Prefer Less-Acidic Bait, Mediterranean fruit flies, NuLure, traps, Robert Heath, Gainesville, FL, 93AUG22

New Low-Fat Mozzarella for Pizza, cheese, Edyth L. Malin, Philadelphia, PA, 93AUG23

ARS Helps Grape Growers with Vineyard Viruses, wine, raisin, Deborah Golino, Davis, CA, 93AUG23

Stain Removers from Oilseed Crops, peanuts and soybeans, motor oil, ketchup, mustard, ink, lipstick, and mascara. Remon F. Joubran, Philadelphia, PA, 93AUG23

New Peppers Have Ornamental Pizzazz, Tabasco-like, John R. Stommel, Robert J. Griesbach, Beltsville, MD, 93AUG23

When a Disease Gets Sick, Will Melons Stay Healthy? Viruses, phage, Erwinia ananas bacteria, honeydews and cantaloupes, Cynthia G. Eayre, Weslaco, TX, 93AUG23

Jojoba Toxin Disarmed by Bacteria, cattle feed, Lactobacillus arizoniae, James L. Swezey, Peoria, IL, 93AUG23

Pear Pest Falls to Fungi, psylla, aphids, biocontrol, Beauveria, Verticillium, and Paecilomyces. Gary J. Puterka, Kearneysville, WV, 93AUG23

The MSEA Water Quality Research Program, forum, Management Systems Evaluation Area, Dale A. Bucks, Beltsville, MD, 93SEP02

Midwest Water Quality Project Matures, MSEA, groundwater, surface runoff, pesticides, nitrates, fertilizer, pollution, environment, USDA Water Quality Initiative, herbicides, atrazine, Dale Bucks, Beltsville, MD, Norm Fausey and Steve Workman, Columbus, OH, Jerry Hatfield, Ames, IA, Gene Alberts, Columbia, MO, Robert W. Dowdy and William C. Koskinen, St. Paul, MN, Jim Schepers, Lincoln, NE, 93SEP04

A Dip-Stick Test for Soil Nitrogen, sidebar, pre-sidedress soil nitrate test (PSNT), fertilizer, Jack Meisinger, Beltsville, MD, Jim Schepers, Lincoln, NE, 93SEP07

Shrinking Screwworm's Domain, Caribbean Eradication Effort, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), biocontrol, fly trap in the Tropics, SWFSIM (Screwworm Fly Simulation Model), Ralph Bram, Beltsville, MD, Frank D. Parker, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico, Danel G. Haile Gainesville, FL, David Taylor, Lincoln, NE, 93SEP12

Erosion Takes a Powder, polyacrylamide (PAM), soil particles, irrigation, water, Robert E. Sojka and Rick D. Lentz, Kimberly, ID, 93SEP16

The Cleanest Little Chicken House in America, germ-free, poultry, broilers, eggs, Charles W. Beard, retired, Athens, GA, FAPP (filtered-air positive pressure), 93SEP18

Getting Cholesterol in A-1 Condition, HDL, LDL, apos, apolipoproteins, identical and fraternal twins, Stefania Lamon-Fava, Boston, MA, 93SEP19

Hydrogenated Fat's Role in Cholesterol-Lowering Diets, margarine, HDL, LDL, Alice Lichtenstein, Boston, MA, 93SEP19

Mapping Blueberry Genes, genome, chromosomes, Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA, RAPD, chilling requirement, Lisa J. Rowland, Beltsville, MD, 93SEP20

Natural Compounds Inhibit Decay Fungi, raspberries, strawberries, aroma, Alternaria alternata, Botrytis cinerea, and Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, aldehydes, alcohols, ketones, and esters, biocontrol, Baruch S. Shasha, Steven F. Vaughn, Gayland F. Spencer, Peoria, IL, 93SEP21

Peanut's Flavor Source Revealed, low-fat, aromas, Gary R. Takeoka, Ron G. Buttery, Albany, CA, 93SEP22

Irrigation Delivers Biocontrol, Along With Water, water, nuclear polyhedrosis virus, Helicoverpa (Heliothis), John J. Hamm and Laurence D. Chandler, Tifton, GA, 93SEP22

Gravity Table Separates Low-and High-Protein Wheat, protein, Dale E. Wilkins, Pendleton, OR, 93SEP23

Insulator Keeps Genetic Wires From Touching, matrix attachment site, chromosome, Robert J. Wall, Beltsville, MD, 93SEP23

Remote Data Gives Environmental Close-Ups, satellite imagery, low-altitude video, black mangroves, ocelot, Northern Aplomado falcon, James H. Everitt, Weslaco, TX, 93SEP23

Cornstarch R&D With Illinois Firm, food additives, natural gums, fat substitutes, food thickeners, xanthan and guar George F. Fanta, Peoria, IL, 93SEP23

The Case of the Disappearing Beachgrass, nematode, Meloidogne, Zafar Handoo and Morgan Golden, Beltsville, MD, 93SEP23

Forum, The Miracle Crop Just Keeps on Growing, soybeans, 93OCT02

To Build a Better Soybean, protein, nitrogen fixation, soyoil, breeding, nodules, restricted index selection, genome maps, phytophthora rot, soybean cyst nematode (SCN), subirrigation, Howard J. Brooks, David Kuykendall, Beltsville, MD, Thomas C. Kilen, Lavone Lambert, Larry G. Heatherly, Reid Smeda, Edgar E. Hartwig, Stoneville, MS, Joseph Burton, Raleigh, NC, Randy C. Shoemaker, Ames, IA, Gregory R. Noel, James E. Harper, Urbana, IL, Lawrence D. Young, Jackson, TN, W. James Hunter, Fort Collins, CO, Richard Cooper, Wooster, OH, Norman Fausey, Columbus, OH, 93OCT04

The USDA Soybean Germplasm Collection, curator, Randall L. Nelson, Urbana, IL, 93OCT11

Streams of Conscientiousness, Demonstration Erosion Control project (DEC), sediment, environment, watersheds, Yazoo River basin, fish, Doug Shields, George Foster, Charlie Cooper, Scott Knight, Sam Testa, Earl Grissinger, Bill Blackmarr, Joe Murphey, Oxford, MS, 93OCT12

Filming a Bird's-Eye View, National Sedimentation Laboratory, videotape, LANDSAT, DEC project, Earl Grissinger, Oxford, MS, 93OCT15

Trash to Treasure: Recycling Waste Paper, Jim Edwards, Auburn, AL, pelletizing newspapers, phone books, landfills, wind erosion, Donald Fryrear, Big Spring, TX, Donald D. Kaufman, Kutztown, PA, Patricia D. Millner, James F. Parr, Beltsville, MD, 93OCT18

Catfish Fillets Checked for Flavor, rancidity, Donald W. Freeman, Tishomingo, OK, 93OCT22

Workout Tones Up More Than Muscles, aerobic exercise, glucose tolerance, diabetes, insulin, Virginia A. Hughes, Boston, MA, 93OCT23

Genetic Sunscreen for Crops, leaf protein, D1, photosynthesis, Autar Mattoo, Beltsville, MD, 93OCT23

Dairy Model Available, DAFOSYM, computer, Richard E. Muck, Madison, WI, C. Alan Rotz, East Lansing, MI, 93OCT23

Bait Makes Pests Bearers of Bad News, cockroaches, ants, insecticides, fluorosulfonates, Robert K. Vander Meer, Gainesville, FL, 93OCT23

Computer Model To Help Save Streams' Sparkle, Opus, water quality, Roger E. Smith, Fort Collins, CO, 93OCT23

Test-Tube Livestock Finding Safer Berth in the Lab, growth medium, eggs, embryos, genes, Ross A. Waterman, Beltsville, MD, 93OCT23

Forum, For a Stronger Fruit Industry, apples, strawberries, pears, Stephen S. Miller, Kearneysville, WV, 93NOV02

Scientists Seek Limits on Pear Pests, psylla, MARYBLYT, fire blight control, Tom van der Zwet, Richard L. Bell, Gary W. Lightner, Gary J. Puterka, 93NOV04

Soy! It's No Ordinary Bean, soy ink, tofu, soybeans James F. Cavins, Gary R. List, Herbert J. Dutton, Kathleen Warner, Timothy L. Mounts, Sevim Erhan, Marvin O. Bagby, Loyd M. Wax, Chester G. McWhorter, Floyd Fulgham, James Hanks, David J. Sessa, David L. Brandon, Anne H. Bates, Charles R. Cremeens, Mendel Friedman, Walter J. Wolf, John A. Rothfus, Frederick F. Shih, Niels Nielsen, Tsung Min Kuo, all at various locations, 93NOV11

Heat-Processing Soybeans for Ruminants, dairy cows, Larry D. Satter, Richard G. Koegel, and Timothy J. Kraus, Madison, WI, 93NOV17

Gynogenesis: Shortcut to Superior Catfish, single-sex reproduction, Cheryl Goudie, Stoneville, MS, 93NOV18

Getting Research to Users—a Coordinated Approach, technology transfer, James R. Welsh, Fort Collins, CO, 93NOV20

Strategic Weed Control for the 90's, herbicides, cultivation/cultivators, Edward E. Schweizer, Fort Collins, CO, 93NOV22

Sex-selection, method licensed, Lawrence A. Johnson, Beltsville, MD, 93NOV23

Wheat, MoreCrop computer model, Roland F. Line, Pullman, WA, 93NOV23

Pasture, alternative crops for, Donald J. Makus, Booneville, AR, 93NOV23

Orange, juice flavor components, Philip E. Shaw, Winter Haven, FL, 93NOV23

Wine, new test for quality, Roger F. McFeeters, Raleigh, NC, 93NOV23

Food safety, test for salmonella, J. Stan Bailey and Nelson A. Cox, Athens, GA, 93NOV23

Two Thumbs Up for Oatrim, fat replacer, fat substitute, cholesterol-lowering, beta glucan, improved glucose tolerance, insulin, fiber, R&D 100 Judith Hallfrisch, Kay Behall, and Daniel Scholfield Beltsville, MD, George Inglett, Peoria, IL 93DEC04

Genetic Fingerprinting Helps Sort Out Look-Alikes, DNA, diversity, germplasm, brassicas, canola, microsatellites, Steve Kresovich, Griffin, GA, Sharon Bliek, Phil Forsline, Warren Lamboy, Jim McFerson, Win Phippen, and Amy Szewc-McFadden Geneva, NY, 93DEC08

Exotic Lettuces Enliven Tomorrow's Salads, Edward Ryder and William Waycott, Salinas, CA, 93DEC12

Great-Tasting Peanuts? Try Hairy!, hirsuta, hairy leaves defend against pests, superior flavor, germplasm collection, David E. Williams, Beltsville, MD, 93DEC14

Pretty & Hot!, peppers, ornamental, Capsicum annuum L., germplasm, resistance to root knot nematode, bacterial wilt, and Phytophthora root rot, Robert J. Griesbach, John R. Stommel, Beltsville, MD, 93DEC15

Selecting for Survival, grass seedling, seed weights, Hycrest crested wheatgrass and Swift, Mankota, and Bozoisky-Select Russian wildryes, Douglas A. Johnson and Kay H. Asay, Logan, UT, 93DEC16

Fruitful Mountain Ash, Sorbopyrus, mountain ash and pear cross, shade tree, Kim E. Hummer, Corvallis, OR, 93DEC16

As Vitamin Sources—Food or Supplements?, antioxidant vitamins C and E, cancer and heart disease, Orville A. Levander, Beltsville, MD, 93DEC17

Secrets of Soil Nutrient Uptake, enzyme, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, ferric-chelate reductase, Ross M. Welch, Ithaca, NY, 93DEC18

Constructed Wetlands Clean Up, pollution, dairy farms, wastewater, nitrogen, phosphorus, ammonia, Demonstration Erosion Control Project, DEC, Charlie Cooper, Scott Knight, and Sam Testa, Oxford, MS, 93DEC20

Early Cotton Can Escape Late Insects, Storms Charles Cook, Weslaco, TX, 93DEC21

Outdoor Bait Evicts Pharaoh Ants, David H. Oi and David F. Williams, Gainesville, FL, 93DEC21

ARS To Place Nursery Crop Team at University Site, Tennessee State University, anthracnose-resistant dogwoods, 1890 land-grant college, nursery crops, Bill Butt, McMinnville, TN, 93DEC21

Maine Yew Bush: Alternate Taxol Source? ovarian cancer, James Duke, Beltsville, MD, 93DEC21

Fungus Stops Sesbania Weed, Colletotrichum truncatum, hemp sesbania, southern soybean, cotton, and rice, C. Douglas Boyette, Stoneville, MS, 93DEC21

Experimental Foot-and-Mouth Vaccine Passes First Test, genetic engineering, Marvin J. Grubman, Greenport, NY, 93DEC21

Chinese Bean Has Anti-Flood Genes, soybean, flood tolerant, Tara T. Van Toai, Columbus, OH, 93DEC21

ARS Releases 'Florico,' New Tropical Forage, stargrass, adapted to Florida, Mimi J. Williams, Brooksville, FL, 93DEC21

Slow-Release Fertilizer Avoids Groundwater Pollution methylene urea, Lloyd B. Owens, Coshocton, OH 92DEC21

Forecasting Fat Loss dieting muscle loss fatty acids, Nancy L. Keim, Teresa F. Barbieri, and Marta D. Van Loan, San Francisco, CA, 92DEC21

Purslane Eyed as Rich Food Source weed fatty acids vitamin E Portulaca, Helen A. Norman, Beltsville, MD, 92DEC20

ARS' Accommodating GRIN Germplasm Resources Information Network computer database, Jimmie D. Mowder, Beltsville, MD, 92DEC20

Blight Threatens Oregon's Hazelnuts filberts fungus Anisogramma anomala, John Pinkerton and Barbara Reed, Corvallis, OR, 92DEC19

Improved Ginning for Better Cotton, W. Stanley Anthony, Stoneville, MS, fiber infrared sensors trash content, 92DEC16.

Pecans in Peril scab fungicides Phytophthora shuck and kernel rot anthracnose stinkbugs hickory shuckworm fire ants lacewings lady beetles aphids, Bruce W. Wood, Charles C. Reilly, W. Louis Tedders, Byron, GA, 92DEC12

Cattle and Sheep Relish Nutritious Globemallow forage, Melvin D. Rumbaugh, Logan, UT, Henry F. Mayland, Kimberly, ID, 92DEC11

Hedging Against Erosion stiff grasses (Vetiveria zizanioides) water runoff silvergrass, Doral Kemper, Beltsville, MD, Keith McGregor, Oxford, MS, switchgrass, Al Black and J. Kristian Aase, Sidney, MT, James D. Bilbro, Big Springs, TX, Larry Kramer, Traynor, IA, E. Eugene Alberts, Columbia, MO, 92DEC8

Sidebar, Seasonal Symbol From Mexico poinsettia, 92DEC5

A Blooming Industry poinsettias flowers Amo 1618 H. Marc Cathey, Beltsville, MD, Donald T. Krizek, Beltsville, MD, 92DEC4

Poinsettias nursery plants, Howard J. Brooks, Beltsville, MD, 92DEC2

Understanding Aluminum Toxicity in Plants acid soils lime potassium chlorine calcium, Leon V. Kochian, Ithaca, NY, 92NOV23

Grazing Moldy Fescue calves cows cattle fescue fungus, Angus Brahman bermudagrass, Michael A. Brown, Booneville, AR, 92NOV22

Sweetpotatoes Ward Off Weeds yellow nutsedge allelopathy, Howard F. Harrison Jr. and Joseph K. Peterson, Charleston, SC, 92NOV22

Reading Snow Waves A Key To Improving Crops?, barley winter hardiness aerial photographs arabinoxylans mucilages, C. Robert Olien, East Lansing, MI, 92NOV20

Parasite Collection—A Century of Service livestock human tapeworms protozoans arthropods, J. Ralph Lichtenfels, Patricia A. Pilitt, Beltsville, MD, 92NOV18

Evading the Shade oleic acid soybean oil sunlight, Steven J. Britz, Beltsville, MD, Richard F. Wilson, Raleigh, NC, 92NOV17

After the Harvest: Less Stressed Spuds Are Best potato storage Ranger Russett genetic engineering wax moth bruising accelerometers suberization SUBERMAX Paul H. Orr Lewis Schaper Yannis Gounaris East, Grand Forks, MN, Joseph J. Pavek, Dennis L. Corsini, Aberdeen, ID, William R. Belknap, Albany, CA, Jeffrey C. Suttle, Fargo, ND, Steven F. Vaughn, Peoria, IL, 92NOV14

Get the Whitefly Swatters—Fast! sweetpotato detergent and vegetable oil biocontrol, James E. Wright, Weslaco, TX, Allen C. Cohen, Thomas J. Henneberry, George D. Butler, F. Douglas Wilson, and Donald L. Hendrix, Phoenix, AZ, James E. Duffus, Salinas, CA, Henry H. Perkins Jr., Clemson, SC, Ed Hughs, Mesilla Park, NM, William J. Schroeder, Orlando, FL, Kim A. Hoelmer, Apopka, FL, Jo-Ann Bentz, John W. Neal Jr., and James Locke, Robert Faust, Beltsville, MD, D.D. Hardee, Stoneville, MS, Alan A. Kirk, Lawrence A. Lacey, European Biological Control Laboratory, Montpellier, France, 92NOV04

Forum editorial Teaming Up To Swat the Whitefly Bemisia tabaci sweetpotato, James Coppedge, Beltsville, MD, 92NOV02

Pears Wax Cold or Hot carnauba, Stephen R. Drake, Wenatchee, WA, 92OCT27

Bagging Boosts Banana Quality Profits Puerto Rico Heber Irizarry, Mayaguez, PR, 92OCT27

Pill or Pesticide? It's Both! allopurinol cockroach uric acid, Daniel R. Suiter, Gainesville, FL, 92OCT27

Food Poisoning Cases Linked by DNA Fingerprints Listeria monocytogenes bacterium, Irene V. Wesley, Ames, IA, 92OCT24

Major Milestones for the Horticultural Research Laboratory, sidebar, 92OCT21

Safeguarding Winter's Food Supply chilling injury mangos cucumbers galactose arabinose monoclonal antibodies Thrips palmi, Richard Mayer, Roy E. McDonald, J. Schroeder, Kim Hoelmer, Elizabeth Mitcham, T. Gregory McCollum, David T. Kaplan, Stephen M. Garnsey, Jeffrey P. Shapiro, Desmond Jimenez, 92OCT18

Antifreeze for Underage Citrus Trees Cold-hardiness supercooling, George Yelenosky, Orlando, FL, 92OCT17

The Evergreen Peach Mexico, 92OCT15

Peach Research Reinforces the Survival Response, cold hardy supercooling evergreen peach, Michael Wisniewski, Ralph Scorza, Rajeev Arora, Kearneysville, WV, 92OCT14

What a Waste! Phosphogypsum Enriches the Soil Florida, phosphate fertilizer citrus, Stanley Nemec, Orlando, FL 92OCT12

Trace Elements' Psychological Effects, sidebar, James G. Penland, Grand Forks, ND, 92OCT11

Good (for you) to the last drop! Researching Nutritional Trace Elements trace elements boron copper selenium manganese fluoride chromium molybdenum iron iodine and zinc dietary studies, Forrest H. Nielsen, Curtiss D. Hunt, and James E. Penland, Phyllis E. Johnson, Henry C. Lukaski, Curtiss D. Hunt, Leslie M. Klevay, Jack T. Saari, David Milne, Grand Forks, ND, 92OCT04

Forum Speaking With One Voice, Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Food Guide Pyramid, vitamins minerals trace elements, Jacqueline Dupont, Beltsville, MD, 92OCT02

Scientists Sort Out Major Corn Virus Diseases, maize chlorotic dwarf virus mosaic wheat streak mosaic virus, Roy E. Ginger,y Wooster, OH, 92SEP23

Searching for Plants That Make Their Own Insecticide tropical palm, Costa Rica, Cindy Goodman and Art McIntosh, Columbia, MO, 92SEP23

Getting the Jump on Grass Fires sagebrush dry lightning green strips, James A. Young, Robert R. Blank, Reno, NE, Stuart P. Hardegree, Boise, ID, 92SEP20

When These Chips Are Down Rice Borers Just Can't Get It Together, rubber and plastic chips pheromone Consep Membranes Inc. of Bend, Oregon, Ted N. Shaver and Harold E. Brown, College Station, TX, 92SEP19

Let's Hear It For Lesquerella!, vegetable oil cosmetics resins waxes nylons plastics high-performance lubricants corrosion inhibitors, Anson E. Thompson, David A. Dierig, Douglas J. Hunsaker, and Francis S. Nakayama, Phoenix, AZ, 92SEP16

Breeding Salt-Tolerant Tomatoes Galapagos Islands, genes irrigation waters, Michael C. Shannon, Riverside, CA, 92SEP15

Vitamin E Is for Exercise, muscle damage oxygen free radicals, Mohsen Meydani Simin N. Meydani, Boston, MA, 92SEP14

Minimizing Catfish Flavor Problems, algae geosmin, Peter B. Johnsen, David F. Millie, New Orleans, LA, remote-sensing system, 92SEP12

Natural Microbes May Curb Range Hoppers, Mormon crickets grasshoppers protozoan, Vairimorpha Nosema locustae Melanoplus entomopoxvirus, Jerome A. Onsager, Douglas A. Streett, and Stephen A. Woods, Bozeman, MT, 92SEP10

Termites of the sea sidebar marine shipworms, Teredinidae, 92SEP09

Shipworms Bring You Another Washday Miracle, enzyme termites detergents, Harold L. Griffin, Richard V. Greene, and Michael A. Cotta, Peoria, IL, 92SEP09

Inventions Waiting in the Wings, technology transfer 1200 patents 411 licenses starch-based rubber latex plastic crambe Nylon 1313 plastic from fats glycerol acrylic acid, William M. Doane and Kenneth D. Carlson, Rodney J. Bothast, Peoria, IL, detergents tallow cocoa butter substitute chocolate, Warner M. Linfield and James W. Hampson, Philadelphia, PA, cotton yarn, Devron Thibodeaux, New Orleans, LA, cancer-fighting drugs sesbanimide terphenyllin, Horace G. Cutler, Athens, GA, 92SEP04

Forum, A Product Orientation for Agriculture, value-added products, Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986, CRADA, Ruxton Villet, Beltsville, MD, 92SEP02

A New Natural Insecticide...From Fungi?, Aspergillus nomius sclerotia nominine, Donald T. Wicklow, Peoria, IL, 92AUG23

Measuring Melon Maturity . . . While It's Still On the Vine, cantaloupes honeydews ethylene carbon dioxide, Krista C. Shellie, Weslaco, TX, 92AUG23

Electron Microscopy Technology, Russell L. Steere: A Pioneer, freeze etching, Eric Erbe, Beltsville, MD, 92AUG21

Of Poplar Twigs and Organ Transplants . . . American Red Cross, frozen kidneys, electron microscopy, William P. Wergin and Eric F. Erbe, Beltsville, MD, 92AUG20

Cattle Gain Faster on Tifton, Eighty-five spriggers stolons and rhizomes, Glenn W. Burton, Roger N. Gates, Tifton, GA, 92AUG18

Special Protein in Insect Sperm Is a Turnoff, sperm PBAN neuropeptides, Ashok Raina, Beltsville, MD, 92AUG16

Weevils Mites May Thwart Gorse's Spread heather B. David Perkins and Charles E. Turner, Albany, CA, 92AUG14

Great Grapes! Getting Rid of Sulfite Residues fumigation sulfur dioxide, Joseph L. Smilanick, Fresno, CA, 92AUG13

A Botanical Body Builder Strengthens Rice, growth regulator gibberellic acid, Robert H. Dilday, Stuttgart, AR, 92AUG10

Settling the Great Plains, sidebar, 92AUG06

Conserving the Great Plains for All beef cattle, wheat soil erosion and water pollution, Natural Resources Research Center NRRC, James R. Welsh, Fort Collins, CO, 92AUG04

Forum, ARS Excels in Public-Private Cooperation, Technology Transfer Act of 1986 CRADA, ARS Office of Cooperative Interactions, William H. Tallent, Beltsville, MD, 92AUG02

Tapping Annual Medics for Forage Medicago, genus legumes related to alfalfa, Gary R. Bauchan, Beltsville, MD, 92MAR18

Genetic marker protein flags disease susceptibility soybean bacterial pustule, Reid G. Palmer, Ames, IA, 92JUL31

Sodic Soil Problems?, whey cheese salt sodium, Charles W. Robbins, Kimberly, ID, 92MAR15

Blowing in the Wind, soil wind rains, TSS factor erosion, Donald W. Fryrear, Big Spring, TX, 92JUL28

Fish Oil Product Possible From Fungi, seeds saplings roots disease, Pythium eicosapentainoic acid fermenting filamentous, Dennis J. O'Brien, George A. Somkuti, Eric W. Wessinger, Edgar E. Stinson, 92JUL27

Filamentous Fungal Fermentations, fungal inoculum reactor economics, Dennis J. O'Brien and Wolfgang K. Heiland, Philadelphia, PA, 92JUL26

Our Edible Staple Grasses, plains eastern prairies, Great Plains grasses, 92JUL25

Finding the Right Rangeland Grass, computer soil weather data bufflegrass weeping lovegrass kleingrass lehman lovegrass temperature plant survival, Jerry R. Cox, RAPPS computer model, Logan, UT, 92JUL23

Getting the Most From Forage, grass legume lignin alfalfa, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center digestion Dwayne R. Buxton, Ames, IA, Richard B. Koegel and David R. Mertens, Madison, WI, 92JUL20

Soybean Oil Quality National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research linolenic acid oil odors Canola Co., Timothy L. Mounts and Kathleen A. Warner, Peoria, IL, 92JUL17

Resetting a Plant's Thermostat, temperature cucumber enzyme hydroxypyruvate reductase Thermal Kinetic Windows, John J. Burke, James R. Mahan, Melvin J. Oliver, Lubbock, TX, Eric A. Curry, Wenatchee, WA 92JUL14

A Beeline to Control honey bee Apis mellifera fire blight Erwinia Amylovora orchardists Psuedomonas flourescens Bacillus thuringiensis, John D. Vandenberg, Logan, UT, Harry R. Gross, James E. Carpenter, John J. Hamm, Tifton, GA, 92JUL10

Subduing the Screwworm Cochliomyia hominivorax, Coquerel biocontrol measures fertile females sterilize males X-Ray, United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization, Edward F. Knipling, Beltsville, MD, 92JUL06

20th Century Insect Control, biological control Formula MYL lice DDT chloronated hydrocarbons Rodolia cardinalis Bacillus popilliae World War II Army, Edward F. Knipling, Beltsville, MD, 92JUL04

Forum: The Working Month of July farmers insect population orchardists soil forage heat 92JUL02

No Bones About It, high-pressure water jets sonic sensors unwanted meat parts, 92JUN31

Nothing Worse Than Rusty Grass, perennial ryegrass, National Forage Seed Production Research Center, airborne fungus, fungal spores, rust-resistant plants, Ron Welty, Covallis, OR, 92JUN31

Climbing Mount Everest—An Energy Crisis, U.S.-Mexican expedition burning calories, weight loss, diet, fa, carbohydrates, 92JUN30

New Pima Cotton: Longer Fibers for Finer Fabrics, Pima S-7, Pima S-6, Pima Belt, pesticide fiber cotton Gossypium barbadense Gossypium hirsutum, Edgar L. Turcotte and Richard G. Percy, Maricopa, AZ, 92JUN30

Better Alfalfa for Harsh Climates, yellow-flowered alfalfa drought-tolerant purple-flowered alfalfa Medicago sativa subsp. falcato heavier seeds Charley E. Townsend Fort Collins, CO, 92JUN30

History Sheds Fresh Light on Phytochrome protein Pigment of the Imagination A History of Phytochrome Research germination photoreversibility, H. Marc Cathey, R. Jack Downs, Karl H. Norris, Albert A Piringer, H. William Siegelman, Vivian K. Toole, 92JUN29

Shock Waves Map Chemical Shortcuts to Groundwater, nitrate pesticides soil wells springs contaminated James B. Urban, University Park, PA, 92JUN29

Vitamin C Boosts Iron Absorption, women iron thyroid hormone T3 metabolism Janet R. Hunt Grand Forks, ND, 92JUN29

World's Largest Collection of Molds Yeasts and Bacteria, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research, ARS Patent Culture Collection freeze-dried, Thom and Church Collection, Cletus P. Kurtzman, Peoria, IL, 92JUN27

Fungal Diseases Beware! yeast toxins antifungal cytotoxic proteins Pichia inositovora P. acaciae Kluyveromyces lactis linear plasmids G. Thomas Hayman Peoria IL 92Jun26

Wormwood: A New Crop To Combat Malaria, ARS Southern Weed Science Laboratory, Research Institute of Pharmacy Science, World Health Organization, treating Malaria artemisinin herbicides chloramben aciflourfen fluazifop mosquito, Charles T. Bryson Stoneville, MS, 92JUN24

Corn Pest Logs Thousands of Frequent Flyer Miles, black cutworm moth migrate corn decimation predict trouble areas, Agrotis ipsolon Computer versus Cutworm, William B. Showers, Delores Gunnarson, James McNutt Ankeny, IA, 92JUN20

Cocoa Butter From Cottonseed Oil, Foreign trade gap substitute for cocoa butter cottonseed oil high-oleic acid sunflower oil reaction container, George Abraham, New Orleans, LA, 92JUN18

Mysteries of Ripening, slowing down the aging process polygalacturonase pectins enzymes cell walls N-glycans, Cindy Tong, Kenneth C. Gross, Beltsville, MD, 92JUN16

ARS Hosts Institute for Higher Learning-About Alfalfa, anthracnose Colletotrichum trifolii Research Science Institute germplasm, Nichole O 'Neil, Beltsville, MD, 92JUN14

Bruising in Tomatoes genes spoilage ethylene glycine bacteria fungi, Barbara L. Parsons and Auter K. Mattoo, Beltsville, MD, 92JUN13

Probing for Stress-Tolerant Plants, fiber optic probes stress in plants nodule legumes, R. Ford Denison, Beckley, WV, 92JUN12

Miracle Moss: Add Water And Watch it Grow, tortula ruralis cell repair, Cropping Systems Laboratory, RNA DNA drought tolerance, Mel Oliver, Lubbock, TX, 92JUN10

Vitamin C Shortage Undermines Antioxident Defense System, Glutathione, Vitamin E, carotenes, Recommended Dietary Allowance, Western Human Nutrition Research Center Robert A. Jacob, Susanne M. Henning, Jian Z. Zhang, Marion E. Swenseid, Los Angelos, CA, 92JUN09

Potato Chippers See Orange, beta carotene, zeaxanthin, lutein, xanthophylls, pigment, Frito-Lay, Bob Hoopes, Rhinelander, WI, 92JUN08

Microbe Blows Those Hornworms Away, celery looper virus biopesticide pale-green celery looper worm cabbage looper tomato and tobacco horn worm cotton bollworm, Bacillus thuringiensis, Patrick V. Vail, Fresno, CA, Donald L.Hostetter, Kimberly, ID, 92JUN04

ARS Commitment to Feeding People, Forum, diet nutrients, Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, chromium studies, U.S. Plant Soil and Nutrition Research Laboratory, (R.D. Plowman), 92JUN2

Forum: John R. Gorham Distinguished Scientist of 1991, disease control, Chediak-Higashi steatitis scientific excellence, 92MAR2

Solid Future for Tomatoes, tomatoes less water better flavor deeper red color, Rogers NK Seed Company plantlets, Merle L. Weaver, Western Regional Research Center, Albany, CA, 92MAR04

Seeking Solutions to Chayote's Sprouting, mirliton temperature, Louis H. Aung, Richard L. Emershad, Charles M. Harris, David C. Fouse, and Roger E. Rij, Fresno, CA, 92MAR06

Featuring a Bloatless Legume, legume, alfalfa, bloat tannins sainfoin trefoil, Morocco, Paul R. Beuselinck, USDA Plant Genetic Research Unit, Columbia, MO, 92MAR08

Forage Research Symposium, cell wall digestion, lignified cell, 92MAR09

Nursery Nurture, seedling survival, evergreen, Rhizopogon vinicolor mycorrhizae ethylene DCPTA, Robert G. Lindeman, Corvallis, OR, Henry Yokoyama, Pasadena, CA, 92MAR10

Targeting Euonymus Scale for Biocontrol Unaspis, euonymi scale insects Chilocorus kuwanae Cybocephalus prob. nipponicus beetles, Michael D. Bryan, Jack Drea (retired), Niles, MI, 92MAR12

Diagnosing Pseudorabies, livestock disease pigs Aujesky's disease, Andrew Cheung, William L. Mengeling, Kelly Lager, David Volz, Susan Brockmeier, Ames, ID, 92MAR16

One-Two Punch for the Woolly Apple, Aphid aphicide nematodes Steinernema carpocapsae, Mark W. Brown, Kearneysville, WV, 92MAR18

Leaner Chicken Through MRI, chickens leaner spectrophotometer, Alva D. Mitchell, Beltsville, MD, 92MAR19

What's a Better Blueberry Pollinator?, Osmia ribifloris erica ceae bees, Philip Torchio, Logan, UT, (Julie Corliss Albany), 92MAR19

Forum: Today's Students—Tomorrow's Workforce, student contributions, agriculture, Teacher's Research Fellowship Program, College Work-Study Program, (R.D. Plowman ARS Administrator), 92APR02

Lab Liasons to Indian Nations, Native American students medicine nursing INMED, Mike Colombe, Alyssa Martinez, Ellie Giron, Students featured at UND, 92APR04

Sweet Success in Texas, sugarcane ripening, Ruben Salinas Jr., student featured from Texas Christian Univ., Sarah Lingle, Weslaco, TX, 92APR07

Saving the Trees From Gypsy Moths, gypsy moths, Belleplain State Forest, LASER Coccygomimus disparis, 92APR08

Up With the Midnight Sun, Subarctic Research Unit, Fairbanks, AK, tillage practices, barley, Teacher Fellowship Program, Willie Karidis, teacher featured Elena Sparrow Fairbanks, AK, 92APR11

Watching Cholesterol—in the Lab, ARS Human Nutrition Research Center, apprentice fats cholesterol steroid alcohol molecule, Steven Crone, Glenn Flaim, and Danielle Spearman, featured Aldo Ferretti, Beltsville, MD, 92APR12

Agriculture Research Brings Big Opportunities to Small Towns, Hands on work, Teacher Fellowship Program Dana Daniels student Poplarville, MS, Michelle Dyal, Byron, GA, Mary Louise Grable, Kim Ruhle, Judy Smith, and Claudia Walls, Orlando, FL, featured teachers Barbara Smith, Poplarville, MS, George Yelenosky Orlando, FL, 92APR16

Partners With the Public Schools, Kennedy High School Teacher 's Research Fellowship Program, one-on-one contact with scientists, SRRC, Alan R. Lax, New Orleans, LA, 92APR20

Adopt a School, ENRICH A STUDENT, Calvin Coolidge Middle School, NCAUR activities, 92APR22

Turn 'Em On to Science, Turn 'Em Into Scientists, agricultural science majors, ARS Biological Control of Weeds Research Unit Entomology, For the Fun of It, hands on work, 92APR24

A Little Help From Their Friends, careers in science, science fair, students, Agriculture careers, 92APR26

Winning With Val-Sal, cattle horn flies entomology slide preparation, parasite, Floyd P. Horn, Michael A. Brown, AR, Shirlee Meola, TX, 92APR28

SEED for Tomorrow, student insect work protoplast fusion, Science Education for the Economically Disadvantaged, Anthony Waiss, Albany, CA, 92APR30

Forum: Michelangelo Computer Security and the Research Community, computer virus, 92MAY02

The Perils of Pulling . . . Weeds, thistles, spurges, Euphorbiae sula L., Centaurea solstitialis, Immigrants Romania U. scutellus aromatic compounds, P. Chondrilla guidelines, Rick Bennett & William Bruckhart, Frederick, MD, 92MAY04

Pitting Fungus Against Fungus, Aspergillus parasiticus, A. Flavus Peanut Advisory Board aflatoxin OMS, Richard A. Cole, Joe W. Dorner & Paul D. Blankenship Dawson, GA, 92MAY08

Micro-Pests Inflict Macro-Headaches, soybean cyst nematodes, Heterodera Nematology APHIS pheromone Verticilliam lecanni, Susan L.F. Meyer, Albert D. DeMilo, Beltsville, MD, 92MAY10

Woes of a Fruitless Diet, fruits, vegetables, diet, vitamin C, high blood pressure, Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), Paul F. Jaques & Elain S.K. Choi, Boston, MA, 92MAY13

Breeding a Better Cocoa Plant for Chocolate Lovers, Theobroma cacoa, Witches Broom Crinipellis perniciosa Erythroxylum coca, William J. Schnell, Miami, FL, 92MAY14

Lean on Me, age-related muscle tissue immune system tumor necrosis factor (TNF) body mass index (BMI), knee-height, Ronenn Roubenoff, Boston, MA, 92MAY17

Carbon Rating Your Fat Status, lean tissue fat-free mass measuring body carbon skinfold bio-impedance total body potassium, Joseph J. Kehayias, Boston, MA, 92MAY19

Protein-Rich Edible Coatings for Food, soybeans plastics soy isolate proteins, Frederick F. Shih, New Orleans, LA, 92MAY20

Researchers Find New Use for Plumbers' Pipes, Pasteurellahae molytica bovine pneumonia, National Animal Disease Center (NADC), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Glynn H. Frank & Robert E. Briggs, Ames, IA, 92MAY22

Blossom Thinner Ends Bloom/Bust Cycle, apples, Elgetol EPA Red Delicious Golden Delicious Gala Fuji urea calcium sulfate, Max W. Williams, Wenatchee, WA, 92MAY22

Tapeworm Test Near Taenia Saginata cattle Escherichia coli antigen cysticercosis, parasite, Marcia L. Rhodes & Dante S. Zarlenga, Beltsville, MD, 92MAY23

Lower Water Pressure Less Water Waste, Great Plains sprinklers irrigation low-energy precision applicators (LEPA), Arland D. Schneider, Bushland, TX, 92MAY23

Extending the Forage Season, range grasses grazing Bromus tectorum cheatgrass cool temperature fructan carbohydrate, N. Jerry Chatterton, Logan, UT, 92FEB23

Barnyard Flies Don't Make Good Neighbors, dairy farms, insects cattle fly-control system, parasite, wasp Muscidifurax raptor biocontrol Richard W. Miller, Beltsville, MD, 92FEB23

Intensifying Tomato's Flavor, aroma, Ronald G. Buttery, Albany, CA, 92FEB22

Checking Honey Bee Productivity, electronic scale hive weight beekeeping, Stephen L. Buchmann, Tucson, AZ, 92FEB22

Overcoming Greenbugs in Wheat, aphids, toxin hybridize biotypes plant breeding, David R. Porter, Stillwater, OK, 92FEB21

When Is an Orange Not an Orange? Ambersweet hybrid grapefruit tangerine Citrus sinensis flavor aroma juice volatiles essence Manuel G. Moshonas and Philip E. Shaw Winter Haven FL 92Feb18

Rain Runoff and Underground Water, erosion no-till computer model, Ali M. Sadeghi, Beltsville, MD, 92FEB16

Rust-No-More Beans, fungus Uromyces appendiculatus, J. Rennie Stavely, Beltsville, MD, 92FEB12

Victims No One Mourns, allelopathy ducksalad rice, Robert H . Dilday, Stuttgart, AK, quackgrass, Roger D. Hagin, Ithaca, NY, 92FEB10

Extra Irrigations Protect Cotton, water stress root boll assimilate yield, John W. Radin, Phoenix, AZ, 92FEB09

Satellites Key to New Farming Aids Global Positioning System, GPS, Joint Agricultural Navigation Using Satellites JANUS salinity mapping, Thomas S. Colvin, Ames, IA, James D. Rhoades, Riverside, CA, 92FEB04

Forum, editorial, Tending the Fields from Afar, remote sensing video VCR monitoring drought prediction, 92FEB02

Watching Cholesterol—in Worms and Oysters, nematode sterol liquid chromatography David J. Chitwood, Beltsville, MD, algae Chesapeake Bay, Glen W. Patterson, College Park, MD, 92JAN27

Enzyme Gets the Guava Juice Out pectinase Aspergillus niger, Harvey T. Chan, Hilo, HI, 92JAN27

Disease-Free Peas Fusarium, root rot pea wilt plant breeding resistant varieties, John M. Kraft Prosser, WA, 92JAN26

Super Bacteria Boost Yields soybeans legume inoculate nitrogen fixation Bradyrhizobium L. David Kuykendall, Beltsville, MD, William J. Hunter, Fort Collins, CO, 92JAN26

High-Tech Hides Make Better Leather, electron beam irradiation brine curing collagen laser photometry James Chen and Paul L. Kronick, Philadelphia, PA, 92JAN23

Keeping Your Carcass Clean, high-pressure carcass washe,r organic acids, Salmonella, James S. Dickson, Ed K. Daniels, and Neal E. Woollen, Clay Center, NE, antibiotic residues penicillin, William A. Moats, Beltsville, MD, 92JAN21

Flavor Gains Over Flavor Loss, beef meaty peptide (BMP), Arthus M. Spanier, New Orleans, LA, chitin chitosan NCMC, John R. Vercellotti, New Orleans, LA, potato starch gel, Bradford W. Berry, Beltsville, MD, 92JAN18

Researchers Mind the Mint, Mentha Pycnanthemum, National Clonal Germplasm Repository, Henrietta Chambers, Corvallis, OR, 92JAN15

Giant Scales Weigh Water, lysimeter drought evapotranspiration irrigation, Bobby A. Stewart, Arland D. Schneider, and Jean L. Steiner, Bushland, TX, 92JAN12

Good Fats Don't Diminish Good Cholesterol, polyunsaturates HDL LDL arteriosclerosis, James M. Iacono and Rita M. Dougherty, San Francisco, CA, 92JAN11

Leaner Beef Benefits the Health Conscious, cattle genetic traits herd management range forage systems, Tommy L. Wheeler, Clay Center, NE, Christopher K. Reynolds, Beltsville, MD, Bob Short, Miles City, MT, 92JAN08

From Cattle Toxin to Anti-Cancer Drug, locoweed, Astragalus lentiginosus Oxytropis sericea alkaloid swainsonine, Russell J. Molyneux, Albany, CA, Lynn F. James, Logan, UT, 92JAN07

Cranking Up the Cranberry, black rot, Allantophomopsis lycopodina A. cytisporea Strasseria geniculata biocontrol plant breeding disease resistance, Allan W. Stretch Rutgers, Chatsworth, NJ, water use, Ronald E. Yoder, Prosser, WA, 92JAN04

Forum, editorial, From Asparagus to Mint—Research Makes it Better, cranberries, Nylon 1313, 92JAN02

A Better Medfly Lure, Mediterranean fruit fly, Trimedlure, Terrence P. McGovern, Beltsville, MD, or Roy T. Cunningham, Hilo, HI, Patent Application Serial No. 07/042,920, Persistent Attractants for the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, the Method of Preparation and Method of Use, 87NOV/DEC16????

Better Zinc, Iron, and Chromium Supplements, picolinic acid, Phyllis E. Johnson, Grand Forks, ND, Patent No. 4,315,927, 86JAN16????

Herbicide-Coated Seeds, EPTC (ethyl dipropylthiocarbamate), Jean H. Dawson, Prosser, WA, Patent No. 4,272,920, 85NOV/DEC16????

Sex Pheromone To Foil Cranberry Fruitworm, Acrobasis vaccinii Riley, blueberries, integrated pest management, (IPM), insecticide, Patent No. 08/432,923, Leslie M. McDonough and Constance L. Smithhisler, Wapato, WA, 95DEC15

Keep those Cows and Cars Moving Along, forum, technology transfer, editorial, 91JAN2

Fort Keogh: Legacy of the Old West, (sidebar), Colonel George Armstrong Custer and Colonel Myles Keogh, 91JAN10

Beef Research in Big Sky Country superovulation cattle Fort Keogh electronic scale crested wheatgrass and Russian wildrye, Rod Heitschmidt, Marshall R. Haferkamp, Mike MacNeil, Scott Newman, Robert Bellows, Robert Short, Miles City, MT, 91JAN4

Protecting Parasites Prevents Gastro-damage vaccine immune, Ostertagia ostertagi eosinophils, Phillip H. Klesius, Auburn, AL, 91JAN11

One Stunt Tomato Growers Don't Want to See, tomato bushy stunt virus fumigating methyl bromide, James E. Duffus and James S. Gerik Salinas, CA, 91JAN12

Thermal Fabric Attracts Commercial Interest, Polytherm Neutratherm patent license, Tyrone L. Vigo and Joseph S. Bruno, New Orleans, LA, 91JAN14

Whitefly Causes Bleak Times for Growers, biosoap Nicotiana tomato lettuce sweetpotato whitefly (Bemisia tabaci), John W. Neal, Jo-Ann Bentz, Richard S. Soper, Beltsville, MD, Raymond K. Yokomi and Desmond R. Jimenez, Orlando, FL, Hollis Flint, Phoenix, AZ, 91JAN16

Better Beans From Tanzania Bean-Cowpea Collaborative Research Support Program (CRSP), Mathias J. Silbernagel, Prosser, WA, 91JAN18

Is There a Good Chance of Rain?, RPI Rainfall Probability Index, irrigate weather field drainage, James L. Fouss, Baton Rouge, LA, 91JAN20

Higher Yields More Years for Sugarcane, subsurface drain pipes Cade E. Carter Baton Rouge LA 91JAN20

Food Fat Lingers in Older Folks' Blood, triglycerides, vitamin A, retinyl ester, Ernst J. Schaefer and Jeffrey S. Cohn, Boston, MA, 91JAN20

It's Iturin, bacterial byproduct for chemical fungicides, Bacillus biocontrol, Alan R. Lax, John M. Bland, Maren A. Klich, New Orleans, LA, 91JAN20

Why Scientists Cotton To Egyptian Cotton, Gossypium barbadense natural antibiotic desoxyhemigossypol or dHG, Marshall E. Mace, Robert D. Stipanovic, and Alois A. Bell, College Station, TX, 91JAN20

Apple Tree Disease Blamed on MLO, apricot leaf roll mycoplasmalike organism, C. Lee Parish, Wenatchee, WA, 91JAN20

Eat Right and Build Immunity, polyunsaturated fats omega-6 fatty acids, Darshan S. Kelley, Presidio of San Francisco, CA, 91JAN20

Forum, Remote Sensing for Agriculture, satellite, low altitude video land management 91FEB02

Airborne Video—A Ride on ARS' Own Air Force 1, three camera video image-processing software evaluating crop condition irrigation management, James H. Everitt, Charles Cooke, David E. Escobar, Noel Garcia, Rick Villareal, Juan R. Noriega, Rene Davis, Weslaco, TX, Jack DeLoach, Temple, TX, 91FEB04

Sidebar: On Camera Researchers Capture the Beast, Punte del Monte ranch, 91FEB08

A Rainbow of No-Wrinkle Cotton, Robert M. Reinhardt, Eugene J. Blanchard, and Robert J. Harper Jr., New Orleans, LA, stone-washed jeans no-wrinkle finish synthetic fibers dye colorfastness, 91FEB10

The Mystery of the Sexual Jungle Fungus, Gary J. Samuels, Beltsville, MD, Trichoderma fungus enzyme extraction taxonomy ribosomal DNA, 91FEB12

Replacing Fumigants with Beneficial Insects, John H. Brower, Savannah, GA, Anisopteromalus wasp Sitophilus weevils fumigation stored grain, 91FEB14

Linguine and Nematodes, William J. Connick Jr., New Orleans, LA, William R. Nickle Beltsville, MD, C. Douglas Boyette, Stoneville, MS, nematodes Pesta Biocontrol, 91FEB17

Ancient Forage Found Useful, Daniel P. Mowry, El Reno, OK, sainfoin drought-resistance nitrogen fixing Rhizobium, 91FEB18

Enzyme Causes Soybean Oil Refining Loss, Gary R. List, Peoria, IL, soybean oil, phospholipase D degumming nonhydratable phosphatides, 91FEB18

Increasing Cotton's Nonwoven Market, biodegradability comfort hydroentanglement better than synthetics waste disposal, Jerry P. Moreau, New Orleans, LA, 91FEB19

New Grasses Fulfill Many Needs, Reed E. Barker, Corvallis, OR, Dacotah switchgrass Bison big bluestem, Tomahawk indiangrass forage, 91FEB18

Forum: From Plastics to Salad Oil—Soybeans Do It All, nonfood products, newspaper ink world market for soybeans, industrial uses, 91MAR02

Scientists Forage for Foreign Nuts, Jerry A. Payne, Bruce W. Wood, Byron, GA, J.J. Grauke, Somerville, TX, hickory, Vietnam Peoples Republic of China, Carya, 91MAR04

Meat Inspectors Just Say No to Drug Residues, David L. Brandon, Anne H. Bates, Ronald G. Binder, William C. Montague Jr., Elizabeth H. Seet and Robert E. Wilson, Albany, CA, benzimidazoles fenbendazole chemical monitoring of meat carcasses monoclonal antibodies, 91MAR06

From Fiber to Fabric: A Better Blend, A. Paul S. Sahney, New Orleans, LA, yarn-making synthetic fiber blended with cotton fiber dye, roving bobbin pilling improved textiles, 91MAR08

All-Soy Ink Splashes Into Print, Sevim Erhan, Marvin Bagby, Peoria, IL, black and color soybean-based inks ruboff problem printing qualities petroleum-based inks penetration of paper, 91MAR10

Just Call Her Ink 26, sidebar about Sevim Erhan, 91MAR12

Computer Programs Help the Environment, Stephen Rawlins, Beltsville, MD, James M. McKinion, Mississippi State, MS, James S. Berry, Bozeman, MT, Dennis L. Corwin, Riverside, CA, Hal E. Lemmon, Albany, CA, GOSSYM/COMAX cotton grasshoppers TETrans contaminants and soil movement salt seeping, 91MAR13

What's New In Oilseeds? Check Out Crambe!, Kenneth D. Carlson, Peoria, IL, and John R. Barrett, West Lafayette, IN, oilseed high eruric acid new crop computer-aided decision making potential as cattle feed, 91MAR16

Will Soy-Spiked Pellets Please Palates of Succulent Shrimp? Chhorn E. LIm, Kanoehe, HI, David J. Sessa, Peoria, IL, Penaeus vannemei aquaculture flavor research new market for soy products shrimp culture, 91MAR19

Irrigating Drip By Drip, Claude Phene, Fresno, CA, drip irrigation tomatoes, vegetables, underground drains, selenium cotton saving water, 91MAR20

Glowing Eggs Speed Screening of Lemons, Louis H. Aung, Fresno, CA, luciferase detecting insects Fuller rose beetle trade with Japan, 91MAR22

Smaller Cows More Calves in Florida, cattle body size Angus cows limited forage pregnancy and nutrition in cattle Florida subtropical environment, 91MAR22

New Weed Weapon Possible, C. Douglas Boyette, Stoneville, MS, sicklepod Fusarium oxysporum natural herbicide soil-borne pathogen, 91MAR23

Inbreeding May Cause Sheep Losses, S. Keith Ercanbrack, Dubois, ID, sheep Ramboullet Columbia Targhee breeds inbreeding reproduction rates wool production, 91MAR23

Forum, Choosing the Proper Potato, varieties of potato breeding, Zoopthora, nutritional value of potato, Verticillium wilt Solanum tuberosum, 91APR02

Growing High-Quality Spuds is No Small Potatoes, Joseph J. Pavek, Dennis L. Corsini, Aberdeen, ID, Mark Martin, Peter E. Thomas, Charles R. Brown, Prosser, WA, Bt Ranger Russet Frontier Russet chipping potatoes percentage of solids Norchip nematodes biocontrol market characteristics, 91APR04

Preserving Potato Plant Diversity, sidebar, plant exploration, IR-1 germplasm, collecting breeding programs, 91APR07

Potatoes for Tomorrow, sidebar, genetic engineering of potatoes, tyrosine greater wax moth, 91APR9

Computer Model Helps Ensure Clean Water, Marvin J. Shaffer, Fort Collins, CO, Ardell D. Halvorson, Akron, CO, Richard Amerman, Beltsville, MD, Ronald F. Follett, Fort Collins, CO, NLEAP groundwater pollution and contamination nitrate leaching agricultural runoff computer modeling, 91APR10

Do Earthworms Affect Groundwater?, William M. Edwards, Coshocton, OH, Jerry L. Hatfield, and Edwin C. Berry, Ames, IA, Lumbricus terrestris underground channels soil aeration water movement groundwater, 91APR15

Quest to Counter CLA, sheep disease caseous lymphadenitis, Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis vaccination, 91APR16

Lean Bodies Make Texels Desired Lamb, Mike Wallace and Kreg Leymaster, Clay Center, NE, imported sheep from Finland compared to Suffolks twinning, 91APR17

Predicting Accidental Bee Kills, Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, PC-BEEPOP computer model honey bee populations beekeeping pesticides, 91APR18

Carrot Sticks Can Keep Their Color, Harold R. Bolin, Albany, CA, carrot discoloration water/citric acid solution polyphenol oxidase enzymes phenylalanine ammonia lyase vegetable market value, 91APR17

Southern Blueberries Need Honey Bees, Robert G. Danka, Baton Rouge, LA, Gulfcoast variety of blueberrysouthern highbush varieties, Sharpblue growers bees, 91APR19

Wash-Off Data Surprises Pesticide Planners, Guye H. Willis, Baton Rouge, LA, intensity of rainfall pesticide persistence, GLEAMS computer model, 91APR19

Forum, Editorial, Information Retrieval: A Key to Progress, National Agricultural Library on-line systems, AGRICOLA CD-ROM ISIS libraries CALS, Dean Plowman, Beltsville, MD, 91MAY02

Gypsy Moths: Thwarting Their Wandering Ways, Barbara A. Leonhardt, Ralph Bram, Martin Shapiro, Edward Dougherty, Ralph Webb, James Svoboda, Edward Masler, Thomas Kelly, Beltsville, DEET biocontrol pheromones, IPM Lymantria dispar Coccygomimus disparis Abby Bt Bacillus thuringiensis, forestry cell lines, 91MAY04

Dwarf in Size Giant in Productivity, gibberellic acid micropropagation grafting fruit trees apples, 91MAY12

Cutting Energy Costs for Irrigation, Gerald Buchleiter, Dale Heerman, Fort Collins, CO, 91MAY14

Making the Plant\Soil\Nutrition Connection, 50 years of research, soil uptake selenium grass tetany animal diet opaque-2 genetic engineering, Darryl Van Campen, David Grunes, James Russell, Leon Kochian, Ross Welch, William House, James Madison, James Thompson, Earle Cary, Wednell Norvill,and Richard Zobel, Ithaca, NY, 91MAY16

Salad Days of a Lettuce Breeder, Edward Ryder, James McCreight, William Waycott, Salinas, CA, mini-lettuce downy mildew corky root vegetable breeding, 91MAY22

Walking—Backmending Exercise for Women, Miriam Nelson and William J. Evans, Boston, MA, calcium in bone, human nutrition, thigh bone trabecular bone, 91MAY24

Babesiosis Test is on the Fast Track, Donald P. Knowles, Pullman, WA, babesia equii merozoites monoclonal antibodies ticks, 91MAY26

Now It's Sugar Now It's Alternan, Leuconostoc mesenteroides dextrans aylase gum arabic substitute, 91MAY27

Wheat Hardness: High Precision Knife Tells All, Gregory M. Glenn, Albany, CA, wheat hardness technology flour, 91MAY27

Editorial: Nightmare on Weed Street, herbicides postemergence treatment diphenyl ethyl herbicides sicklepod biocontrol weed damage, 91JUN02

Ten Weeds We Could Live Without, morningglory Canada thistle cocklebur lambsquarters ragweed bindweed pigweed purple nutsedge velvetleaf wild oats, 91JUN04

On the Woad Again, Steven Vaughn, Anita Brinker, Peoria, IL, dyer's woad allelopathy dyestuff, Regina Wiggen, Beltsville, MD, 91JUN09

Mothproofing Walnut Trees of the Future, Patrick Vail, Fresno, CA, Bacillus thuringiensis codling moth navel orangeworm Indianmeal moth gene transfer genetic engineering, 91JUN10

Conserving Cropland for the Future, Frank Young, Alex Ogg, Pullman, WA, Donald McCool, Keigh Saxon, Pullman, WA, retaining topsoil, preventing erosion conservation, tillage crop residues, Palouse spring, wheat winter, wheat crop, management computer model, 91JUN12

Just the Fibers Please, Robert W. Seagull and Barbara Triplett, New Orleans, LA, ovule culture, biochemical signals, cell structures, cryogenics, cotton fiber, microfibrils, 91JUN16

Floral Lures May Doom Corn Earworm, Peter Lingren and Roy Teranishi, Albany, CA, Helicoverpa zea night-blooming guara biocontrol floral essences lures, 91JUN18

Hunting Moths by the Dark of the Night, night-blooming guara night vision goggles tracking insects cabbage looper black cutworm true armyworm, 91JUN20

Another Natural Form of Neem, James C. Locke, Beltsville, MD, botanical insecticide oilseed azadiratchin fungicide, 91JUN21

Less Waste Sugar Better Soybeans, Patrick T. Smith and Tsung Min Kuo, Peoria, IL, raffinose stachyose verbascose soybeans galactinol synthase/enzyme, 91Jun21

Test for Toxin-Producing Molds, Stephen W. Peterson and Kerry O'Donnell, Peoria, IL, Aspergillus flavus genetic fingerprinting mold identification DNA probe, 91JUN22

RANGETEK a Rancher's Best Friend, J. Ross Wight, Boise, ID, computer program cattle grazing overgrazing grasses forage, self-help program, 91JUN22

Flash Drying Saves Seeds, Christina Vertucci, Fort Collins, CO, frozen seed storage recalcitrant seeds, Landolphia kirkii, 91JUN23

Broken Rice Tied to Nitrogen, Robert H. Dilday, Stuttgart, AR, rice quality, Lemont rice, semidwarf varieties nitrogen application, 91JUN23

Editorial, Down and Dirty and Loving Every Minute, germplasm collectors, cookie bakers, insect rearing science as a robust real-world process, 91JUL02

Bring 'Em Back Alive and Growing, numerous scientists including Calvin Sperling and David Spooner, Beltsville, MD, botanic diversity, germplasm preservation, history of plant collection, Richard Schultes, in situ preservation sea beets, expeditions to Latin America, origins of plant species, sidebar, guidelines for plant hunters, wheat gene bank, David Fairchild, 91JUL04

Sidebar, Changing the Landscape, Theodore R. Dudley, National Arboretum, collecting germplasm for woody landscape plants, Beltsville, MD, 91JUL13

Spying on an Elusive Virus, Vernon Damsteegt, Frederick, MD, soybean dwarf virus aphid, ELISA, different strains of same virus, damage to legume crops soybeans, 91JUL14

A Unique Evlolutionary Relationship, parthenogenic aphids, Acrthosiphon pisum pea aphid, soybean dwarf virus, 91JUL16

Fine Dining for the Loathsome Screwworm, David B. Taylor, Fargo, ND, H. Chris Hofmann, Laredo, TX, rearing insects, artificial gel diet, sterile release program biocontrol, 91JUL17

The Great Wheatgrass Bake-Off, Robert Becker, Albany, CA, John D. Berdahl, Mandan, ND, new market for forage crop taste tests, wheat gluten ,intermediate wheatgrass muffins, chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies, new grain crop, 91JUL18

How Sweet It Isn't, Sheldon Reiser, Kay Behall, diabetes, heart disease, human nutrition, sugars, human metabolism, amylase and amylose sugars, insulin, fiber in diet, fructose, assimilation of monosaccharides and disaccharides starch, 91JUL20

Update for an Ancient Watering Strategy, Gary W. Frasier, Fort Collins, CO, water harvesting runoff semirigid membrane polyethylene sheeting, 91JUL25

Dances With Goats, Sam Coleman and Stephen P. Hart, El Reno, OK, connection between diet and milk production, boosting weight gains, forage milk content, Nubians Alpines Angoras, 91JUL26

A Step Forward for Embryo Culture, Caird E. Rexroad, Jr., Beltsville, MD, sheep embryos, oviduct cultured embryos, embryo transfer, 91JUL27

Forum, Oh No Mosquitoes!, 91AUG02

Slapping the Mosquito—Scientifically, biocontrol deet, Gary A. Mount, Donald L. Barnard, and Jack A. Seawright, Gainesville, FL, 91AUG04

Learning What Pest Eaters Had for Lunch, biocontrol corn earworm, Matthew H. Greenstone, Columbia, MO, 91AUG09

Life-saving drugs could be genetically produced, blood clotting factors, hemophiliacs, whey acidic protein, sows, pigs, genetic engineering, Robert J. Wall, Vernon Pursel, Beltsville, MD, 91AUG10

Sheep Breeding Gains From Frozen Sperm Technology, liquid nitrogen, dry ice, Fernando Rodriguez, Dubois, ID, 91AUG12

Seeding Guayule—Making It Work, rubber, new crop, Francis S. Nakayama, Phoenix, AZ, 91AUG15

Apples Without Bruises: They're In the Bag, bagging machine, Dale Marshall, East Lansing, MI, Marcie Gerrietts, Peoria IL, 91AUG16

Apple Computer Records Impacts, bruises, instrumented sphere, Galen Brown, East Lansing, MI, Marcie Gerrietts, Peoria, IL, 91AUG17

Natural Enemies Gang Up on Corn Pests, corn earworm, biocontrol stalk rot, Leslie C. Lewis, Ankeny, IA, Nader G. Vakili, Ames, IA, 91AUG17

Thwarting One of Cotton's Nemeses, pink bollworm, traps pheromones biocontrol, Thomas J. Henneberry, Phoenix, AZ, 91AUG21

A Better Bug Trap Is a PVC Pipe Dream plastic dusky sap beetles and picnic beetles, Patrick F. Dowd, and Robert J. Bartelt, Donald T. Wicklow, Peoria, IL, 91Aug23

Irrigation Tubing Does Double Duty, layflat water furrow, Allan S. Humphreys, Kimberly, ID, 91AUG24

No More Soggy Sandwiches Thanks to Experimental Filmwrap, lauric acid, coconut oil, chitosan, edible new food, Dominic W.S. Wong, Albany, CA, 91AUG25

Grasp at Straws Irrigators Are Advised, furrow irrigation water, Melvin J. Brown, Kimberly ID, Julie Corliss, Albany, CA, 91AUG25

Off to Market Stressful Affair, hogs, shipping weight losses, G. LeRoy Hahn or John A. Nienaber, Clay Center, NE, Marcie Gerrietts, Peoria, IL, 91AUG25

Blocking Insect Immune Reponse, tobacco, hornworm, biocontrol, Ralph W. Howard, Manhattan, K,S 91AUG25

Milk Doesn't Block Cereal's Iron, Study Reveals, Judith R. Turnlund, San Francisco, CA, 91AUG25

Altered Biocontrol Proves Effective Against Damping-Off Disease, fungus, fungicide resistance, benomyl, Nina Ossanna and Sue Mischke, Beltsville, MD, 91AUG25

Forum, Groping for the Master Switch, editorial on phytochrome light, Karl Norris, Beltsville, MD, (retired), 91SEP02

Tripping the Light Switch Fantastic, phytochrome plants, Borthwick Hendricks, photoperiod, Beltsville, MD, 91SEP04

Phytochrome Sends the Signals—Sprout! Flower! Grow!, plants, Peter H. Quail and Margaret T. Boylan, Albany, CA, 91SEP06

Dress for Success Mulch, plastic tomatoes potatoes, light near infrared, Michael J. Kasperbauer and Patrick G. Hunt Florence, SC, 91SEP10

Scanner To Measure Soil Erosion, wind laser, Joe M. Bradford and Chi-hua Huang, West Lafayette, IN, 91SEP14

Cuphea Plants With a Beautiful Future, lauric and capric acid soap detergents, William W. Roath, Ames, IA, 91SEP16

Hoppiness is Brewing Better Beer, hops barley malting, Alfred Haunold, Corvallis, OR, 91SEP18

For Vitamin A: Eat An Orange Tomato, John R. Stommel, Beltsville, MD, 91SEP20

Iron Absorption: Root Enzymes Are in Control, chlorosis, Douglas G. Luster and Marcia J. Holden, Frederick, MD, 91SEP21

Resisting the Hessian Fly, wheat/rye hybrid, winter wheat, J.H. Hatchett, Manhattan, KS, 91SEP22

Building a Better Strawberry, ellagic acid, Gene J. Galletta and John L. Maas, Beltsville, MD, 91SEP24

Looking into a Cotton Cell, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Judy Timpa, New Orleans, LA, 91SEP26

Inhibit Melanin: Your Fungal Problems Are Over, fungus, Michael H. Wheele,r Alois A. Bell, and Robert D. Stipanovic, College Station, TX, 91SEP26

Artificial Flowers: So Lovely, So Lethal to Moths, cabbage looper jessamine shrub, Peter J. Landolt, Gainsville, FL, 91SEP27

Forum, Putting the Bio in Biocontrol, editorial question and answer with Richard Soper, Beltsville, MD, 91OCT02

It's Bugs-R-Us, beneficial insects, biocontrol, Trichocaps, Lawrence R. Ertle, Kenneth Swan, Paul W. Schaefer, and William Day, Newark, DE, 91OCT04

Biocontrol Quarantine Facilities, Newark, DE, Albany, CA, Frederick, MD, Stoneville, MS, Ithaca, NY, and College Station and Temple, TX, 91Oct07

Orient Express for Wasps, China Ageniaspis fuscicollis apple ermine moth, Robert W. Pemberton, Seoul, Korea, 91OCT12

Spying on Silage Inoculants, silos bacterial inoculants, Richard E. Muck, Madison, WI, 91OCT13

More For Less: A New Way To Grow Tomatoes, hairy vetch mulch, Aref A. Abdul- Baki and John Teasdale, Beltsville, MD, 91OCT14

Exotic Fruits Promise Taste of the Tropics, lychee rambutan pulasan pineapple, passionfruit, papaya, breadfruit, macadamia nuts, guava, carambola or starfruit atemoya pili nut peach, palm acerola, cherry germplasm respository, Francis T.P. Zee, Hilo, HI, 91OCT18

In Antibodies, Bigger Isn't Always Better, white blood cells, neutrophil mastitis immunoglobulins, Max J. Paape and Millie Worku, Beltsville, MD, 91OCT21

Skipping Preplant Irrigation Saves Water Cash Texas High Plains, Ron Allen, Bushland, TX, 91OCT22

Insecticide Adherence Triples With Soybean Oil, chlorpyrifos, corn earworms. chemigation, Don Wauchope, Tifton, GA, 91OCT22

Sorghum Cleanses Nitrogen-Laden Soil, groundwater pollutants, Kenneth J. Moore, Jeffrey F. Pedersen, Lincoln, NB, 91OCT22

Please Release Me—But Slowly, cyclodextrins cornstarch encapsulation, Jacob A. Rendleman Jr., Peoria, IL, 91OCT23

Good Breeding: From Simple Beginnings to Genetic Engineering, cattle sex selection embryos heifer nutrition twinning project, Lawrence A. Johnson, Beltsville, MD, Andrew C. Hammond, Brooksville, FL, Robert B. Staigmiller and Robert A. Bellows, Miles City, MT, Keith E. Gregory, Sherrill E. Echternkamp, and Calvin L. Ferrell, Clay Center, NE, 91NOV04

Mapping a Route to Better Beef, Roman L. Hruska U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (MARC), cattle genetic makeup genome, Roger T. Stone, Larry V. Cundiff, E. Travis Littledike, and Dan Laster, Clay Center, NE, 91NOV18

How Now Beef Cow?, breeds Longhorns cattle Bos indicus Bos taurus Senepol Brahmans Larry V. Cundiff, Clay Center, NE, Michael A. Brown, Booneville, AR, Andrew C. Hammond, Brooksville, FL, 91NOV12

Forum editorial, Beef—Conception to Consumption, cattle, Robert Oltjen, Beltsville, MD, 91NOV02

Typical Modern Beef Cattle, line drawings of 6 breeds, Angus Brahman, Charolais Hereford Limousin Simmental, 91NOV10

Confronting a New Fungal Nightmare, peanut stems sclerotinia blight, Hassan A. Melouk, Stillwater, OK, Peter B. Adams, Beltsville, MD, 91NOV20

Duck Droppings: Fungal Time Bombs?, sclerotia, Hassan A. Melouk, Stillwater, OK, 91NOV23

Heed the Mummichog!, fish carcinogenic water pollutants, George Gassner, Beltsville, MD, 91NOV24

Dwarf Daylily Debuts This Fall, Yellow Tinkerbell, Robert J. Griesbach, Beltsville, MD, 91NOV26

Lakebed Sediment Cut by Farming Practices, soil erosion, water pollution, Charlie Cooper, Oxford, MS, 91NOV27

Bovine Johnny Appleseed Revitalizes Ranges, grass, cattle, sheep, goats, gelatin capsules, Jerry R. Barrow and Kris M. Havstad, Las Cruces, NM, 91NOV26

Concocting the Ultimate Beetle-Juice, stored grain pests, Freeman sap beetle, aggregation, pheromones, Robert J. Bartelt, Peoria, IL, 91NOV26

Hungry Mice Shed Light on Boosting Elders' Immunity, vitamin E, prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), Simin Nikbin Meydani, Boston, MA, 91NOV27

Forum, editorial, Hard-Fought Victories Against Animal Diseases, animal health, Bureau of Animal Industry, Plum Island Animal Disease Center, 91DEC02

Better Beefsteak Begins With Healthy Cattle, brucellosis, Brucella abortus disease resistance vaccine, Bos taurus Bos indicus Pasteurella haemolytica, National Animal Disease Center, Ames, IA, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, NE, Forage and Livestock Research Laboratory, El Reno, OK, 91DEC08

Cattle and Sheep Together: Partners in Grazing, rangeland grasses woody species, Dean M. Anderson and Kris M. Havstad, Las Cruces, NM, John W. Walker, Dubois, ID, Greg M. Riegel, Reno, NV, 91DEC14

Animal Care Tightly Regulated Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Helene N. Guttman, Beltsville, MD, 91DEC17

Hard Times in the Old West, cattle drive, cowboys, 91DEC18

Infants to Benefit from Golden Eggs, essential amino acids, Spirulina algae, Stable Isotope Lab, Heiner K. Berthold, Houston, TX, 91DEC20

Transgenic Cotton Scores Knockout Against Worms, Bacillus thuringiensis, tobacco budworm, cotton bollworm, pink bollworm, David Altman, College Station, TX, Johnie Jenkins, Starkville, MS, Doug Wilson, Phoenix, AZ, 91DEC22

Scent of Jasmine Leads to New Business, (Charles N. Bollich, retired, Beaumont, TX), jasmine rice, premium rice, Gulf Coast region aromatic, 91APR13

Forum Food Safety: The Case for An Integrated View, Sanford A. Miller, University of Texas, San Antonio, TX, 90JAN2

Search for Young Scientists Pays Dividends, Postdoctoral Research Associate Program, Kevin C. Vaughn, Stoneville, MS, 90JAN4

Rooting Out Groundwater Contamination, sunflowers and wheat crop rotation, Al Black, Mandan, ND, 90JAN7

Diagnosing a Stealthy Stalker, citrus blight, oranges, Michael G. Bausher, Orlando, FL, 90JAN8

Unlocking the Hidden Energy in Plants, lignin cellulose and hemicellulose forages switchgrass Trailblazer. Kenneth P. Vogel, Lincoln, NE, Hans G. Jun, Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, 90JAN10

Nutrition Research Reaches New Heights, Mt. Everest, food, Robert D. Reynolds, Beltsville, MD, 90JAN12

Microbial Combinations for Tomorrow's Agriculture, mycorrhizal fungi, rhizobia, Robert G. Linderman, Corvallis, OR, 90JAN17

Building a Better Papaya, Puerto Paul R. Hepperly, Mayaguez, PR, 90JAN18

Gene Bank Preserves Papayas, sidebar, Francis T.P. Zee, Hilo, HI, 90JAN19

Taste Panel Ok's Catfish Feed, flavor, Peter B. Johnsen, New Orleans, LA, 90JAN20

Biocontrol Agent for Mushroom Flies, Steinernematid nematodes, William R. Nickle and William Cantelo, Beltsville, MD, 90JAN20

Rice Nurseries in Puerto Rico, Charles Bollich, Beaumont, TX, 90JAN21

Faster-Acting Menthol for Bees, tracheal mites, honey shortening, William T. Wilson, Weslaco, TX, 90JAN22

Wasp Takes Whiff and Grain Pest Is History, rusty grain, beetle, Cephalonomia waterstoni, Ralph W. Howard, Manhattan, KS, 90JAN22

Rice Seed Dunked in Growth Regulator, semidwarfs, Lemont and Gulfmont Robert H. Dilday, Stuttgart, AR, 90JAN23

Probe Pinpoints Powerful Hormones, cytokinin, David L. Brandon and Joseph W. Corse, Albany, CA, 90JAN23

Forum Relating to Insects, 90FEB2

Snuffing the Fruit Fly Medfly Mediterranean, Donald O. McInnis, Honolulu, HI, 90FEB4

Systematic Entomologists Those Illustrious Namers of Bugs, insects, Douglass R. Miller, Systematic Entomology Laboratory, Beltsville, MD, 90FEB8

Brightening Triticale's Future, wheat and rye, J. Perry Gustafson, Columbia, MO, 90FEB12

Puzzling Microbe Thrives In Cold Food, Aeromonas hydrophila diarrhea and vomiting, Samuel A. Palumbo, Philadelphia, PA, 90FEB14

Irrigate? Why Not Chemigate?, water, fertilize, Ralph A. Leonard, Tifton, GA, 90FEB15

Paving the Way for Altering Pests Crops, genetic engineering technique vortex mixer Andrew F. Cockburn, Gainesville, FL, 90FEB16

Counteracting Aflatoxin in Livestock Feed, hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate or HSCAS anticaking compound, Roger B. Harvey, College Station, TX, 90FEB18

Ripening Gene May Be Controlled, ethylene, Athanasios Theologis, Albany, CA, biotechnology, 90FEB20

Afternoon Drop in Photosynthesis, corn, carbon dioxide, James A. Bunce, Beltsville, MD, 90FEB23

Rating Rice Weeds for Yield Damage, barnyardgrass bearded sprangletop, Roy J. Smith Jr., Stuttgart, AR, 90FEB23

Forum Animal Protection Research From Conception to Consumption, Robert R. Oltjen, Beltsville, MD, 90MAR2

Edible Coating Preserves Produce, oils or waxes and cellulose tomatoes, oranges, and carambolas, Myrna Nisperos-Carriedo, Winter Haven, FL, 90MAR4

Nutrition Probes For the 90's, vitamins and minerals, niacin, James M. Iacono, San Francisco, CA, 90MAR6

Weeds Attract Root-dwelling Bacteria, rhizobacteria, Robert J. Kremer, Columbia, MO, 90MAR10

Driving Out Shipping Fever, El Reno, OK, respiratory infections bacterial pneumonia Michael T. Zavy, 90MAR12

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places, paper, wasps, NASA Kennedy Space Center, Peter J. Landolt, Gainesville, FL, 90MAR14

Ticked off about babesiosis bovine cattle Boophilus ticks, parasite, Willard L. Goff Pullman, WA, 90MAR17

Squeezing Profits From Evening Primrose, oil gamma-linolenic acid, James Duke, Beltsville, MD, and Jerry W. King, Peoria, IL, (Matt Bosisio Peoria), 90MAR20

Turnips: A New Hit With Sheep, Steven P. Hart, El Reno, OK, 90MAR21

Natural Gum Finds Many Uses, levan sugar, Bacillus polymyxa, Youn W. Han, New Orleans, LA, 90MAR22

Sweet Dreams for Plants, sweetpotatoes germplasm tissue culture, Robert L. Jarret, Griffen, GA, 90MAR22

Predicting Nematode Damage to Soybeans, Sally M. Schneider, Oxford, NC, 90MAR23

New Tactics for Ticks, Boophilus annulatus, BCTSIM, Boophilus Cattle Tick Simulation, parasite, Ron Davey, Mission, TX, 90MAR19

Shedding Light on Genetics and Environment, blue and red light, mouse-ear cress, Arabidopsis, Kenneth Eskins, Peoria, IL, 90MAR23

Forum, Technology Transfer Makes Business Sense, R.D. Plowman, Washington, DC, 90APR2

Working Wonders, 50 years at the Regional Research Centers, penicillin, orange juice, leather, wool, Philadelphia, PA, Albany, CA, Peoria, IL, New Orleans, LA, 90APR4

Leftovers Again!, meat flavor deterioration, N-carboxymethylchitosan (NCMC), Allen J. St. Angelo and John R. Vercellotti, New Orleans, LA, 90APR7

Longer Lasting Biocontrol With Starch, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), Michael R. McGuire and Baruch S. Shasha, Peoria, IL, (Matt Bosisio Peoria), 90APR9

Rice Bran Moves to the Breakfast Table, cholesterol, Robin M. Saunders, Albany, CA, 90APR11

Whiter Wool in Fewer Steps, urine stain black fibers patent, William N. Marmer, Philadelphia, PA, 90APR12

No Fence But the Grass Is Greener, zoysiagrass-fescue turfgrass mixture, Kevin Morris, Beltsville, MD, 90APR13

Busting Rusty Lawns, zoysiagrass Puccinia zoysiae, Martin M. Kulik and Pierre D. Dery, Beltsville, MD, 90APR14

Toward A Safer Food Supply, biocontrol ethylene bisdithiocarbamates (EBDC's), yeast (US-7) peach pear, Charles L. Wilson and Wojciech J. Janisiewicz, Kearneysville, WV, 90APR15

Patents: Creative Problem Solving In Action, taxol Pacific yew tree, Alice Christen, New Orleans, LA, catfish disease Edwardsiella ictaluri Phillip H. Klesius, Auburn, AL, 90APR18

Frozen Milk—Low Cholesterol Less Fat Tastes Great, George N. Bookwalter, Peoria, IL, 90APR19

Research Fuels Local Economies, rural revitalization, technology transfer, super slurper, boll weevil eradication, cotton, beetle traps, Jasmine Rice kenaf no-calorie dietary fiber, 90APR20

Tracking Iron in Children, new test ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), Buford L. Nichols, Houston, TX, 90APR23

Disease-Fighting White Cells in Chickens Key To Improved Vaccines?, avian influenza virus Peter S. Holt, Athens, GA, immune-system-stimulating compound concanavalin A, 90APR23

Forum Plant Hardiness Info At Your Fingertips, USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, H. Marc Cathey, Washington, DC, 90MAY2

Research Can Be Beautiful US National Arboretum, azaleas crapemyrtle, Bonsai Penjing Japanese cherry, Gotelli Conifer, Collection Bradford & Whitehouse pear Latrobe capitol columns, Friends of the National Arboretum, FONA, Marc Cathey, Donald Egolf, Frank Santamour, Washington, DC, 90MAY4

Plant Hardiness Zone Map, Marc Cathey, Washington, DC, 90MAY10

Dying Elms: New Test Offers Hope, trees mycoplasmalike organism or MLO, Ing- Ming Lee and Robert E. Davis, Beltsville, MD, 90MAY14

Protecting Endangered Plant Species, grasshoppers insecticides wild bees pollen grasshoppers, Sacramento Mountain thistle, Vincent J. Tepedino and Terry L. Griswold, Logan, UT, 90MAY16

Revealing the Mayhaw Secret, native fruit, Jerry A. Payne, Byron, GA, 90MAY19

Growing Technology Hastens Lily Blossoms, patent, Mark S. Roh, Beltsville, MD, 90MAY19

Editorial: Researching the Staff of Life, wheat genetic engineering green revolution, Orville A. Vogel, 90JUN2

Wheat A Crop In Transition, wheat, genetic engineering, computers, plant breeding, Russian wheat, aphid, protein, nutrition, starch, granules, first of a 3-part series, 90JUN4

Achoo! Must Be the Roaches!, cockroaches, allergy, home construction, insect behavior, Richard J. Brenner, Gainesville, FL, 90JUN18

Profiles in Forage, kleingrass weeping lovegrass forage range grasses cattle grazing plant breeding, Paul W. Voigt, Temple, TX, 90JUN22

The Rice Stuff, Rice Breeding, rice, diseases, allelopathy hybridization, germplasm collection, Robert H. Dilday, Stuttgart, AR, 90JUN24

Sweeter Onions are More Bee-Guiling, honey bees, onion, pollen, plant breeding, James R. Hagler, Tucson, AZ, 90JUN26

New Tests Pinpoint Soy Compounds, soybeans, trypsin inhibitors protein patent, David L. Brandon, Albany, CA, 90JUN26

Computer Guides Cattle Stocking Rate, SMART, forage herd size stocking practices, Richard H. Hart, Cheyenne, WY, 90JUN27

Spotting Swine Dysentery, bloody scours, Treponema hyodysenteria, pork production, spirochete, Neil S. Jensen, Thad B. Stanton, Ames, IA, 90JUN27

Editorial: Yikes Fire Ants!, insect spread, Mirex, damage to agriculture, multiple queens, 90JUL2

Turning Up the Heat On Fire Ants, pheromone, multiple queens, damage to roads, Streptomyces avarmitilis, soybean damage biocontrol, David F. Williams, Robert Vander Meer, and Juan Briano, Gainesville, FL, 90JUL4

Real-World Research: It's Pigs and Chickens, animal models, trichinosis, chickens, pigs, guidelines for animal studies, coccidiosis, Joan Lunney, Mark Jenkins, and Marc Castle, 90JUL10

Hope in the Orange Orchard, Ambersweet orange, cold-hardiness, citrus breeding, genetic engineering, biotechnology, rootstock, Jack Hearn, Michael G. Bauscher, Herbert C. Barrett, and Randall P. Niedz, Orlando, FL, 90JUL13

Wheat: Grappling with Ingrained Problems, Pseudomonas fluroscens genetic engineering rust Russian wheat aphid septoria leaf blotch tan spot erosion control computer model PLANTEMP, second of a 3-part series, 90JUL16

Defining the Link Between Diet and Cancer Risk, SOS Chromatest, E. coli, genetic engineering, mutation, human nutrition, Padmanabhan P. Nair, Beltsville, MD, 90JUL24

Tanks for Saving Water, livestock, water conservation, wildlife, Allen R. Dedrick, Phoenix, AZ, 90JUL27

Wilt-Not Maples, Verticillium, wilt fungus, genetic engineering, natural resistance, Jade Green and Parkway varieties, Alden M. Townsend and Lawrence R. Schrieiber, National Arboretum, Washington, DC, 90JUL27

Treatment for Africanized Bee Stings, possible bee venom, honey bees, antibodies, Justin O. Schmidt, Tucson, AZ, 90JUL27

Editorial: The Good the Sweet and the Seedless, new grape varieties, seedlessness, Flame Fantasy Crimson, 90AUG02

Grape Research Presses On, Flame embryo rescue, genetic engineering, germplasm, quarantine, rootstock, grapevine, leafroll virus, ELISA, soil fungi grape root borer botrytis rot seedlessness, 90AUG04

Reviving an American Tradition, muscadine grapes juice market wine culture practices James M. Spiers, Poplarville, MS, 90AUG09

Wheat: Breathing New Life into an Old Crop, wheat gluten, glutenins, gliadin, genetic engineering, kernel size, protein content in wheat, marketing, baking quality, near-infrared radiation, spectrometry hardness, Cephalanomia waterstoni, biocontrol, weight standards, packaging, third of a 3-part series, 90AUG12

Sun Thwarts Key Wheat Genes, temperature, glutenin, genetic engineering, 90AUG20

Corn Aids Wheat's Genetic Engineers, protoplasts gene blasting gene transfer promoter, Frank Greene, Gary Lorens, Ann Blechl, Olin Anderson, Albany, CA, 90AUG17

Cargo Surveys Scrutinize Exported Grain, flour, yield, kernel, protein, moisture levels, wheat sampling, grain, shipping, transport, Craig F. Morris, Pullman, WA, 90AUG15

Lethal Genes May Wipe Out Pollen, hybrid, seed pollen, crossbreeding, genetic engineering, LAT52 LAT59 promoters gene gun, Sheila McCormick, David Twell, Judy Yamaguchi, Albany, 90AUG22

Fish Oil Can Have Its Drawbacks, vitamin E supplements, immune response, human nutrition, Mohsen Meydani and Simin Meydani, Boston, MA, 90AUG24

Stomach Worm Interferes With Vaccine, Ostergagia ostertagi parasites, immunity, cattle, vaccination, weight gains, Phillip Klesius, Auburn, AL, 90AUG26

Higher Protein, Great Yield, soybeans, relation between yield and protein, breeding, Joseph Burton, Raleigh, NC, 90AUG26

Corn Mold Hazard Leucoencephalomacia (ELAM), horse disease corn, Fusarium moniliforme Aspergillus flavus fumonisins fungus, William P. Norred, Athens, GA, 90AUG27

Prolactin Part of Milk's Riddle, cow, mammary glands, milk production, tumors, cell, receptors, lactation, pituitary hormone, protein, Anthony Capuco and James J. Smith, Beltsville, MD, 90AUG27

Forum, A Coordinated Approach to Water Quality, groundwater contamination, chemical leaching, Water Quality Research Plan, Harry C. Mussman, Washington, 90SEP2

Reviving the Chesapeake Bay, estuarine, ecosystem, agricultural runoff point, pollution, atmospheric nitrogen oxides filter strips, manure, soil tests, no-till numerous scientists, 90SEP4

Rescuing Oats' Heart-Helpers, Beta-glucans, beta-glucans, dry-milling, Benny E. Knuckles, Albany, CA, 90SEP13

Tricky Business: Raising Cattle in Florida, beef production, grazing, forage, Senepol breed, bahaigrass peanut, Andrew C. Hammond, Chad C. Chase Jr., and Mimi J. Williams, Brooksville, FL, 90SEP16

Picture of First Century Agriculture, volcanic eruption at Pompeii, Italy, Vesuvius, ancient crops, walnuts, history of agriculture, carbonized specimens, Frederick G. Meyer, U.S. National Arboretum, Washington, DC, 90SEP16

For Alternative Crops—He's the Duke, germplasm, collecting drug sources, wildflowers, folk medicine, AIDS drugs, evening primrose, St. Johns wort, Moreton Bay chestnut, James A. Duke, Beltsville, MD, 90SEP18

Water Weeds Tamed With Promising Compound, bensulfuron methyl Eurasian milfoil hydrilla sago pondweed elodea, Lars W.J. Anderson, Davis, CA, 90SEP21

Ellis Island for Plants, plant germplasm quarantine, Plant Protection and Quarantine Program diseases, dutch elm disease, graft testing, serology, rice, apple dapple disease apple scar skin viroid, Howard Waterworth, Suzanne S. Hurtt, Ahmed Hadidi, and Glenn Dale, MD, 90SEP22

Measuring Salinity Fast, 60-second test, battery-operated measuring device measures weight and electrical resistance, James D. Rhoades, Riverside, CA, 90SEP27

Estimating Fumigant Residues, methyl bromide residues, indirect, test fruit, export, market patent, 90SEP27

Forum, Mapping the Plant Genome, gene transfer, low-resolution and high-resolution maps, desirable plant traits, Arabidopsis, Jerome Miksche, Beltsville, MD, 90OCT2

In Search of Perfect Plants, germplasm collection, germplasm preservation, plant pathology, insects, National Plant Germplasm System, GRIN, crop breeding objectives, sugarcane, genetic engineering, traditional plant breeding, pollen storage, Henry L. Shands, Beltsville, MD, 90OCT4

Breeding Better Berries, Redcrest strawberry, Waldo blackberry, Summit raspberry, golden raspberry, disease resistance, Francis J. Lawrence, Corvallis, OR, 90OCT11

Breaking the Salmonella/Chicken Connection, irradiation of poultry, foodborne pathogens, vitamin content of chicken, Salmonella, Donald W. Thayer and Jay B. Fox Jr., Philadelphia, PA, 90OCT12

Preventing Diabetes with Chromium, fat and sugar metabolism, blood insulin, blood sugar, hypoglycemia, chromium supplements, Richard A. Anderson, Beltsville, MD, 90OCT14

Giving Broccoli Bugs the Brush Off, cabbage loopers, imported cabbage worms, diamondback, moth larvae, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, parasitic wasps, flies, viruses, K. Duane Biever, Yakima, WA, 90OCT17

Insects Good and Bad—Scientists Must Grow their Own, insect rearing, Voria ruralis, Phryxe vulgaris, Artogeia rapae, Trichoplusia ni, Plutella xylostella, 90OCT19

Greenhouse Effect May Not be All Bad, global warming, temperature change in United States, climate, carbon dioxide in atmosphere, effects of pollution on crops, crop growth simulation in controlled atmosphere, Shirwood Idso and Bruce Kimball, Phoenix, AZ, 90OCT20

Budworms and Bollworms Targeted by a Virus, Helicoverpa zea, Heliothis virescens, spraying live insect virus, Marion R. Bell and D.D. Hardee, Stoneville, MS, 90OCT24

Mighty Mite Takes On Bindweed, Aceria malherbae, Tyta luctuosa, imported insects, biocontrol, Sara S. Rosenthal, Bozeman, MT, Culver J. Deloach Jr., and Paul E. Boldt, Temple, TX, 90OCT26

Fungus Found by Accident Protects Lettuce, Sporidesmium sclerotivorum, Sclerotinia minor, lettuce, drop natural biocontrol, mycoparasite, Peter B. Adams, Beltsville, MD, 90OCT26

St. Croix Sheep Resist Worms, hair sheep breed, immunity to nematode parasites, globule leucocytes, inbreeding, H. Ray Gamble, Beltsville, MD, 90OCT27

Forum, Setting the Table for Research, technique-oriented science, basic research instrumentation, 90NOV2

When the Hard Rains Come, rainfall measurements, synthetic aperture, radar, Walnut Gulch semiarid rangelands, climate storms, soil moisture, William P. Kustas, Beltsville, MD, 90NOV4

A New Look at Irradiated Citrus, grapefruit irradiation, Salmonella, control of insects, quarantine, Donald L. von Windeguth, Miami, FL, 90NOV10

How Do You Grade Wild Rice?, inspection, new grading technique, new national standards, export market, Albert P. Mossman and Robert N. Sayre, Albany, CA, 90NOV12

Chance Discovery to Aid Muscle Research, cyclopiazonic acid aflatoxin toxicity cell membranes calcium transport enzyme, Ronald T. Riley, Athens, GA, 90NOV14

A Stick to Control Boll Weevils, bait sticks, attracticide, pheromone, insect control, cyfluthrin, Gerald H. McKibben, Starkville, MS, 90NOV16

Learning Lessons on Reclamation, cattle grazing, strip mining, erosion, bentonite, spoil wood chips and fertilizer, Gerald E. Schuman, Cheyenne, WY, 90NOV17

Viewing Anew the Structures of Life, new stage, higher resolution for scanning, tunneling, microscope, digitized and colorized micrographs, computerized image scanning, low- temperature microscopy, William P. Wergin, Eric F. Erbe, and Christopher Pooley, Beltsville, MD, 90NOV18

Flax Message: New Variety for the Health Conscious, Omega flax seed, alpha-linolenic omega-3 fatty acids, oilseed, yellow-seeded flax, Jerry F. Miller, Fargo, ND, 90NOV22

Insect Gene Mapping, Culicoides variipennis, biting midge, bluetongue disease, DNA restriction, fragment length polymorphisms, Walter Tabachnick, Laramie, WY, 90NOV22

Avoiding Cataracts, human nutrition, antioxidant ,vitamins, vitamin C, carotenoids, Paul F. Jacques, Boston, MA, 90NOV22

Higher Producing Honey Bees, weighing hives, selective breeding for honey production, queens, honey production, Nicholas W. Calderone, Beltsville, MD, 90NOV23

Forum, Norman F. Cheville, Distinguished Scientist of 1990, ultrastructural studies, electron microscopy, Newcastle disease, fowlpox infectious bursal disease, veterinary pathology, 90DEC2

The Africanized Honey Bees, hybrid honey bees, killer bees, trap lines first entry into U.S., threat to humans, effect on pollination, honey production identification of sugar syrup, bait for marking queens, Ralph Bram Beltsville, and numerous others, 90DEC4

Stingometer Finds Savage Stingers, European honey bees, Africanized honey bees, DEET repellents, Hayward Spangler and Eric Erickson, Tucson, AZ, 90DEC9

Rare Immune System Disease Found in Cattle, Human Leukocyte Adhesion deficiency (LAD), MAC-1 protein, Holstein breed, gene transfer test for carrier animals, Marcus E. Kehrli Jr., Ames, IA, 90DEC12

The Cranberry Girdler: Sex is Its Undoing, Chrysoteucia topiaria, pheromone traps, Douglas fir seedlings, cranberry bogs, endophyte-resistant grasses, James A. Kamm, Corvallis, OR, Leslie M. McDonough, Yakima, WA, 90DEC13

Modern Air May Favor Rangeland Brush, atmospheric carbon dioxide, CO2, controlled atmosphere studies, photosynthesis increase in biomass, time tunnel, Herman S. Mayeaux, Jr., Hyrum B. Johnson, and H. Wayne Polley, Temple, TX, 90DEC14

Biting Into Apple Research, Elgetol codling moth (Cydia pomonella), leaf miners, aphids, biocontrol apple ermine moth (Yponomenta mallimellus), mechanized harvesting, postharvest controlled atmosphere, storage, Cryptococcus yeast inhibits molds and rots, Max W. Williams, Eric A. Curry, James P. Mattheis, Stephen R. Drake, Rodney G. Roberts, Wenatchee WA, David F. Brown, Harry G. Davis, J. Franklin Howell, Leslie M. McDonough, Thomas R. Unruh, and James L. Krysan, Yakima, WA, Stephen S. Miller, Kearneysville, WV, 90DEC18

The Apple Collection National Germplasm Repository, Rambo variety disease-resistance, genetic variability, Stephen Kresovich, Geneva, NY, 90DEC20

Of Crops and Crawfish: Diversity Sweeps the South, goldenberries, Mississippi delta, chayote, muscadine grapes, blueberries, intercropping, Xenia Y. Wolff, Baton Rouge, LA, 90DEC24

Grass-Fungus Symbiosis Saving Lawns, hairy chinch bug, endophyte fungus, ryegrass, turfgrass, Roger H. Ratcliffe, Beltsville, MD, 90AUG11

Editorial: How Reliable is our Scientific Data?, alachlor solubility, computer modeling programs, 89JAN2

The Year of the Africanized Bee?, apis mellifera, bait hives, honey production, insect migration, Deet, Thomas Rinderer, Steve Shepherd, Robyn Glass, Gerald Loper, Wayne Wolf, and Alan Sylvester, 89JAN4

Can't Tell Your Bees Apart? Bar Code 'Em!, Stephen L. Buchmann, 89JAN7

A-Peeling New Citrus Technology, orange peel, albedo, vacuum infusion, fruit, grapefruit, Robert A. Baker, 89JAN8

Innovation in Foods: Safety First, Clostridium, botulinum, botulism, food poisoning, bacteria, Robert L. Buchanan, Walter Fiddler, Jay B. Fox Jr., and Arthur J. Miller, 89JAN10

Milk Protein Mystery Finally Solved, casein, curd cheese, cheese-making enzymes in cheese-making process, Thomas F. Kumosinski, Helmut Pessen, and Harold M. Farrel, 89JAN12

Soy Oil Has All the Moxie of Fish Oil, linolenic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, marine oil, fat cholesterol-lessener, Edward A. Emken, 89JAN12

Goodbye Height Weight Tables?, fat-to-lean ratio, TOBEC, fat measurement, Marta Van Loan, 89JAN13

Walnut Gets a New Gene, Abrobacterium, tumefaciens, walnut, embryos, gene transfer, embryogenesis, Gale H. McGranahan, 89JAN14

Patent: Cucumber Pickles: More Crunch and Less Salt pickle fermentation Lactobacillus plantarum carbon dioxide bloater damage cucumbers Henry P. Fleming 89Jan15

Editorial: Can We Scale Up Fish Farming?, aquaculture, catfish, water quality, Donald W. Freeman, 89FEB2

Catfish Farming: It's a Male-Order Business, hormones, catfish, sex selection, aquaculture, Gary J. Carmichael, Cheryl A. Goudy, Wendell J. Lorio, and Peter B. Johnsen, 89FEB4

Pond-Raised Shrimp Thrive on Sugarcane, bagasse, sugarcane, Penaeus vannamei, feedlot, manure, aquaculture, 89FEB9

Meadowfoam: Pretty Flowers Pretty Possibilities, oilseed, soaps, limnanthes, alba nutlets, 89FEB10

Vitamin E May Boost Immunity in Old Age, immune system, aging process, supplements, vitamins, interleukin-2 white blood cells, Simin Meydani, 89FEB12

Poultry Diseases Fowl Threats to Broiler Industry, ascites, poultry, chickens, birds, coccidiosis, Donald Witzel, Michael D. Ruff, Richard L. Witter, and Charles W. Beard, 89FEB13

Frozen Soil Pulls Water Up From Below, soil erosion patterns, snow, no-till frost, George R. Benoit, 89FEB14

Russian Gauges at Reynolds Creek, snowmelt, water supplies, climatic data precipitation, Clayton L. Hanson, 89FEB16

Harmful Seeds: Taking a Closer Look, morning glory, nightshade, jimsonweed, sicklepod, velvetleaf grain toxicity, Mendel Friedman, 89FEB17

Why Some Cows Fight Mastitis Better, neutrofils, white blood cells in cows, dairy cows, flow cytometer, Max J. Paape and Albert J. Guidry, 89FEB17

Self-Destructing Alfalfa?, medicarpin, natural herbicide, David L. Dornbos, Jr., Peoria, IL, 89FEB18

Breeding for Early Bloom, soybean, crossbreeding pod fill, Randall L. Nelson, 89FEB19

Patent: New Lure Attracts Medfly Males, Ceratitis capitata, Ceralure, Tridmedlure attractant, Mediterranean fruit fly, Terrence P. McGovern, 89FEB19

Editorial: Biological Pest Control, a winning strategy, crop rotation, beneficial insects, genetic engineering, nematodes, weeds, screwworm, R. James Cook, Pullman, WA, 89MAR2

Biological Control Turns 100 This Year, insects, nematodes, weeds, vedalia beetle, parasitic wasps, Bt Bacillus thuringiensis, St. Johnswort, DDT, Jack R. Coulson, 89MAR4

Friendly Flies May Stop Starthistle, Chaetorellia australis peacock fly, biocontrol, Charles E. Turner, Albany, CA, 89MAR9

The Conqueror of Klamathweed, weed biocontrol, Klamathweed beetle, 89MAR8

Immigrant Pests: Locating Enemies Abroad, musk, thistle, apples, ermine moth, hyperparasites, Richard S. Soper, Beltsville, MD, 89MAR10

Blunting the Peachtree Borer, lesser peachtree borer traps, pheremone, peach, J. Wendell Snow, 89MAR14

Natural Sugar Cuts Salmonella in Broilers, D-mannose sugar, chickens, salmonella, typhimurium, poultry, John R. DeLoach and Anthony B. Oyofo, 89MAR16

Herbicide Spray Melts Leaf Wax, johnsongrass, signalgrass, fall panicum, Chester McWhorter and Floyd E. Fulgham, 89MAR18

Coping with Crop Residues, conservation tillage, coulters, Donald C. Erbach, Ames, IA, 89MAR19

Process May Sweeten Sugarbeet Profits, beet process, sugar, Richard H. Edwards and Wayne M. Camirand, 89MAR21

Shade Umbrella Stops Weeds, corn herbicide, canopy, Frank Forcella, 89MAR21

Shortcut for Bluetongue Research, sheep disease, insect borne disease, biting midge, Sally J. Wechsler, 89MAR22

Patent: Bacteria Zap Wheat Weeds, downy brome pseudomonas, soil bacteria, Anhn C. Kennedy, 89MAR22

Editorial: Potential Danger in Excess Supplements, diet, vitamins, selenium, Curtiss D. Hunt, 89APR02

Farm Animals of the Future (part I), genetic engineering, poultry disease resistance, pigs, cattle, rumen, lignin, sperm sorting, Robert J. Wall, James W. Deaton, Michael D. Ruff, Norman C. Steele, Lawrence A. Johnson, and Larry V. Cundiff, 89APR04

Waste from Power Plants Conditions Soil, coal, electricity, generating fluidized bed combustion, sulfur, William L. Stout, 89APR9

Vernonia New Industrial Oil Crop, Vernonia galemensis, epoxidized oil, Ethiopia alkyd-resin paint, Robert E. Perdue Jr., 89APR10

The Making of an Essential Element, boron, brain function, hormones, vitamins, metabolism, brain, James G. Penland, Forrest H. Nielsen, Terrence R. Shuler, and Curtiss D. Hunt, 89APR12

Stethoconus: Dirty Harry of the Azaleas, azalea, lace bug, biocontrol, Systematic Entomology Lab, John W. Neal Jr., 89APR14

Polyester Repairman is Really a Bee Epeolus, Colletes, Philip F. Torchio, Logan, UT, 89APR18

Bitter Compounds in Citrus May Be Beneficial, nomilin cancer, limonin, Shin Hasegawa, Pasadena, CA, 89APR18

Which Little Pig Is Fated to be Fat?, swine, lean meat, fat test for obesity, diabetes, 89APR19

Scientists Fight Brush With Imported Insects, snakeweed, Heilipodus ventralis, Carmenta haematica, mesquite, saltcedar, seepwillow, C. Jackson DeLoach Jr. and Paul E. Boldt, 89APR16

Editorial: Great Expectations and Practical Realities, funding programs, technology transfer, R.D. Plowman, 89MAY02

Tracking the Elusive Viroid, potato spindle tuber disease, RNA virus, viroid, apple scar, skin viroid test, Theodor O. Diener and Ahmed Hadidi, 89MAY04

Selenium-Loving Plants Cleanse the Soil, mustard soil contamination, irrigation, boron, phytochelatins, 89MAY08

Farm Animals of the Future Part II, lambs, twinning, dairy cattle, milk production, BST, hormone poultry disease, swine disease, parasite, Hudson A. Glimp, H. Duane Norman, Larry D. Satter, Henry F. Tyrrell, Vernon G. Pursel, Charles W. Beard, and Alex B. Thiermann, 89MAY10

Weed-Free Fields Not Key to Highest Profits, Corn/Weed Bioeconomic Model, herbicide use, crop rotation, Edward E. Schweizer, 89MAY14

Groundwater Under the Cornfields, irrigation, herbicides, soil microbes, GLEAMS, William C. Koskinin, 89MAY15

Predicting Cattle Parasite Numbers, brown stomach worm, barberpole worm, intestinal worms, computer model, Daniel E. Snyder, 89MAY16

Sugar Beets Breathe Lightly, Save Energy, storage rot fungi, Phoma betae, sugar processing germplasm, Larry G. Campbell and Ben Hardin, Peoria, IL, 89MAY16

Active People May Need Extra Protein, diet, nutrition, endurance, exercise, RDA, Carol N. Meridith, 89APR17

Odorless Lasting Protection for Wool, Streptomyces avermitilis, insect resistance, Avermectin, Roy E. Bry, 89MAY17

Grow-Your-Own Diesel Fuel Not Forgotten, soybean oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, rape seed oil, Marvin O. Bagby, 89MAY18

The Perfume Fruit Flies Just Can't Resist, Malaysian fruit fly, cyclohexyl and cyclohexenyl aliphatic alcohols and ketones, Dacus latifrons Latilure, Terrence P. McGovern 89MAY19

Patent: Inhibiting Nitrogen Fertilizer Loss, leaching calcium carbide, acetylene encapsulation, Arvin R. Mosier, 89MAY18

Editorial: Filling the Rice Bowl, exports, biotechnology, hybrid rice, genetic engineering, rice, water, weevil, stinkbug, blast sheath, blight stem rot, J. Neil Rutger 89JUN02

Silent Tracers Leave Their Mark, Carbon-13 stable, isotopes, nutrition, rice, deuterium, calories, protein, deficiency, premature infants, RDA for infants, breast-fed infants, fat, Peter Klein, Nancy Butte,David Hachey, and William Wong, 89JUN04

Nutritionally Enhanced Rice Genetically True, mutation, lysine, amino acids, genetic engineering, 89JUN09

Crops in Space!, NASA growth culture, medium roots, light spectrum, closed environment, root restriction, plant stress, Steven J. Britz, Donald T. Krizek, and Todd A. Peterson, 89JUN10

Blast those Genes!, gene transfer, bioblaster mutations, genetic engineering, electroporation, microprojectiles, Theodore M. Klein and Michael E. Fromm, 89JUN14

Ground-Nesting Bee Best for Blueberries, blueberry, bee, rabbiteye, blueberry pollination, Habropoda laboriosa, Jerry A. Payne, 89JUN16

Kenaf Tops Equal High-Quality Ha,y paper, forage, alfalfa hay, William Phillips, 89JUN18

From the Flower Garden: Natural Insect Resistance, Heliothis zea, petunia, tomato, fruitworm, tomatillo, protoplast fusion, microinjection, Carl A. Elliger and Anthony C. Waiss Jr., 89JUN18

Patent: Zinc Helps Keep Fruits Fresh, zinc, chloride, bath fruit, browning, polyphenol, oxidase, enzyme, Harold R. Bolin, 89JUN19

Less Pickleworm Pesticide, cucumbers, pesticides, trap, pheromone, Kent D. Elsey, 89JUN19

Editorial: Where Will Tomorrow's Scientists Come From?, education, volunteers, students, recruiting work force, Mary E. Carter, 89JUL02

Wanted: Breathing Room for Crops, air pollution, Ethylenediurea plant regulator, plant stress, ozone, corn, Edward H. Lee and Donald T. Krizek, 89JUL04

Treasure Maps to Pest Control, Calepitrimerusl eriophyid, gall mite, grape vines, Systematic Entomology, cunaxid biocontrol, Robert L. Smiley, 89JUL07

Fungal Trublemaker Under Fire, Fusarium mold, tricothecene toxins, enzyme phytoalexins, genetic engineering, Marian Beremand, Anne Desjardins, Thomas Hohn, Susan McCormick, and Odette Shotwell, 89JUL8

Treatment Lands Fruit Pests in Hot Water, tropical fruit, mango, pest, quarantine, fruit fly, carambolas, Caribbean fruit fly, Jennifer Sharp, 89JUL09

Nitrogen Overload May Shrivel Vitamin Content, nitrogen, fertilizer, vitamin C, iron, nutrition, vegetables, fruit, beta carotene, Sharon Hornick, 89JUL10

Tiny Parasite Taking on Grasshopper Hordes, Nosema locustae biocontrol, bacteria and fungi, protozoa, entomopox virus, John E. Henry, Jerome A. Onsager, William P. Kemp, Douglas A. Streett, and James S. Berry, 89JUL12

Computerized Crystal Ball for Wheat Growth, computer model, PLANTEMP, drought, Universal Soil Loss Equation, weather data, Elizabeth Klepper, Pendleton, OR, 89JUL15

Uncovering Food Pathogens' Nasty Secrets, bacteria, Listeria monocytogenes, Shiugella, flexneri, immune response, bacteria, James L. Smith, 89JUL16

Pinning Down Copper's Place In Diet, minerals, nutrition, RDA, vitamin C, Phyllis Johnson, 89JUL18

Deadliest Days of Drought Stress, microscopic reconnaissance, drought, stress, cotton, plants, computer, photographs, photosynthesis, Eugene L. Vigil, 89JUL19

Moth Recruited to Gnaw Knapweed, biological control, yellow-winged root moth, Agapeta zoegana, Sara S. Rosenthal, 89JUL19

Seeds Safely Doze Under Laughing Gas, nitrous oxide, seed storage, germplasm preservation, tropical and subtropical plants, 89JUL21

Solving Plant Hormone Puzzle, abscisic acid, sprouting, genetic engineering, enzymes growth regulator, M.K. Walker-Simmons, Shirley M. Norman, and Stephen M. Poling, Peoria, IL 89JUL21

Cooking Creates Host of Cholesterol Compounds, oxides, carcinogenic, Gerhad Maerker, Philadelphia, PA, 89JUL22

More Precision in Brucellosis Tests, Bang's disease, abortion in cattle, undulant fever, vaccinated test, livestock, Louisa Tabatabai, 89JUL23

Fat Cells, Fat Chicks, chickens, poultry, adipsin, genetic engineering, chickenfeed, Teresa L. Blalock, 89JUL23

Editorial Computer Models Aid Groundwater Protection, pesticide movemen,t decision-making tools, mobility, persistence, management systems, slow-release formulations, application scheduling, selective placement, agricultural chemicals, David A. Farrell, 89AUG02

Water Models Save Resources, computer models, pesticides, peanuts, EPIC, soil erosion, ALMANAC SWRRB, intercropping, soil type, topography, sediment, James I. Davidson Jr., Jimmy R. Williams, and Jeffrey G. Arnold, 89AUG04

Weather Wizard, rainfall, CLIMATE, computer model, forecast, weather, data base, John F. Zusel, David A. Woolhiser, and Russell S. Karow, 89AUG10

Pinpointing Pollutants with Soil Samples, supercritical fluid extractor, chromatograph, soil contaminants, groundwater, Jerry W. King, 89AUG11

Guard Dogs Mean Business, sheep, coyotes, predators, livestock, Jeffrey Green, 89AUG12

Superscales Help Growers Save Water, lysimeter, precision, irrigation soil, moisture, drip irrigation, Claude J. Phene, 89AUG14

Adapt-a-Plant, aluminum in soil acid soil, genetic engineering, wheat, limpograss, mine-spoil soil, bluegrass, salt in soil, iron, Charles D. Foy, Michael C. Shannon, Robert T. Ramage Jr., James J. Murray, Gerald A. Jung, Rufus Chaney, and Thomas E. Carter, 89AUG16

Streambank Plants Vital to Water Quality, roots, streamside vegetation, environment, erosion, sedimentation, rhizotron, Tony J. Svejcar, 89AUG19

Nunas: A Nutritious Snack Food, nunas, South America, high protein, bean, popcorn, Stephen C. Spaeth and Matt J. Silbernagel, 89AUG20

NIRS Detection Saves Labor, dairy, cattle, milk, lactation, near infrared reflectance spectroscopy, estrus, David H. Clark, 89AUG20

Eat-All Melon, fruit, nutrition, marketing, flavor, Perry E. Nugent, 89AUG21

Underground Microbes Counter Chemicals, herbicides, groundwater, alachlor, metribuzin, Thomas B. Moorman and Sidney S. Harper, 89AUG22

Grasses Control Excess Fertilizer, nitrogen, groundwater, pollution, cereal, grasses, Jack Meisinger, 89AUG22

Patent: A Mover and a Shaker, thornless blackberries, harvesting small fruits, Donald L. Peterson, 89AUG23

Editorial: The Cockroach Controversy, pesticide, asthma, food safety, sulfluramide, Asian cockroach, Salmonella, 89SEP02

Cockroaches in the Attic, electronic sensors, home construction, German cockroach, insect activity affected by humidity temperature, ventilation, airflow, Richard J. Brenner, 89SEP4

New Cockroach Ant Insecticide, sulfluramid fire ants, Clifford Lofgren and Robert K. Vander Meer, Gainesville, FL, 89SEP7

World's Friendliest Biotechnology Lab, EPCOT Center, biotechnology laboratory, cloning, tourists, genetic engineering, Jerome P. Miksche, 89SEP08

Better Tasting More Healthful Oils, soybean, sunflower, cannola flavor, lipoxygenase storage conditions, oilseeds, 89SEP10

Pastures Need Help for Clean Bill of Health, groundwater, nitrogen, manure, livestock, pollution, Lloyd B. Owens, 89SEP13

Mutant Pea Glutton for Iron, E107, hemochromatosis, ferric, iron mutation, Ross M. Welch, 89SEP14

Smelling Just Peachy Keen, fruit, peach aroma, market conditions, shelf-life, Robert J. Horvat, 89SEP14

Patent: No-Calorie Flour, high-fiber flour, lignin bread, J. Michael Gould, 89SEP15

Editorial: Sustaining Agriculture, alternative farming management systems, research, funding, erosion control, genetic engineering, R.D. Plowman, 89OCT02

Alternative vs. Conventional Farming, ridge tillage, worms, fertilizer, herbicides, nitrogen, groundwater livestock, farmers, David Synder and Dick Thompson, Jerry L. Hatfield, Douglas L. Karlen, Edward C. Berry, Thomas S. Colvin, and John W. Doran, 89OCT04

The Eyes of Texas Track the Boll Weevil, cotton, infrared photography, aerial reconnaissance, Kenneth R. Summy, Weslaco, TX, 89OCT08

An Acre in the Palm of Your Hand, allelopathy, natural herbicides, duckweed, weed control, bioassay, Gerald R. Leather, 89OCT09

Manure Without Pollution, fertilizer, nitrogen, liquid manure, triple crop, sod system, forage, James Butler, 89OCT10

Helping Small Farmers Make Big Decisions, computer system, expert system, APEX, commodities, Yao-Chi Lu, 89OCT13

Tools for Sustaining the Soil, paraplow, crop residue, seed fertilizer, cross-slot drill, sustainable agriculture, slot mulcher, sweep plow, Lloyd N. Mielke, Lloyd F. Elliot, Keith A. Saxton, and Robert Papendick, 89OCT14

When Plant Cooling Fails . . . , drought transpiration, thermal, kenetic, window, genetic engineering, enzymes, corn, wheat, cotton, spinach, cucumbers, Jerry E. Quisenberry, Lubbock, TX, 89OCT17

The Best Bacteria for Soybean Roots, Bradyrhizobium japonicum, nitrogen, fertilizer, Perry B. Cregan and Harold H. Keyser, Beltsville, MD, 89OCT18

Probing Plant Preferences, cells, nitrate, ammonia, fertilizer, Leon V. Kochian, Ithaca, NY, 89OCT18

Predicting Insecticide Resistance, population, genetics vs. quantitative genetics, Jane L. Hayes and Michael Firko, Stoneville, MS, 89OCT18

Nikkomycin—Antibiotic for Plants, bacterium, Streptomyces, tendae, fungi, Paul Engel, New Orleans, LA, 89OCT19

Kearneysville: Where New Ideas Come to Fruit, apples, peaches, pears, apricots, plums, blackberries, strawberry, Stephen Miller, Kearneysville, WV, 89NOV04

Can Crops Tolerate Acid Rain, lettuce, tomato, winter wheat, Denis T. DuBay and Allen S. Heagle, Raleigh, NC, 89NOV09

Underground Allies of Plants, fungi mycorrhizae, Gabor J. Bethlenfalvay, Albany, CA, 89NOV10

Collecting Ryegrass in the Soviet Union, forages, germplasm, Kay H. Asay, Logan, UT, 89NOV14

Chinese Pigs May Perk Up Production, hogs, China, Roger J. Gerrits, Beltsville, MD, 89NOV16

Pecan Breeders Crack a Tough Nut, hickory, germplasm, Tommy E. Thompson, Brownwood, TX, 89NOV18

Blush With Death, nematode, Heterorhabditis heliothidis, Andrew P. Nyczepir, Byron, GA, 89NOV21

Weight Loss Is Simple Arithmetic: Subtraction, calorimeter, diet, metabolism, William V. Rumpler, Beltsville, MD, 89NOV22

Breeding Super Sweetpotatoes: Regal Southern Delite, Excel, southern potato wireworm, tobacco wireworm, banded cucumber beetle, spotted cucumber beetle, elongated flea beetle, pale-striped flea beetle, and sweetpotato flea beetle, Philip Dukes, Charleston, SC, 89NOV24

Editorial: Chester G. McWhorter, Distinguished Scientist of the Year, weeds, johnsongrass, 89NOV02

The Cheese Detectives, food adulteration, Michael H. Tunick, Philadelphia, PA, 89NOV26

Catfish Disease Step Closer to Control, Edwardsiella ictaluri, bacterium, Phillip H. Klesius, Auburn, AL, 89NOV26

Neckbands: An Alternative to Ear Tags, cattle, horn flies, face flies, ticks and mites, parasite, J. Allen Miller, Kerrville, TX, 89NOV2

Editorial—Many Success Stories are Yet To Be Written, for Jane Giles student programs, science research associates, personnel, 89DEC02

Opening the Door to Agricultural Science, National Visitors' Center, teachers, science workshop, log lodge, 89DEC04

These Students Track Disappearing Soybean Gene, genetics, Rj4, bradyrhizobia, soil, bacteria, Thomas E. Devine, Beltsville, MD, 89DEC06

An ARS Lab Reaps What It Has Sown, cotton fiber, quality summer apprentice program, student in agriculture, Barbara Triplett. New Orleans, LA, 89DEC08

ARS Programs for Student and Temporary Help, student employment guidelines, Nancy Bakes, Beltsville, MD, 89DECInsert

All Summer, Teacher's a Researcher, Teachers' Research Fellowship Program, John R. DeLoach, 89DEC10

Growing Our Own Scientists, minority students, high school students, David E. Zimmer, Athens, GA, 89DEC14

Memorable Teaching, Memorable Science Teacher Fellowship Program, microbial degradation, J. Michael Gould, Peoria, IL, 89DEC16

An Extra Push from Extracurriculars, Tomorrow's Scientists, Technicians, and Managers student clubs, Grant St. Julian, Peoria, IL 89DEC17

Potato Chips, minority students, Philadelphia school district, volunteerism, John P. Cherry Philadelphia, PA, 89DEC18

Soil . . . Some Call It Dirt, wheat, PLANTEMP, Saturday Academy, Elizabeth L. Klepper, Pendleton, OR, 89DEC19

From Coast to Coast Showing Their Class in Science, teaching agricultural science, minority student programs, women in agriculture, high school programs, numerous scientists, 89DEC20

My Summers With Science, papaya, bacteria, fungi, Mediterranean fruit fly, Kate A. Nishijima, Hilo, HI, 89DEC21

The Beltsville Break-In, editorial, animal rights activists, African miniature swine cats, Terry B. Kinney, Washington, DC, 88JAN2

Orlando Lab Helps Protect Florida Citrus, oranges, grapefruit, tristeza, canker, cold hardiness, Richard T. Mayer, Orlando, FL, Edwin Civerolo, Beltsville, MD, 88JAN6

Menthol Clears Bees Breathing Tubes, tracheal mites, honey, William Wilson, Weslaco, TX, 88JAN11

Planned Parenthood for More Perfect Potatoes, Atlantic, BelRus, Raymon Webb, and Kathleen G. Haynes, Beltsville, MD, 88JAN12

Soil Yields 72 New Varieties of a Natural Pest Control, Bt, Bacillus thuringiensis, Susan Martin, Beltsville, MD, 88JAN14

New Test Helps Guard Against Food Poisoning, purple dye, Yersinia enterocolitica, Saumya Bhaduri, Philadelphia, PA, 88JAN4

Which Little Piggy Stays Home?, hog breeders, STAGES, Swine Testing and Genetic Evaluation System, Dewey L. Harris, Clay Center, NE, 88JAN4

White Lupin: Future Grain for the North?, legume, Lupinus albus also lupine, William M. Clapham, Orono, ME, 88JAN5

Fiber Component May Bring Down Colon Cancer Risk, calcium pectate, cholesterol, Peter D. Hoagland and Philip E. Pfeffer, Philadelphia, PA, 88JAN5

A Vaccine for Swine Trichinosis, hogs, pigs, Patent Application Serial No. 07/068499, Vaccine for Swine Trichinosis, Kenneth D. Murrell, Beltsville, MD, 88JAN16

A Fungal Foe for Jimsonweed, fungus, Alternaria crassa, Clyde D. Boyette, Stoneville, MS, Patent Application Serial No. 07/092100, Control of Jimsonweed, 88JAN16

Soil Yields New Varieties of Bt, Patent Application Serial No. 07/050450, Acetate Selected Bacillus thuringiensis and the Method of Use, 88JAN16

Editorial: Improving Groundwater Quality, underground water, pesticide, chemicals, wells, soil decontamination, Terry B. Kinney Jr., 88FEB2

Caterpillars Held In Perpetual Youth, biocontrol, wasp, bollworms, armyworms, Euplectrus plathypenae, Thomas A. Coudron and Benjamin Puttler, Columbia, MO, 88FEB4

Culprit in Winter Lettuce Price Rise, virus, white flies, James D. McCreight and James E. Duffus, St. Salinas, CA, 88FEB4

Vaccine Planned Against Cattle Grub, pest vaccine, parasitic larva, bacteria, parasite, John H. Pruett Jr., Kerrville, TX, 88FEB5

Bored Boars: A $50 Million Problem, tests to predict sexual performance, J. Joe Ford, Clay Center, NE, 88FEB5

Safeguarding Our Essential Resource . . . , Water, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, pollution, David A. Farrell, Beltsville, MD, 88FEB6

Asian Children May Quell Nutritional Controversy, Thailand, zinc, vitamin A, blood, James C. Smith, Beltsville, MD, 88FEB11

New Plow Saves Soil, Harnesses Microbe Power, wheat, moldboard erosion, underground plow, Lloyd N. Mielke, Lincoln, NE, 88FEB12

Fungi are Key Future Sources of Safe Chemicals, infestans, Penicillium cyclopium, Hank Cutler, Athens, GA, 88FEB13

Spiroplasmas Tempted By Laboratory Soup, parasites, fruit flies, Kevin J. Hackett, Beltsville, MD, 88FEB14

Potato Plants Make Their Own Insect Repellent, leptine cell fusion, Stephen L. Sinden, Beltsville, MD, 88FEB15

Protecting Chickens Against Marek's Disease, vaccines, nonpathogenic strain, Richard L. Witter, East Lansing, MI, Patent Application Serial No. 07/071949, Serotype 2, Marek's Disease Vaccine, 88FEB16

Cellulose III Cotton Fiber Resists Abrasive Wear, durable press, Timothy A. Calamari and Lawrence Yatsu, New Orleans, LA, Patent Application Serial No. 07/063357, Stable Crystalline Cellulose III Polymorphs, 88FEB16

Editorial: An Imperative for Computer Modeling, modules, carbon dioxide, code Basil Acock, Beltsville, MD, 88MAR2

Anticaking Agent May Detox Chicken Feed, aflatoxin, Aspergillus flavus, Leon F. Kubena, College Station, TX, 88MAR4

Tomatoes Prefer Red Mulch, Potatoes Like It White, colored plastic mulch yield color, Michael J. Kasperbauer and Patrick G. Hunt, Florence, SC, 88MAR4

Tiny Homes in Plant Leaves Shelter Beneficial Mites, coffee, dogwood, camphor, domatia, facultative, mutualism, Robert W. Pemberton, Bozeman, MT, and Charles E. Turner, Albany, CA, 88MAR5

Dwarf Corn Shades Weeds, herbicide, soil conservation, Frank Forcella, Morris, MI, 88MAR5

Agriculture and the Greenhouse Effect, sun's rays, heat temperature, carbon dioxid,e CO2, W. Doral Kemper, Beltsville, MD, 88MAR6

It's Code Named Carna 5 Cucumber Mosaic Virus RNA, Jacobus M. Kaper, Beltsville, MD, 88MAR10

New Cornbread Adds Flavor to Sandwiches, flour, gluten, bread, texture, Kathleen A. Warner, Leo L. Navickis, and Edward B. Bagley, Peoria, IL, 88MAR11

Self-Shielded Crops Possible, vaccinating alfalfa, apple,s oranges, Nichole R. O'Neill and C. Jacyn Baker, Beltsville, MD, 88MAR12

Pawprint Test for Vitamin B6 Deficiency, rat, abnormal gait, Monica C. Schaeffer, San Francisco, CA, 88MAR13

Carbonated Milk: Soft Drink That's Not Junk Food, soda, milk, strawberry apricot juice, CO2, Ranjit S. Kadan, New Orleans, LA, 88MAR14

Diet Studies To Rely On Home Computers food, Mary J. Kretsch, San Francisco, CA, 88MAR14

Editorial Sixty Years of Conservation Research, native grasses, soil, M.E. Carter, 88APR2

Computers Fill a GAPP For Plant Explorers, Germplasm Acquisition Priority Program, seeds spores, Alan A. Atchley, Beltsville, MD, 88APR4

Super Slurper Saves the Day for Good Nematodes, absorbent, moist, cornstarch, William J. Schroeder, Orlando FL, 88APR4

Antiweed Bacteria May Replace Some Herbicides, rhizobacteria, Robert J. Kremer, Columbia, MO, 88APR5

Small Tomato Pots Are Perfect Space Savers, windowboxes, Donald T. Krizek, Beltsville, MD, 88APR5

Farmers Look to Science for Anti-Erosion Plan, Bluegrass heavy sod soil, W. Doral Kemper, Beltsville, MD, 88APR7

Future Lawns To Save Mowing Time, Zoysia grass, turfgrass, Jack J. Murray, Beltsville, MD, 88APR11

Oats Are Not Just For Horses, lowers blood cholesterol, cereal grain, Charles F. Murphy, Beltsville, MD, 88APR12

Corn Bred Successfully for Higher Photosynthesis Rate, higher yields, Doyle B. Peters, Urbana, IL, 88APR12

Counting Insects: The High-Tech Way, sodar, computer, pesticide, Don E. Hendricks, Weslaco, TX, 88APR14

Wetting Agent Unbungles Fungals, weed killer, fungal herbicide, water/oil emulsion, Charles Quimby Jr., Stoneville, MS, Patent Application Serial No. 07/114952 Control of Undesirable Vegetation. 88APR16

Dyeing Flame-Retardent Fabrics Urea, Robert J. Harper Jr. and John V. Beninate, New Orleans, LA, Patent Application Serial No. 07/075169, Process for Dyeing Flame-Retardent Fabrics, 88APR16

Editorial: At Boston A Model Research Facility, aging, elderly population, nutrition, Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, Tufts University, 88MAY2

Varroa Nemesis of the Beehive, varroa, jacobsoni, mite bee, Hachiro Shimanuki, Beltsville, MD, 88MAY4

Mosquito Larvae are Color Coded, anopheline, homochromy, sterility, Mark Q. Benedict and Jack A. Seawright, Gainesville, FL, 88MAY5

More Grama Grass With Atrazine, herbicide, range, grass, forage, nitrogen, beef, profits, Marvin C. Shoop, Fort Collins, CO, 88MAY5

Super Carrots Healthful Carrots, vitamin A, carotene, Beta III, mechanical harvest, Philipp W. Simon, Madison, WI, 88MAY5

Taking the Initiative in Puerto Rico, tropical farming, sorghum, winter nursery, yams, Caribbean Basin Initiative, Antonio Sotomayor-Rios, Paul Hepperly, and Edmundo Rivero, Mayaguez, PR, Keith F. Schertz, College Station, TX, 88MAY6

New Houseplants To Boost U.S. Floral Industry, dwarf lisianthus cupressus lilies, potted plants, floriculture, Roger H. Lawson and Mark S. Roh Beltsville, MD, 88MAY9

New Lima Bean Tolerates Drought Like a Camel, water, vegetable, pods, dry, drought tolerance, 88MAY10

The ABC's of Coronary Artery Disease, Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, apolipoproteins, atherosclerosis, blood cholesterol, coronary artery disease, HDL LDL, Ernst J. Schaefer and Jose Ordovas, Boston, MA, 88MAY12

Circulation of Lipoproteins and Apolipoproteins in the Human Body, chylomicron, dietary lipids, triglycerides, 88MAY13

Nation's Tallest VAWT Turning Out the Watts, electricity, wind, windpower, turbine, R. Nolan Clark, Bushland, TX, 88MAY15

Moisture-Shrinkable Films, shrink films wrap water-soluble starch, graft copolymers, George F. Fanta, Peoria, IL, 88MAY16

Removing Endotoxin from Cotton, byssinosis, lint, dust fiber, Linda N. Domelsmith, New Orleans, LA, 88MAY16

Editorial: Gene Stock: Locating the Best, animal breeding, genetics, germplasm, Keith E Gregory and Roger J. Gerrits, 88JUN2

Overhead Volts Do Bossy No Harm, cattle grazing, electric lines, power lines, David C. Ganskopp, Burns, OR, 88JUN4

Worm vs. Worm: Farmers Benefit, nematode, steinernema feltiae, corn rootworms, Jan J. Jackson, Brookings, SD, 88JUN4

SweetPotatoes Make Good French Fries, Wolensky's chef, Kevin Long, vitamin A, William M. Walter Jr., 88JUN5

Nitrogen Losses From Soil Calculated, ozone layer, nitric acid, nitrous oxide, Gordon L. Hutchinson, Fort Collins, CO, 88JUN6

Stop—Don't Slice that Tomato!, flavor, aroma, Z-3-hexenal, Ronald G. Buttery, Albany, CA, 88JUN6

High Tech Lends Helping Hand to Cattle Producers, embryo splitting cattle histocompatibility twinning washing gene stock, Sherril E. Echternkamp and Keith E. Gregory, Clay Center, NE, Charles A. Mebus, Greenport, NY, Michael T. Zavy, Reno, OK, Robert A. Bellows and Robert B. Staigmiller, Miles City, MT, and Louis C. Gasbarre, Beltsville, MD, 88JUN7

Sperm: the Other Half of the Reproduction Equation, laser, fluorescent dye, sex selection, 88JUN10

Better Bread Through Biotechnology, wheat, dough, yeast, saccharomyces, cerevisiae, gliadin, Frank C. Greene, Albany, CA, 88JUN11

Wonderful World of Yeast, collection bread, Northern Regional Research Center, strains, bacteria molds, P. Cletus Kurtzman, Peoria, IL, 88JUN12

Plant Hormones Could Help Shape Tomorrow's Crops, indole-3-acetic acid, mass spectrometer, bioengineering, growth inhibitors, ripeness, Jerry D. Cohen, Beltsville, MD, 88JUN14

Making Travel Easier for Nematodes, worms, osmotic dessication, dormant, dried, biocontrol, James E. Lindgren, Fresno, CA, 88JUN15

Conservation Offers Best Odds in a Drought LID, dryland farming, water conservation tillage limited, irrigation on dryland, James F. Parr, Beltsville, MD, 88AUG2

Dyer's Woad Wages Chemical War in West, weed toxin, herbicide, isastis tinctoria, James A. Young, Reno, NV, 88AUG4

Farmers Sell Strawberries All Season, Tribute Tristar, late-bearing everbearing, Gene Galletta, Beltsville, MD, 88AUG4

Computerized Apple Records Bumps, damaged fruit, melons, peaches, tomatoes, potatoes, packing, handling, transit, Galen K. Brown, E. Lansing ,MI, 88AUG5

Early Sex May Doom Pear Psylla, diapause, juvenoids, biocontrol, hormones, James L. Krysan, Yakima, WA, 88AUG6

Fungus Sides With Bug Against Weed, velvetleaf, niesthrea, louisianica, fusarium, Robert J. Kremer, Columbia, MO, 88AUG6

New Matmaker Hastens Hay Making, forage, alfalfa, mowing, silage, Richard G. Koegel, Madison, WI, 88AUG7

Cultivating an Indifference to Drought, ww-spar, bluestem, hycrest, pearl millet, fungus, VAM, peanuts, blueberries, citrus, 88AUG7

Drought: A Farmer's Diary, corn shoot seedlings, water stress, John J. Burke, Lubbock, TX, 88AUG10

When It Never Rains Enough, dryland, aquifers, irrigation, sprinkler, trickle, drip, level basin, Dale A. Bucks, Beltsville, MD, 88AUG11

Genetic Road Signs Point to Higher Yields, corn, chromosomes, breeding, genes, Charles W. Stuber, Raleigh, NC, 88AUG15

Gene Transport Vehicles Found in Yeasts, linear plasmids, saccharomyces, cerevisiae, shuttle, genes, strains, Paul L. Bolen, Peoria, IL, 88AUG16

Traffic Lanes Protect Plants, squashed soil pores, compaction, alfalfa, Burl D. Meek and Eric A. Rechel, Shafter, CA, 88AUG17

USDA Clearinghouse for Plant Germplasm Exchange Tristan da Cunha potatoes germplasm PIO strains teff barley coffee, George A. White, Beltsville, MD, 88AUG18

New Permanent Press Cotton Fabric Treatment, wrinkles, dry polycarboxylic acids, textile, Clark M. Welch, New Orleans, LA, 88AUG19

Editorial: Biologicals Favored in Crop Protection Plans, Interview with Richard S. Soper, biocontrol, weeds, microplitis, 88SEP2

No Bone Loss When Seniors Work Out, osteoporosis, estrogen, calcium, vitamin D, William Evans, Boston, MA, 88SEP4

Test For Tickborne Cattle Disease, anaplasmosis diagnosis, DNA probe, parasite, Willard L. Goff and David Stiller, Pullman, WA, 88SEP4

Oil From Myrrh's Cousin Repels Ticks, Commiphora, erythraea, furanosesquiterpenoid Africa, John F. Carroll, Beltsville, MD, 88SEP4

Elemental Sleep Problems, copper, iron, trace elements, diet, RDA, James G. Penland, Grand Forks, ND, 88SEP5

Teaching a Lab Wasp Field Tricks, Microplitis croceipes Heliothis tobacco budworm bollworm parasitic wasp pyretheroids, James H. Tumlinson, Robert Heath, Patrick Greany, and Steven Ferkovitch, Gainsville, FL, W. Joe Lewis, Tifton, GA, Edgar G. King, Weslaco, TX, Gary W. Elzen, Stoneville, MS, Janine E. Powell and Jon L. Roberson, Mississipi State University, MS, William M. Steiner, Columbia, MS, Keith R. Hopper, Behoust, France, Don L. Bull, College Station, TX, 88SEP6

National Heliothis Suppression Program, genetic control, biological control, behavioral control, chemical control, host-planet resistance, cultural control, 88SEP9

Scientists Take Aim on Lettuce Menaces, vacuum, infectious yellow mosaic virus, sweetpotato whitefly, James E. Duffus and Edward Ryder, Salinas, CA, 88SEP14

Eat Fat Be Fat—Yes It's True, diet, body weight, fat-to-lean ratio, carbohydrates lipids, Joan M. Conway, Beltsville, MD, 88SEP14

Chemical Cuts Off Weed Reproduction, red rice, fluazilfop, soybeans, rice, Roy J. Smith Jr., 88SEP14

Patent: Bathing Technique Frees Pollen Cell's Contents, protoplasts, enzymes, saline solution gelatin, Merle L. Weaver, Albany, CA, 88SEP15

Editorial: ARS Developed New Crops and Products, surpluses, kenaf, crambe, jojoba, lesquerella, cuphea guayule, L.H. Princen, Peoria, IL, 88OCT2

Gene Transfers Quick Answers, leaner meat, embryo transplants, genetic engineering, Donna A. King and Robert J. Wall, 88OCT4

Diet Needn't be Spartan, low cholesterol, lower blood pressure, nutritional substitutions, fat intake, Rita M. Doughetry, 88OCT4

Tomatoes May Stay Fresh Longer, galactose stimulates production of ethylene, ripening enzyme, synthesis sugars, Ken C. Gross, 88OCT5

Don't Overdo the Vitamin A, vitamin supplements for people over 60, retilnyl esters liver damage, bone and joint pain dermatitis, Stephen Krasinski, 88OCT5

Kenaf Paper: A Forest-Saving Alternative, newsprint joint venture, partnership, new crop, paper, Marvin O. Bagby, 88OCT7

Homegrown Lubricants and Plastics, lesquerella new crop source of lysine oilseed, Anson Thompson, 88OCT8

The Age-Old Battle Against Parasites, toxoplasmosis, cryptosporidium, trichinella, spiralis, trichinosis, filarid worms, Leon W. Bone, Phillip Klesius, Michael W. Fleming, Ray Gamble, and Jitender Dubey, 88OCT10

Veterinary Research Facility Underway, Roman L. Hruska U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, 88OCT13

Fruit Flies Can't Take the Heat, new treatment for papayas eliminates Mediterranean oriental and melon flies, 88OCT13

Penjing Comes to Washington National Arboretum, dwarf pine, Chinese art form, Marc Cathey, 88OCT14

Patent: Heat Alkali Convert Crops to Chemicals, oxalic acid, glycolic acid, John M. Krochta, 88OCT15

Editorial: Janice M. Miller Distinguished Scientist, bovine, leukosis, retrovirus, herpes c-type viruses, leukoassay-B, diagnostic kit, 88NOV2

Exports: Overcoming the Obstacles, ethyl dibromide, fumigation, grapefruit, cherries, exports to Japan, peanuts, watermelon, soybeans, raisins, blueberries, Gordon C. Rasmussen, John R. Vercellotti, Paul D. Blankenship, Ken Severn, Richard Kinney, Thurman T. Hatton Jr., Timothy L. Mounts, Robert Davis, Lawrence Risse, and Doyle A. Smittle, 88NOV4

Japan Okays California Nectarines, fumigation treatment, codling moths, Patrick V. Vail, 88NOV7

Now Starring on Your Thanksgiving Table, Beltsville Small White artificial insemination stud farms, Thomas J. Sexton and Edward J. Robel Jr., 88NOV8

Semidwarf Rice: A Giant in World Trade, less lodging fertilizer, Gulfmont variety, Charles Bollich, 88NOV10

Dud Rams Cost Big Bucks, breeding homosexual sheep, James A. Fitzgerald and Anne Perkins, 88NOV11

Hot Peppers Spice Up Profits for Farmers, Louisiana cajun cuisine, Carolina Cayenne pepper don't need nematicides, southern root knot nematode, Alec Gillespie, 88NOV11

Australian Chestnut Serves Two Purposes, AIDS research, moreton bay chestnut, castanospermum australe ornamental, James A. Duke, 88NOV12

Russian Wheat Aphids Invade, resistant varieties of wheat, biological controls, mulching, screening, insecticides, computers, Richard Soper, 88NOV12

Patent: New Virus Mix Kills Insects in Raisins, indianmeal moth granulosis, Patrick V. Vail, 88NOV13

Forum, editorial, Janice M. Miller, distinguished Scientist, 88DEC02

Exports: Overcoming the Obstacles, grapefruit, oranges, soybeans, wheat ,phosphine, fumigation, Thurman T Hatton, Orlando, FL, Gordon K. Rasmussen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 88DEC04

Japan Okays California Nectarines, fumigation, codling moth, Patrick V. Vail, Fresno, CA, 88DEC07

Now Starring on Your Thanksgiving Table, Thomas J. Sexton, Beltsville, MD, 88DEC08

Semidwarf Rice: A Giant in World Trade, Charles Bollich, Beaumont, TX, 88DEC10

Dud Rams Cost Big Bucks, sheep, ewes, sexual performance, James A. Fitzgerald and Anne Perkins, Dubois, ID, 88DEC11

Hot Peppers Spice Up Profits for Farmers, Carolina Cayenne, Richard L. Fery, Charleston, SC, 88DEC11

Australian Chestnut Serves Two Purposes, Moreton Bay, anti-AIDS drug, James A. Duke, Beltsville, MD, 88DEC12

Russian Wheat Aphids Invade, barley oats, rye, Richard S. Soper, Beltsville, MD, 88DEC12

New Virus Mix Kills Insects in Raisins, patent, Indianmeal moth, Patrick V. Vail, Fresno, CA, 88DEC13

Forum, The Future of Nutrition Research, interactions of nutrients, human nutrition, Walter Mertz, Beltsville, MD, 87JAN2

What's That Chewing?, listening device, J.C. Webb, Gainesville, FL, Patent Application No. 861,770, Acoustical Detection of Hidden Insects, 87JAN16

Debittering Citrus Juices, with bacteria, limonoids, Shin Hasegawa Pasadena, CA, Patent No. 4,447,456, Strain of Corynebacterium Fascians And Use Thereof To Reduce Limonoid Bitterness in Citrus Products, 87JAN16

Strawberry Clones Frozen in Time, cryogenics, Germplasm Repository, liquid nitrogen, Harry B. Lagerstedt, Corvallis, OR, 87JAN4

Carbon Dioxide Makes Heat Therapy Work, blueberry and raspberry, virus, tissue culture, Richard H. Converse, Corvallis, OR, 87JAN4

A True Elm Pioneer, trees from protoplasts, biotech, Dutch elm disease, Subhash C. Domir, Delaware, OH, 87JAN5

Mesquite Pods Into Nutritious Foods, new foods, new crops, gum, Robert Becker, Albany, CA, 87JAN5

Insect Control at Sea, grain, ships, intransit fumigation, exports, food storage, biocontrol insects, Robert Davis, Savannah, GA, 87JAN6

Selenium: Finding the Delicate Balance, human nutrition, antioxidant, Orville A. Levander, Beltsville, MD, 87JAN11

Wheat Hardness Test May Aid Exports, Wheat Quality, sounds of grinding, grains, high-tech, David R. Massie and Karl H. Norris, Beltsville, MD, 87JAN13

Underground Channels Mapped by Radar, groundwater, high-tech, pesticides, fertilizer, Ralph A. Leonard, Tifton, GA, 87JAN14

Robot Chemist Assesses Nutrients in Today's Foods, human nutrition, high-tech, Darla J. Higgs, Beltsville, MD, 87JAN15

Making Fabric More Colorful, cotton, rayon, linen dyes, Tyrone L. Vigo, New Orleans, LA, Patent App. No. 903,173, Arylsulfonium Cellulosic Fibers Substantive to Many Dye Classes, 87FEB16

Helping Roundworms Swallow Nematicides, dopamine, serotonin, and histamine, Leon W. Bone, Auburn, AL, Patent Appl. No. 905,209, Enhancing Anthelmintic Uptake in Nematodes by Phagostimulants, 87FEB16

Forum, Reporting Science: Whose Responsibility?, 87FEB2

Old Wheat Seed Invites Fungus, root disease, Pythium, R. James Cook, Pullman, WA, 87FEB4

Popcorn Scent May Sell More Rice, 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline, Ronald G. Buttery, Albany, CA, 87FEB4

Barley Survives on Less Water, irrigation, Robert T. Ramage, Tucson, AZ, 87FEB5

Cockroaches on the Move, Asian, smokeybrown, german, bioccontrol with wasp, hydroprene, carbamate, Richard S. Patterson and Richard J. Brenner, Gainesville, FL, 87FEB6

Roach and Human Hormones Similar, sidebar, gastrin II, cholecystokinin, neuropeptides, leucosulfakinin, Ronald J. Nachman, Albany, CA, 87FEB7

Team Research Gets Results, multidisciplinary approach, cotton, corn, forage, Johnie N. Jenkins, Mississippi State, MS, 87FEB10

Color TV Best for Robot Fruit Pickers, oranges, lemons, citrus, Florida, David C. Slaughter, Gainesville, FL, 87FEB14

Trichinosis Research Goes Commercial, tests licensed, pigs, swine, pork, H. Ray Gamble, Beltsville, MD, 87FEB15

Forum, Viroid Discoverer Receives the Wolf Prize, Theodor O. Diener, 87MAR02

Biological Defense for Many U.S. Crops, good soil molds fight bad, soil wars, biocontrol, fungus, Trichoderma flavus, pellets, George Papavizas, Beltsville, MD, 87MAR06

A Little Stress Can Help Plants Cope, coleus, chilling, conditioning, Donald T. Krizek, Beltsville, MD, 87MAR08

Ticks Look Up When Hitching a Ride, ticks see colors of blue & green, sense carbon dioxide, John F. Carroll and Lawrence G. Pickens, Beltsville, MD, 87MAR09

Bioengineered Chickens for the Future, genetic engineering, retrovirus, Lyman B. Crittenden, East Lansing, MI, 87MAR10

The Sunshine Vitamin Isn't Just Kid Stuff, vitamin D, calcium, Michael F. Holick, Boston, MA, 87MAR11

Infant Formula—More Like the Real Thing, human milk, premature babies, Children's Nutrition Research Center, Houston, TX, 87MAR12

Predicting Wheat Development From Air Temperature, Ronald Rickman, Pullman, WA, 87MAR04

Many Parts to Fresh-Squeezed Flavor, Orange juice flavor code of 21 chemicals, Manuel G. Moshonas, Winter Haven, FL, 87MAR04

Soybean Roots Follow Wormholes, pore spaces, Doyle B. Peters, Urbana, IL, 87MAR04

It's a Mistake To Study Only Males, female rats survived copper deficiency experiments that killed males, Meira Fields, Beltsville, MD, 87MAR05

Building a Better Steak Burger, restructured meat, sodium triphosphate additive, research done at Roman L. Hruska Meat Anicmal Research Center, 87MAR05

An Apple A Day All the Year Round, controlled atmosphere storage CA, Max W. Williams, Wenatchee, WA, 87MAR14

Fungus To Control Fusarium Wilt, Patent Biological Control System, and Method for Screening Bacteria and Application Thereof for Field Control of Pythium spp. on Small Grain Crops, 87MAR16

Instant Timed-Release Capsules, insecticides, herbicides, slow-release gel beads from algin or alginate, William J. Connick, Jr., New Orleans, LA, Patent Controlled Release of Bioactive Materials Using Alginate Gel Beads, 87MAR16

Red Blood Cells as Timed-Release Capsules, John R. DeLoach, College Station, TX, Patent Method of Providing Systemic Protection From Bloodsucking Insects and Other Parasites Using Encapsulated Additives in Resealed Erythrocytes, 87MAR16

Forum, Safeguarding the World's Seeds, genes, seeds, plants, genetic, germplasm, Henry L. Shands, 87APR2

Preserving the Stuff of Life, germplasm, GRIN, National Plant Germplasm Slystem, George A. White and Henry L. Shands, Beltsville, MD 87APR6

Very Cold Storage Extends Seed Life, sidebar on liquid nitrogen storage of germplasm, Phillip Stanwood, Fort Collins, CO, 87APR9

Cleaning Wool's Reputation, removing stains, grease, and trash from sheep's wool, William N. Marmer, Philadelphia, PA, 87APR10

Insect Fighters Gear for War, ticks, mosquitos, predicted with new computer program, Gary A. Mount, Gainesville, FL, 87APR12

Putting the Soft Touch on Cherry Trees, trunk shaker, Galen K. Brown, East Lansing, MI, 87APR13

Irradiating Corn for Alcohol Production, cereal, gamma radiation, mash, grain, sugar, starch molecules, alcohol yield, patent, 87APRl6

Sweetpotato Weevil Pheromone, pests, larvae fee, natural scent, patent, 87APRl6

Temperature-Adaptable Fabrics, Polytherm, patent, 87APRl6

Trash and Snow Blankets in Minnesota, cornstalks, no till, moldboard plow, 87APR4

Fungus Helps Soybeans Beat Drought, VAM, vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae, James R. Ellis, Lincoln, NE, 87APR4

Starch Goes Straight To Help Diabetes Victims, amylose, amylopectin, Kay Behall, Beltsville, MD 87APR5

New Lettuce Resists Major Disease, big vein, Pacific variety, Edward J. Ryder, Salinas, CA 87APR5

Vitamin D Hormone May Heal Psoriasis, Michael F. Holick, Boston, MA, 87APR4

New Ways to Leaner Meat, beef, pork, fat, flavor, Roger J. Gerritts, Beltsville, MD, 87APR14

Smart Fabrics Watch the Temperature, Polytherm, PEG's, polyethylene glycol, Tyrone L. Vigo and Joseph S. Bruno, New Orleans, LA, 87APR14

Editoral, Toward a New Science of Trees, nomenclature, fertilizer, Alex Shigo, Durham, NH, 87MAY2

Starving Witchweed, strigol, striga asiatica Oliver D. Dailey, Jr., New Orleans Patent Appl. No. 8l4, 944, Process for Preparing Seed Germinating Stimulants, 87MAYl6

Better Soybean Growth?, nitrogen, bacterial strain, Rhizobium, Tsuneo Kaneshiro, Peoria, IL Patent Appl. No. 06/89l,939, Enhancement of Nitrogen-Fixation with Rhizobial Tan Variants, 87MAYl6

Ridges Gain Favor, corn belt, seedbeds, tillage, Norman Fausey, Columbus, OH, 87MAY4

Tracking Wasps With Rubidium, alfalfa fields, insect, egg, bug, Harry M. Graham and Charles G. Jackson, Tucson, AZ, 87MAY4

Aluminum Replaces Lead in Sugar Test, sugarbeets, Susan Martin, Fort Collins, CO 87MAY4

Rebuilding Soil in a Year, alfalfa, Nitro, Donald K. Barnes and Gary Heichel, St. Paul, MN, 87MAY5

Putting the Bite on Water Weeds, biocontrol, hydrilla, water hyacinth, sago pondweed, alligatorweed, Ted Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Gary Buckingham, Gainesville, FL, Lars W.J. Anderson, Davis, CA, 87MAY6

When Biological Controls Don't Work, insects, fish, weeds, reed canarygrass, biocontrol, Richard D. Comes, Proser, WA, 87MAYl0

The Arboretum is Blossoming Out All Over, gardens, plant, magnolia, insects, diseases, drought, Alden M. Townsend, Washington, DC 87MAYl2

The Pinking of America, National Arboretum, cherry trees, Roland M. Jefferson, Washington, DC, 87MAYl2

Second Generation Sterility, gypsy moth, eggs are irradiated, APHIS, (Victor C. Mastro and Charles P. Schwalbe, Otis ANGB, MA, Thomas M. ODell, Hamden, CT, and Robert A. Bell, Beltsville, MD, 87MAYl5

Forum, Our Place in Science, plants, animals, disease, pest resistance, 87JUN2

Natural Herbicides, fungal byproducts, compounds, barnyardgrass, morningglory, wild mustard, corn, soybeans, Patent, Judson V. Edwards, New Orleans, LA, 87JUNl6

Controlling Lesser Mealworms in the Coop, insecticides, fly larvae, chicken, pest, Alphitobius diaperinus, excreta, Richard W. Miller, Beltsville, MD, 87JUNl6

Keeping Bad Things out of Corn, fungus, toxin, grain, livestock, poison, A. flavus, larvae, beetles, soil, Donald T. Wicklow, Peoria, IL, 87JUN4

Unusual Iron-Fiber Combo in Soy Hulls, dietary iron, soybeans, breads, fiber, Joseph A. Laszlo, Peoria, IL, 87JUN4

New Test for Killer Livestock, heartwater, ticks, vaccine, rickettsia, typhus, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Charles A. Mebus, Greenport, NY, 87JUN5

The Cicadas are Here, misnamed l7 year locusts, red eyes, Douglass R. Miller, Beltsville, MD, 87JUN5

Ranchers Battle Leafy Spurge, biocontrol, weeds, 2 1/2 million acres, sheep, cattle, Gary D. Manners, Albany, CA, and Norman E. Rees, Bozeman, MT, 87JUN9

Blueberries From Field to Muffin Tin, rabbiteye, high bush, wild blueberry, Arlen D. Draper, Beltsville, MD, 87JUNl0

Vitamin K Tests May Answer Medical Questions, blood clotting, bleeding disorders, zinc, metabolism, proteins, kidneys, green vegetables, bacon, coffee, tea, James A. Sadowski, Boston, MA, 87JUNl3

Scientists Shine New Light on Treasures of the Past, fibers, rapid pulses, lignin, cellulose, light, molecule, digestable feedstocks, oxidation in cotton fibers, J. Michael Gould, Peoria, IL, 87JUNl5

Fingerprinting Roses, piracy, hybrid, patented, nurseries, stomata, leaves, anthorns, Charles R. Krause, Delaware, OH, 87JUN15

Forum, Strategic Controls Possible for Migratory Insects?, insect migration, defensive strategy, radar, meteorology, Alton N. Sparks, Tifton, GA, 87AUG2

Migration Team Tracks Night Flyers, corn earworm moths, cotton bollworms, radar, migratory behavior, flight patterns, aircraft, insect population densities, Alton N. Sparks, Sammy D. Pair, John K. Westbrook, and Wayne W. Wolf, Tifton, GA, Jimmy R. Raulston, Weslaco, TX, Kenneth Beerwinkle, College Station, TX, 87AUG9

Action Sites Best Place to Stop Corn Borers, grassy areas around cornfields, field borders, grassy runoff, biocontrol, European corn borers, predator beetles, midsummer, William B. Showers, Ankeny, IA, 87AUG9

Wild Bees Make Money Not Honey, Pollination, alfalfa, horn-faced bees, blue orchard bees, disposable plastic nest, Frank D. Parker and Philip F. Torchio, Logan, UT, 87AUG12

In the Works: A New Way to Predict Wind Erosion, updated equation, blowing soil, wind erosion, Leon Lyles, Manhattan, KS, Donald W. Fryrear, Big Spring, TX, 87AUG13

Fruits and Vegetables Kept Fresh With Vitamin C Compounds, prevent browning in apples, cauliflower, mushrooms, lettuce, ascorbic acid derivatives, Kevin B. Hicks and Gerald M. Sapers, Philadelphia, PA, 87Aug4

Artificial Gene Aids Study of Oilseed Crops, synthetic plant gene, segments of DNA, acyl carrier protein, synthesis of fatty acids, nucleic acids, oilseed crops, higher yields, vegetable oilsm John B. Ohlrogge, East Lansing, MI, Philip D. Beremand, Peoria, IL, 87AUG4

Scientists Replace Soybean's "Turned Off" Genes, genetic engineering, biotech, root growth, soybean shoots, Lowell D. Owens, Beltsville, MD, 87AUG5

Berry Fungus Tricks Wild Bees, wild bees, floral mimicry, blueberry, huckleberry, mummy-berry disease, Lekh Batra, Suzanne W.T. Batra, Beltsville, MD, 87AUG5

Individual Wrapping Holds Key, food storage, plastic film keeps fruits and vegetables fresher longer, polyolefin, cantaloupe, Roger E. Rij, Fresno, CA, Gene E. Lester and Thomas H. Camp, Weslaco, TX, Lawrence A. Risse, Orlando, FL, 87AUG15

Lo-Cal Sweeteners, patent, high-fructose, corn syrup, glucose, L-glucose, aldose sugar, L-fructose, ketose sugars, Kevin B. Hicks, Philadelphia, PA, 87AUG16

An Easy Way to Automate Irrigation Valves, patent, compressed air controls, air pressure keeps valves open, clamps on top of an irrigation valve, Clayton H. Gibson and Ronald E. Yoder, Grand Junction, CO, 87AUG16

Forum, Needed: More Dialog with Industry, farm machinery manufactureres, Harold J. Schramm, Hinsdale, IL, 87SEP2

Resetting a Sheep's Biological Clock, lamb, melatonin, twinning, James A. Fitzgerald, Dubois, ID, 87SEP6

A Dairy Program That Helps Everybody, Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) cattle, cows, milk, mastitis, Frank N. Dickenson, Beltsville, MD, 87SEP9

The Wonder Grass: A Mixed Blessing? Kentucky 31 tall fescue, Acremonium coenophialum, endophyte, John A. Stuedemann, Watkinsville, GA, Charles W. Bacon and James K. Porter, Athens, GA, 87SEP12

Clear Juice May Boost Apricot's Uses, not cloudy nectar, enzymes, Charles C. Huxsoll, Albany, CA, 87SEP14

Yeast May Add Value to Farm Commodities, Aureobasidium pullulans, sugar xylose, xylan, Timothy D. Leathers and Rodney J. Bothast, Peoria, IL, 87SEP14

Changing Fats and Oils Into Higher Value Products, glycerol, hydrolysis, lipase enzyme, Samuel Serota, Philadelphia, PA, Patent Application Serial No. 06/882,103, Lipolytic Splitting of Fats and Oils, 87SEP16

A New Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric Finish, permanent-press, formaldehyde, Leon H. Chance or Gary F. Dana, New Orleans, LA, Patent Application Serial No. 07/050,436, Wrinkle Resistant Fabric Produced by Crosslinking Cellulosic Materials With Acetals of Glyceraldehyde, 87SEP16

Herbicide Resistance Exacts Yield Penalty, oilseed rape, wild mustard, photosynthesis, Frank Forcella, Morris, MN, 87SEP4

Exercise May Exorcise Diabetes Risk, USDA-Tufts University nutrition research, William J. Evans, Boston, MA, 87SEP4

Accounting in the Orchard, bar codes, quarantined plant stock, Germplasm, Bruce J. Parliman and Helen-Jean Talbott, Glenn Dale, MD, 87SEP4

"Hay-podermic" Safeguards Livestock, anhydrous ammonia, propionic acid, baler, C. Alan Rotz, East Lansing, MI, 87SEP5

New Turkey Vaccine Licensed, hemorrhagic enteritis, intestinal disorder, live virus, Keyvan Nazerian, 87SEP11

Forum, Research To Help Rural Revitalization, Terry B. Kinney, Jr., 87OCT2

Strides in Spotting Johne's Disease, paratuberculosis, cattle, chronic diarrhea, milk, Diana L. Whipple, Ames, IA, 87OCT4

Please Pass the Asparagus Fern, sprengeri, Gilbert D. McCollum, Beltsville, MD, 87OCT4

War Against AIDS: The Armyworm Enlists, MicroGeneSys, Inc., vaccine, cell line, James L. Vaughn, Beltsville, MD, 87OCT4

A Breakthrough for Bottle Babies, infant formula, lactoferrin, milk iron, Buford L. Nichols, Houston, TX, 87OCT5

ARS "Sows" New Crops in Oklahoma, peaches, watermelons, cucumbers, strawberries, cantaloupes, tomatoes, broccoli, Christmas trees, and even catfish, E. Van Wann, Lane, OK, 87OCT06

Goodbye Boll Weevil—Hello Again Cotton, farmer Marshall Grant, Willard A. Dickerson, Jr., Raleigh, NC, 87Oct9

PASTURE Software Helps Small Farmer, computer model, beef, cattle, Michael A. Brown, Booneville, AR, 87OCT10

New Uses for Starch From Surplus Corn, super slurper, plastic film, William Doane, Peoria, IL, 87OCT11

Pick-Your-Own Profits, blackberries, strawberries, Gene Galletta, Beltsville, MD, 87OCT12

Heel Fly Project Adds Dollars for Ranchers, grubs, Blackfeet Indian Reservation, Philip J. Scholl, Kerrville, TX, 87OCT13

Expanding Alaska's Farmland, barley, wheat, bromegrass, bluegrass, Delta Junction, Jeffery S. Conn, Fairbanks, AL, 87OCT14

Monitoring Microbial Pesticides, BTI, Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, Kevin B. Temeyer, Kerrville, TX, Patent Application Serial No. 050,451, Construction and Use of a Murine Hybridoma and Its Secreted Monoclonal Antibody Specific for Crystal Protein (Delta-Endotoxin) of Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis, 87OCT16

Upgrading Fats and Oils With Enzymes, glycerol, lipase, Frank Taylor, Philadelphia, PA, Patent Application Serial No. 06/860,360, Reactions Between Immiscible Fluids, 87OCT16

Today's Plans for Tomorrow's Plants, Plant Gene Expression Center, Gerald G. Still, Albany, CA, 87NOV/DEC2

A Better Medfly Lure, Mediterranean fruit fly, Trimedlure, Terrence P. McGovern, Beltsville, MD, or Roy T. Cunningham, Hilo, HI, Patent Application Serial No. 07/042,920, Persistent Attractants for the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, the Method of Preparation and Method of Use, 87NOV/DEC16

Avian Interleukin-2, chickens, poultry, Jagdev M. Sharma, East Lansing, MI Patent Application Serial No. 07/54,638 and 07/54,561, Avian Interleukin-2, 87NOV/DEC16

Antibiotic for Wheat Roots, Patent Serial No. 06/817,374, Novel Phenazine Antibiotic From Pseudomonas fluorescens, 87NOV/DEC16

Wanted: An Ugly Christmas Tree, Austrian pine, Japanese black pine, road salt, Alden M. Townsend, Washington, DC, 87NOV/DEC5

USDA Helps Save Cranes, moldy grain, fungus, whooping, Patuxent, John L. Richard, Ames, IA, 87NOV/DEC4

New Antibiotic Helps Protect Plants, "take-all" disease of wheat, David M. Weller, Pullman, WA, 87NOV/DEC4

Male Insect's Sex Lure To Trap Females, pheromone, papaya fruit fly, Peter J. Landolt, Gainesville, FL, 87NOV/DEC5

Top Researchers In The Limelight, 1987 Distinguished Scientist of the Year, Richard F. Wilson, Raleigh, NC, and Thomas J. Sexton, Beltsville, MD, Outstanding Scientists of the Year, Marvin J. Grubman, Greenport, NY, and Edward B. Bagley, Peoria, IL, 87NOV/DEC6

Magnetic Resonance: A View From Within, nuclear, image, NMR, X-rays, this is a picture story, several scientists are named in captions, 87 NOV/DEC8

USDA Fat-Measuring Meter To Be Made Commercially, near infrared light, NIR, Futrex Inc., Karl H. Norris, and Joan M. Conway, Beltsville, MD, 87NOV/DEC11

Banishing Brittle Bones With Boron? calcium, osteoporosis, estrogen, estradiol 17B, Forrest H. Nielsen and Curtiss D. Hunt, Grand Forks, ND, 87NOV/DEC12

Better Zinc, Iron, and Chromium Supplements, picolinic acid, Phyllis E. Johnson, Grand Forks, ND, Patent No. 4,315,927, 86JAN16

Sure way to diagnose livestock disease, bluetongue virus, monoclonal antibodies, Michael M. Jochim or Suzanne C. Jones, (both gone from ARS), Denver, CO, Patent No. 06/708,613, 86JAN16

Curing Hides Faster, nonpolluting, butyl carbitol acetate, etc cattlehides, William J. Hopkins, Philadelphia, PA, Patent No. 4,478,728, 86JAN16

Tracking Salty Soil, Saving Fresh Water, computer mapping of potentially saline spots, soil sample, irrigation waste water, James L. Rhoades, Riverside, CA, 86JAN7

Rhizomania Threatens Sugarbeet Industry, "bearded root," beet necrotic yellow vein virus, Polymyxa betae, James E. Duffus, Salinas, CA, 86JAN11

Groundwater Movement Studied, irrigation water, potassium bromide, Herman Bouwer, Robert S. Bowman, and Robert C. Rice, Phoenix, AZ. Lloyd B. Owens, Coshocton, OH, 86JAN12

Have You Had Your Chromium Today? Vitamin and Mineral Nutrition, chromium maintains blood-sugar levels, Richard A. Anderson and Marilyn M. Polansky, Beltsville, MD, 86JAN4

Antipollution Injection for Trees, ozone, ethylenediurea (EDU), honeylocust, red maple, pin oak, and sweetgum, Bruce R. Roberts, Delaware, OH, 86JAN4

In the Clover With Bigbee, berseem, cold tolerant, William E. Knight, Mississippi State, MS, 86JAN4

Walter G. Knisel, Jr., and Ralph A. Leonard, Tifton, GA, 86JAN5

Stored Grain Spraying—Less Water? Bacillus thuringiensis, wheat, corn, Indian meal moth, insecticide. biocontrol, William H. McGaughey, Manhattan, KS, 86JAN6

New Weed Spreading in Upper Midwest, prickly smartweed, 40 Minnesota counties, Robert N. Anderson, St. Paul, MN, 86JAN6

Computer Simulates Ideal Forage Use, dairy farmers, harvesting alfalfa, model, C. Alan Rotz, East Lansing, MI, 86JAN6

Chronic Obesity May Lead to Mineral Deficiency, low blood levels of iron and zinc, Mark L. Failla, Beltsville, MD, 86JAN6

Forum, Scientist Thwarts Yield-Robbing Fungi, R. James Cook, 1985 Distinguished Scientist of the Year, fungal diseases of wheat, Pythium, 86JAN2

Fusarium Foot Rot, "take-all", 86JAN2

Temperature Integrator Reduces Spraying, battery-operated device measures heat from the sun tells apple growers when to spray for codling moths, J. Franklin Howell, Yakima, WA, 86JAN14

Freeze-Dried Seeds Really Last, onion, pepper, and parsley, Lowell Woodstock, Beltsville, MD, 86JAN14

New Detector for Hidden Injuries in Fruit, DLE, measures delayed light being emitted from chlorophyll molecules, tomatoes or peppers, Judith A. Abbott is at the USDA-ARS Horticultural Crops Quality Laboratory, Rm. 113, Bldg. 002, BARC- West, Beltsville, MD, 86JAN15

Forum, Research: Why Invest Now?, John E. Lee, ERS 86FEB2

Name That Insect!, Systematic Entomology Laboratory (SEL), Judy McBride, Beltsville, MD and Lloyd Knutson, Beltsville, MD, 86FEB7

An Oilseed Crop With Promise, Cuphea, soaps, detergents, surfactants, and lubricants, Anson Thompson, Phoenix, AZ, 86FEB12

Aiming for a Chick's Genetic Blueprint, virus, avian leukosis, tumor-causing disease, Lyman B. Crittenden, East Lansing, MI, 86FEB4

Meat Quality Forecast for Buyers, hamburger, lactic acid, sour odor spoilage, 86FEB4

American Elm—More Than a Lone Survivor, Dutch elm disease research, Lawrence R. Schreiber, Delaware, OH, 86FEB4

Low-Salt Soy Sauce Tastes Just as Good, sodium-potassium ratio, Wayne Camirand, Albany, CA, 86FEB5

Screen Test for Bad-Acting Bees, Africanized bees, FABIS, (sometimes called killer bees), Thomas Rinderer, Baton Rouge, LA, 86FEB6

Cultured Fibers Boost Cotton Gene Research, differentiated cells growing in nutrient solution, Barbara A. Triplett, 86FEB6

Electron Beam Shines Leather, hides, radiation curing, Frank Scholnick, Philadelphia, PA, 86FEB14

Computer "Fingers" Grain Thieves, wheat, electrophoresis, (PAGE), protein patterns, George L. Lookhart, Manhattan, KS, 86FEB15

Double-Dip Keeps Papayas Fly-Free, H. Melvin Couey, USDA-ARS Pacific Basin Area, P.O. Box 4459, Hilo, HI, 96720, Patent No. 757,396, A Quarantine System for Papaya, 86FEB16

A Better Way to Wrap Vegetables, Lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage—all can be wrapped mechanically in heat-sealable film, Patent No. 4,516,385, Wrapping Machine, 86FEB16

Forum, Wanted: Developers for ARS Inventions, interview with M. Ann Whitehead, on ARS National Patent Program, 86MAR2

Designer Genes for Better Crops, Robert J. Griesbach, Beltsville, MD, injects chromosomes into cells, 86MAR6

Crop Wastes Converted to Livestock Feed, cellulose, straw, crop residues, hydrogen peroxide, J. Michael Gould, Peoria, IL, 86MAR7

Snow is Water in the Bank, annual cropping, Wheat, Alfred L. Black, Mandan, ND, 86MAR8

Cataract Prevention May Be In Sight, Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts, Allen Taylor, Boston, MA, 86MAR9

Trees Never Heal, They Just Seal, trees wall-off wounds, Frank S. Santamour, Jr., Washington, DC, 86MAR10

Female Fruit Flies Desire Loud Males, ultrasensitive sound recordings, John M. Sivinski and J.C. Webb, Gainesville, FL, 86MAR12

Microphones Monitor Plants' Water Needs, corn, xylem, measuring drought resistance, Edwin L. Fiscus, Fort Collins, CO, 86MAR12

Jetstream Hitchhikers, adult aster leafhopper travels Northern Great Plains barley fields, Roland G. Timian, Fargo, ND, 86MAR4

Mysteries of Plant Roots Tapped, exert 150 pounds per sq inch, miniature pressure guage, Arnold Klute, Fort Collins, CO, 86MAR4

Bollworms Find Okra-Leaf Cotton Less Tasty, F. Douglas Wilson, Phoenix, AZ, 86MAR5

Exploring East for Landscape Plants, U.S. National Arboretum, Japan, Korea, Barry Yinger, Theodore Dudley, and Sylvester G. March, Washington, DC, 86MAR5

New Flower Seed Thresher Cuts Hand Labor, spinning filament, Arnold G. Berlage, Corvallis, OR, 86MAR14

Night Light Curbs Hydrilla Reproduction, water weed, biocontrol, Potomac River, Lars Anderson, Davis, CA, 86MAR15

Softer Permanent-Press, Flame Retardent Clothing, Robert J. Harper, New Orleans, LA, Patent No. 749,905, 86MAR16

Cancer Inhibitor Found in Plant, ansa macrolide found in Trewia nudiflora, Richard G. Powell, Peoria, IL Patent No. 4,313,946, 86MAR16

Fungicide Pellets With Live Fungi Inside, biocontrol for Rhizoctonia solani, damping-off disease of cotton and sugar beet seedlings, Jack Lewis, Beltsville, MD, Patent No. 749,906, 86MAR16

Forum, Genesis From A Single Cell, tissue culture, 86APR2

Assembly Line Plants Take Root, tissue culture, sugar cane, apple, peach, A. Graves Gillaspie, Richard H. Zimmerman, Olivia C. Broome, and Freddi A. Hammerschlag, Beltsville, MD, Brent Tisserat and Carl E. Vandercook, Pasadena, CA, 86APR6

Elderly Cautioned on Overuse of Antibiotics, antacids, B vitamins, Robert M. Russell is with Tufts University, Boston, MA, 86APR12

Natural Neem Kills Cockroaches and Greenhouse Pests, Hiram Larew, Victor E. Adler, Beltsville, MD, and Robert J. Knight, Miami, FL, 86APR13

Waxy Leaves Are Healthy Leaves, alfalfa, cattle bloat, drought resistant, Melvin D. Rumbaugh, Logan, UT, and Edgar L. Sorenson, Manhattan, KS, 86APR4

Eggs of Cotton Pest Devoured, pink bollworms, green lacewings, lady bird beetles, and collops beetles, Thomas J. Henneberry, Phoenix, AZ, 86APR4

Greenbugs Fooled and Leashed, wheat, grain sorghum, aluminum foil, Robert L. Burton, Stillwater, OK, 86APR5

Rare Bacterium Helps Cattle Digest Toxic Plant, Leucaena, goats, mimosine, Milton J. Allison, Ames, IA, 86APR5

Embryo Rescue Saves New Gene Combinations, drought-resistant wheatgrass, Richard R-C. Wang, Logan, UT, 86APR15

Lettuce, Melons, Grapes Travel Cooler, Advanced Design Perishables Trailer, van refrigerated, R. Tom Hinsch, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 86APR15

A Better Way To Shake Trees, harvester, fruit, neoprene-on-nylon sheet stretched over a tubular steel frame, Donald L. Peterson, Kearneysville, WV, Patent No. 732,320, 86APR16

Natural Preservatives, compounds derived from vegetable fatty acids and glycolic acid inhibited Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Penicillium mold, and Candida utilis. August V. Bailey or Gene Sumrell, New Orleans, LA, Patent Nos. 4,346,043 and 4,347,378, 86APR16

Permanent-Press Fabrics That Can Be Dyed, nonformaldehyde compounds, Patent No. 774,698, 86APR16

Forum, Research Would Boost Farm Profits, Exports, based on the 6-year implementation plan, 1986-1992, 86MAY2

Grazing Poisonous Plants, halogeton, threadleaf groundsel, false helebore, cattle, horses, sheep Lynn F. James, A. Earl Johnson, Richard F. Keeler, and M. Coburn Williams, Logan, UT, 86MAY6

New Clue to Livestock Poisonings, enzymes, liver, pyrrolizidine alkaloids, William F. Haddon, Albany, CA, 86MAY8

New Chemical Bait Lures Yellowjackets, pheromones, Jeffrey R. Aldrich, Beltsville, MD, 86MAY10

Molds, Mildew, and More, fungus collections, mycology, world's largest collection of fungi, Amy Y. Rossman and David F. Farr, Beltsville, MD, 86MAY12

Taste Survey Rates Sweet Sandwich Mild, onion, cucumber, Clinton E. Peterson, Madison, WI, 86MAY4

Dwarfed Sunflowers Easier To Harvest, herbicide difenzoquat shortens stalk internodes, Jeffrey C. Suttle, Fargo, ND, 86MAY4

Variety Is More Than Spice of Life, National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Apples and Grapes, Philip L. Forsline, Geneva, NY, 86MAY4

Soaked Seeds Grow Poorly, legumes, cracks allow disease to enter the seed, water, Stephen C. Spaeth, Pullman, WA, 86MAY5

Drying Cotton With Waste Heat, relocating air intake ducts for dryers in gins, J. Weldon Laird, Lubbock, TX, 86MAY14

Porkers' Hides Underused for Leather, pigskin, swine, hogs, tanning, William A. Hopkins, Philadelphia, PA, 86MAY15

Wind Tunnel Checks Spray Drift, pesticide, airblast systems deflected by wind and groundspeed, Robert D. Fox, Wooster, OH, 86MAY14

Improved Seed Planter, punch planter, Maurice R. Gebhardt, Columbia, MO, Patent No. 059,385, 86MAY16

More Effective Lure for Corn Borer Traps, pheromone, Paul A. Hedin or Frank M. Davis, Mississippi State, MS, Patent No. 785,639, 86MAY16

Artificial Pheromones, lures yellowjackets into traps, Jeffrey R. Aldrich, Beltsville, MD, Patent No. 681,394, "Synthetic Pheromones for the Spined Soldier Bug, Podisus maculiventris," 86MAY16

Forum, What Will Bring The Grass Back, brush, Jornada Range, Gary R. Evans, Beltsville, MD, 86JUN/JUL2

Jornada Experimental Range: We're Still Learning, grasses, brush, cattle-sheep bonding, Lehmann lovegrass, Kleingrass, Carlton H. Herbel, Clarence V. Hulet, Dean M. Anderson, Las Cruces, NM, 86JUN/JUL6

Battle Plans for National Assault on Aphids, Operation C-7, sevenspotted ladybeetles, knapweed, Richard J. Dysart, Newark, DE, 86JUN/JUL10

Mold-Eating Mold Might Save Corn, Sphaeronaemella helvellae, fungus, Nader G. Vakili, Ames, IA, 86JUN/JUL12

Milk for the Mature Majority, calcium, vitamin D, lactose, yogurt, acidophilus, Frank E. McDonough, Beltsville, MD, 86JUN/JUL4

Weight-Control Enzyme, pigs, obesity, Gary J. Hausman, Athens, GAm lipoprotein lipase (LPL), 86JUN/JUL4

Purplestraw Wheat Makes a Half Million, 500,000th entry in Plant Introduction System (this is different than Germplasm Inventory Network GRIN), George A. White, Beltsville, MD, 86JUN/JUL4

Natural Control of Pecan Pest, pesticides, biocontrol with convergent lady beetle (Hippodamia convergens), W. Louis Tedders, Byron, GA, 86JUN/JUL5

The Light Way To Measure Body Fat, infrared interactance (IRI) also NIR, Joan M. Conway and Karl H. Norris, Beltsville, MD, 86JUN/JUL14

New Vitamin C Test More Accurate, ascorbic acid, Stanley T. Omaye, San Francisco, CA, 86JUN/JUL15

Breathalyzer for Alcoholic Peanuts, Harold E. Pattee, Raleigh, NC, 86JUN/JUL15

Natural Lure for Grapevine Pest, grapeleaf skeletonizer, Edwin L. Soderstrom, Fresno, CA, Patent No. 4,563,348, "Sec-butyl (Z)-7-tetradecenoate and Its Use as a Sex Attractant for the Grapeleaf Skeletonizer," 86JUN/JUL16

Laundering Soiled Plants, William W. Donald, Fargo, ND, Patent No. 06/825,004, "Washer for Plant Roots and Other Articles," 86JUN/JUL16

Forum, E.F. Knipling—A Pioneer in Insect Control, screwworm, Hall of Fame, 86AUG2

Shutting Off the Water, Texas High Plains, irrigation, dryland farming, Sandfighter, Ogalalla Aquifer, pumping costs, James Parr, Beltsville, MD, 86AUG6

Genetic Defect Could Signal Heart Disease, cholesterol, lipoprotein, Jose M. Ordovas and Ernst J.Schaefer, Tufts University in Boston, MA, 86AUG13

Duckweed May Unlock Sunflower's Secret, allelopathic chemicals, sunflower, sorghum, Gerald R. Leather, Frederick, MD, 86AUG12

Sore Muscles: Studies Offer New Clues, interleukin-1, a polypeptide, William J. Evans, Tufts University in Boston, MA, known to be part of the body's immune system, 86AUG4

Sugar Byproduct Removes Bitterness From Grapefruit Juice, cyclodextrin polymer filter, limonin and naringen, Philip E. Shaw, Winter Haven, FL, 86AUG4

Juice Bitterness May Be Blocked With Hormones, auxins, limonin, Shin Hasegawa, Pasadena, CA, 86AUG5

New Cotton Processing System Saves Energy, Cuts Pollution, gin, lint, cottonseed, Ed Hughs, Mesilla Park, NM, 86AUG14

Tank Provides New Home for Pickling, salt brine, fermenting of cucumbers, Henry P. Fleming, Raleigh, NC, 86AUG15

Debittering Citrus Juice With Cyclodextrin Polymers, Philip E. Shaw, Winter Haven, FL, Patent No. 526,753, "Method of Debittering Citrus Juice With Cyclodextrin Polymers," 86AUG16

Papaya Wax Component Removed by Freeze Drying, cutin, cutinase, an enzyme, Harvey T. Chan, Jr., Hilo, HI, Patent No. 4,421,775, "Method for Removing the Outer Waxy Cutin-Containing Layer From Papaya," 86AUG16

Purple Color Signals Almond Contamination, ultraviolet light, aflatoxins, John E. Schade, Albany, CA, Patent No. 4,535,248, "Method for Detecting Aflatoxin in Almonds," 86AUG16

Forum, The Great Cotton-Yield Mystery, Hal E. Lemmon, Crop Simulation Research Unit, Mississippi State, MS, 86SEP2

Pollen Put in Deep Freeze, pearl millet, tolerates drought, pollen storage, Wayne W. Hanna, Tifton, GA, 86SEP5

Iron and Aging: A Look at Ferritin, oxidation of cell membranes, Tufts University, Hamish Munro, Boston, MA, 86SEP4

Tomato Product Repels Grain Weevils, 2-tridecanone, wheat, corn, Karl J. Kramer and Richard W. Beeman, Manhattan, KS, 86SEP4

Grasshopper Virus: Possible Control Tactic, entomopox, John E. Henry, Bozeman, MT, 86SEP5

New Bacterium Fights Pythium Disease of Cucumbers, Peas, Pseudomonas cepacia, Robert D. Lumsden, Beltsville, MD, Patent No. 4,588,584, "Medium for the Isolation of Pseudomonas Cepacia Biotype From Soil and the Isolated Biotype," 86SEP16

New Sensor Ensures Top Quality Cotton Fiber, gins, moisture measurements, Ed Hughs, Mesilla Park, NM, Patent No. 818,564, "Fluidic Permeability Measurement Bridge," 86SEP16

When Comax Speaks, Farmers Listen, cotton expert system, computer modeling, GOSSYM, Donald N. Baker, Hal E. Lemmon, James M. McKinion, Mississippi State, MS, 86SEP6

Strange Names, Fancy Flavors, subtropical fruit lab, mamey, carambola, lychee, atemoya, Robert J. Knight, Miami, FL, 86SEP11

Port of Entry for New Crops, sidebar on USDA's Subtropical Horticulture Research Station at Miami, FL, 86SEP13

Genes Found To Help Bacteria "Eat" Pesticides, Achromobacter, carbofuran, corn rootworm, Flavobacterium, coumaphos, Jeffrey S. Karns, Beltsville, MD, 86SEP14

TEKTRAN Offers Preview of ARS Research, Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System, database on new findings, James T. Hall, Beltsville, MD, 86SEP14

Unshelled Walnuts OK for Export to Japan, codling moths, fumigant methyl bromide, vacuum chamber, Patrick V. Vail, Fresno, CA, 86SEP15

Plant Fiber Additive for Food, Patent No. 06/809,803, "Modified Plant Fiber Additive for Food Formulations," 86OCT16

Turning Surplus Crops Into Plastics, Patent No. 4,454,268, "Starch-Based Semipermeable Films", Patent No. 4,337,181, "Biodegradable Starch-Based Blown Films," and Patent No. 894,140, "Production of 3HPA From Glycerol by Klebsiella pneumoniae," 86OCT16

Detection of Agricultural Contraband, Patent No. 4,539,648, "Detection of Agricultural Contraband in Luggage," 86OCT16

Computerized Windmills, Patent No. 06/680,615, "Output Responsive Field Control for Wind-Driven Alternators and Generators," 86OCT16

Detecting Immunoglobulins in Swine, "Patent No. 4,468,346, "Monoclonal Antibodies to Porcine Immunoglobulins," 86OCT16

Forum, Breaking the Time Barrier, time saving innovations by ARS scientists speed up research answers, 86OCT2

Vapor-Locked Plants Resist Freezing, flowers, plums, wild violets, and wild currants, John W. Cary, Kimberly, ID, 86OCT4

Asthma Symptoms Eased by Vitamin B-6, 100-milligram oral dose helps bronchial asthma patients, Robert D. Reynolds, Beltsville, MD, 86OCT4

Test for Spoilage in Liquid Eggs, dimethyl sulfide, uracil, Cletus E. Morris, New Orleans, LA, 86OCT15

Brownies With Fewer Calories, no-calorie, high-fiber supplement, hydrogen peroxide treated corn stalks, J. Michael Gould, Peoria, IL, 86OCT5

Exploded Mushrooms: Gourmet Food or Snack, puff-dried, Michael Kozempel, Philadelphia, PA, 86OCT4

Electrical Probes Reveal How Insects Smell, Mediterranean fruit fly (medfly), boll weevil, antennae, electroantennograms, Eric B. Jang, Hilo, HI, 86OCT6

New Peach Unmarked by Leaf Spot Disease, Sunhigh, tissue culture screening of 3 million cells, mutants, cloned, biotech, Freddi A. Hammerschlag, Beltsville, MD, 86OCT8

Sidebar, Tissue Culture for Fast Growth, Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea orchards, Freddi A. Hammerschlag, Beltsville, MD, 86OCT9

Flight Tests Show How Wasps Locate Prey, caterpillars, flight chamber, odors, biocontrol, W. Joe Lewis and Michael A. Keller, Tifton, GA, 86OCT10

Choosy Soybeans Fix More Nitrogen, soil bacterium Bradyrhizobium japonicum, exclusion genes, Perry B. Cregan and Harold H. Keyser, Beltsville, MD, 86OCT11

Farm Surpluses: Sources for Plastics, corn, soybeans, starch, petrochemicals, films, glycerol, acrylic, acrolein, mulches, diesel fuel, Felix Otey and Patricia Slininger, Peoria, IL, 86OCT12

X-Ray System Finds Contraband Fruit, Plants, mango seed weevil, APHIS, inspection, computers, food shapes, Thomas F. Schatzki and Richard Young, Albany, CA, 86OCT14

Forum, Starting Point for Action, research for the action agencies, Terry Kinney, 86NOV/DEC2

A Tidy Way to Plant and Fertilize, right distance from seeds, Dale E. Wilkins, Pendleton, OR, Patent No. 06/876,047, "Method and Apparatus for Placement of Fertilizer Below Seed with Minimum Soil Disturbance," 86NOV/DEC16

Colorful Cotton, multicolor dyeing, yarn, fabric, Robert J. Harper, Jr., New Orleans, LA, Patent No. 878,106, "Process for Crossdyeing Cellulosic Fabrics," 86NOV/DEC16

Corn's Wild Cousin Undergoes "Sex Change", eastern gamagrass, Chester L. Dewald, Woodward, OK, 86NOV/DEC4

CAT Scanning Farm Animals, computer assisted tomography, lean meat, fat research, Kreg A. Leymaster, Clay Center, NE, 86NOV/DEC4

Test-Tube Intestines, response to viruses, drugs, toxic materials and colostrum, pig, Phletus P. Williams, Ames, IA, 86NOV/DEC4

More Beef Per Acre, cattle, silage, bermudagrass, weight gains, William A. Phillips, El Reno, OK, 86NOV/DEC5

Research Assesses Ozone Damage, air pollution, soybeans, cotton, Walter W. Heck, Raleigh, NC, 86NOV/DEC6

Animal Electronics Make Cows "Bionic Bovine", sensors, weight gain, estrus, temperatures, disease detection, (Fort Keogh, MT), Roger J. Gerrits, Beltsville, MD, 86NOV/DEC8

Senepol: New for Subtropical Herds, beef cattle, Zebu, Brahman, Will T. Butts, Brooksville, FL, 86NOV/DEC11

Computer Keeps Potatoes Breathing Freely, storage, gas monitoring, temperature, and wind sensors, spoilage, Jerry Varns, East Grand Forks, MN, (Linda Cooke-Stinson, Peoria, IL), 86NOV/DEC12

Gas Clues, carbon dioxide, bruised cherries, blueberries, Clyde L. Burton, East Lansing, MI, (Linda Cooke-Stinson, Peoria, IL), 86NOV/DEC13

Low-Salt Foods, soy sauce, Patent No. 4,503,082, "Method for Reducing Sodium Content and Simultaneously Increasing Potassium Content of a Food," 85MAY16

Switchgrass Spurs Beef Gain, Trailblazer, cattle, digestibility, Kenneth P. Vogel, Lincoln, NE, 85FEB5

Forum, Here's to Excellence, 85JAN2

Unraveling the Mystery of Wheat Growth Hormones, biotechnology, Edward J. Trione, Corvallis, OR, 85JAN7

Sickle Cell Anemia Cramps Relieved, vitamin B-6, Robert D. Reynolds, Beltsville, MD, 85JAN4

Winterfat—Nutritious Shrub for Reclamation, strip-mined areas, cattle forage, D. Terrance Booth, Cheyenne, WY, 85JAN4

In This Corner of the Pinhead . . . , wasp, Edovum puttleri, Colorado potato beetle, biocontrol, Robert F.W. Schroder, Beltsville, MD, 85JAN4

Windstorms Carry Away Plant Cells, Too, wheat, grain sorghum, soybeans, Dean V. Armbrust, Manhattan, KS, 85JAN5

Guard Dogs Get Good Grades, sheep, coyotes, Great Pyrenees, Hungarian Komondor, Turkish Akbash, Jeffry S. Green, Dubois, ID, 85JAN6

Biocontrol Takes Off in a Pilotless Miniplane, pecans, drone, W. Louis Tedders, Byron, GA, 85JAN8

Grains Hold the Key to Reducing Blood Cholesterol, barley, oats, David M. Peterson, Madison, WI, Hardin, Peoria, 85JAN10

Weevils Cloud Sunflower Scene, biocontrol, spotted sunflower stem weevil, Laurence D. Charlet, Fargo, ND, 85JAN12

Underemployed Sugar Can Have Its Own Whey, lactulose, Kevin Hicks, Philadelphia, PA, 85JAN14

Modern Humpty Dumpty Reports on Broken Eggs, electronic egg, James A. Dickens, Athens, GA, 85JAN15

Staining Machine Improves Detection of Cracked Eggs, James A. Dickens, Athens, GA, 85JAN15

Extracting Fats and Oils With CO2, (patent), 85JAN16

Biocontrol for Universal Root Pathogens, (patent), 85JAN16

From Cheesemaking Waste to Commercial Sugar, lactulose, (patent), 85JAN16

Forum, Forage Legumes—Untapped Resource (forum), 85FEB2

Reducing Hidden Salt Makes Sense, food poisoning, hot dogs, meat, 85FEB6

Winter Wheat Survives Despite Plowing, wind erosion control, chisel plowing tests, 85FEB7

Insect Rearing: Fighting Bugs With Bugs, biocontrol, (Shaffer, New Orleans, LA), 85FEB8.

Insect-Resistant Corn Could Increase World Food, Heliothis, European corn borer, 85FEB10

Common Weed is Suspect in Cattle Abortions, sumpweed, 85FEB4

Better Crops Through Stress Survival, sugarbeet, 85FEB4

Great Plains Get a Better Break, windbreak tree, Oahe, 85FEB5

Papayas Get Into Hot Water, Leave Hawaii, treatment for Mediterranean fruit fly in lieu of ethylene dibromide (EDB), 85FEB12

Solar Heated Beehives, white sheet plastic covers, 85FEB13

Technology Stretches Irrigation Water, solar powered, laser aligned, computer operated, TTIS, traveling trickle irrigation system, Claude Phene, Fresno, CA, 85FEB14

Clean Soil Sampling, coring machine (Patent), Julius Feldmesser, Beltsville, MD, 85FEB16

Taking the Stick Out of Latex, synthetic rubber, (Patent), Thomas P. Abbott, Peoria, IL, 85FEB16

Temperature-Adaptive Textiles, fabrics for cold-weather clothing, building insulation (Patent), Tyrone L. Vigo, Knoxville, TN, 85FEB16

Forum, Research Pays Its Way, Genetic Challenges Abound in Potatoes, cell fusion, chromosomes, John P. Helgeson, Madison, WI, 85MAR6

National Soils Lab Committed to Conservation, water, erosion, William C. Moldenhauer, West Lafayette, IN, 85MAR8

Speedy Genes Enhance Plant Breeding, CA early flowering in lettuce, mosaic resistance, Edward J. Ryder, Salinas, 85MAR12

Major Step Toward Poultry Coccidiosis Vaccine, antigen, hybridoma biotechnology, genetically engineered, Harry D. Danforth and Patricia C. Augustine, Beltsville, MD, 85MAR13

Gene Find May Overcome Resistance, red flour beetle, malathion, Richard W. Beeman, Manhattan, KS, 85MAR4

Fluorescent Stain Sure Test for Blueberry Disease, DAPI, Richard H. Converse, Corvallis, OR, 85MAR4

Fire Ants Prey on Mosquitoes, James W. Summerlin, College Station, TX, 85MAR5

Forage Plant Rids Soil of Sodium, Sordan grass, carbon dioxide, salt, calcium, Charles W. Robbins, Kimberly, ID, 85MAR5

High-Protein Rice Flour From Enzyme Treatment, CHP-rice, Linn P. Hansen, Albany, CA, 85MAR14

New Instrument Measures Dry Matter in Onions, spectrophotometry analysis of sugars in onions, Gerald G. Dull and Gerald S. Birth, Athens, GA, 85MAR15

Polymer Additives for Lubricants, Samuel Serota, Philadelphia, PA, (Patent), 85MAR16

Improving Baking Quality of Unbleached Wheat Flour, Maura M. Bean, Albany, CA, (Patent), 85MAR16

High-protein Flour From Cottonseed, Ranjit S. Kadan, New Orleans, LA, (Patent), 85MAR16

Forum, ARS Helped Pioneer Biotechnology Research, 85APR2

Livestock Births More Timely and Rewarding, pigs, sows, pseudorabies a herpes virus in swine, cattle, sheep, Roger J. Gerrits and Dyarl D. King, Beltsville, MD, 85APR6.

Paired Rows Push No-Till Grain Yields Up, wheat and barley, conservation tillage, paraplow, Robert I. Papendick, Lloyd F. Elliott, and Keith E. Saxton, Pullman, WA, 85APR11

Miniature Shellfish Help Control Mosquitoes, parasites, biological control, microcrustaceans, Tokuo Fukuda, Lake Charles, LA, (Sam Shaffer, New Orleans), 85APR4

Insecticides Don't Increase Codling Moths, apples and pears, J. Franklin Howell, Yakima, WA, 85APR4

Folic Acid Excess May Lower Zinc, B-vitamin, zinc-deficient diets, David B. Milne, Grand Forks, ND, 85APR5

Computerized Assay for B Vitamins, folacin, folic acid, Pamela M. Keagy, Albany, CA, 85APR5

New System Hears Insects Chewing, stethoscope, grapefruit, fruit fly larvae, maggots, nuts, and grain, J.C. Webb, Carroll O. Calkins, and Kenneth W. Vick, Gainesville, FL, 85APR13

Applicator For Postemergence Weed Control, James M. Chandler, College Station, TX, Patent No. 4,471,570, 85APR16

Crop Growth Enhanced by Brassinosteroid, Malcolm J. Thompson, Beltsville, MD, Patent No. 4,346,226, 85APR16

Turkey Stud Farms, An IRM Story For Breeders, Consumers, Beltsville Poultry Semen Extender, Thomas Sexton, Beltsville, MD, 85MAY6

The War Against Hessian Fly, wheat, John E. Foster and Richard H. Shukle, West Lafayette, IN, and Jim Hatchett, Manhattan, KS, 85MAY10

Good Housekeeping Means Healthier Bees, honey, chalkbrood fungus, wax, Martha A. Gilliam, Tucson, AZ, 85MAY4

Steam Blanching Improves Canned Beans, saves time and energy, Stephen R. Drake, Wenatchee, WA, 85MAY4

A Touch of Bran, spaghetti with 3 times dietary fiber, wheat bran, Vernon L. Youngs, Fargo, ND, 85MAY4

A Cheap Field Test for CAP in Milk, chloramphenicol, antibiotic, Daniel Schwartz, Philadelphia, PA, 85MAY5

Pinpointing Chemical Residues, honey bees, organophosphate insecticides, Jack Harvey, Laramie, WY, 85MAY5

Wipe Away Wayward Weeds, rotary herbicide wiper, William V. Welker and Donald L. Peterson, Kearneysville, WV, 85MAY14

No-Till Peaches Get Head Start, killed sod, William V. Welker, Jr. and D. Michael Glenn, Kearneysville, WV, 85May14

Forum, Poultry and World Nutrition, 85MAY2

Small Computer regulates poultry house, chickens, broilers, temperature, humidity, Floyd N. Reece, Mississippi State, MS, 85MAY15

Low-Salt, Pickled Hot Dogs Last Longer, frankfurters, Jay B. Fox, Jr., Philadelphia, PA, Patent No. 4,478,859, 85MAY16

Machine Cleans Cotton Fibers Better, textile mills, dust, Charles Shepard, New Orleans, LA, Patent No. 4,479,286, 85MAY16

Corralling the Coyote, predators of sheep, synthetic scents, Roy Teranishi, Albany, CA, Patent No. 4,472,377, 85MAY16

Hairy Leaves Offend Insects, resistant strawberry, root weevils, Robert P. Doss, Corvallis, OR, 85JUN/JUL4

Midwest Melons Gaining Ground, cantaloupes, bacterial wilt (Erwinia tracheiphila), Gary L. Reed, Vincennes, IN, 85JUN/JUL4

Shipping Fever? Try Yeast, respiratory disease, cattle, William A. Phillips, El Reno, OK, 85JUN/JUL5

College Station, TX, 85JUN/JUL5

Movable Gene Element Found in Soybeans, jumping genes, chromosome, transposon Glycine max—Tgm1, Lila O. Vodkin and Patsy Rhodes, Beltsville, MD, 85JUN/JUL6

Alerts Tell Peanut Growers When to Spray, Cercospora leaf spot disease, D. Morris Porter, Terry A. Coffelt, and James L. Steele, Suffolk, VA, 85JUN/JUL8

New Vaccines: A Bluetongue Guard for Livestock, sheep, cattle, irradiated virus, Charles H. Campbell, Greenport, NY, 85JUN/JUL10

Gypsy Moth-Killing Fungus, Entomophaga aulicae, from Japan, Richard S. Soper, Jr., 85JUN/JUL12

Rabbit Blood Serum Detects Pesticides in Soil, Water, immunoassay technique, atrazine, wheat yields, Bohn D. Dunbar, Akron, CO, 85JUN/JUL14

Soil Tester Combines Two Important Measurements, moisture and salinity, salt, time-domain reflectometry, Francis N. Dalton and James D. Rhoades, Riverside, CA, 85JUN/JUL13

Wood Preservatives for Beehives, pentachlorophenol (PCP), honey, chromated copper arsenate and tributyl tin oxide, Eric H. Erickson, Madison, WI, 85JUN/JUL15

Collecting Cells From Live Animals, monocytes, white blood cells, Phillip H. Klesius, Auburn, AL, Patent No. 4,505,277, 85JUN/JUL16

Fruit Fly Mass Production, egg collection, medfly, Roger I. Vargas, Honolulu, HI, Patent No. 696,222, 85JUN/JUL16

New High-Pressure Lubricant Additives, substitutes for sulfurized sperm whale oil, Arthur Schwab, Peoria, IL, Patent No. 4,2l8,332, 85JUN/JUL16

Values That Work, Forum by 85JUN/JUL2

New Blood Test for Trichinosis, swine, pigs, monoclonal antibodies, Howard R. Gamble, Beltsville, MD, Patent No. 683,284, 85AUG16

New Insect Sex Pheromone Mimics, David A. Carlson and John R. McLaughlin, Gainesville, FL, Patent No. 704,442, 85AUG16

A New Way to Attack Complex Problems, Forum, symbolic processing computers in ARS, 85AUG2

Crude Vaccine Is First Step Toward New Cattle Grub Control, gadflies, heel flies, and warble flies, John H. Pruett, Jr., Kerrville, TX, 85AUG5

Soybean Developed for Stable Oil, linolenic acid, James R. Wilcox, West Lafayette, IN, 85AUG4

Sumac: A Possible Crop for Industry, plastics, resins, oils, hydrocarbons, and polyphenols, T. Austin Campbell, Beltsville, MD, 85AUG4

Calcium Means Stronger Pears and Teeth, reduces green stain, alfalfa greening or freckle pit, and cork spot disease, J. Thomas Raese, Wenatchee, WA, 85AUG4

Potato Nematode May Be Tricked Into Self-Annihilation, golden nematodes, exudate hatching chemical, Bill B. Brodie, Ithaca, NY, 85AUG11

Nematodes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, eelworms, pinworms, threadworms, and roundworms, Howard E. Waterworth, Beltsville, MD, 85AUG10

Selecting the Sex of Livestock Offspring, sperm, laser, chromosome, chinchilla, Lawrence Johnson, Beltsville, MD, 85AUG6

Computer Uses Logic and Math To Help Nonexperts, artificial intelligence processors, snowmelt, rangeland, grassland, expert systems, EXSRM, EXSPUR, Ted Engman and Jerry Ritchie, Beltsville, MD, 85AUG8

Improved Plastic Loop Protects Cows, mastitis, milk, Max J. Paape, Beltsville, MD, 85AUG13

Stream Stairs Save Farmland, Yazoo Basin, Mississippi, headcuts, grade-control structures, erosion, W. Campbell Little, Joseph B. Murphey, and Charles M. Cooper, Oxford, MS, 85AUG14

Hay Quality is Mostly Opinion Without Tests, Forum on value of analyzing hay to improve marketing, Gordon C. Marten, St. Paul, MN, 85SEP2

Alfalfa Hay Seen in New Light, livestock forage, near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS), protein, fiber, oil, starch, cellulose, Gordon C. Marten, St. Paul, MN, 85SEP6

The Wider World of NIRS, sidebar on other uses of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy, 85SEP10

Group Size Affects Pigs' Sexuality, delayed puberty, "silent heat," swine, hogs, Robert R. Oltjen, J. Joe Ford, anad Ronald K. Christenson, Clay Center, NE, 85SEP11

Stopping the Screwworm Pest at the Border—and Beyond, radioactively sterilized screwworm flies, 85SEP12

Glow Shows Best Flies, screwworm, fluorescent marked sperm, Richard J. Brenner, Gainesville, FL, 85SEP12

Carrot Flavor Affected by Genetics and Storage, ethylene buildup prevented by air flushes. Philipp W. Simon, Madison, WI, 85SEP4

Chemical Could Preserve Ornamental Crops Longer, cut flowers, aminooxyacetic acid, AOAA, James E. Baker and Chien Yi Wang, Beltsville, MD, 85SEP4

Rat Model Exposes Genetic Link Between Dietary Sugar and Diabetes, insulin, Otho E. Michaelis IV, Beltsville, MD, 85SEP4

Unusual Drought Tolerance in Mexican Cotton Plant, Jerry E. Quisenberry, Lubbock, TX, 85SEP5

New Process Improves Rice Oil For Food, bran, extruder, enzymes, oil deterioration, Robin M. Saunders, Albany, CA, 85SEP14

Future Holds More Efficient Cotton Ginning, W. Stanley Anthony, Stoneville, MS, 85SEP15

Fungus Kills Nightshade, Not Tomatoes, Robert N. Andersen, St. Paul, MN, Patent No. 06/738,707, 85SEP16

Crops Absorb Emulsified Oil, straw from wheat, oats, rice, barley, rye, or corn stalks can be used to remove oil from water, George F. Fanta, Peoria, IL, Patent No. 06/738,815, 85SEP16

Dripless, No-Waste Applicator For All Herbicides, E.J. Peters, Columbia, MO, Patent No. 651,563, 85SEP16

Cornstalks Less Likely To Fall Before Harvest, lodged, stalk strength, Larry Darrah, Columbia, MO, 85OCT4

New, Stored-Grain Protection—Fenoxycarb, insect growth regulator, nontoxic, wheat, Karl J. Kramer, Manhattan, KS, 85OCT4

Winterset Holds Up Against Destructive Virus, iceberg lettuce, mosaic virus, Edward J. Ryder, Salinas, CA, 85OCT4

Psoralens: A Tale of Cosmetics, Livestock, and Butterflies, chemicals that make skin sensitive to sunlight, G. Wayne Ivie, College Station, TX, 85OCT5

Mother's Milk Protects Infants, baby, bacteria, Cutberto Garza, Houston, TX, 85OCT5

Copper: A Missing Link in Coronary Heart Disease?, Leslie M. Klevay, Grand Forks, ND, 85OCT6

Isotopes Track Trace Minerals, copper, zinc, sidebar, Judith R. Turnlund, San Francisco, CA, 85OCT9

Little-Known Fly—Promising Biocontrol Weapon, Archytas marmoratus, corn earworms, fall armyworms, Harry R. Gross, Tifton, GA, 85OCT12

The Billion-Dollar "Worms," sidebar, corn earworm, also called the cotton bollworm, tomato fruitworm, and soybean podworm, 85OCT12

Trace Minerals Move Slower When Plant's Roots Get Cold, zinc, David L. Grunes and Ross M. Welch, Ithaca, NY, 85OCT11

Building a Better Boll Weevil Trap, bright lemon-yellow color, Willard A. Dickerson, Raleigh, NC, Patent No. 734,647, 85OCT16

A Way to "Sniff" Out Bad Hamburger, lactic acid, A. Douglas King, Jr., Albany, CA Patent No. 06/742,485, 85OCT16

Mosquito Larvae Growth Inhibitors, Leonard Jurd, Albany, CA, Patent No. 4,391,828, 85OCT16

Forum, Infant Mortality: One Result of a Deficient Diet, Children's Nutrition Research Center in Houston, Sam Shaffer, New Orleans, LA, 85OCT2

Weed Problems Could Be Solved By "Seedicide," methyl isothiocyanate, John R. Teasdale and Raymond B. Taylorson, Beltsville, MD, 85OCT10

Scientists Attack Rust With Resistance and Biocontrol, bean rust, fungus, J. Rennie Stavely, and C. Jacyn Baker, Beltsville, MD, 85OCT15

Best Wheat Floats to the Top, protein separation, flotation in sugar-salt solution, C. James Peterson, Lincoln, NE, Linda Cooke-Stinson, Peoria, IL, 85OCT14

Forum, Research to Save Lives, grain dust research, 85NOV/DEC2

Herbicide-Coated Seeds, EPTC (ethyl dipropylthiocarbamate), Jean H. Dawson, Prosser, WA, Patent No. 4,272,920, 85NOV/DEC16

Pheromone For Grain Weevils, rice and maize, Wendell E. Burkholder, Madison, WI, Patent No. 06/716,798, 85NOV/DEC16

Bacterial Protein Extraction Process, Saumya Bhaduri, Philadelphia, PA, Patent No. 4,464,295, 85NOV/DEC16

Leaner Lamb Expected From Texel Sheep, quarantine for scrapies, Kreg A. Leymaster, Clay Center, NE, 85NOV/DEC4

Genetic Engineers Study Crop Growth Control, gibberellins, cytokinins, and ribonucleases, plant hormones, Joseph W. Corse, Albany, CA, 85NOV/DEC4

Turning Surplus Fats and Oils into Useful Ones, enzymes, lipases, beef tallow, cocoa butter, Philip E. Sonnet and Michael J. Haas, Philadelphia, PA 85Nov/Dec5

'Wimp' Mold May Save Grain From Bad Guys, fungi, Aspergillus glaucus, David B. Sauer, Manhattan, KS, Linda Cooke-Stinson, Peoria, IL, 85NOV/DEC5

Trapping the Explosive Grain Dust, soybean oil, lecithin, elevator, Fang S. Lai, Manhattan, KS, 85NOV/DEC6

Ion Channels In Plants Work Like Simple Nervous System, protein tunnels, gates, cell membrane, Charles Mischke and Charles Bare, Beltsville, MD, 85NOV/DEC10

Aflatoxin—No One Solution, corn, Aspergillus flavus, mold, cornmeal, grits, and peanut butter, Eivind B. Lillehoj, New Orleans, LA, 85NOV/DEC12

The Search for a Warm-Climate Potato, true potato seeds, 84JAN4

Reducing Erosion From Thawing Soil, snowmelt, water, rain, Pacific Northwest, conservation tillage, 84JAN7

Monoclonal Antibodies, probing the mysteries of immunity, hybridoma, mastitis, trichinosis, prunus necrotic ring spot, 84JAN8

Monoclonal Antibodies At Work, chicken coccidiosis, poultry, hybridoma, 84JAN10

Microbial Insecticides: Finding Insects Weaknesses, virus, biocontrol, pesticides, cotton, corn, soybeans, sorghum, and tomatoes, earworm, podworm, fruitworm, Heliothis, 84JAN12

Corn Germplasm Resists Corn Borers, 84JAN14

Garbanzos on the Palouse, chickpeas, beans, Washington-Idaho, 84FEB6

RBC's—Natural Time Release Capsules, red blood cells, drugs, 84FEB04

Finding a Cure for Saline Seeps, salt, groundwater, rain, magnesium, sodium and calcium, Montana North Dakota, South Dakota, and Canada, 84FEB7

Barley Yellow Dwarf Commands Attention, virus disease, BYD or red leaf, luteoviruses, rust, smut, transmitted by aphids, 84FEB

NEW Treatment for Sulfide-Laden Tannery Waste, anaerobic microorganisms, 84FEB14

Don't Blame Cattle, water pollution, runoff from pastures, nitrogen, phosphorus, 84FEB15

Poor Man's Marker, aerosol marker for pesticide application, shaving cream, 84FEB15

New Spreader Works With the Grain, grain dust, drying, quality, corn, 84FEB16

The Orchard Rot-Water Connection, root and crown rot, sour sap, "wet feet", water drainage, irrigation, fungi, Phytophthora, 84FEB16

Colorless Alga Can Pollute Water, cause mastitis, dairy cows, Prototheca, 84MAR4

Heavy Water Fuels Seed Research, deuterium, hydrogen, isotope, soybean seeds, vigor, membrane permeability, 84MAR6

Fine Tuning Irrigation With Advanced Electronics, water, energy savings, computer control, 84MAR8

Diet Lowers Cholesterol in Atheletes, saturated fat, heart disease, 84MAR12

Blood Cell "Bridges" Indicate Kidney Damage, sheep swine humans, cell membranes, cytoplasmic bridges, 84MAR13

Concord Grape Tolerance to Herbicide 2,4-D, irrigation water, 84MAR14

Equation Helps Predict Low Birth Weights, human, smoking, baby, children, tobacco, cigarettes, 84MAR14

Diet Affects Lamb Chop Flavor, food, meat, alfalfa, soybean meal, sheep, 84MAR14

Update on Threadleaf Groundsel Poisoning, weeds, cattle, pyrrolozidine alkaloids, 84MAR15

Papaya vs. Velvetleaf in the Lab, herbicide extracted from seeds stops a common corn field weed, benzyl isothiocyanate, 84MAR15

Bur Buttercups Poison Found, toxic to sheep, ranunculin, pasture, range weed, 84MAR16

New Hydrologic Soil Classification, soil-water retention and infiltration, 84MAR16

Zinc May Be Important During Pregnancy, nutrition, children, babies, memory & learning ability, 84APR7

Taking the Byte Out of Protein Mapping, electrophoresis, digitizer, soybean, 84APR4

Mycorrhizae to the Rescue, fungi, drought tolerance, vesicular-arbuscular, phosphorus uptake, wheat, 84APR8

What are Mycorrhizae?, fungi, drought tolerance, 84APR9

Lasers Could Shed Light on Crop Deficiencies, nutrients, fluorescence, corn, soybeans, nitrogen, iron, potassium, phosphorus, boron, sulfur, calcium, 84APR12

Model Predicts Annual Stripe Rust Disease Level, wheat disease, fungus, 84APR13

Longstanding Range Grasses, 84APR14

Alaskan Growers Can Nip Weed Problems in the Bud, 84APR14

Erosion Control Plus Profits in Pacific Northwest, wheat growers, rainfall, 84APR15

Dairy Cows Culled Too Soon, milk, 84APR15

Female Omnivorous Looper, sex pheromone, avocado, 84APR16

Leptospirosis: For Every Answer a New Question, rats, dogs, horses, swine, cattle, sheep, goats, and 20 species of wild animals blood, liver, lungs, 84MAY6

National Leptospirosis Reference Center Established, sidebar, 84MAY5

Starch Held Herbicides Save Money and Soil, cornstarch, energy, trifluran, weed control, foxtail, 84MAY6

The Ultimate No-Till System is a Cow on Grass, cattle, fertilizer, beef, range management, 84MAY8

A New Grass for the Nontilling Cow, sidebar a, 84MAY10

New Insights on Copper Metabolism, human nutrition,clofibrate, cholesterol, blood plasma, trace minerals, 84MAY11

New Carrot Excels in Carotene and Flavor, vitamin A, 84MAY12

Foiling the Finicky Grasshopper, alflafa, erosion control, trefoil, cicer milkvetch, 84MAY13

Making Range Grasses Unpalatable to Insects, resistant plants instead of pesticides, genetic breeding, 84MAY13

Advantages of Planting Mixed Wheat Varieties, baking quality, 84MAY14

Tinkering With Insects Bio-clocks, hormones, ecdysone, face fly, 84MAY14

Partial Sterility a New Pest Control Method, gamma radiation, biocontrol, fall armyworm, corn earworm, sorghum, 84MAY13

Controlling Black Nightshade, weed in soybeans, Joyner, Peoria, IL, 84MAY15

Male Tobacco Budworm Moth, pheromones, Heliothis virescens, biocontrol, Kaniuka, Beltsville, MD, 84MAY16

Bye-Bye Biting Flies, insect repellents, deet, mosquitos, midges, 84JUN4

The Greening of Bentonite-Mined Lands, strip mining forage grass clay nitrogen, 84JUN7

The clay of 1,000 Uses, bentonite salt, 84JUN7

Encapsulation With Seaweed-Based Gels—A New Process, herbicides, weed control, fungus, 84JUN8

Miner's Disaster—Latest Biocontrol Triumph, alfalfa wasp blotch leaf miner, 84JUN9

Starch-Based Membranes for Dialysis, corn, biodegradable cellulose polymers, blood, kidneys, toxic, proteins, 84JUN11

Cablegation Makes the Grade, irrigation sprinklers water energy-savings, 84JUN12

Cablegation "Brakes" from the Conventional, irrigation, water, clock, 84JUN12

Proper Feedlot Construction Equals No Pollution, cattle manure salts nitrogen, 84JUN14

Carbon Dioxide Speeds Root Growth of Cuttings, greenhouse, atmospheres, ornamentals, apples, pears, 84JUN15

Breeding Nematode Resistant Alfalfa, legumes Pratylenchus penetrans 84Jun15

Cattle Can Be Finicky Eaters, grass fertilized with nitrogen tastes better with more protein, 84JUN16

New Trichinosis Test—First Step To Eradication, blood test for pigs, hogs, swine, 84JUN10

Critical Knowledge of Mold Life Cycles Gained, corn, soil, sclerotia, Aspergillus flavus, mycologists, Donald T. Wicklow, 84JUL/AUG4

Textiles That Turn on to Temperature, clothing insulation, rayon, cotton, polypropylene, polyester, urethane, Tyrone L. Vigo, 84JUL/AUG6

Glenn Burton: More Millet for the Sub-Sahara, germplasm from Bourkina Fasso (Upper Volta), cereal crop, by Jack Reeves, Univ. of GA, 84JUL/AUG7

Altering Insect Brain Chemistry—An Emerging Science, neurochemistry, biocontrol, hormones, behavior, mating disruption, J.E. (Bud) Wright, 84JUL/AUG8

VGS: An Old Hydraulic Principle Works for New Sewers, variable-grade gravity sewers septic tank Jerry O. Newman and John D. Simmons, 84JUL/AUG11

A Bird's-Eye View of the Embryonic Turkey, shelless eggs nutrition research in poultry Mark P. Richards, 84JUL/AUG13

Christmas Trees Thrive in Desert Country, Arizona water harvesting or runoff farming, Dwayne H. Fink and William L Ehrler, (retired), 84JUL/AUG14

Gypsy Moths—"Next Time We'll Be Ready", Northeast, biocontrol, caterpillars, parasitic wasp, virus, Ralph Webb, 84JUL/AUG14

Space Bees: Honey Bee Colony on Shuttle Flight, Hachiro Shimanuki, 84JUL/AUG15

The Resilient Roach Succumbs to Birth Control, cockroach, biocontrol, hydroprene, hormone mimick, Richard S. Patterson, 84JUL/AUG15

A Method for Making Multiherbicide Granules, tung-oil encapsulation, Jim Dale, Stoneville, MS, (patent), 84JUL/AUG16

Low Formaldehyde Release Fabrics, carbamate durable press, (Patent), Bethlehem K. Andrews, New Orleans, LA, 84JUL/AUG16

Ready Diagnosis of Bluetongue Virus, monoclonal antibodies, (Patent), 84JUL/AUG16

Speeding Up Graft Unions, heating device for fruit and nut tree grafts, (Patent), 84JUL/AUG16

GRIN All the Way to the Gene Banks, germplasm preservation, computer network, seed and plant data, 84SEP4

Rotary Disk Mower Reduces Soybean Harvest Losses, high speed movies, track cutting action of combines, 84SEP5

Viral One-Two Causes Fatal Cattle Disease, bovine diarrhea, mucosal disease, cows, calves, 84SEP6

Membrane Research—A Multidisciplinary Treasure Trove, biotechnology, cells, molecular biology, 84SEP8

Liposomes—Artificial Membranes, hollow spheres of fat molecules, antibiotics, carrot cell, (Sidebar to Membrane story, 84SEP9)

Giving Peaches a New Lease on Shelf Life, Bacillus subtilis as a control for brown rot, fungicide replacement, 84SEP12

Breast-Fed Preemies Get a Bonus, human milk, premature infants, babies, 84SEP13

Metabolism, 84SEP14

Sniffing for Forbidden Fruits, CO2 gun checks luggage for fruit, vegetables and hidden insects, 84SEP14

Breaking the Gossypol Barrier, toxic substance naturally occuring in cottonseed meal and oil, terpenoids, pigs, chickens, 84SEP14

Wild Mustard Seed Wins the Battle, weed, herbicides, soybeans, 2,4-D, MCPA, 84SEP15

Low Cost Process for Heating Protein Solutions, (Patents), 84SEP16

New Miticides Safer for Livestock, (Patents), 84SEP16

Protection for Evergreens Against Bagworms, (Patents), 84SEP16

Postharvest Biocontrol of brown rot, (Patents), 84SEP16

Slot Machine Pays Off, 84OCT

Genetic Switch Upgrades Soybean Protein, 84OCT5

Unravelling the Mystery of Wheat Growth Hormones, 84NOV/DEC

Pheromones—Decoding Insects' Chemical Communication, 84OCT8

Getting the Most Out of Grain Supplements, 84OCT7

Toxoplasmosis Causing Abortions in U.S. Sheep Flocks, Mazzola, Beltsville, MD, 84OCT4

New High-Speed Spinner Boosts Yarnmaking Efficiency, 84OCT13

Gamma Rays Produce Superior Seedless Citrus, 84OCT14

Fourwing Saltbush—Not Just a Range Weed, 84OCT15

Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Fail Tests, 84OCT14

Mobile Disposal Method for Pesticide Wastes, ultraviolet light, degradation by microorganisms, Philip C. Kearney, Beltsville, MD, 84OCT6

Safflower Fields for Weed Control, 84OCT15

Biocontrol for Major Bean Disease, (Patents), 84OCT16

Cockroach Repellents, (Patents), 84OCT16

Promising Nontoxic Food Preservatives, (Patents), 84OCT16

Protecting Cereal Grains From Deterioration, (Patents), 84OCT16

Affecting Photosynthesis with Bioregulators, 84NOV/DEC

Guayule—Natural Rubber From the Desert, 84NOV/DEC

'Super-Propagule' May Overcome Guayule Seed Problem, 84NOV/DEC

Polyunsaturated Fats, Potassium Lower Blood Pressure, McBride and McLaughlin, Beltsville, MD, 84NOV/DEC

Sludge: A Resource Whose Time has Come, 84NOV/DEC

Composting Sludge Gains Favor, 84NOV/DEC

Potent Cancer Inhibitor Found in Plant Seeds, (Patents), 84NOV/DEC

Removing Fruit the Gentle Way, (Patents), 84NOV/DEC

Fuel From the Farm for Diesel Engines, (Patents), 84NOV/DEC

Protecting Cereal Grains From Deterioration, (Patents), 84NOV/DEC

Orange Purees Need Temperature Control, vitamin C, 83JAN/FEB13

The Asian Parasite Laboratory, Korea, 83JAN/FEB4

Developing Alfalfa as an Annual Crop, 83JAN/FEB7

Wild Bees as Pollinators—An Update, Osmia Lignaria, 83JAN/FEB8

Basic Research for Better Soybean Oil, flavor stability, 83JAN/FEB11

Living Organisms To Control Curly Indigo, weed, rice, fungus spores, 83JAN/FEB12

Quick Test for Soil Gases, oxygen, carbon dioxide, 83JAN/FEB14

Celery Needs Less Salty Water, salinity research, 83JAN/FEB15

Solid Seeding Outyields Row Beans, soybeans, 83JAN/FEB15

Hilling Sugarbeets Increases Root Rot, fungus Rhizoctonia solani, 83JAN/FEB15

Extending the Aquaculture Season, fish farming, covering ponds with plastic, 83JAN/FEB16

Abscission Agents Effects on Orange Flavor, citrus, juice, 83JAN/FEB16

Fewer Leaves Mean More Fruit, apples, pears, chemical pruning, 83MAR12

Regulating Water Tables Benefits Yields, slows erosion, rainfall, sediment, Louisiana, 83MAR13

Unlocking the Secret of Herbicide-Tolerant Seeds, weed control, alfalfa, EPIC, 83MAR13

Low-Nitrogen Cotton Resists Drought, fertilizer, 83MAR14

Soil Productivity Modeling Through EPIC, Erosion Productivity Impact Calculator, computer, 83MAR4

EPIC's Many Parts, computer database, Erosion Productivity Impact Calculator, computer, computer, 83MAR6

What Roles Do Forage Crops Play? soil erosion, fertility, grasses and legumes, 83MAR8

Locoweed Poisoning in Cattle, 83MAR15

Controlling Weeds in Narrow-Row Cotton, 83MAR15

Protecting Navy Beans From Ozone, chemical treatment to prevent bronzing, 83MAR16

New Apple for Southeastern United States, Blairmont, 83MAR16

Postharvest Network Aids Agricultural Exports, grain, fruit, blueberries, kiwi, medfly, papayas, 83APR4

Adopting a Horticultural Orphan, paw paw or papaw or custard apple, Asimina triloba, 83APR7

Tillage: Ancient Practice, modern challenge, soil, chiseling, compaction, 83APR8

Mastitis Diagnosed by Computer, milk, cows, 83APR12

Twenty-Five Years of Stubble Mulching, tillage, soil, organic matter, nitrogen, 83APR12

Breeding Plan for Bees, honey, African bees, hybrids, 83APR14

Nitrogen Needs of Sugarbeets Under Reduced Tillage, 83APR15

Better Biocontrol, Less Insecticide, aldicarb, Colorado potato beetle, tachnid fly, 83APR15

Yeast Ferments Cellulose to Alcohol, Candida wickerhamii, wood, olive husks, molasses, whey, 83APR15

Predicting Salt-Leaching From Stripmines, pollution, coal, 83APR16

Cooling Off the Codling Moth, mating disruption, sterile males, 83APR16

Give the Sire Some Credit, hogs, swine, genetic evaluation, (Mazzola Beltsville, MD), 83MAY6

Focus on Soil Fertility, fertilizer, erosion control, 83MAY8

Soil Bacteria: Another Source of Nitrogen, 83MAY10

Tailoring Fertilizer Placement, no-till, microorganisms degrade nitrogen, 83MAY12

Save That Topsoil, erosion, wheat production, 83MAY14

Poisonous Plant Seeds Yield a Cancer Inhibitor, leukemia, Sesbania, 83MAY4

Cotton Insect Biocontrol Takes a Big Step Forward, mass rearing, bollworm, tobacco budworm, 83MAY7

Probing Sclerotinia Disease in Forage Legumes, clover, alfalfa, 83MAY13

ELISA Improves Curly Top Monitoring, sugarbeets, tomatoes, leafhoppers, 83MAY13

New Technique to Measure Nitrogen Losses, water pollution, 83MAY15

Bur Buttercup Poisoning, Ceratocephalus testiculatus, sheep, 83MAY15

Herbicide Resistance in Sugarbeets, 83MAY16

Benefits of Permanent Wheel Tracks, compaction, energy savings, yield reductions, 83MAY16

Tracking Sources of Water Pollutants, chemical runoff, nitrogen, 83JUN4

The Speedy Rhizobium from China, nitrogen fixing bacteria, 83JUN6

Starter Culture for Processed Meats, sausage, pepperoni, fermented, lactic acid, 83JUN7

Feed Costs Vary for Crossbred Cows, milk, meat, feed utilization per size and breed, 83JUN7

Sedimentation—A Threat to Clean Water and Fertile Soil, erosion, salt, 83JUN8

Putting Down Roots, plants control erosion of streambanks, water, sediment, 83JUN10

Remaking the Good Earth, strip mining, coal, sand, gravel, reclamation, 83JUN12

Cranberry Girdlers Eat Trees, Too, root weevil, Douglas fir seedlings, diazinon, 83JUN14

Pesticide Runoff Study Completed, water pollution, herbicides, irrigation, cotton, sugarbeets, alfalfa, lettuce, onions, and melons, Imperial Valley, 83JUN15

Another Nematode is Found, potatoes, Columbia root-knot nematode, 83JUNS15

Ozone Tolerance of Pines, air pollution, 83JUN16

Hydrologists Sharpen Their REPHLEXes, 50 years computerized watershed data, rainfall, 83JUL/AUG5

Designing Pavement To Capture Runoff, porous asphalt, Watershed Research Center, 83JUL/AUG6

Pollutants From Coal May Work as Fertilizer, fluidized bed combustion, acid rain constituents, calcium, energy, 83JUL/AUG7

Saving, 83JUL/AUG8

A Future for Lean, swine, fat, hogs, pigs, genetic selection for less fat, 83JUL/AUG11

Peroxide Opens Plant Energy Package, disolves lignin in straw to make it more digestible, energy savings, corn stalks, soybean stems, foxtail, kenaf, oak wood shavings, 83JUL/AUG12

Double Cropping of Forages, barley, triticale, lignin, oats, 83JUL/AUG14

Soil Acidity and Drought Spell Trouble, water stress, soil acidity, aluminium toxicity, sunflowers, 83JUL/AUG14

Hot Winds Damage Winter Wheat, yield reduction, 83JUL/AUG15

Mothers' Milk Goes Further, breast-fed infants growth vs. formula-fed, 83JUL/AUG15

Bean Sprouts Need Cold Temperatures, mung beans, 83JUL/AUG16

Simple Lab Techniques for Plant Pathologists, slide preparation with cyanoacrylic adhesives—Superglue, microscope, 83JUL/AUG16

Turbulent Fountain Screen Cleans Irrigation Water, trash removal, 83SEP4

Hairy, Sticky Alfalfa Fights Off Insects, biocontrol of alfalfa weevil, spider mite, spotted aphids, and alfalfa seed chalcid, 83SEP6

Breeding for Hairy, Sticky Alfalfa, crossing annual and perennial Medicago for insect resistance, 83SEP7

Saving Water in the Southeast, fabric dam, irrigation, flood drainage, 83SEP8

Processors Have Fruit Purees "in the bag", food, replaces canning & freezing, Hawaii, aseptic film packaging, 83SEP10

Arthritis in Goats—A Model for the Human Ailment? virus, big knee disease, 83SEP11

Long Term Study Clears Soy Protein, hamburger, beef, iron and zinc nutrition, soybean, ferritin, 83SEP12

Reducing Irrigation on Winter Wheat, 83SEP12

Longstanding Theory on Vapor Movement Upset, pesticides, trifluralin, dieldrin, diffusion in the atmosphere, 83SEP13

Fumigating Empty Metal Grain Bins, red flour beetles, rice weevil, chloropicrin, phosphine, carbon tetrachloride, ethylene dibromide, James K. Quinlan, Manhattan, KS, 83SEP14

No Volunteers, Please! potato, fall plowing, wheat cover crop, 83SEP15

Russian Wildrye is Reclassified, grass now Psathyrostachys junceus, 83SEP15

Rabbiteye Blueberries Return, breeding improves flavor, Georgia, 83SEP15

Erosion High After Row-Cropped Soybeans, soil losses, 83SEP16

The Case of the Disappearing Pesticides, microorganisms decompose them to reduce efficacy, Furadan, Eradicane, and organophosphates, 83OCT4

Viruses in Germplasm: Potential Trouble—protection needed against seedborne viruses, ELISA test, peas, beans, lentils, Corvallis, OR 83OCT6

A Machine to Improve Rangelands—Tills, furrows, makes check dams, places fertilizer, plants grasses in western rangeland, 83OCT8

Fire Freshens Rangeland—Controlled Burning Reduces Silver Sagebrush, grasslands improvement, 83OCT10

Selecting Beef Cattle—Herford steers selected on basis of muscling and yearling weight. 83OCT11

New Language Ushers Chemistry Into Computer Age—Advanced Wiswesser Line Notation (AWLN), simplifies chemical formulas, 83OCT12

Itchgrass: Predicting Its Potential Range—weed occurring in corn, soybeans, sugarcane, Rottboellia exaltata L.f., annual 8-10 high, 83OCT13

Food Choices Provide Zinc for the Aged—human nutrition, liver, beef heart, Grand Forks HNRC, 83OCT14

Bad News and Good News About U.S. Diet—one year study of 29 adults, iron, salt, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A and C, niacin, thiamin, phosphorus, 83OCT14

Seed Moisture Levels for Ultracold Storage—Germplasm in Liquid Nitrogen, cryogenics, barley, clover, bean, fescue, sesame, sorghum, wheat, 83OCT15

Learning From a Drought—grass survival in Great Plains, low rainfall, 83OCT15

Cooling Fans for Apples—energy savings for cold storage, 83OCT16

The Tillers Not the Answer—winter wheat, resistance to freezing, Great Plains, 83OCT16

Milestones in ARS Research, selected accomplishments from 30 years of research, RNA, cotton, erosion, screwworm, 83NOV/DEC4

Weevil Attractant Unites Insects, aggregation pheromone, maize weevil, corn, rice, 83NOV/DEC10

Reducing Fruit Moisture by Osmosis, strawberry, drying, energy savings, 83NOV/DEC11

No News is Good News for Beekeepers, parasitic mite, honeybees, Varroa jacobsoni and acarapis woodi, 83NOV/DEC

Turnips for Forage, conservation tillage, brassica, rape, kale, rutabagas, 83NOV/DEC13

Late to Feed, early to calve, cattle, cows, heifers, silage, 83NOV/DEC13

Metal Fingers Can Be Gentle Pickers, peaches, machine harvesting of tree fruit, rod press fruit remover, 83NOV/DEC14

Gamma Rays Control Codling Moths, irradiation, methyl bromide, cherries, apples, pears, fruit flies, 83NOV/DEC15

Wheat Tolerance to Wheat Streak Mosaic, virus, wheat curl mite, barley, corn, rye, oats, grasses, 83NOV/DEC15

Soybean Seed Inoculation Not Always Beneficial, nitrogen fixing bacteria, Rhizobium japonicum, 83NOV/DEC16

Seed Samples Vary in Genetic Composition, beans, electrophoresis, genetic diversity, 83NOV/DEC16

Tomato Ringspot in Strawberries, 82JAN/FEB09

Harvesting Alfalfa Late Without Crop Damage, 82JAN/FEB12

A Bug Too Snug in a Skin it Can't Shrug, insect molting hormones, 82JAN/FEB08

Dairy Forage Research Center, milkcows, 82JAN/FEB04

Building in Environmental Protection, dairy center maintains quality, 82JAN/FEB06

Soil Compaction May Sometimes Help, furrow irrigation, water, 82JAN/FEB07

Trickle Irrigation Boosts Tomato Yields, water, subsurface, 82JAN/FEB10

Sensing Soil Moisture by Satellite, microwave sensors, water content of soil, 82JAN/FEB15

Rapid Analysis for Food Fiber, near infrared reflectance, NIR, 82JAN/FEB13

Rice Weevil Lure Found, sex attractants, 82JAN/FEB16

Plant Growth Inhibitors in Tall Fescue Grass, allelopathy, 82JAN/FEB16

Date Palm Tissue—from deep freeze to plantlets, 82MAR10

Forcing Iris to Flower, storage temperatures, 82MAR15

Suppressing Bollworms By Mowing, cotton, 82MAR7

Unraveling Mysteries of the Corn Rootworm, 82MAR12

Southern Rust and Corn Maturity, 82MAR14

Hail Increases Prickly Pear, cactus, 82MAR4

Cactus Harvester, cattle feed, 82MAR5

Biocontrol of Malaria Carrying Mosquitoes, IPM, nematodes, 82MAR10

Uncommon Uses for Common Okra, 82MAR6

Carbon Dioxide Extracts Seed Oils, soybean oil, 82MAR8

Sex Attractant Draws Lesser Peachtree Borers, 82MAR16

Green Ash and Hackberry Make Good Windbreaks, trees, erosion, 82MAR16

Chemical Gives Seeds "GET UP AND GROW", PEG, polyethylene glycol, 82APR4

IPM for Truck Crops, cabbage, bacillus thuringiensis, 82APR8

Improving Forages, better grasses, 82APR12

Victims of the Fire Ant—A Survey, 82APR10

Sewage Plus Nuclear Waste Equals Cattle Feed, irradiation, 82APR15

Corn Cobs for Corn Drying, gasification process makes energy savings, 82APR11

Self-Cleaning Seed Separator, grass seed, 82APR14

Flat Breads on the Rise, winter wheat for flour, 82APR15

Plants and Insects React to Space Shuttle Exhaust, citrus, 82APR6

Seeding Forages Earlier in the Northern Plains, grasses, 82APR16

Searching for Tobacco Budworm Resistance in Cotton, 82APR16

Helping Plants Defend Themselves, IPM, resistant crops, cotton, corn, soybean, sunflower, 82MAY4

No Sporting Chance for Small-Farm Weeds, hockey stick herbicide wiper, 82MAY6

Better Insecticide Sprayer Sprays Less, infrared, intermittent, cabbage, 82MAY14

New Poultry-Handling Cage, chicken, broilers, transportation, 82MAY12

Fighting Food Poisoning, bacteria, Clostridium perfringens, enterotoxin, 82MAY15

Greenhouse Effect—A Nonproblem?, CO2, atmospheric heating, 82MAY7

Irrigation in the West, water, 82MAY8

Controlling Water Pollution From Small Feedlots, cattle, streams, runoff, 82MAY11

Hessian Fly Attacks Spring Wheat, 82MAY16

Cotton Leaf Shape Affects Insects, 82MAY16

Saline Water Used To Produce Biomass, salt-tolerant plants, energy, irrigation, 82JUN7

Impatiens—A Touch of the Tropics, crossing bedding plants for flowers, 82JUN4

Plasmids: New Key to Genetic Engineering, 82JUN8

Improving Carrot Flavor, genetics, nutritional value, 82JUN12

Spray the Grass, not the corn, corn borer control, 82JUN13

The Birds and the Psyllas, birds eat this pear pest, 82JUN15

Controlling Wheat Take-All Disease, fungus, 82JUN15

Protein—Now From Grass and Clover, for humans from forage, 82JUN14

SPAW Predicts Crop Stress, soil, plant, air, water mathematical model, 82JUN16

Storing Those Fragile Lettuce Seeds, Fort Collins, 82JUN16

Freezing Potato Shoot Tips, for storing disease-free germplasm, 82JUL/AUG6

Deep Freezing Hop Pollen, new storage technique for breeding, 82JUL/AUG14

Confusing and Killing Cotton Pests, pink bollworms, 82JUL/AUG4

The Beetle Who Lives With Fire Ants, possible control method, 82JUL/AUG13

Two Rift Valley Fever Vaccines, livestock, cattle, 82JUL/AUG14

Exploding Blueberries, explosion puffing and drying, 82JUL/AUG12

Egusi Seed for Protein, flour from seed, high protein supplement, 82JUL/AUG7

A Yeast Called "Odd", xylose, wood sugar, ethyl alcohol, 82JUL/AUG8

Salt Control for the Grand Valley, irrigation improvement, Colorado river, 82JUL/AUG11

Fertile Soils Need Less Nitrogen, fertilizer, Platte River Valley, 82JUL/AUG15

Standing Straw Stubble Conserves Soil Moisture, water, snow, 82JUL/AUG16

Hemoparisite Lab Moved to Northwest, anaplasmosis, cattle, sheep, ticks, flies, 82JUL/AUG16

Beltsville Bee Diet, pollen, nectar, whey-yeast compound, 82SEP7

Harnessing the Potato's Genetic Diversity, mutants, cross breeding, 82SEP6

Quick Test for Goat and Sheep Disease, caseous lymphadenitis, ELISA, 82SEP5

Agroleum Fuels, ethyl alcohol, gasoline, diesel, vegetable oils, 82SEP4

The Gall to Cross Mother Nature, agrobacterium tumefaciens, genetic transfer, tissue culture, 82SEP12

Test-Tube Rice Yields Better Protein, tissue culture, 82SEP14

Super Seeds, genetic copies, barley, rice, wheat, DNA, 82SEP10

Anther Culture Speeds Up Wheat Breeding, pollen, 82SEP15

Cotton's Own Bollworm Defenses, resistance cuts pesticide use, 82SEP16

Date Palm Disease Vector Found, planthopper vector of yellowing disease, 82SEP16

Biography of an Insect Assassin, musk thistle, IPM, head weevil, Rhinocyllus Conicus, Dr. John J. Drea, Jr., 82OCT4

Tracking the Black Cutworm, pheromone, corn damage, William B. Showers, 82OCT8

Soybean Hay? No Way, say Jerseys, dairy cows, feeding trial with large bales, B.L. Bledsoe, 82OCT11

Rhizoctonia Control Still Elusive, sugarbeet root rot, fungus, Earl G. Ruppel, 82OCT11

Feeding Lambs Alfalfa-Brome, sheep, grass, forage, Gordon C. Marten, 82OCT12

Establishing Zoysiagrass by Seed, turfgrass, Japanese lawngrass, Jack Murray, 82OCT13

Slurpers Not a Germination Aid, hydrophilic polymers, rangegrass, water conservation. Fred B. Gomm, 82OCT13

Radar Tracks Insect Migrations, corn earworm moth, pest control studies, Wayne W. Wolf. 82OCT14

Range Forage Sampling Found Reliable, grass, pasture, Jonathan D. Hanson, 82OCT15

The Costs of Cottonseed Flour Production, meat extenders, protein concentrate, Kenneth M. Decossas, 82OCT16

The Round Bale—Stable Fly Connection, proper storage of hay to reduce fly breeding, Gustave D. Thomas, 82OCT16

Light-Generated Sound Probes Lignin Enigma, cellulose fibers, photoacoustic spectroscopy, 82NOV4

New Process to Degrade Lignocellulose, hydrolysis, gamma radiation, 82NOV6

Wheat Tillers Pinpoint Plant Stress, drought, 82NOV7

Saga of the Cereal Leaf Beetle War, biological control, wheat, oats, barley, rye, and corn, 82NOV8

Quick Test for Sugarcane Disease, ratoon stunting disease (RSD), 82NOV12

It Takes a Fungus to Know One, Talaromyces flavus, verticillium, cotton, potatoes, alfalfa, eggplant, 82NOV13

Balanced Rations Improve Milk for Cheese, dairy cows, milkfat, 82NOV14

Cotton "Yields" to Ozone, air pollution, sulphur dioxide (SO2), Howard E. Heggestad, 82NOV15

Subsurface Drainage Curbs Erosion, computer simulation, DRAINMOD & CREAMS, 82NOV16

Benefits of Short-Statured Cotton, early maturing, less internal shade, 82NOV16

Lean and Fat Pigs Provide Insights, hogs, swine, gastrointestinal research, 82DEC4

Trace Element Research in Human Nutrition, chromium, zinc, iodine, copper, 82DEC10

Scrap the Old Chromium Data, new measurement technique, 82DEC11

Plant-Produced Chemical Play Many Roles, plant growth regulators, isopentenoids, plant-mammal interactions, 82DEC12

Rhododendron Weevil Repellents, terpenes, germacrone, 82DEC13

Pioneering Nitrogen Fixation, tissue culture from alfalfa root nodules, Rhizobium, 82DEC7

Routing Weeds with Rusts, leafy spurge, musk thistle, yellow star thistle, rust fungi, Plant Disease Research Lab, Frederick, MD, 82DEC8

Switching Off Insects, tobacco budworm, uric acid, 81JAN/FEB10

Viruses Attack Black Cutworm in Corn, 81JAN/FEB11

Methane from Manure for Energy, 81JAN/FEB12

Hydrilla—A Costly and Destructive Weed, 81JAN/FEB4

Fighting Hydrilla in Florida, weeds, 81JAN/FEB8

Cattle on Hybrid Rangeland, 81JAN/FEB9

Swine Dysentery Immunity Confirmed, pigs, hogs, 81JAN/FEB15

Worst Case Herbicide, runoff, 81JAN/FEB16

Natural Pest Control, ethyl formate IPM, 81JAN/FEB16

National Herb Garden—Historic and Trendy, 81MAR10

Stemming Stem Rust, wheat, 81MAR7

Monitoring Stem Rust—A Key To Control, wheat, 81MAR9

Pro-xan Production Goes Full Scale, alfalfa dehydration process, 81MAR4

Bacteria Sediment in Streambeds, E. Coli, 81MAR13

A Symbol of Friendship, cherry trees, Japan, 81APR4

The Japanese Cherry Tree—A Homeward Journey, 81APR5

Seeking Improved Nitrogen Fixation in Soybeans, 81APR12

Breakthrough for Hybrid Rice, tall plants easier to harvest, 81APR14

Tiny Wasps—Key Insect in Biological Control, parasitic, IPM, 81APR11

Sheep Composites—Parent Lines for Market Lamb Production, 81APR8

Build a Backyard Solar Food Dryer, energy, 81APR10

Computer Simulates Wheat Straw Decomposition, tillage, 81APR13

Glenn Burton—The Scientist, The Man, 81APR2

New Pima Lines May Improve Cotton Crosses, 81MAY13

Yellow Wilt—Preparing for a Sugarbeet Disease Invasion, 81MAY6

Controlling Overwintering Pink Bollworm Populations, 81MAY12

Beta 2 Microglobulin: Body's Defense Against Disease, health, 81MAY4

Cancer Eye Linked to Solar Activity, ultra violet, radiation, 81MAY9

Steers Implanted With Synovex-S Gain More Protein, estrogen, 81MAY10

Reduced Dosage of Brucellosis Vaccine, cattle, 81MAY11

Penicillin—Always the Struggle to Get Enough, mass production, 81MAY14

Terbar System Conserves Soil and Water, 81MAY16

Flexcrop—Reducing Risk of Crop Failure, 81MAY16

An Improved Reed Canarygrass Strain, lambs, 81JUN14

New Citrus Hybrid Beats Florida Freeze, oranges, 81JUN4

Increased Soybean Seeding Overcomes Herbicide Effects, corn, 81JUN15

Simple Test for Nutrition of Pregnant Ewes, 81JUN12

Modern Potato Chips Absorb Less Oil, 81JUN8

Affordable Sewage Disposal for Rural Communities, 81JUN13

Science on the Western Range, Nevada, cattle, soil, water, 81JUN10

Cablegation—New Surface Irrigation System, 81JUN7

Northeast Emphasizes Horticultural Crop Research, small farms, 81JUL4

A Clonal Repository, germplasm, Corvallis, plants, 81JUL10

Hot Callusing for Grafting Dormant Filbert Trees, 81JUL12

Beltsville Bee Doctors Run Diagnostic Clinic, honeycombs, 81JUL14

A Potential Ally for Corn Producers, IPM, 81JUL11

Breeding Line 1 Herefords, meat, milk, beef, 81JUL10

Conservation Tillage Reduces Erosion But Not Yields, 81JUL16

Sweet Sorghum for Liquid Fuel, energy, 81JUL16

Bean Gene Moved to Sunflower Cell, recombinant DNA, 81AUG4

Micropropagation Speeds Up New Peach Varieties, 81AUG4

Wheat Research Pays Big Dividends, resist barley yellow dwarf, 81AUG8

Night Vision Goggles Aid Insect Trap Design, 81AUG6

Natural Products Repel Cucumber Beetle, IPM, 81AUG12

Advances in Vitamin D Metabolism Research, animal nutrition, 81AUG14

Shipping Grapefruit, packaging tests, cellpacked boxes, 81AUG10

Monarch—A New Cicer Milkvetch, 81AUG15

Integrated Control of Lone Star Ticks, cattle, IPM, 81AUG15

New Potato Variety, 81AUG15

States With Good Wind Energy Potential, 81AUG16

Heifers Test Fescue Quality, 81AUG16

Porcine Parvovirus Immunity, hogs, pigs, pork, 81AUG16

Screening Strawberry Seedlings, resist anthracnose, 81SEP10

Growth Regulators Increase Seed Yields, morphactins, flax, 81SEP13

The Verticillium Vonnection—Alfalfa wilt, seeds, 81SEP8

Beneficial Nematodes Control Tree Pests, IPM, carpenterworm, 81SEP9

Field Burning and the Environment, weed control, 81SEP12

Antibiotics for Plants, beneficial bacteria, 81SEP15

Quick Test for Sulfa Drugs in Hog Feed, pigs, pork, 81SEP6

Laser Aligns Traveling Trickle Irrigation System, 81SEP4

Erosion Control of Frozen Soil, dryland grain, pacific northwest, 81SEP7

Beneficial Inhabitants of the Soil, soil microorganisms, low till, 81SEP10, (also see 81SEP15)

Toxic Liquid Wastes Now Biodegradable, ultra violet, pesticides, 81SEP14

Fescue Grass Delays Conception in Ewes, sheep, 81SEP16

New Nematode Discovered That Attacks Potatoes, Pacific NW, 81SEP16

Low Input Barley Designed for Dry Lands, 81OCT13

Sunflower Hybrids Now Possible, embryo culture, 81OCT14

Contraband Foods, imports, plant protection, odor detection, pest quarantine, APHIS-ARS, 81OCT4

Gene Splicing Prevents Potato Losses, DNA, PSTV, Viroid, 81OCT8

Toward Better Control of Boll Weevils, IPM, 81OCT12

Wild Goatgrass Gives Greenbug Resistance to Wheat, 81OCT13

Sunflower Seed Meal for Poultry, chickens, hens, 81OCT14

Innovative Rice Processing, high protein, flour, 81OCT15

Two Bale Cotton With High Salt Water, 81OCT10

Winter Pasture on Small Watersheds, grass, cattle, 81OCT11

Microwave Blanching of Vegetables, cooking, frozen foods, 81OCT16

Long Staple Pima Cotton Impressive, 81OCT16

Florida Mangos Spark World Production, fruit, 81NOV8

Trout Manure as Fertilizer, fish, waste, 81NOV9

Japanese Beetle Lures, sex attractant baited traps, 81NOV14

Volunteer Corn Control in Soybeans, 81NOV7

Plant Substances Reduce Cholesterol, barley and a fungus, 81NOV10

Air Pollutant Mixtures Damage Crops, SO2, sulphur dioxide, ozone, 81NOV4

Buried Pipe System Controls Furrow Erosion in Irrigation, 81NOV12

Straw Reduces Furrow Erosion During Rainwater Runoff, 81NOV13

Watering Apples, irrigation, 81NOV16

Automated Corn Borer Rearing System, IPM, 81NOV16

Photosynthesis-Learning the Limits, plant stress, growth, 81DEC8

Narrow Row Cotton Now an Advantage, 81DEC9

Better Way to New Seedless Grapes, ovule culture process, 81DEC12

Chicks Vaccinated Through Eggshells for Marek's Disease, 81DEC5

New Vaccine for Marek's Disease, chickens, 81Dec6

Turkey Virus Grown in Culture, hemorrhagic enteritus virus, 81DEC7

Sugarbeet Irrigation Cut Without Sucrose Loss, 81DEC10

Accelerated Drying—A New Raincoat for Raisins, 80DEC12

Amaranth—A Hot Weather Spinach Substitute, 80OCT15

A Shot of Iron, apple, pear, fertilizer, 80APR15

Bees Better Strawberries, 80MAY16

Bees Increase Melon Size, 80MAR14

Braxton—New Soybean Variety, 80JUL8

Coating Alfalfa Seed Ineffective, 80SEP16

Crop Yields Predicted Via Satellite, 80NOV6

Date Palm Trees Cloned, 80JUL13

Grain Alcohol Awakens Dormant Weed Seeds, 80SEP14

Harvesting Grass Seed, 80MAR16

Landsat and Agristars, remote sensing, space, satellite, LACIE, 80NOV4

Narrow Row Cotton Aids Growers, 80AUG14

New Plant Culture Technique, cotton, hybridization, 80APR16

Nitrogen Fixation in Grassy Crops, 80OCT10

Nitrogen Fixing for Peanuts, 80JUN13

Ozone Treated Tobacco Reduces Tar, 80JAN/FEB11

Pima Cotton Advances, 80AUG14

Plant Nutrients Move in Solution—Not Sediment, 80OCT7

Soils Affect Soybean Pollination, 80SEP8

Space-Saving Crab Apples, 80APR14

Sunflower Oilseed—The Golden Giant, 80AUG8

A Common Foe—Flat Apple and Cherry Rasp, 80MAR16

Alfalfa and Herbicides, 80AUG16

Almond Moth Recapture Rates Monitored, 80SEP13

Beetle Biocontrol, Mexican bean, mites, IPM, 80JAN/FEB8

Brown Stem Rot Resistance, from a new soybean variety, 80JUL8

BT Controls Grain Insects, bacillus thuringiensis, IPM, 80MAR4

Cantaloupes vs. Nematodes, 80MAR15

Combining Cotton Insect Resistant Characters, 80AUG15

Cranberry Girdler Control, 80JUN14

Fire Fights Common Goldenweed, 80JUN16

Home Mothproof Spray, 80JUN14

Ladybug, Ladybug . . . , 80SEP11

Lettuce Wins Fungus Fight, 80APR13

Molds Compete to Control Aflatoxin, 80JUN10

Powdery Mildew Cuts Yields, 80MAR13

Rapid Potato Leafroll Virus test, 80NOV16

Resistant Wild Sunflower, 80AUG9

Root Borer—New Sunflower Pest, 80AUG8

Sicklepod Stands Up to the Sun, 80AUG13

Sugarbeet Cyst Nematodes, 80NOV16

The Most Annoying Insect, biting midge, sand gnats or fleas, 80JAN/FEB10

Vaporizing Powdery Mildew, 80MAR13

Waging War on a Peanut Pest, 80SEP12

Worms? No, Spiroplasmas!, 80JUL12

Future Power for America—New Agricultural Energy Centers, 80MAY4

Greenhouse Residence, solar heating, energy, 80JUL4

Planned Landscaping, 80MAY16

Plant Energy Packages, 80MAY10

Solar Grain Drying, corn, energy, 80MAR7

Sugarbeets—Fuel From Fodder, alcohol, energy, 80MAY13

Wind-Powered Irrigation Pumping on the Great Plains, 80OCT4

Beetle Biocontrol-Livestock Diseases, horn & face flies, IPM, 80OCT15

Cancer Breakthrough in Chickens, 80MAR12

Composites—Breeding Better Beef Cattle, 80DEC4

Cottage Cheese Cut from Screwworm Diet, 80NOV13

Eyesight to the Blind—Glaucoma Research for Dogs, horses, 80MAY15

FBI to Adopt Angle System, animal identification, ID, 80JUN9

Fighting Flu in Turkey Flocks, poultry, 80JUL14

Foot and Mouth Disease, FMD vaccine, DNA, Plum Island, 80JUN8

Liver Fluke Diagnostic Test, 80APR16

New Sterile Screwworm Strain Saves Livestock, 80NOV14

Pointing Puerto Rican Agriculture Toward Profit, 80AUG4

Proteus Bacteria Linked to Screwworm Life Cycle, 80NOV15

Prussic Acid Source Found in Indiangrass, 80SEP16

Radio Reveals Feeder Pig Stress, 80DEC15

Rangeland—Home for Both Cattle and Wildlife, 80OCT13

Recombinant DNA Techniques for Vaccine Production, FMD, 80JUN4

Screwworm Eradication Program—An Overview, 80NOV12

Spring and Summer Sheep Matings Successful, 80DEC8

The Riddle of Blue Tongue, 80APR4

Calories Decrease—Diets Improve Nutrition, 80JAN/FEB12

Cereal Sugar Content, 80JAN/FEB15

High Sugar Diets Risky for Carbohydrate Sensitive People, 80SEP4

Vitamin B6 Enhances Zinc Absorption, 80DEC9

A Fountain of Youth, apple storage, AVG, ethylene, 80APR15

Apples are Red, maturity, storage criteria, 80APR14

Artificial Nose Detects Potato Disease, 80AUG10

Beef Hot Processing Cuts Costs, 80JAN/FEB4

Chemical Decay Control, 80MAR15

Export Market Losses, blue tongue, sheep, 80APR9

Grain Dust Research Progress, 80MAR10

Ground Beef—Extra Lean vs. Regular, meat, hamburger, 80JAN/FEB6

Heat Kills Mycobacteria in Wieners and Sausages, 80OCT8

Humidity and Eggshell Strength Linked, 80OCT12

Moving Lettuce to Market, 80DEC10

New Process Converts Catfish Waste to Profit, 80SEP10

New Spray System Cleans Carcasses, 80JAN/FEB6

Peanut Flour Production, 80JUN12

Quick Cooking Brown Rice, 80AUG16

Spent Grain, brewers, barley, fiber, 80MAR16

Bacteria Help Recycle Waste Water, 80SEP14

Conservation Pays Three Ways, water, erosion, yields, 80JUN15

Infrared Thermometer Triggers Irrigation, 80SEP9

Rangeland Water Harvesting, 80JUL15

Residues—Erosion vs. Energy, 80APR10

Stock Pond Covers, water conservation, cattle, sponge rubber, 80JUL10

Vegetative Snow Fences, wheatgrass barriers, 80MAY15

Pumping Iron at 80 and Up, exercise, weight training, muscle weakness, physical frailty, Maria Fiatarone, Boston, MA, 94NOV27

Agriculture—the China Connection, 79SEP8

Breeding in Forage Feeding, 79APR6

Cottonseed as Feed for Cows, 79JUN13

Germ-Free Pigs for Research, 79DEC6

Hungarian Komondor Guards Sheep, dog, 79JAN6

More Beef Without Nitrogen, 79FEB13

New Loop in Mastitis Prevention, 79SEP3

Swine Reproduction Studied, 79FEB14

Basin Tillage Increases Yield, 79SEP6

Chemical Weed Control, 79APR13

Cockleburs Cut Soybean Yields, 79JAN7

Cotton Cultivation, 79SEP6

Herbicide Controls Volunteer Corn, soybeans, 79JUL7

Increasing Cotton Yields, 79FEB15

Leaf Blight Threatens Rice, 79JAN11

Pesticides Aid Cotton, 79JAN13

Protecting Stored Grain, 79FEB13

Short-Season Cotton, 79JUN17

Tan Spot in Soybeans, 79APR7

Velvetleaf Hangs Tough, 79OCT11

Zig-Zag Planting Profits Cauliflower, 79AUG11

A Clue in Brown Lung Cure, 79NOV12

Copper Deficiency in Rats, 79JAN5

Detecting Citrus Canker, 79OCT15

Disease Blight Perfect Pear, 79JUL10

Final Performance for a Tomato Disease, 79DEC12

Microscopic World of Fungus, cercospora leaf spot, sugarbeets, 79DEC12

Mycoplasmal Pneumonia, 79FEB12

Ornithosis Sources Identified, 79JAN14

Swine Dysentery, hogs, pigs, 79FEB7

Vaccine for PPV in Pigs, 79JUN8

Ammonia Conserves Corn Feed Fuel, 79NOV14

New Energy Saver Harnesses Wind, 79JAN3

New Energy Saving Thermostat, 79JAN15

Solar Power on the Farm, 79AUG3

Striking Oil With Okra, 79JUL6

Computer Analyzes Food Oil Odors, 79MAY5

Conserving Potable Water, 79FEB11

Cool Citrus Cargo, grapefruit, 79OCT15

Driverless Tractor in Testing, 79JUN12

Grain Dust Explosion Research, 79APPR8

New Harvester Forsnap Beans, 79MAY12

New Horizons in Gas Chromatography, 79MAY5

New System Stimulates Rainfall, 79FEB3

New Tomato Peeling Process, 79MAY7

No-Twist Cotton a Better Yarn, 79JUL15

Space-Dyeing Livens Fabrics, 79JUL14

Tying Cauliflower Plants, 79AUG10

Computers Used To Fight Pollution, 79AUG8

Learning From the Past, soil, erosion, 79OCT4

Pesticides in Runoff Water, 79JAN11

Recycling Waste Water, sewage, 79DEC4

Controlling Grasshoppers, 79NOV4

Eye Clinic for Insects, 79AUG12

Goggles Light Insect Dight Life,79SEP14

Hessian Fly Infestation, 79OCT13

IPM Controls Pink Bollworm, 79OCT11

Ladybird Beetle Aphid Predator Now in U.S., 79FEB8

Neem Seed Extracts Repel Japanese Beetles, 79MAR8

New Bee for Small-Scale Farmers, 79JUN3

Pheromone Controls Red Scale, 79JAN8

St. Croix Stable Flies Eliminated, 79JUN6

The Sunflower Bee, 79JUL8

Viruses Used in Insect Control, bollworm, armyworm, 79APR14

Whiteflies Stick to Yellow boards, 79MAY6

Curly Top Tastes Better, tomato juice, 79DEC11

Exported Watermelons Make Their Mark, 79JUL13

Metrically Packaged Grapefruit, 79JAN12

New Japanese Market for U.S. Cherries, 79JAN14

Salvaging the Sugarbeet Industry, 79DEC13

Timothy Hay Japan Market Reopens, 79OCT12

A National Nutrition Policy, 79OCT2

A Nickel and Iron Dilemma, 79AUG14

Breast Feeding Beneficial, 79SEP11

Defining Fitness by Stress Testing, 79MAY13

Dietary Fiber Reduces Egg Cholesterol, 79APR6

Fresher Foods From Corn, 79NOV14

High Protein and Fiber in Diets, 79MAR6

Labeling Food Fats, 79JUN5

Measuring Fat in Meat, 79JUN5

Oat Bran Bread Pleases Palates, fiber, 79MAR11

Tailoring Vegetable Proteins, 79JUL7

Winter Wheat Bran Promising, fiber, 79JAN13

Better Berries for Breeders, strawberries, raspberries, 79JUN11

Breakthrough Discovery in Wheat, 79AUG7

Electrostatics Charge Plants, 79NOV10

Fingerprinting Plants, electron microscope, elms, 79MAR12

Gasohol from Sugarcane, energy, 79MAY15

Hybrid Sunflowers, 79JUL9

The More Bitter the Better, hops, beer, 79APR15

Nitrogen Fixation in Soybeans, 79MAY3

Potato—Rex Among Plants, 79MAY8

Pushing Plants to Full Potential, pollen, brassinolide, growth regulator, rape plants. pollen, 79AUG14

Reed Canarygrass, 79SEP12

Roots—A Tool for Better Understanding, water uptake, soil, 79NOV13

Sucrose from Sugarbeets, 79DEC10

Sugarbeet Resistance to Storage Rot, 79DEC11

The Man in the Grapefruit, photosynthesis, 79OCT14

Tissue Culture in Propagation, micropropagation, 79APR3

Ahead . . . More Efficient Irrigation, 79MAR3

Aiding Revegetation in Strip Mining, 79MAR14

Farming Trends Affect Soil's Future, 79FEB6

New Spillway Lengthens Pond Life, dams, water, 79JUL3

Predicting Water Pollution, 79JUN14

Salty Waste Water an Irrigation Source?, 79MAY14

A Delicious New Fruit Juice from Carrot-Passion Fruit, 79DEC16

A Research Still for Cotton Plants, 79JUN15

Airpillows Cushion Tomato Loss, 79APR16

Brown Stem Rot Resistance, soybean seed, 79SEP16

Cattle Grub Control, 79DEC16

Clover Germplasm Resists Aphids, 79JAN16

Coffee Can Lids Trap Citrus Blackfly, 79JUN15

Counting Eggs To Improve Cotton, 79MAR16

Eliminating the Spoil After Strip Mining, 79SEP15

Flushing Out the Heat, greenhouse, potted plants, nurserymen, 79FEB16

Garfield Pea Ready for Canning, 79JUL16

Instrumented Durable Press Rating, cotton cloth, fabric, 79AUG16

Irrigated Winter Wheat, 79OCT16

Keeping Parasites Out of Leafcutter Bees, 79OCT16

Leaf Blight May Threaten Rice, 79MAR16

Lowering Oxygen Levels to Control Insects, 79JUL16

Mulches: Bad With the Good, 79SEP15

Nitrogen Storage in the Soil, 79OCT16

No-Till Reduces Soil Losses, minimum tillage, 79SEP16

Plant Growth Under Grazing Conditions, grass, pasture, 79NOV16

Potatoes: To Store or Not To Store, 79AUG16

Precision Egg Planter for Corn Rootworms, 79NOV16

Soil Stabilizers Aid Water Harvesting, 79JUN15

Stored Seeds Survive, 79APR16

Susceptible Soybeans Suffer Losses, 79JUN16

Tiny Plants Show Water Quality, 79MAR16

Tiny Worm Controls Weeds, IPM, 79MAY16

Vitamin E Helps Hamsters, 79JAN16

Wee Weevil Works Wonders, musk thistle, noxious weed, IPM, 79FEB16

Wheat Roots—Dead or Alive, 79MAY16

When Mosquitoes Go To Lunch, 79MAR16

Nitrogen Fixation—An Inherited Trait, alfalfa, 78JAN3

Screwworm Flies, take warning, cattle, 78JAN5

Evaluation of Protein From Forage, alfalfa, ryegrass, 78JAN6

A Remedy for Flighty Insects, ladybug, soybeans, 78JAN8

No Metal Uptake by Corn or Grass, sewage sludge, 78JAN10

Heat-Cool Sequence Removes Tomato Peels, 78JAN11

New Directions for Virus Control, chickens, Newcastle disease, 78JAN13

Dumping Birds, But Gently, chickens, broilers, processing, 78JAN14

New Yearbook—Gardening for Food and Fun, 78JAN15

Muscular Dystrophy in Minks, 78JAN15

Mechanically Harvestable Strawberries Possible, 78JAN16

Solar-Powered Insect Traps, energy, 78JAN16

Pyramids Trap Face Flies, cattle, pinkeye, eyeworm, 78FEB3

Broiler Litter Fertilized Fescue, chickens, grass, fertilizer, 78FEB5

Finsheep in Breeding System Boosts Lamb Production, 78FEB6

Enzyme Exposed in Rice Weed Control, 78FEB7

Solar Focusing Plastic Panels, energy, 78FEB8

Harvesting Lagoon Biomass, energy, methane gas, fertilizer, 78FEB11

Selective Action of Herbicides, toxic wastes, 78FEB12

Smut Threatens Mainland Sugarcane, 78FEB13

Weed Control on Roadbanks, soil erosion, thistle, grasses, 78FEB14

Detecting Ozone Damage, remote sensing, space, 78FEB14

Insect Resistant Soybeans, 78FEB15

Cercospora Leaf Spot Serious in Southern Pea, 78FEB15

Cocklebur Control for Soybeans, 78FEB16

Corn Borer Infestation, 78FEB16

Scanning Electron Microscopy, cotton, 78MAR3

New Analysis of Cottonseed, NIR, 78MAR5

Proso Millet . . . Forgotten Grain, wheat, protein, 78MAR5

Better Forage With Formaldehyde, protein, cattle, bermudagrass, 78MAR6

Hormone Increases Sugarcane Yield, 78MAR7

Pale Yellow Tobacco, early maturing variety, 78MAR7

Hog Cholera Eradicated . . . 78MAR8

Freeze Dried Vegetables, food, peas, 78MAR13

Double Lambing With Polypay Ewes, sheep, 78MAR14

New Webworm Monitor, pesticide, pheromone, turfgrass, 78MAR14

New Test for Lysine, wheat, 78MAR15

Pecan Winter Injury Studied, nursery trees, 78MAR15

Pesticide Shows Promise, albendazole, tapeworm, cattle, 78MAR15

Dwarf Bunt in Wheat, resistance, export, 78MAR16

Tetany Reduction Possible, forage, grass, cattle, sheep, 78MAR16

Minor Nutrients Important, nitrogen fertilization, zinc, copper, grasses, cattle rangelands, 78MAR16

Multiple Pest Resistance in Alfalfa, pea aphid, mildew, 78APR3

Sew Semi-Dwarf Soybeans, 78APR5

Cellulous Waste Products Halt Soil Erosion, 78APR7

Successful Control of Khapra Beetle, pesticides, storage wheat, 78APR7

Fiber Optics, tv used to study cows teats, mastitis, 78APR8

More Sweet Corn From the Cob, 78APR10

New . . . Manmade Minihive, bees, 78APR11

Fungus Resistant Alfalfa Possible, 78APR12

2,4-D Drift Harms Sugar Beets, herbicide, corn, 78APR13

Oh ELISA! Detection of tomato ringspot in raspberries, 78APR13

Ice Cold Germplasm, freezing seeds, Fort Collins, 78APR14

Bug Resistant Cotton Ahead, 78APR14

Sterile Moths Reduce Insecticides, stored food, IPM, 78APR14

Poultry Wastes—Nitrogen For Cows, cattle, 78APR15

A Rose By Any Other Smell, honey bees, 78APR15

Better Use of Acetic Acid, cattle, forage, 78APR16

Roots Through Glass Boxes, 78APR16

New Solar Method Measures Sediment Load in Water, erosion, 78MAY3

High Protein Peanut Flour, 78MAY5

Topsoil, stripmines focus of research, coal, 78MAY5

Solar Energy Can Cure Burley Tobacco, 78MAY6

Methoprene . . . Kills Fleas, growth regulator, mosquitos, flies, 78MAY7

Battleground for Blight, citrus, 78MAY8

Residues—A Valuable Commodity, energy, erosion, 78MAY10

Mosquito Control Doesn't Harm Bees, 78MAY11

Evaluating European Wheats, bread, flour, 78MAY12

A Wet-Dry Bin filler, apples, 78MAY13

Hereford Research . . . A Success, dairy cattle, milk, 78MAY13

Bovine Leukemia Transmission, dairy cattle, BLV, 78MAY14

Envelopes for Pipe Drains, 78MAY15

Black Pepper Kills Bugs, boll weevils, cotton, 78MAY15

Selecting Superior Alfalfa, 78MAY15

Evaluating Grasses, forage, orchardgrass, 78MAY16

Comfrey: Less Than Expected, forage, alfalfa, orchardgrass, 78MAY16

Diabetes . . . Means of Controlling Insects, hormone, metabolism, 78JUN3

A Lethal Entrapment, alfalfa leafcutting bee, seed, flower beetle, 78JUN5

New Mechanical Rhubarb Harvester, 78JUN6

Test Tube Bulls, storing semen, cattle, 78JUN7

SPAR . . . A New Research Capability, system for studying whole plant growth responses, wheat, computer, 78JUN8

Sows Can Carry TGE, transmissible gastroenteritis, hogs, pigs, 78JUN11

Chalmydial Immunity Mechanism Identified, vaccine, turkey, ducks, 78JUN12

Reduce Leaching With Irrigation, fertilization, corn, water, 78JUN13

Big Pill Checks Bugs, timed release pesticide, methoprene, 78SEP11

Boots for Cows, weight measuring device for cattle, 78SEP12

Natural Pheromone May Trap Tsetse Fly, sex attractants, 78SEP14

New Disease of Almond Trees, almond leaf scorch, 78SEP15

Laboratory Reared Med Fruit Flies More Potent, IPM, 78SEP16

Indoor Gardening, artificial lighting, terariums, 78SEP16

Better Lawns, publication on growing turfgrass, dollarspot, leafspot, snow mold,white grubs, 78SEP16

Small Farmer . . . An Endangered Species, 78OCT2

Citrus Chemicals Knock Out Caribbean Fruit Fly, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, IPM, 78OCT3

Causes Sought for Delayed Puberty in Pigs, hogs, swine, 78OCT5

New Treatment for Malignant Tumors in Animals, cryotherapy, freezing technique, swine, hogs, 78OCT7

Controlling Green Peach Aphids Without Pesticides, IPM, potato leaf roll virus, yellows virus on sugarbeets, 78OCT8

Rope Wick Applicator for Weeds, herbicides, in soybeans, 78OCT11

Moth controls nutsedge weeds, bactra verutana zeller, IPM, 78OCT11

Among Alfalfa Weevils—East meets West in Nebraska, 78OCT12

Progress in the Fight Against Screwworms, cattle, IPM, 78OCT13

13-Year Test on Cicada, insecticides, 78OCT14

Citrus Rootstock: Good, Better and Best, orange, grapefruit, 78OCT15

Automatic Sprayer for Safety, pesticides, 78OCT15

Shocking Weeds, electrical treatment, cotton, soybeans, 78OCT16

Beetle Pests in Stored Food, sex attractant trap, pheromone, 78NOV3

Insect Resistant Cotton, 78NOV6

Itchgrass Threatens Crops, weed, soybean, corn, sorghum, 78NOV6

Jet Spray Inoculation of Minks, vaccination, distemper virus, 78NOV7

Pressures Measured on Potato Bin Walls, 78NOV8

Coated Seed Shows No Advantage, alfalfa and clover treated with nitrogen fixing bacteria, 78NOV9

Growth Regulators for Cotton for Insect Control, 78NOV11

Preserving Nutrients in Peeled Tomatoes, nutrition, vitamins, 78NOV13

How Much Rain Does a Rain Gauge Gauge? water, 78NOV13

A Horse of a Different Cowlick, identification by hair whorl on head, 78NOV14

Intermittent Sprayer Reduces Pesticides, tested on cabbage looper, 78NOV16

Why Blueberries Turn Tough (in freezers), 78NOV17

Additive May Increase Protein in Corn, fertilizer, nitrogen, nitrapyrin, 78NOV18

Short Sugarcane, 78NOV20

Computer Simulates Weed Growth, foxtail, 78NOV20

Natural Enemies Sought for Skeletonweed, IPM, wheat, gall midge and mite and rust, 78DEC4

Controlling Grasshopper Plagues, Nosema locustae, IPM, crickets, 78DEC6

Cattle Egg Factories, beef cows, embryo transfer, 78DEC7

High Protein Foods From Grass, forages, bermudagrass, 78DEC8

Yellow Nutsedge Curbed by Preplant Herbicide, weeds, 78DEC9

Strip Mining Without Harming the Environment, coal, energy, 78DEC10

Potato Bins Need Ventilation, 78DEC15

New Sunflower Pest, scarab beetle, phyllophaga lanceolata, 78DEC15

Firming Up the Freestone Peach, 78DEC16

The Promise of Jojoba, forum, Robert W. Diemel, wax, lubricant, desert plant, 78SEP02

It Feeds Orphaned Lambs, simple, inexpensive, semi-automatic, milk-feeding system, Kenneth R. Frederiksen, U.S. Sheep Experiment Station (Dubois, ID), 78SEP03

Several Weeds Found Good for Sheep, redroot pigweed, Pennsylvania smartweed, lambsquarter, barnyardgrass, foxtail, nutritive value, digestibility, Gordon C. Marten, Robert N. Anderson, (St. Paul, MN), 78SEP05

Grass Tetany . . . Some Helpful Research, staggers, magnesium, hypomagnesemia, potassium, metabolic disorder, grazing animals, C.F. Gross, G.A. Jung, (University Park, PA), 78SEP06

Water Harvesting Boosts Yield of Jojoba Seed, runoff, wax, William L. Ehrler, Dwayne H. Fink (U.S. Water Conservation Laboratory, Phoenix, AZ), 78SEP09

Lower Cholesterol from High Fiber Bread? wheat bran, soybean hulls, corn bran, Juan M. Munoz, (Human Nutrition Research Laboratory, Grand Forks, ND), 78SEP11

Can Mosquitoes Resist Biocontrol? Culex quinquefasciatus, Romanomermis culicivorax, James J. Petersen, Gulf Coast Mosquito Research Laboratory (Lake Charles, LA), 78SEP07

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