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Agricultural Research Magazine

May 1997 - Vol. 45, No. 5

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Table of Contents

Forum - The Promise of Dolly (html) (pdf)

With IPM, Bigger Areas Are Better (html) (pdf)

The Promise of Areawide IPM (html) (pdf)

Heterophils to the Rescue! (html) (pdf)

Potatoes, Once Again, Under Fungal Attack (html) (pdf)

A Close-up Look at White-Speck Neps in Cotton (html) (pdf)

Assessing Air Quality Around Cotton Gins (html) (pdf)

Trickle-L Spreads Irrigation Know-How (html) (pdf)

Weed Control on the Central Plains (html) (pdf)

Fuzzy Logic for More Rational RDAs (html) (pdf)

A Breakdown of Cultural Barriers (html) (pdf)

Helping Honey Bees Fight Mites (html) (pdf)

Science Update (html) (pdf)
    Sweeping Away Weeds
    Lure Could Stop Gypsy Moths From Finding Mates
    Guayule Latex Process Is Licensed
    Less July Thirst Means More September Cotton

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