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Agricultural Research Magazine

September 2008 - Vol. 56, No. 8

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Table of Contents

Forum—Who Knows What Lurks? Microbial Collections Key To Unlocking New Discoveries (html) or (pdf)

Multiplying Metarhizium (html) or (pdf)

The Roller in the Rye: Managing Cover Crops With Rolling and Crimping Techniques (html) or (pdf)

In Search of Biological Control Agents for the Invasive Australian Pine (html) or (pdf)
En busca de agentes de control biológico contra el pino australiano invasor (html)

Genetic Twists for Great Greenhouse Tomatoes (html) or (pdf)

"Tunnel Vision" Tracks Emissions Dispersal (html) or (pdf)

Feral Cattle on Chirikof Island—Isolated and Genetically Distinct (html) or (pdf)

Brachypodium: A Little-Known Grass Gains Research Fame (html) or (pdf)

A Family Tree for Toxoplasma (html) or (pdf)

Genetic Resistance to Cacao Diseases Is Key to Safeguarding Chocolate Production (html) or (pdf)

Crunching New Data on Walnut Genes (html) or (pdf)

New DNA Markers for Rice Blast-Resistance Gene (html) or (pdf)

Science Update (html) or (pdf)
     Anise—for Licorice, and Beyond
     A Model Way To Keep Cows Cool
     First Beetle Blueprint Is Complete
     Hardy Safflowers for Colder Climes







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