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Dr. Watt's Amazing Quiz

Dr. Watts's Amazing Quiz!


Welcome Back, Sci4Kids fans! Hope you are enjoying the new year!

So, you've been visiting the Science For Kids site and reading our stories, right?

Well, let's see how much you've learned so far.

Take my latest Science for Kids Quiz!



1) If science has any say in the matter, we might one day be washing our clothes or dishes with?

A. Shampoo
B. Orange juice
C. Corn
D. Cheez Whiz

Need a hint? Read this story.

2) In their earliest days of life, baby pompano (fish) are:

A. Called cubs
B. Almost invisible
C. Born with feathers
D. Very tasty

Need a hint? Read this story.

3) What does an Insect-o-graph do?

A. Enables spies to send and receive messages.
B. Identifies edible insects.
C. Analyzes two dimensional graphs.
D. Detects insects in stored wheat.

Need a hint? Read this story.

4) How can plants help engines?

A. They can be used as natural additives for motor oil.
B. They can be used as rope to pull tractors.
C. They give farmers something to harvest.
D. Tires can be made out of them.

Need a hint? Read this story.

5) What is Witches' Broom?

A. Harry Potter's favorite Quidditch ride.
B. A lollipop made with a pretzel handle.
C. Tree branches used to sweep caves.
D. A fungal disease that attacks cacao trees.

Need a hint? Read this story.

6) What science mystery did the Queen of the Gypsies help solve?

A. Why zebras have stripes.
B. How a strange plant got to a Mississippi cemetery.
C. Why chopping onions make you cry.
D. How a grapefruit got it's name.

Need a hint? Read this story.

7) What is Super Slurper?

A. Your brother when he drinks a milkshake.
B. A cool iphone game app.
C. A flake-like product that soaks up liquid.
D. The Mars rover used it to scoop up samples of sand.

Need a hint? Read this story.

8) Why do bees do the "waggle dance"?

A. To entertain the queen bee.
B. To communicate with each other.
C. To protect their honey from bears.
D. They like "Dancing with the Stars".

Need a hint? Read this story.

9) Complete this sentence: Scientists in Florida think they can use plants as a type of bank for ...

A. useful insects that will attack plant pests.
B. storing seeds from important crops.
C. depositing whiteflies to attack poinsettias.
D. testing a series of new insecticides.

Need a hint? Read this story.

10) Which of these statements is true about Electrical Penetration Graph or "EPG" monitors?

A. They can't be used to study large insects.
B. They use sharp mouth parts to reach fluids in plants.
C. They are used to study biting or chewing insects.
D. They cost farmers billions of dollars each year.

Need a hint? Read this story.

11) What does the word "pollinator" mean?

A. A scientist who analyses pollen under a microscope.
B. A substance that can cause an allergy.
C. Someone who measures the amount of pollen in the air.
D. An insect the carries pollen from one plant to another.

Need a hint? Read this story.

12) Besides being used in a salad dressing, what else can vinegar be used for?

A. In place of ketchup on French fries.
B. To protect citrus plant from weevils.
C. Keeping flowers fresh longer.
D. As an environmentally friendly weed killer.

Need a hint? Read this story.

13) What popular art project supply can be used to fight crop pests?

A. Paint
B. Markers
C. Construction paper
D. Masking tape

Need a hint? Read this story.

14) How many states are along the Chesapeake Bay?

A. Seven
B. Three
C. One
D. Six

Need a hint? Read this story.

Bonus question: You've been playing in the woods, camping, or playing with your dog in the park. What should you do when you get home?

A. Put the clothes you wore in the washer and dryer
B. Check yourself all over for ticks
C. Check your dog for ticks
D. Watch out for flu-like symptoms or a rash

Need a hint? Read this story.

Done? Click here to check your answers.

Last Modified: 1/28/2013
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