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Attack of the Phorids - Video / USDA Agricultural Research Service

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Attack of the Phorids
Three short video clips show phorid flies as they emerge from eggs, take flight and launch attacks on red imported fire ants. Soon after a female fly stings an ant and inserts an egg, the ant's head falls off and a fly larva emerges from the head.

  • "Flight check": Newly emerged fly prepares to take off and search for a mate (1 min. 29 sec.)
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  • Adult phorid fly emerges from one of a group of decapitated fire ant heads that contain fly larvae (1 min. 36 sec.)
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  • Phorid flies attack fire ants—and are attacked by doomed ants (1 min. 19 sec.)
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News (May 19, 2004)
Magazine (February 2003)

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