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Long, Daniel S
Center Director & Research Leader
(541) 278-4391
PO BOX 370
Pendleton OR 97801

The research mission of the Columbia Plateau Conservation Research Center is to serve the public by providing scientific information to improve practices, techniques, and equipment for dryland crop production, and soil and water conservation in the Columbia Plateau and related land resource areas. Dryland wheat producers in the inland Pacific Northwest are its primary customers. Recently, the research expanded into bioenergy in response to the perceived national importance of reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil. Attention is also directed to precision agriculture, crop diversification, global climate change, and other opportunity areas in keeping with emerging regulatory, marketing, and technological challenges faced by the wheat industry. The research, conducted in an area of limited winter precipitation and dry summers, has three broad, inter-related objectives: 1) develop soil and water conservation systems for sustainable agriculture, 2) provide crop production options to diversify current wheat-based systems, and reduce input costs or add value, and 3) understand impacts of agriculture on global climate change. This research center was established as a result of recommendations made by a local study group appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture in 1959 to determine the research needs for soil and water conservation. These recommendations were contained in Senate Document 59, 86th Congress. The research center was dedicated in 1970 and is operated and maintained by USDA-Agricultural Research Service. The research conducted at this center is cooperative with the Oregon, Washington, and Idaho agricultural experiment stations, and other groups and agencies.

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