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Harmel, Daren
Supervisory Agricultural Engineer
(254) 541-1875
Temple TX 76502

The mission of the Grassland, Soil and Water Research Laboratory (GSWRL) is to develop technology and solutions that increase efficient use of soil and water resources, maximize forage and crop production, and support sustainable agricultural production in healthy ecosystems. The mission is achieved through laboratory and field experimental research and simulation modeling by a multidisciplinary staff of scientists and engineers. The specific goals of the Laboratory are to: 1) develop improved soil, water, and crop management practices for controlling runoff and erosion, protecting water quality, and maintaining cropland and rangeland productivity; 2) develop crop growth models for optimizing the use of fertilizers, water, pesticides, and other inputs, and for forecasting crop production; 3) develop models for assessing the quantity and quality of soil and water resources and predicting the effects of changing management practices and climatic conditions; 4) develop an understanding of the ecosystem processes that control the structure, species composition, and productivity of rangeland vegetation, and 5) resolve uncertainty concerning effects of rising atmospheric CO2 levels on ecosystem processes.

People at Grassland, Soil and Water Research Laboratory (28)
Arnold, Jeffrey
(254) 770-6500
Agricultural Engineer
Behrman, Kathrine
(281) 658-1075
Research Agronomist
Brown, Janice
(254) 770-6543
Administrative Officer
Dodge, Kendall
(254) 770-6541
Maintenance Worker
Faulkenberry, Otis - Buddy
(254) 770-6500
Engineering Technician
Fay, Philip
(254) 770-6533
Gibson, Anne
(254) 770-6534
Biological Science Technician (Plants)
Greeson, Ricky
(254) 770-6544
Agricultural Research Technician
Griffith, Andrea
(254) 770-6520
Grote, Larry
(254) 896-2161
Agricultural Research Technician
Haney, Richard
(254) 770-6503
Soil Scientist
Harmel, Daren
(254) 770-6521
Supervisory Agricultural Engineer
Higgs, Kori
(254) 770-6505
Agricultural Engineer
Hoeft, Gary
(254) 896-2161
Hydrologic Technician
Jones, Katherine
(254) 770-6535
Biological Science Technician (Plants)
Kiniry, James
(254) 770-6506
Research Agronomist
Koester, Larry
(254) 770-6511
Engineering Technician
Kolodziejczyk, Chris
(254) 770-0208
Biological Science Technician (Plants)
Lopez, Martin
(254) 770-6614
Automotive Worker
Mitchell, Georgie
(254) 770-6514
Information Technology Specialist
Naranjo, Alicia
(254) 770-6527
Biological Science Technician(Biochemistry)
Polley, Wayne
(254) 770-6629
Sammons, Nancy
(254) 770-6512
Information Technology Specialist
Smith, Doug 
(254) 770-6562
Soil Scientist
Tiner, Kyle
(254) 770-6550
Biological Science Aid (Plants)
White, Michael
(254) 770-6523
Agricultural Engineer
Williams, Amber
(254) 770-6691
Biological Science Technician
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