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Dowell, Floyd E
Research Leader
(785) 776-2753
USDA-ARS-NPA-Center for Grain & Animal Health Res.
Engineering & Wind Erosion Res./1515 College Ave.
Manhattan KS 66502

The mission of the Engineering and Wind Erosion Research Unit is to: develop science and technology to rapidly measure grain traits; improve grain storage and handling systems; and minimize wind erosion through studying physical processes and developing predictive models and erosion control systems. To help ensure adequate food supply for the growing global population and preserve the environment, care must be taken to sustain soil resources and air quality, and ensure the quality and minimize losses of harvested crops. A multidisciplinary team develops improved models and software, and conducts studies for better understanding of wind erosion using unique large scale and portable wind tunnel facilities; develops high speed sorters that select specific grain properties using imaging, acoustics, near-infrared spectroscopy, and other sensors; and uses a unique full-scale research grain elevator to study grain quality changes during storage and handling.

Engineering & Wind Erosion Research
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   Engineering project research
              Pack Factory Study
              High Speed Sorting of Grains
   Wind Erosion project research
             Wind Erosion (WEPS) Software
             Wind Erosion Publications
             Wind Erosion Videos  
             Wind Map of the US


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