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Swayne, David E
Center Director
(706) 546-3433
Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory
Athens GA 30605

Our mission is to provide scientific solutions to national and international exotic, emerging and endemic poultry viral diseases through a comprehensive research program emphasizing basic and applied research in diagnostics, prevention, and control strategies, prediction of disease outbreaks, molecular epidemiology, and understanding disease pathogenesis. The goals of our research program are to produce new research knowledge and technology to: 1) prevent, reduce or eliminate losses from impaired performance, and increased deaths and condemnations; 2) develop more sensitive, specific and faster diagnostic tests; 3) improve vaccines, and vaccine delivery methods; 4) improve our understanding of the ecology and epidemiology of viruses at the wild bird-domestic poultry interface; and 5) improve our understanding of the genetic and pathobiological basis of virulence. This research provides government regulatory agencies and the poultry industries with improved intervention strategies against poultry viral diseases. The Laboratory has two research units: 1) Exotic and Emerging Avian Viral Diseases Research Unit, and 2) Endemic Poultry Viral Diseases Research Unit.

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