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Aker, Scott M
Supervisory Research Horticulturist
(202) 245-4533
3501 NEW YORK AVE., N.E.
Washington DC 20002

The mission of the Gardens Unit of the U.S. National Arboretum is to collect, display, select elite plants, and educate the public on landscape plants in rural, suburban, and urban landscape situations. Four major areas of concentration include: 1) to obtain, establish, maintain, expand, introduce, and evaluate collections of woody and herbaceous plant material in a landscape setting for researchers, horticulturists, landscape architects, nursery persons, educators, and the general public; 2) to document and label plant material so others can locate and utilize germplasm in the National Arboretum holdings; 3) to develop strategies and disseminate information to the nursery industry, gardeners, and the public on utilizing integrated pest management techniques in creating environmentally acceptable landscapes and; 4) to develop display gardens for the education of the public.

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