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Research Interests: Stress Neurophysiology, Eating Behavior, Community Nutrition



The overarching objective of Dr. Laugero’s research is to understand the neuroendocrine mechanisms that link emotion, eating behavior, and energy metabolism. As a USDA scientist, a primary mission of Dr. Laugero’s research program is to expose psychosocial factors and mechanisms that underpin poor adoption of and adherence to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines.  A central aim of the research program is to identify nutritional and metabolic interactions that help explain individual variation in the brain’s response to nutritional and psychological stimuli.  A systems approach that profiles and integrates nutritional and neurobehavioral variables (Nutritional Psychoneuromics) is applied to studies in animals, humans, and the community to identify factors that influence DG adherence and health.  Methods enlisted by Dr. Laugero and his research staff include functional brain imaging, metabolomics, neuroendocrine evaluation, and qualitative methods.  Overall, studies currently being conducted and developed are aimed at 1) better understanding the factors that shape food choice, dietary patterns, and physical activity in children and adults of differing body composition and 2) assessing interventions that facilitate healthy eating behavior in children and adults.




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