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Leena Jain
Bacterial Epidemiology and Antimicrobial Resistance
Biological Science Lab Technician

Phone: (706) 546-2011
Fax: (706) 546-3066
Room 854
ATHENS, GA, 30605

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USDA Vetnet Database for Regulatory and Outbreak Investigation of Food Safety Pathogens - (Abstract Only)
Cray, P.J., Jackson, C.R., Hall, M.C., Jain, L., Turpin, J.B., Haro, J.H., Ball, T.A., Plumblee, J. 2010. USDA VetNet database for regulatory and outbreak investigation of food safety pathogens. CDC - Food Industry Safe Foods Forum. October 29, 2010. Atlanta, GA.
Non-Diagnostic Salmonella Enterica Serotype Newport from the Animal Arm of Narms - (Proceedings)
Tankson, J.D., Cray, P.J., Jain, L., Haro, J.H., Ball, T.A., Gray, J., Headrick, M., Salamone, B., Anandaraman, N., Rose, B. 2004. Non-diagnostic salmonella enterica serotype newport from the animal arm of narms. National Foundation for Infectious Disease. Abstract. S3. P. 33.
Prevalence of Aminoglycoside Resistance among Enterococci Isolated from Swine - (Proceedings)
Jackson, C.R., Cray, P.J., Barrett, J.B., Hall, M.C., Jain, L., Reeves, D.E. Prevalence of aminoglycoside resistance among enterococci isolated from swine. Foodborne Pathogens Analysis Conference. 2001.
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