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James I Davidson

(This person is no longer with ARS)
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A Knowledge Base for Dryland Pro, An Expert System for Managing Nonirrigated Peanut Production (Computer Software) - (Other)
no citation for a model.
Farmsuite, a Pattern for Research and Technology Transfer - (Abstract Only) - (01-Apr-02)
Single Row Yield As a Function of Plant Spacing with Implications for Increasing Yield Using Two-Dimensional Planting Patterns - (Abstract Only)
Sternitzke, D.A., Davidson Jr, J.I., Lamb, M.C. 2002. Single row yield as a function of plant spacing with implications for increasing yield using two-dimensional planting patterns. American Peanut Research and Education Society Abstracts.
Harvpro - User's Guide - (Other) - (25-Jan-02)
Irrigator Pro 1.0 Vs. Irrigator Pro 2.0 - (Abstract Only)
Davidson Jr, J.I., Lamb, M.C., Sternitzke, D.A., Butts, C.L., Valentine, H. 2002. Irrigator pro 1.0 vs. irrigator pro 2.0. American Peanut Research and Education Society Abstracts.
Impact of Average Plant Spacing and Plant Pattern on Yield and Canpoy Coverage for Non-Irrigated Peanuts - (Abstract Only) - (01-Apr-01)
Harvpro - a Decision Support System for Harvesting (Digging) Peanuts - (Abstract Only) - (01-Apr-01)
Drynut Computer Expert Systems - (Abstract Only) - (01-Apr-01)
Farm Suite - Irrigator Pro (Peanut Irrigation Software, and User's Guide) (Copyrighted by Peanut Foundation) - (Other) - (31-Dec-00)
Exnut Tutorial 1.1 (Video) Plus User's Guide - (Other) - (31-Dec-00)
Impact of Plant Spacing and Population on Yield for Single-Row Non-Irrigated Peanuts (Arachis Hypogaea L.) - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (28-Nov-00)
Performance of Eight Heat Unit Methods in Estimating Fruit Initiation and Optimum Harvest Dates - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (01-Feb-00)
Comparisons of Peanut Yield, Quality, and Net Returns from Irrigated Production - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (03-Jun-97)
Feasibility of Using Computer Programs for Managing Irrigation for Peanuts - (Abstract Only) - (16-Apr-97)
Concepts for Reduced Tillage in Peanut - (Abstract Only) - (16-Apr-96)
Concepts for Reduced Tillage in Peanut - (Abstract Only) - (15-Apr-96)
Performance of Exnut in Scheduling Irrigation for Peanut Production in North Carolina - (Abstract Only) - (15-Apr-96)
Some Effects of Elevation and Drainage on Peanut Yield, Quality and Value - (Abstract Only) - (13-Apr-95)
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