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Paul F Schatz
U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center

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Room 361B
MADISON, WI, 53706

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Identifying New Lignin Bioengineering Targets: 1. Monolignol Substitute Impacts on Lignin Formation and Cell Wall Fermentability Reprint Icon - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Grabber, J.H., Schatz, P.F., Kim, H., Lu, F., Ralph, J. 2010. Identifying New Lignin Bioengineering Targets: 1. Monolignol Substitute Impacts on Lignin Formation and Cell Wall Fermentability. Biomed Central (BMC) Plant Biology. 10:114.
Quinone Methides in Lignification - (Book / Chapter) - (19-May-08)
Using Dehydrogenation Polymer-Cell Wall Complexes to Screen Potential Monolignols for Altering Cell Wall Lignification and Utilization - (Abstract Only)
Grabber, J.H., Ralph, J., Schatz, P.F., Lu, F., Kim, H. 2008. Using dehydrogenation polymer-cell wall complexes to screen potential monolignols for altering cell wall lignification and utilization. Proceedings of Ferulate '08. p. 61.
Lignification: Are Lignins Biosynthesized Via Simple Combinatorial Chemistry Or Via Proteinaceous Control and Template Replication? Reprint Icon - (Book / Chapter)
Ralph, J., Brunow, G., Harris, P., Dixon, R.A., Schatz, P.F., Boerian, W. 2008. Lignification: Are lignins biosynthesized via simple combinatorial chemistry or via proteinaceous control and template replication? In: Daayf, F., El Hadrami, A., Adam, L., Ballance, G.M., editors. Recent Advances in Polyphenols Research. Oxford, United Kingdom: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing. p. 36-66.
Synthesis and Identification of 2,5-Bis-(4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxyphenyl)-Tetrahydrofuran-3,4-Dicarboxylic Acid, An Unanticipated Ferulate 8-8-Coupling Product Acylating Cereal Plant Cell Walls Reprint Icon - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Schatz, P.F., Ralph, J., Lu, F., Guzei, I.A., Bunzel, M. 2006. Synthesis and identification of 2,5-bis-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-tetrahydrofuran-3,4-dicarboxylic acid, an unanticipated ferulate 8-8-coupling product acylating cereal plant cell walls. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry. 4(14):2801-2806.
Effects of Coumarate 3-Hydroxylase Downregulation on Lignin Structure - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Ralph, J., Akiyama, T., Kim, H., Lu, F., Schatz, P.F., Marita, J.M., Ralph, S.A., Reddy, M., Chen, F., Dixon, R.A. 2006. Effects of coumarate 3-hydroxylase downregulation on lignin structure. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 281(13):8843-8853.
Synthesis and Identification of An Unanticipated Ferulate 8-8 Coupling Product Present in Cereal Dietary Fibers - (Proceedings)
Schatz, P.F., Ralph, J., Lu, F., Guzei, I.A., Steinhart, H., Bunzel, M. 2005. Synthesis and identification of an unanticipated ferulate 8-8-coupling product present in cereal dietary fibers. In: Edklund, T., Steinhart, H., Thier, H.-P., Winterhalter, P., editors. European Food Chemistry Conference XIII: Macromolecules and their degradation products in food — Physiological, analytical and technological aspects, September 21-23, 2005, Hamburg, Germany. p. 253-261.
Isolation and Structural Identification of Diarabinosyl 8-O-4 Dehydrodiferulate from Maize Bran Insoluble Fibre - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Allerdings, E., Ralph, J., Schatz, P.F., Gniechwitz, D., Steinhart, H., Bunzel, M. 2004. Isolation and structural identification of diarabinosyl 8-o-4 dehydrodiferulate from maize bran insoluble fibre. Phytochemistry. 66:113-124.
Peroxidase-Dependent Cross-Linking Reactions of P-Hydroxycinnamates in Plant Cell Walls - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Ralph, J., Bunzel, M., Marita, J.M., Hatfield, R.D., Lu, F., Kim, H., Schatz, P.F., Grabber, J.H., Steinhart, H. 2004. Peroxidase-dependent cross-linking reactions of p-hydroxycinnamates in plant cell walls. Phytochemistry Reviews. 3:79-96
Lignins: Natural Polymers from Oxidative Coupling of 4-Hydroxyphenylpropanoids - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Ralph, J., Lundquist, K., Brunow, G., Lu, F., Kim, H., Schatz, P.F., Marita, J.M., Hatfield, R.D., Ralph, S.A., Christensen, J.H., Boerjan, W. 2004. Lignins: natural polymers from oxidative coupling of 4-hydroxyphenylpropanoids. Phytochemistry Reviews 3(1):29-60.
Synthesis of Hydroxycinnamoyl-L-Malic Acids and Identification of 5-Hydroxyferuloyl-L-Malic Acid in Comt-Downregulated Arabidopsis - (Abstract Only) - (28-Feb-03)
Comt Deficiency in An Arabidopsis Thaliana Mutant Affects Both Lignification and the Biosynthesis of Sinapoyl Esters - (Abstract Only) - (28-Feb-03)
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