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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Mary G. Mayer

Biological Science Technician (Insects)

Mary G. Mayer

Phone: 406.433.9426
Fax: 406.433.5038


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*Taken from the Agricultural Research Information System (ARIS) database.





Suffolk County Community College  


State University of New York Farmingdale A.A.S. degree in Horticulture



Conducted research studies on applications of test pesticides in greenhouse and field plots, on herbaceous, woody and ornamental plants, to determine the effect of toxicity and efficacy with increased doses. (IR-4 Program)

USDA-ARS Delaware, OH

Performed insect bioassays to determine atmospheric deposition (acid rain, CO2) effects on host-plant suitability, including: fecundity, feeding preference, and development.

Used gas chromatography to conduct quantitative analysis on volatile hydrocarbon emissions for stressed plants (ethylene-hardwoods, terpenes-spruce).

USDA- Forest Service Delaware, OH

Biological technician currently working on the biological control of noxious weeds (Saltcedar, leafy spurge, knapweeds, field bindweed, Canada thistle and others).

USDA-ARS Bozeman & Sidney, MT


  • Smith, L., Mayer, M.G. 2005. Field Cage Assessment of Interference among Insects Attacking Seed Heads of Spotted and Diffuse Knapweed. Biocontrol Science and Technology. 15(5):427-442.

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