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Kevin Laugero





Ph.D., Department of Physiology

University of California, Davis


Office:     430 West Health Sciences Dr.

                 University of California

                 Davis, CA 95616


Phone:    (530) 752-4173


Fax:        (530) 752-5271



Laugero Lab




Dr. Laugero, a California native, received a Bachelor's degree in biological science from California State University Fresno and a Ph.D. in physiology from the University of California, Davis.  As a National Research Service Award NIH Fellow, Dr. Laugero received his postdoctoral training at the University of California, San Francisco where he studied the interrelationships between chronic stress, neuroendocrine function, and energy metabolism.  Subsequently, he spent 4 years in the biotechnology industry as a drug discovery scientist at Amylin Pharmaceuticals.  Recently, Dr. Laugero joined the WHNRC as a Nutritionist studying neurobehavioral aspects of eating behavior and developing nutritional based interventions aimed at facilitating long term adoption of the Dietary Guidelines.


Research Program       

The overarching objective of Dr. Laugero’s research is to understand the interrelationship between psychological stress, eating behavior, and energy metabolism. As a USDA scientist, a primary mission of Dr. Laugero’s research program is to expose psychosocial factors and mechanisms that underpin the Nation’s poor adoption of and adherence to the dietary guidelines.  A central aim of the research program is to identify nutritional and metabolic profiles that help explain individual variation in the brain’s response to psychological stress and the link between chronic metabolic and neurobehavioral disease.  A multidimensional approach (Nutritional Psychoneuromics) is applied to studies in animals, humans, and the community to identify factors that influence DG adherence and health.  Methods enlisted by Dr. Laugero and his research staff include functional brain imaging, metabolomics, neuroendocrinology, and focus groups.  Overall, studies currently being conducted and developed are aimed at 1) better understanding the factors that shape food choice, dietary patterns, and physical activity in children and adults of differing body composition and 2) assessing interventions that facilitate healthy eating behavior in children and adults.

Research Accomplishments 

  • Discovered a new glucocorticoid-metabolic-brain feedback regulatory pathway that prompted an entirely new model of chronic psychological stress and glucocorticoid function.  These findings elicit a new perspective on why it has been so difficult to motivate long term adoption of the Dietary Guidelines and body weight following restricted food intake and body weight loss.


  • Research findings led to patent applications, an issued U.S. patent, and contributed to the creation of a new company, Psylin Pharmaceuticals.

Selected Articles & Patent Applications  

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