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United States Department of Agriculture

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Victoria C Blake
Plant, Soil and Nutrition Research

Phone: (510) 559-6146
ALBANY, CA, 94710

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Barley - (Book / Chapter)
Blake, T.K., Blake, V.C., Wiersma, J. 2014. Barley. In: Smith, S., Diers, B., Specht, B., Carver, B. editors. Yield Gains in Major U.S. Field Crops. Madison, WI: ASA, CSSA, and SSSA. 33:1-12.
The hordeum toolbox - the barley CAP genotype and phenotype resource - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Blake, V.C., Kling, J.G., Hayes, P.M., Jannink, J., Jillella, S.R., Lee, J., Matthews, D.E., Chao, S., Close, T.J., Muehlbauer, G.J., Smith, K.P., Wise, R.P., Dickerson, J.A. 2012. The hordeum toolbox - the barley CAP genotype and phenotype resource. The Plant Genome. DOI: 10.385/plantgenome2012.03.0002.
Grain Genes 2.0 - An Improved Resource for the Small-Grains Community - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Carollo, V.L., Matthews, D.E., Lazo, G.R., Blake, T.K., Hummel, D., Lui, N., Hane, D.L., Anderson, O.D. 2005. Grain genes 2.0 - an improved resource for the small-grains community. Plant Physiology. 139:643-651.
Grain Genes 2.0: Resources for Small Grains Breeding - (Proceedings)
Matthews, D.E., Carollo, V.L., Lazo, G.R., Anderson, O.D. 2005. Grain Genes 2.0: Resources for Small Grains Breeding. Eastern Wheat Workers and Southern Small Grains Workers Conference Proceedings. 1:31-33.
Mapping Ds Insertions in Barley Using a Sequence-Based Approach - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Cooper, L.D., Marquez-Cedillo, L., Singh, J., Zhang, S., Carollo, V.L., Edwards, V.M., Johnson, K., Klienhofs, A., Rangel, S., Sturbaum, A.K. 2004. Mapping ds insertions in barley using a sequence-based approach. Molecular Genetics and Genomics. 271: 181-193.
Development of An Expressed Sequence Tag (Est) Resource for Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.): Est Generation, Unigene Analysis, Probe Selection, and Bioinformatics for a 16,000-Locus Bin-Delineated Map - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Lazo, G.R., Chao, S., Hummel, D.H., Edwards, H., Crossman, C.C., Lui, N., Matthews, D.E., Carollo, V.L., Hane, D., You, F.M., Butler, E., Miller, R., Close, T.J., Peng, J., Lapitan, N.V., Gustafson, J.P., Qi, L.L., Echalier, B., Gill, B.S., Dilbirligi, M., Sandhu, D., Gill, K.S., Greene, R.A., Sorrells, M.E., Akhunov, E.D., Dvorak, J., Linkiewicz, A.M., Dubcovsky, J., Hossain, K.G., Kianian, S.F., Mahmoud, A., Miftahudin, Ma, X., Wennerlind, E.J., Anderson, J.A., Pathan, M.S., Nguyen, H.T., Mcguire, P.E., Qualset, C.O., Anderson, O.D. 2004. Development of an expressed sequence tag (est) resource for wheat (triticum aestivum l.): est generation, unigene analysis, probe selection, and bioinformatics for a 16,000-locus bin-delineated map. Genetics. 168:585-593.
Bioinformatics and Triticeae Genomics: Resources and Future Developments - (Book / Chapter)
Matthews, D.E., Lazo, G.R., Carollo, V.L., Anderson, O.D. 2004. Bioinformatics and Triticeae Genomics: Resources and Future Developments. In: Gupta, P.K. and Varshney, R.K. (Eds.) Cereal Genomics. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht. p. 425-446.
The Use of Ests to Analyze the Spectrum of Wheat Seed Proteins - (Proceedings)
Anderson, O., Carollo, V., Chao, S., Laudencia-Chingcuanco, D., Lazo, G. 2004. The Use of ESTs to Analyze the Spectrum of Wheat Seed Proteins. Proceedings-8th Gluten Workshop. p. 18-21.
Frequencies of Ty1-Copia and Ty3-Gypsy Retroelements Within the Triticeae Est Databases - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (09-Jul-01)
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