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United States Department of Agriculture

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September 24, 2014

Weekly Report

Research, Education, and Economics


Under Secretary Catherine Woteki                                         October 6-17, 2014


Agency Accomplishments (press/media achievements of the week)


Reform Based Actions


Important Events for the Upcoming Week


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Press Releases, Reports and Blogs for the Upcoming Week  


Press Releases:


Stakeholder Announcements:

The Honey Bee Breeding, Genetics and Physiology Laboratory in Baton Rouge, LA along with the Louisiana State Beekeepers Association will be hosting our annual field day on October 11, 2014, located at 1157 Ben Hur Road, Baton Rouge, LA  70820.






Outreach and Professional Activities:

ARS researcher Eddy Langendoen of the Watershed Physical Processes Research Unit, Oxford, MS has been invited to present his research on sediment transport and river morphology on October 15, 2014 at the University of California, Berkeley.  The meeting is organized by Univ. of CA, Berkley and Electricity of France R&D to explore new technologies to evaluate reservoir sediment management scenarios, and will be attended by scientists from different US federal agencies, academic and non-profit research institutes, and industry.  This meeting is in a state government meeting and is closed to the public.


ARS researcher Deepak Bhatnagar, Food and Feed Safety Research Unit, New Orleans, LA will attend the Biotechnology Summit 2014 Conference, October 8-10, 2014 in Huatulco Oaxaca, Mexico. He will present a paper, "Use of biotechnology in controlling preharvest aflatoxin contamination, a major agricultural problem" on Oct 8, 2014 around 1:30 pm.

ARS researcher Nagaraj Chatakondi, Warmwater Aquaculture Research Unit, Stoneville, MS is invited to attend the 68th Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Annual Conference to be held at Destin, FL, October 19-22, 2014.  He will present, “Plasma cortisol stress response in channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus influences susceptibility of Edwardseilla ictaluri” in the technical session.  This is the annual meeting of researchers, managers, and administrators of state and federal agencies associated with managing fisheries and wildlife resources.


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