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Cole, Noel Andy
Supervisory Research Animal Scientist
(806) 356-5748
USDA-ARS Conservation & Production Research Lab
P.O. Drawer 10 (2300 Experiment Station Rd-ship)
Bushland TX 79012

The Renewable Energy and Manure Management Research Unit conducts research to provide strategies for environmentally safe, sustainable, animal and crop production in an unpredictable, semi-arid climate. Emissions of ammonia and greenhouse gases from beef cattle and dairy cattle feeding operations are monitored and the physical and chemical factors controlling those emissions are evaluated. Effects of nutritional regimens on manure production, manure composition, and gaseous emissions from beef cattle feeding operations are measured. Methods to decrease gaseous emissions and nutrient losses from confined animal feeding operations are evaluated through nutritional and management studies in order to decrease potential environmental hazards. The feeding value of distiller's grains produced from corn- and grain sorghum-based ethanol processes are evaluated through nutritional studies. The potential production of electricity, hydrogen, and lipids from animal manures using microbial fuel cells and other biological technologies are evaluated. Renewable energies are used to provide water for livestock and for supplemental irrigation of crops by developing wind and solar pumping systems. Electricity is generated for rural and remote areas by developing hybrid wind/solar/diesel-biofuel systems. Research is conducted under two in-house CRIS projects related to National Research Programs 206 and 213. These research projects have sub-components related to National Research Programs 101, 201, 203, and 211.

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