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Rosenthal, Benjamin Martin
(301) 504-5408
BLDG. 1040, RM. 103
Beltsville MD 20705

The mission of the Animal Parasitic Diseases Laboratory (APDL) is to reduce economic losses incurred by producers that result from infectious diseases of livestock and poultry pathogens, and to decrease the transmission risk of parasite zoonoses to humans. The laboratory utilizes a wide range of expertise to accomplish this mission, including in-depth biochemical, molecular, genomic, immunological, and epidemiological approaches as well as systematics and population genetics. Research areas include basic and applied studies on (1) mechanisms of transmission, infection, and pathogen development; (2) diagnosis and epidemiology of livestock parasites transmissible to humans; (3) methods to control livestock pathogens which target both the pathogen and the host through genomic mapping, host gene expression and immune reagent development directed at the host-pathogen interface; and (4) biodiversity, systematics and population genetics of parasite groups of veterinary and medical importance.

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