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Impact of solvent selection on graft polymerization of acrylamide onto starch (Mar 2015)
The genome of the saprophytic fungus Verticillium tricorpus reveals a complex effector repertoire largely resembling its pathogenic relatives (Mar 2015)
Novel,host-restricted genotypes of Bordetella bronchiseptica associated with phocine respiratory tract isolates (Mar 2015)
Postfire shrub cover dynamics: a 70-year fire history in mountain big sagebrush communities (Mar 2015)
Runoff and dediment yield relationships with soil aggregate stability for a state-and-transition model in southeastern Arizona (Mar 2015)
Remote sensing of evapotranspiration over cotton using the TSEB and METRIC energy balance models (Mar 2015)
Host-choice behavior of Diaphorina citri Kuwayama (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) under laboratory conditions (Mar 2015)
Use of PCR-RFLP Analysis to Monitor Fungicide Resistance in Cercospora beticola Populations From Sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris) in Michigan, United States (Mar 2015)
A Mathematical model to investigate quorum sensing regulation and its heterogenecity in pseudomonas syringae on leaves (Mar 2015)
Characterization of mechanical properties of leather with airborne ultrasonics (Mar 2015)
Identifying nutrients that are under-reported by an automated 24-hour dietary recall method in overweight and obese women after weight loss (Mar 2015)
Integration of hydrologic and water allocation models in basin-scale water resources management considering crop pattern and climate change: Karkheh River Basin in Iran (Mar 2015)
New thrips-transmitted plant viruses in Florida crops (Feb 2015)
RNA-seq analysis of short fiber mutants Ligon-lintless-1 (Li1) and – 2 (Li2) revealed important role of aquaporins in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) fiber elongation (Feb 2015)
Horizontal transfer of a non-autonomous Helitron among insect and viral genomes (Feb 2015)
Apical Dominance and Planting Density Effects on Weed Suppression by Sunn Hemp (Crotalaria juncea L.) (Feb 2015)
Simulating crop phenology in the community land model and its impact on energy and carbon fluxes (Feb 2015)
Site, environmental and airflow characteristics for mono-slope beef cattle facilities in the Northern Great Plains (Feb 2015)
USDA-ARS National Sedimentation Laboratory: a Historic Perspective (Feb 2015)
Effect of swine manure on sulfamethazine degradation in aerobic and anaerobic soils (Feb 2015)
Relationship between plant vascular architecture and within-plant distribution of 'Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum' in potato (Feb 2015)
First report of Tomato chlorotic spot virus in Hoya wayetii and Schlumbergera truncata (Haw.) Moran (Feb 2015)
Embedded computer controlled premixing inline injection system for air-assisted variable-rate sprayers (Feb 2015)
Non-destructive measurements of cottonseed nutritional trait diversity in the US National Cotton Germplasm Collection (Feb 2015)
Evaluation and reselection of wheat resistance to Russian wheat aphid biotype 2 (Feb 2015)
Efficacy of florfenicol for control of mortality associated with Edwardsiella ictaluri in three species of catfish (Feb 2015)
Effect of diet and refugia on development of Dermestes maculatus DeGeer reared in a laboratory (Feb 2015)
Non-potato host plants of potato psyllid in the Pacific Northwest: a year-round complication? (Feb 2015)
Synthesis and molecular structure of the 5-methoxycarbonylpentyl a-Glycoside of the upstream, terminal moiety of the O-specific polysaccharide of vibrio cholerae O1, serotype inaba (Feb 2015)
Chemical treatment costs reduced with in-pond raceway systems (Feb 2015)
Global epidemic invasion thresholds in directed cattle subpopulation networks having source, sink, and transit nodes (Feb 2015)
Performance evaluation of intensive, pond-based culture systems for catfish production in Mississippi: year one (Feb 2015)
Seedling performance associated with live or herbicide treated tall fescue (Feb 2015)
Effects of gamma irradiation on the survival of Pseudomonas fluorescens inoculated on romaine lettuce (Feb 2015)
Oxygen and nitrogen dynamics in split ponds vs. conventional catfish production ponds (Feb 2015)
Rational development of an attenuated recombinant cyprinid herpesvirus 3 vaccine using prokaryotic mutagenesis and in vivo bioluminescent imaging (Feb 2015)
Parasitism by Ich enhanced susceptibility of tilapia to Flavobacterium columnare (Feb 2015)
Design and fish culture considerations for catfish farming in split ponds (Feb 2015)
Using banker plants to control insects (Feb 2015)
Hydrologic ramifications of an increased role of wildland fire across the rangeland-dry forest continuum (Feb 2015)
Modeling the effects on water erosion processes of rangeland conservation practices in the Great Basin region (Feb 2015)
Improving winter wheat yield estimation by assimilation of the leaf area index from Landsat TM and MODIS data into the WOFOST model (Feb 2015)
Bt plants expressing Cry1Ac, Cry2Ab and Cry1F do not harm the assassin bug, Zelus renardii (Kolenati (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) (Feb 2015)
Sugarcane Genotype Variation in Leaf Photosynthesis Properties and Yield as Affected by Mill Mud Application. (Feb 2015)
Managing the herbage utilisation and intake by cattle grazing rangelands (Feb 2015)
A short-term assessment of carbon dioxide fluxes under contrasting agricultural and soil management practices in Zimbabwe (Feb 2015)
Phosphorus losses from monitored fields with conservation practices in the Lake Erie Basin, USA (Feb 2015)
Transcriptional profiling of apple fruits in response to heat treatment: involvement of a defense response during P. expansum infection (Feb 2015)
Kinetic and structural analysis of fluorescent peptides on cotton cellulose nanocrystals as elastase sensors (Feb 2015)
Management and tillage system influence forage barley productivity and water use in dryland cropping systems (Feb 2015)
Infrared thermometry and stress monitoring of corn, and sensitivity analysis of reference evapotranspiration to sensor accuracy (Feb 2015)
Pectin Homogalacturonans: Nanostructural Characterization of Methylesterified Domains (Feb 2015)
Strip tillage and high-efficiency irrigation applied to a sugarbeet- barley rotation (Feb 2015)
Shiga toxin 2 subtypes of enterohemorrhagic E. coli O157:H- E32511 analyzed by RT-qPCR and top-down proteomics using MALDI-TOF-TOF-MS (Feb 2015)
Analysis methods for the determination of anthropogenic additions of P to agricultural soils (Feb 2015)
Comparative analysis of super-shedder strains of Escherichia coli O157:H7 reveals distinctive genomic features and a strongly aggregative adherent phenotype on bovine rectoanal junction squamous epithelial cells (Feb 2015)
A live vaccine against Neospora caninum abortions in cattle (Feb 2015)
Wheat Quality Council, Hard Spring Wheat Technical Committee, 2014 Crop (Feb 2015)
A genome-wide association study for clinical mastitis in first parity US Holstein cows using a single-step approach and a genomic matrix re-weighting procedure (Feb 2015)
Overexpression of a peach CBF gene in apple: a model for understanding the integration of growth, dormancy, and cold hardiness in woody plants (Feb 2015)
Downy mildew disease promotes the colonization of romaine lettuce by Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella enterica (Feb 2015)
Redescription of Sarcocystis fusiformis sarcocysts from the water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) (Feb 2015)
Comparison of antibody- versus PCR-based assays for serotyping Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli recovered from various cattle operations (Feb 2015)
Discovery and confirmation of genes/proteins associated with maize aflatoxin resistance (Feb 2015)
Challenges facing the biological control strategy for eliminating aflatoxin contamination (Feb 2015)
Development of synthetic chromosomes and improved microbial strains to utilize cellulosic feedstocks and express valuable coproducts for sustainable production of biofuels from corn (Feb 2015)
Characterizing the proteome and oxi-proteome of apple in response to a compatible (P. expansum) and a non-host (P. digitatum) pathogen (Feb 2015)
Elevated atmospheric CO2 effects on cogongrass ecotypes (Feb 2015)
Elevated CO2 effects on ragweed ecotypes: growth and fungal associations (Feb 2015)
Beyond desertification: New paradigms for dryland landscapes (Feb 2015)
Connectivity in dryland landscapes: shifting concepts of spatial interactions (Feb 2015)
Rangeland ecosystem services: shifting focus from supply to reconciling supply and demand (Feb 2015)
Collaboration, interdisciplinary thinking, and communication: new approaches to K-12 ecology education (Feb 2015)
Legacy effects in linked ecological-soil-geomorphic systems of drylands (Feb 2015)
Effect of black tea intake on blood cholesterol concentrations in individuals with mild hypercholesterolemia: A diet-controlled randomized trial (Feb 2015)
Emerging technological and cultural shifts advancing drylands research and management (Feb 2015)
Desertification, land use, and the transformation of global drylands (Feb 2015)
Soil erosion on upland areas by rainfall and overland flow (Feb 2015)
Biobased films prepared from collagen solutions derived from un-tanned hides (Feb 2015)
Effect of proximity to a cattle feedlot on Escherichia coli O157:H7 contamination of leafy greans and evaluation of the potential for airborn transmission (Feb 2015)
In vivo formation of N-acyl-fumonisin B1 (Feb 2015)
Barriers and facilitators to following the Dietary Guidelines for Americans reported by rural, Northern Plains American-Indian children (Feb 2015)
Soybean aphid intrabiotype variability based on colonization of specific soybean genotypes (Feb 2015)
An initial investigation into the effects of isolation and enrichment on the welfare of labratory pigs housed in the PigTurn® system, assessed using tear staining, behaviour, physiology and haematology (Feb 2015)
Biofuel Co-products as Swine Feed Ingredients: Combining Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) and Crude Glycerin (Feb 2015)
Modeling the impact of vapor thymol concentration, temperature and modified atmosphere condition on growth behavior of Salmonella spp. on raw shrimp (Feb 2015)
Dissection of genomic correlation matrices of US Holsteins using multivariate factor analysis (Feb 2015)
Geophysical methods for the assessment of earthen dams (Feb 2015)
Similar worldwide patterns in the sex pheromone signal and response in the oriental fruit moth, Grapholita molesta (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) (Feb 2015)
Regional and field-specific factors affect the composition of Fusarium head blight pathogens in subtropical no-till wheat agroecosystem of Brazil (Feb 2015)
Conservation Agriculture in North America (Feb 2015)
Estimating hydrologic and erosion response for use in ecological site descriptions (Feb 2015)
Transferring research data to producers (Feb 2015)
Food reinforcement and delay discounting in zBMI-discordant siblings (Feb 2015)
Use of RHEM to assess runoff and erosion following disturbance on rangelands (Feb 2015)
Rkvl-318, a Root-Knot Nematode Resistant Rootstock Line for Grafted Watermelon (Jan 2015)
Accessions of Citrullus lanatus var. Citroides are Valuable Rootstocks for Grafted Watermelon in Fields Infested with Root-Knot Nematodes (Jan 2015)
Storm flow dynamics and loads of fecal bacteria associated with ponds in southern piedmont and coastal plain watersheds with animal agriculture (Jan 2015)
Crop yield summary for three wetland reservoir subirrigation systems in northwest Ohio (Jan 2015)
Preliminary laboratory evaluation of iron-bearing reactive media for pesticide water treatment (Jan 2015)
Influence of Citrullus lanatus var. citroides rootstocks and their F1 hybrids on yield and response to root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita, in grafted watermelon (Jan 2015)
Potential sources of whitefly (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) resistance in desert watermelon (Citrullus Colocynthis) germplasm (Jan 2015)
Modeling nitrate removal in a denitrification bed (Jan 2015)
Toxoplasma gondii Isolates From Mouflon Sheep (Ovis ammon) From Hawaii, USA (Jan 2015)
Do counts of salivary sheaths flanges predict food comsumption in herbivorous stink bugs [Heteroptera: Pentatomidae]? (Jan 2015)
Red leaf lettuce breeding line with resistance to corky root, 06-810 (Jan 2015)
Comparative analysis of the intestinal bacterial and RNA viral communities from sentinel birds placed on selected broiler chicken farms (Jan 2015)
Chloramphenicol and tetracycline decrease motility and increase invasion and attachment gene expression in multidrug-resistant Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium (Jan 2015)
Immunological dysfunction in periparturient cows: Evidence, causes and ramifications (Jan 2015)
Inorganic arsenic in starchy roots, tubers, and plantain and assessment of cancer risk of sub-Saharan African populations (Jan 2015)
Assessment of Navel oranges, Clementine tangerines and Rutaceous fruits as hosts of Bactrocera cucurbitae and Bactrocera latifrons(Diptera:Tephritidae) (Jan 2015)
Soil carbon responses to past and future CO2 in three Texas prairie soils (Jan 2015)
Habitual physical activity and plasma metabolomics patterns distinguish individuals with low- versus high-weight loss during controlled energy restriction (Jan 2015)
Emergence of field pennycress (Thlaspi arvense L.): Comparison of two accessions and modelling (Jan 2015)
Mathematical modeling of growth Salmonella and spoilage microorganisms in raw oysters (Jan 2015)
Effects of integrating mowing and imazapyr application on African rue (Peganum harmala)and native perennial grasses (Jan 2015)
Divergence of actual and reference evapotranspiration observations for irrigated sugarcane with windy tropical conditions (Jan 2015)
Phosphorus leaching from agricultural soils of the Delmarva Peninsula, USA (Jan 2015)
Evolutionarily distinct bacteriophage endolysins featuring conserved peptidoglycan cleavage sites protect mice from MRSA infection (Jan 2015)
Genetic markers that influence feed efficiency phenotypes also affect cattle temperament as measured by flight speed (Jan 2015)
Molecular characterization of the Gossypium diversity reference set of the US National Cotton Germplasm Collection (Jan 2015)
Re-evaluation of broiler carcass scalding protocols for impact on the recovery of Campylobacter from breast skin after defeathering (Jan 2015)
Impact of extended stun duration and voltage on the recovery of consciousness in broilers (Jan 2015)
Defeathering of broiler carcasses subjected to delayed scalding 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours after slaughter (Jan 2015)
Addition of charcoals to broilers feeds did not impact Salmonella Typhimurium colonization or persistence, or the pH of the crop or duodenum during a 6 wk growout (Jan 2015)
Global Climate Anomalies and Potential Infectious Disease Risks: 2014-2015 (Jan 2015)
In vivo Metabolism of Hydrolyzed Fumonisin B1 and Fumonisin B1 (Jan 2015)
Vaccine approaches for bovine tuberculosis: Correlates of protection and relevance to human tuberculosis (Jan 2015)
Pasting and rheological properties of quinoa-oat composites (Jan 2015)
The Escherichia coli O157:H7 cattle immune-proteome includes outer membrane protein A (OmpA), a modulator of adherence to bovine recto-anal junction squamous epithelial (RSE) cells (Jan 2015)
Polyfunctional cytokine responses by central memory CD4*T cells in response to bovine tuberculosis (Jan 2015)
A soil moisture accounting-procedure with a Richards' equation-based soil texture-dependent parameterization (Jan 2015)
Thrips-vectored tospoviruses in south Florida (Jan 2015)
Late-season grass weed management with in-crop and post-harvest herbicides in twin-row glyphosate-resistant soybean (Jan 2015)
Do fungicide applications affect bee fidelity to cranberries (Jan 2015)
Multi-species pheromone-based mating disruption: Moth birth control in cranberries (Jan 2015)
In situ cytokine expression in pulmonary granulomas of cattle experimentally infected by aerosolized Mycobacterium bovis (Jan 2015)
The water conundrum of planting cover crops in the great plains: when is an inch not an inch? (Jan 2015)
Quantitative trait loci from two genotypes of oat (Avena sativa L.) conditioning resistance to Puccinia coronata (Jan 2015)
Identification and effect of two flavonoids from root bark of Morus alba against Ichthyophthirius multifiliis in grass carp (Jan 2015)
Phenotypic analysis of apoplastic effectors from the phytopathogenic nematode, Globodera rostochiensis demonstrates that an expansin can induce and suppress host defenses (Jan 2015)
Tracking arabinoxylans through the preparation of pancakes (Jan 2015)
Detection and genetic diversity of Grapevine red blotch-associated virus isolates in table grape accessions in the National Clonal Germplasm Repository in California (Jan 2015)
Modeling end-use quality in U. S. soft wheat germplasm (Jan 2015)
Comparison of pathogenic variation among Phakopsora pachyrhizi isolates collected from the United States and International Locations, and identification of Soybean genotypes resistant to the United States isolates (Jan 2015)
Carnivorous arthropods after spring flood (Jan 2015)
Citizen science: Plant and insect phenology with regards to degree-days (Jan 2015)
Controlling Johne's disease: Vaccination is the way forward (Jan 2015)
Effect of kernel size and mill type on protein, milling yield, and baking quality of hard red spring wheat (Jan 2015)
Control of yellow and purple nutsedge in elevated co2 environments with glyphosate and halosulfuron (Jan 2015)
Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera:Liviidae) abundance in Puerto Rico declines with elevation (Jan 2015)
Volatile organic compound flux from manure of cattle fed diets differing in grain processing method and co-product inclusion (Jan 2015)
Validity of electronic diet recording nutrient estimates compared to dietitian analysis of diet records: A randomized controlled trial (Jan 2015)
Effects of reduced panels, reference sizes, reference origins, and genetic relationship on imputation of genotypes in Hereford cattle (Jan 2015)
Predicting Canopy Temperatures and Infrared Heater Energy Requirements for Warming Field Plots (Jan 2015)
Caterpillar feeding responses to sorghum leaves with altered lignin levels (Jan 2015)
Physiological effects of Meloidogyne incognita infection on cotton genotypes with differing levels of resistance in the greenhouse (Jan 2015)
An acute multispecies episode of sheep-associated malignant catarrhal fever in captive wild animals in an Italian zoo (Jan 2015)
Flavobacterium columnare type IX secretion system mutations result in defects in gliding motility and virulence (Jan 2015)
Identification and validation of polymorphic microsatellite loci for the analysis of Phytophthora nicotianae populations (Jan 2015)
Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in domestic donkeys (Equus asinus) in Durango, Mexico slaughtered for human consumption (Jan 2015)
Natural surface coating to inactivate Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium and maintain quality of cherry tomatoes (Jan 2015)
Quantitation of protein S-glutathionylation by liquid chromatograph-tandem mass spectrometry: Correction for contaminating glutathione and glutathione disulfide (Jan 2015)
Removal of radioactive cesium (134Cs plus 137Cs) from low-level contaminated water by charcoal and broiler litter biochar (Jan 2015)
Productivity limits and potentials of the principles of conservation agriculture (Jan 2015)
Community-level net spillover of natural enemies from managed to natural forest (Jan 2015)
Application of the elusieve process to the classification of meat and bone meal particles (Jan 2015)
Development of rapid isothermal amplification assays for Phytophthora species from plant tissue (Jan 2015)
Fungal pretreatment of albizia chips for enhanced biogas production by solid-state anaerobic digestion (Jan 2015)
Soybean response to poultry litter in a rotation (Jan 2015)
Effect of hot water dips on the quality of fresh-cut ´Ryan Sun´ peaches (Jan 2015)
Potential Tools for Phenotyping for Physical Characteristics of Plants, Pods, and Seed (Jan 2015)
Survey of Postharvest Quality Characteristics During Long-Term Farmers Stock Storage (Jan 2015)
Scale-dependent feedbacks between patch size and plant reproduction in desert grassland (Jan 2015)
Beyond brown: polyphenol oxidases as enzymes of plant specialized metabolism (Jan 2015)
Prednisolone-induced predisposition to femoral head separation and the accompanying plasma protein changes in chickens (Jan 2015)
Irrigation and cultivar effect on flax fiber and seed yield in the southeast USA (Jan 2015)
Split application of urea does not decrease and may increase nitrous oxide emissions in rainfed corn (Jan 2015)
Irrigation seedling rates, and row type effects on grain sorghum in the Midsouth (Jan 2015)
Grazing in an uncertain environment: modeling the trade-off between production and robustness (Jan 2015)
Short-term stover, tillage, and nitrogen management affect near-surface soil organic matter (Jan 2015)
Agronomy & Soils Response of four cotton genotypes to N fertilization for root hydraulic conductance and lint yield (Jan 2015)
First report of Tomato chlorotic spot virus on Catharanthus roseus in the United States (Jan 2015)
The Downy Mildews: so many genomes, so little time (Jan 2015)
Evaluation of reproductive characteristics of 21 highly inbred lines of White Leghorns divergently selected for or segregating in tumor resistance (Jan 2015)
DNA-engineered chiroplasmonic heteropyramids for ultrasensitive detection of mercuryion (Jan 2015)
Factors that influence baled silage fermentation (Jan 2015)
Fine mapping of short hypocotyl locus in semi-wild Xishuangbanna cucumber (Jan 2015)
Development of an EMS-induced sesame mutant population for target induced local lesions in genomes (TILLING) (Jan 2015)
selectSNP – An R package for selecting SNPs optimal for genetic evaluation (Jan 2015)
Cool-season grass sward structure influences intake of grazing cattle (Jan 2015)
Participant adherence indicatiors predict changes in blood pressure, anthropometric measures, and self-reported physical activity in a lifestyle intervention: HUB City Steps (Jan 2015)
Enhanced resistance to soybean cyst nematode Heterodera glycines in transgenic soybean by silencing putative CLE receptors (Jan 2015)
The mosaic mutants of cucumber: A system to produce mitochondrial knock-downs (Jan 2015)
Factorial validity of the Delta Healthy Eating Attitudes Scale related to diet quality (Jan 2015)
Genomic selection of 1,000 biomass sorghum accessions and empirical validation (Jan 2015)
Genotyping by sequencing reveals the genetic diversity of the USDA pisum diversity collection (Jan 2015)
Len Gen: The international lentil genome sequencing project (Jan 2015)
Reinventing potato at the diploid level (Jan 2015)
Genotyping by sequencing of a diploid potato F2 population (Jan 2015)
Genotyping-by-sequencing of a diploid potato F2 population (Jan 2015)
Comparison of CNVs in Buffalo with other species (Jan 2015)
Tuberculosis surveillance of elephants (Elephas maximus) in Nepal at the captive-wild interface (Jan 2015)
Ultrasonic processing for recovery of chicken erythrocyte hemoglobin (Jan 2015)
A method to downscale soil moisture to fine-resolutions using topographic, vegetation, and soil data (Jan 2015)
A geographical cluster of malignant catarrhal fever in Moose (Alces alces)in Norway (Jan 2015)
Registration of Katelyn Thlaspi arvense L. (Pennycress) with improved nondormant traits (Jan 2015)
Ear leaf photosynthesis and related parameters of transgenic and non-GMO maize hybrids (Jan 2015)
A polymorphism in myostatin influences puberty but not fertility in beef heifers, whereas µ-calpain affects first calf birth weight (Jan 2015)
An effective and simple procedure to isolate abundant quantities of biologically active chemopreventive lunasin-protease inhibitor concentrate (LPIC) from soybean (Jan 2015)
Effects of dietary glycerin inclusion at 0, 5, 10, and 15 percent of dry matter on energy metabolism and nutrient balance in finishing beef steers (Jan 2015)
Protein precipitation behavior of condensed tannins from Lotus pedunculatus and Trifolium repens with different mean degrees of polymerization (Jan 2015)
Uptake coefficients for biosolids-amended dryland winter wheat (Jan 2015)
Cultivar difference in CH4 and N2O emissions in direct seeded rice systems (Jan 2015)
Whole-body transcriptome of selectively bred, resistant-, control-, and susceptible-line rainbow trout following experimental challenge with Flavobacterium psychrophilum (Jan 2015)
Resistance to charcoal rot identified in ancestral soybean germplasm (Jan 2015)
Enrichment of erucid acid from pennycress (Thlaspi arvense L.) seed oil (Jan 2015)
Quantification and source apportionment of the methane emission flux from the city of Indianapolis (Jan 2015)
Further observations on serotype 2 Marek's disease virus-induced enhancement of spontaneous avian leukosis virus-like bursal lymphomas in ALVA6 transgenic chickens (Jan 2015)
Vector ecology of equine piroplasmosis (Jan 2015)
Economic value of biological control in IPM of plant systems (Jan 2015)
The past, present, and future of soils and human health studies (Jan 2015)
Application of humidity-controlled dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA-RH) to moisture-sensitive edible casein films for use in food packaging (Jan 2015)
Impact of elevated CO2 levels on control of purple and yellow nutsedge with glyphosate and halosulfuron (Jan 2015)
Genome, transcriptome, and functional analyses of Penicillium expansum provide new insights into secondary metabolism and pathogenicity (Jan 2015)
The secrets of cold tolerance at the seedling stage and heading in rice as revealed by association mapping (Jan 2015)
Construction of six Oryza sativa x O. rufipogon Chromosome Segment Substitution Line (CSSL) Libraries (Jan 2015)
A review of ecological consequences of shifting the timing of burning tallgrass prairie (Jan 2015)
Characterization of dynamic droplet impaction and deposit formation on leaf surfaces (Jan 2015)
A Knotted1-Like Homeobox Protein Regulates Abscission in Tomato by Modulating the Auxin Pathway (Jan 2015)
Improved real-time PCR diagnosis of citrus stubborn disease by targeting prophage genes of Spiroplasma citri (Jan 2015)
Wounding induces changes in tuber polyamine content, polyamine metabolic gene expression, and enzyme activity during closing layer formation and initiation of wound periderm formation (Jan 2015)
Utilization of agricultural by-products to partially replace gelatin in preparation of products for leather (Jan 2015)
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